Title: Spiderweb
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Tenth Doctor/The Master
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: R
Table: 5
Prompt: 39, Silk
Warnings: non-con
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the Tenth Doctor or the Master. Please do not sue.


The Master had decided to bind him with silk this time. How thoughtful.

The Doctor tried to close his mind off, to keep that thought from seeping through his barriers. That was getting harder and harder for him to do; with that uncanny perception so common to Time Lords, the Master could see through his thoughts as though they were transparent. He read the Doctor like an open book, easily and effortlessly.

He had no such protections against the Master invading his mind. Try as he might to keep him out, the other Time Lord could break down whatever walls he tried to put up. The Doctor couldn't fathom just why it seemed so easy for the Master to break into his thoughts, when he could struggle against invisible barriers for what seemed like an eternity and not get through.

It was rape, the Doctor thought, squirming uncomfortably on the bed as he tried to find a more bearable position that didn't cramp his bound arms and legs. A rape of the mind, rather than of the body.

He had no doubt that he would suffer every kind of rape possible before the Master was through with him this time -- and it was his own fault. He hadn't taken any precautions to keep himself away from the other Time Lord; he'd thought that he was safe, that he couldn't be found. But somehow, no matter where he was, the other man could always manage to find him. There was no corner of the universe where he could ever feel completely safe.

And now .... now, the Master had taken control of his beloved ship, rewired her to his own specifications. The Doctor could literally feel the Tardis pulling away from him, feel the bond that had always held them together beginning to stretch and attenuate. She was more the Master's creature now than his, and that frightened him to the core.

There would be no help from the Tardis. The Master finally had what he wanted -- he controlled them both. The Doctor was helpless to stop whatever he had planned, and the Tardis wasn't on his side any more. He had only himself to rely on; there would be no help coming from any other quarter. This situation was looking worse with every passing moment.

He was caught in a spider's web, one that he had no means of escaping from. he could only hope that he'd be able to come out of this with his mind and body still functioning.

He had no idea what the Master intended to do with him, but judging from the fact that he was stripped naked, bound and gagged on his own bed, he could put two and two together and make four. Perhaps even five. From the way that the Master's eyes had moved over his nude body, he had no doubt in his mind as to what was going through the other Time Lord's thoughts.

For what felt like the hundredth time, he cursed himself for not taking more precautions, for feeling safe in the far reaches of space where he'd been when the Master had caught up with him. He hadn't been able to keep the other Time Lord out of the Tardis, and his wasn't equipped to fight off someone of the Master's superior strength physically. It had been a losing battle from the beginning.

He'd never felt so helpless in all of his lives, so unable to affect the outcome of anything around him. All he could do was lie here and struggle feebly against the silk scarves binding his wrists and ankles, and wonder frantically just what the Master was doing to his ship that was apparently tearing at the bond he'd always shared with her.

The Master had won. For the time being, at any rate. He'd somehow manage to escape, to turn the tables on the other Time Lord. He always did. But then, he'd never been in a situation that looked as dire as this one, either.

As if his thoughts had somehow summoned the other man, the Master appeared in the doorway, his smile widening as his eyes roamed over the Doctor's naked body, pausing at his crotch before continuing up to finally make eye contact. The Doctor wanted to shrink into himself, to pull the covers of the bed up around his nudity and hide as best he could.

But that wasn't a possibility, not with his hands bound behind his back as they were. His arms were beginning to get numb; he had no idea how long he'd been bound in this humiliating position, but it was definitely becoming more and more uncomfortable with the passing seconds. He had no doubt that his discomfort pleased the Master, if the look on the other man's face was any indication.

The Master strolled over to the bed, sitting down next to his bound and gagged captive and running a hand down the Doctor's bare hip. The Time Lord breathed a sigh of relief when that hand stayed on his hip, not moving between his legs or to any other sensitive area of his body. The last thing he wanted at the moment was to be touched, especially by this man.

He wanted to roll over and present the Master with his back, turn away from him -- but that would only give the other Time Lord a good view of his ass, and put him in mind of things that the Doctor would much rather weren't thought of. And besides, the fact that his thighs were bound together made it hard for him to get any leverage to turn over.

