Title: Take My Breath Away
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Tenth Doctor/Ross Jenkins
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: NC-17
Table: Cadenza challenge, 5_prompts
Prompt: Chorus -- You take the breath right out of me
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the Tenth Doctor or Ross Jenkins, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


The Doctor gasped, his body arching in Ross' arms. His eyes closed, his long, slender fingers grasping a handful of the sheets and clenching them tightly. Sensations seemed to engulf his body, lifting him up on a wave that kept cresting higher, with no end in sight.

And these amazing feelings were coming to him before much of anything had happened! It never failed to amaze him how much Ross' slightest touch could arouse him; he'd never known these heights of passion with any other lover, not even Jack.

He had never experienced this kind of a physical and emotional connection with anyone else, not even in his other bodies. With all of the people he'd known in his long life, all the people he'd taken to his bed, no one had ever touched him in all the ways that Ross did.

What was it about this young man that took the breath right out of him, that left him reeling, unable to focus on anything but what Ross made him feel? The attraction had been immediate, taking him over from the first moment he'd met Ross, strong and direct.

He'd known from the beginning that the spark he felt every time he looked at Ross would turn into a conflagration that couldn't be stopped. He'd tried to keep himself from jumping head first into that flame, but it had been impossible.

Destiny had drawn him to Ross from the first moment their eyes had met. Which was why he'd gone back in time to sweep the young man away with him in the Tardis, giving him a life that would otherwise have been cut tragically and needlessly short.

He gasped again as one finger, then another, slid inside him in quick succession. Within moments, those fingers were probing him, scissoring gently, opening and preparing him. The mere touch took his breath away, his fingers tightening around the sheets.

The Doctor raised his hips, silently begging his boyfriend for more of what he was doing; he was already nearing a fever pitch, wanting more than just those two fingers inside him. In moments, he would start begging if Ross took too much time with the preliminaries.

Closing his eyes, the Doctor drew in a deep breath, trying not to gasp again. He had to relax and enjoy everything about their lovemaking, not just the eventual union of their bodies. And he did enjoy it all, really.

But there were times when he wanted to skip the preparations and go right to the main event -- and this was one of them. He needed Ross, needed to feel his lover inside him, needed to wrap himself around that body and feel that they'd become one.

His boyfriend's gaze met his; Ross slid his fingers out of the Doctor's body as though he instinctively knew what the other man wanted. He gently pushed the Doctor's legs up against his chest, kneeling over him, the head of his cock pressing against the Time Lord's entrance.

The Doctor wanted to say something, but no words would come from his mouth. Just looking into those eyes, filled with warmth and love, took his breath away. There were no words that could describe how he felt at the moment. Even "love" didn't come close.

"Ready, love?" Ross asked, his own voice sounding breathless and strained. The Doctor realized that his lover felt the same as he did; they took each other's breath away, their mutual need rendering them both unable to speak or to focus on anything but their physical need.

He still couldn't speak; he only nodded, his hands clutching Ross' shoulders, urging the younger man on. Ross lowered his mouth to the Doctor's, his hips pressing forward, penetrating the other man in one smooth, deep thrust as his tongue slipped into the Time Lord's mouth.

The Doctor's long legs wrapped around Ross' waist, as though he was trying to pull the young man even deeper inside him. The breath was snatched from his lungs with that first thrust; he was panting, gasping for air, his head thrown back against the pillow.

His arms wound themselves around Ross' neck, pulling the other man closer to him; there was nothing in his mind but this wild, sweet urgency that drove him onward, wanting this to last forever, yet urging the act to its inevitable finish quickly, unable to wait.

Ross was just as breathless as he himself was; he could feel his lover's breath against his skin, soft and warm, those breaths syncing with his own. He tried to match his breaths to Ross', to allow himself to feel even closer to the man who was making love to him.

"Doctor, I .... I can't keep this up for long ...." Ross managed to gasp out a few words, and the Doctor nodded, squeezing his thighs against the young man's sides. He was close to the edge already, and he knew that Ross was, as well.

"You don't have to," he managed to say, between gasps for breath. "Let yourself go, love -- don't hold back." He knew that he himself wouldn't be able to hold back for much longer; he was dangling over the edge, on the verge of falling in a downward spiral.

But first, he had to be lifted to those dizzying heights once again; Ross thrust into him one last time, and then it was happening -- there were sparks flashing behind his closed eyes, and he was falling from the clouds, falling ever faster, to land safely in his lover's embrace.

His breath was gone; his hearts were beating so rapidly that he felt dizzy. Closing his eyes, the Doctor let his body relax, enjoying the pleasurable sensations that were still washing over his body. The tremors of his orgasm had stopped, but the pleasure would linger for a while.

"You take my breath away," the Doctor finally managed to whisper, opening his eyes to gaze up at Ross. He raised a slightly shaky hand, stroking the damp hair back from Ross' face, not wanting the union of their bodies to end, but knowing that it had to.

Ross rolled onto his side, reluctantly pulling out of the Doctor; after he'd settled himself, he reached for the Time Lord, wrapping his arms around the slender man and holding him close. The Doctor followed suit, his arms sliding around Ross' waist as he rested his head on his lover's shoulder.

His breath was slowly coming back; the Doctor drew in a lungful of air, pressing his face against Ross' slightly sweaty chest. He loved inhaling the scent of his lover's skin; there was something so intimate about lying here, naked and peaceful, the scent of sex in the air around them.

"You've taken my breath away from the first moment I saw you," Ross murmured, brushing his lips across the Time Lord's forehead. "And you still do. Every time I look into those beautiful eyes, or see you smile. I lose my breath -- just like I lost my heart from the very first."

The Doctor's breath caught in his throat at those words; he raised his head, his gaze meeting and locking with the other man's. Ross bowed his head, his lips meeting the Doctor's, the kiss intensifying within seconds and taking his breath away all over again.