Title: Rhythm of the Rain
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Tenth Doctor/Jethro Cane
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: NC-17
Table: 5
Prompt: 14, Rain
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the Tenth Doctor or Jethro Cane. Please do not sue.


There was something soothing about the sound of rain pattering against a window, the Doctor thought, turning onto his side in the bed he shared with Jethro and watching the raindrops slide down the glass. Rain always seemed to make him feel lethargic.

Of course, it was probably only doing that now because he hadn't slept in a while; even Time Lords needed to get a certain amount of rest, and he hadn't been doing that lately. So Jethro had insisted that the first thing they did when they returned to Midnight was get a hotel room.

He hadn't argued with that; it had almost seemed like deja vu in a way. This was the first place they'd ever met, and it was the place where they'd unexpectedly come face-to-face again and had finally acted on the attraction they'd initially felt.

When he'd first met Jethro, he hadn't been able to act on his feelings -- not when the young man was with his parents. Strange how things could change in such a short time.

He'd never really looked at Jethro as being a child, even though he'd acted a bit like one for part of their first meeting. It had been impossible to see him in that way when they'd met again; he'd gone from being a young stranger to being an intriguing man.

It hadn't been the first time that the Doctor had acted on impulse; far from it. But that particular impulsive act had yielded the best outcome of anything he'd ever done -- or at least it had in his eyes. He'd gotten not only a companion, but a lover.

He hadn't known that he would fall so deeply in love with Jethro -- or that the young man would become such an indispensable part of his life. His empathic abilities were more help to the Doctor than Jethro probably realized -- or would even want to admit.

The Time Lord frowned, slipping one hand under the cool pillow against his cheek. Jethro had been far too used to thinking of his abilities as a curse, thanks to his restrictive parents. He wanted the young man to see them as a blessing, a gift.

Jethro had mentioned his empathy when they'd first met, but the Doctor had sensed then that it was a way of convincing him to keep the young man with him. He hadn't needed to do that; the Doctor had already wanted Jethro to stay with him and be a part of his life.

And he'd seemed to feel so ambivalent about his abilities, as though he hadn't really wanted to talk about them. But he was starting to accept his gift, slowly but surely.

He gasped when he felt Jethro's arm slide around his waist; his young lover moved closer to him, pressing their bodies together and pulling the Doctor back against him. "I didn't expect you to be awake yet," Jethro's soft voice whispered into his ear.

"You know I don't sleep much," the Doctor protested, relaxing in Jethro's arms. "I was just lying here thinking .... about how this planet "was the first place we met, and how we collided again without expecting to. I can't help thinking that it was fate."

"I'm surprised the rain didn't make you fall asleep," Jethro told him, the young man's lips brushing against the sensitive shell of his ear. "Even if it is fake, it's still soothing. It always makes me sleepy."

"Yes, the rain isn't real, but its effects are real enough," the Doctor murmured, a slight shiver of anticipation moving through his body as Jethro's hands moved down his chest, over his stomach. Jethro didn't touch him like this unless he had something in mind ....

"The rain isn't making me tired tonight," Jethro murmured, his mouth moving from the Doctor's ear to his bare shoulder. "It's making me horny." His hands moved down the Time Lord's body, long fingers curling around his cock.

The Doctor moaned softly, bucking his hips slightly when Jethro touched him. "I .... think I was starting to realise that," he gasped, his voice already husky with desire.

"Then I'm guessing you don't have a problem with this?" Jethro whispered, his lips moving back up to graze the Doctor's cheek. "I'll stop if you want me to -- but somehow, I don't think you do." His hand began to stroke the Doctor's cock, the movement slow and sensual.

"No, I definitely don't want you to stop." The Doctor closed his eyes, giving himself up to the pleasure of those hands on his body. There was something about the way Jethro touched him that could make him forget everything else but what was happening in the moment.

"Don't worry, I won't," Jethro breathed, moving his free hand down the Time Lord's back and over the curve of his ass. The Doctor let out a soft gasp when one finger pressed inside him; his muscles tensed for a moment, then relaxed around the intrusion.

His breath hissed in between his teeth as a second finger joined the first; there was only a second of pain, a quicksilver flash that was over in an instant. Then those long fingers were moving inside him, pleasure starting to seep through his entire body.

It would only be a few moments now .... the Doctor almost held his breath when Jethro's searching fingers slipped out of him, to be replaced a moment later by the head of the young man's cock pressing against his entrance.

He gasped when Jethro slid inside him, that quicksilver flash of pain moving through his body again. But it only lasted a moment, the slight pain quickly forgotten, replaced by the pleasure that was making his muscles tense and his breath come faster.

Jethro's hips were moving against him; he was pushing his ass back into the young man's thrusts, his fingers digging into the pillow under his cheek, moaning with each movement of their bodies.

The hand on his cock was stroking him with the rhythm of Jethro's thrusts, slow and insistent, clasping him with a firm yet gentle grip. No one else's touch had ever felt like this; he would know those soft, warm hands anywhere, on any part of his body.

The Doctor closed his eyes as Jethro's name escaped his lips; he hadn't expected this, but it was certainly a pleasant surprise. Somehow, their movements seemed to be in tune with the rhythm of the raindrops on the window, almost as though they were in sync with nature.

He could feel Jethro's movements becoming more erratic; his young lover must be close to the edge, just as he was. The Doctor pushed his hips back again, tightening his muscles, giving himself over to the pleasure of the moment.

Another moan was torn from him when he came, followed only a few moments later by a similar sound from Jethro's throat. The Doctor let himself go limp, panting for breath, feeling Jethro's arms close around him protectively.

"That was a position we've never tried before," Jethro finally said, sounding a bit breathless when he spoke. "I quite like being behind you like this. It gives me a wonderful view." The words were punctuated by a soft chuckle and a kiss pressed against his shoulder.

"It gives you a chance to let your hands wander, too," the Doctor told him, turning his head slightly in an attempt to see the young man. Jethro propped himself up on one arm, leaning over the Doctor and bending his head to capture the Time Lord's lips.

"The rhythm of the rain set the pace a bit," Jethro murmured, raising a hand to brush back a few strands of hair from the Doctor's forehead. "It was as though I had to keep up with it, like I was chasing it and it was taking us over the edge. Like .... a waterfall, almost."

"That's an apt a way of describing an orgasm as I've ever heard," the Doctor laughed, gazing fondly at Jethro. "Like a waterfall .... yes, it fits. It's a bit like going over rapids, I suppose. I've never done that, though I might like to try it someday."

"Maybe we'll get to do it sometime," Jethro told him, releasing his grip on the Doctor and moving back to give the Time Lord room to turn around. When he had, Jethro gathered the slender man into his arms again, letting the Doctor snuggle against him.

"That could be interesting," the Time Lord said, yawning and closing his eyes. "Do you know, I feel a bit more tired now. You must have worn me out."

"Then you should get some rest," Jethro told him, pressing a kiss to his forehead. "We have nothing to do but sleep. And make love. And sleep some more, and then make love again .... for as long as we want to."

The Doctor opened one eye, looking up at Jethro and raising an eyebrow. "Now you see why they call this a pleasure planet," he said, relaxing into his young lover's arms. "And I have a feeling that you're going to utilize that knowledge to the fullest."

"Oh, you bet I am," Jethro laughed, settling back against the pillows and closing his eyes as he stroked the Doctor's hair. Within minutes, they were both asleep, the gentle rhythm of the rain that was still falling against the windowpane lulling them both into slumber.