"This is by far the loveliest incarnation I've ever seen you in," the Master said softly, moving his hand to the Doctor's chin and tilting his face up so that their eyes met. "I've found you desirable before, Doctor, but this time .... oh, this time you've achieved perfection. I'm going to enjoy you much more this time around than I ever have in the past."

The Doctor couldn't suppress a shudder at the Master's words. He had no doubt of what was in store for him, and it wasn't something he was looking forward to. He knew all too well what it was like to be used as a sex toy for some raving megalomaniac -- hadn't he suffered that fate at this man's hands often enough in the past? This would only be a repeat of what had already gone before, another humiliation on top of the others.

It was nothing he couldn't cope with. All he had to do was close his eyes and let his mind drift while the Master did whatever he wanted to do with his body. It was how he'd gotten through the other times with his mind intact; he only had to force himself into that mindset, detach himself from his body enough to feel as though he wasn't a part of what was happening to him.

"Oh no, Doctor," the Master whispered, his grip on the Doctor's chin tightening. "You won't escape me so easily this time. You're going to be cognizant of what's going on every moment, or you'll suffer more than you would have dreamed possible. There won't be any detaching of your mind now that I have you again. I've had quite enough of that sort of defiance."

Another shudder that he couldn't keep back, fear rising in this throat so thickly that he almost felt as if he were choking. He had no idea just what the Master had planned for him, but he knew that it wasn't going to be pleasant. Well, at least not pleasant for him. The Master would more than likely enjoy every second of it, warped, twisted bastard that he was. He'd not only enjoy it, he'd relish it for centuries to come.

"Are you afraid of me, my beauty? Good," the Master murmured, one hand stroking the Doctor's hip, laughing when the other man tried to cringe away from his touch. "You should get used to having my hands on your body, Doctor. You belong to me now, you know, as does your ship. You're my little toy, to do with as I please, until I tire of you."

So saying, he twined long fingers through the Doctor's hair, pulling his head back and bending down to fasten his mouth onto the other man's throat, teeth scraping the tender skin. When his mouth pulled away, he'd left an angry red welt on the Doctor's pale skin, the bite already turning purplish around the edges.

"Let that be the beginning," he whispered into the Doctor's ear, one hand moving down the Time Lord's body to settle between his legs, long fingers curling around his cock. The Doctor squirmed under that touch, aroused in spite of himself, unable to stop his body's automatic reaction to being touched even as his mind rebelled against the forced intimacy.

He couldn't hide his thoughts, couldn't control his own body. This was going to be a battle of wills -- the Master trying to break him, battering against any resistance he put up until he was too exhausted in mind and body to fight back any more.

But that wasn't going to stop him from fighting. Until the bitter end, if he had to.

The Master's mouth curved into a smile. He'd always enjoyed a fight, and the Doctor had never disappointed him in that respect. This was going to be a very interesting little interlude, indeed. One that he was looking forward to more than he could say.

And he would win in the end. He always won, no matter how the Doctor might try to convince himself that he hadn't. He always walked away with a piece of the other Time Lord's soul, leaving the Doctor shaken and battered, ripping away the walls he'd so carefully built up, a tiny bit at a time.

It was only a matter of time before the Doctor was his. His, in every way. He'd see to that, no matter how long it took. And he would enjoy himself greatly as he destroyed those protections that the other man had built up, merging the two of them together until the Doctor could no longer survive without him.

This was the first time in what seemed like eons that he'd managed to catch the Doctor at his most vulnerable, render him helpless and be in a position to do as he pleased with the other Time Lord. And he meant to do just that; the Doctor was going to remember this little encounter for the rest of his lives.

The Doctor had never looked so lovely, his body bound and helpless, a gag in his mouth to keep him from making a sound. He was trembling, his dark eyes wide with fear -- and in their depths, the Master was sure that he could discern a spark of desire, an inner knowledge of what he needed but couldn't find the courage to put into words.

He gave the Doctor something that no one else could. Something that the other man craved, even though he would never admit it, either to himself or to anyone else.

But the Master knew. And this time, he was determined to force the admission from the Doctor, no matter what he had to do to make him utter those words. He wanted the Doctor broken and bleeding and begging at his feet, begging for more of what he was only too willing to give.

The Doctor would break. Eventually.

And the Master would savor every moment of his ultimate triumph.