Title: The Life He Wants
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: John Reese/Jordan Hester
Fandom: Person of Interest
Rating: NC-17
Table: 1drabble
Prompt: 31, Skin
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely John Reese or Jordan Hester, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


John's hands rushed over Jordan's skin, touching, caressing.

His lover cried out softly, his own hands in John's hair, fingers combing through the short strands. The touch seemed to go all the way down to his toes.

Every time Jordan touched him, he felt energized. Just having his hands on this man's skin, feeling Jordan's body under him, around him, thrusting inside him, made John feel like Superman; being with Jordan brought out of a side of him that he hadn't known existed.

Not only did he feel strong and capable when he was with the man he loved, but he felt safe and protected; he felt surrounded by love and care.

No one else had ever made him feel like this.

Jordan was the only one for him; he had known that ever since the first time they'd made love. Maybe he had even known it from the first time they had met.

There was something about this man that had called to his very soul from the first time their eyes had met, even when he had thought that Jordan was a villain. That had quickly changed, though, and even if it had taken him a while, he realized now that Jordan was the love of his life.

No one could ever be what this man was to him. No one could ever take Jordan's place in his heart, or fulfill him in every way as Jordan did.

He loved this man. He wanted to spend all of his life with Jordan. He wanted to have this every night, Jordan in his bed, in his arms, becoming a part of him.

He would have this. He would have the life that he wanted with Jordan, and he would find a way to keep doing what he and Harold did now, helping people who needed them. He didn't have to give up one for the other, even if their enemies might try to use Jordan against him.

He would keep the man he loved safe. Because a life without Jordan in it was unthinkable. It wasn't a life at all. It would barely be an existence.

He loved this man far too much to give him up.

John cried as his hands moved over Jordan's skin again, and his climax rushed through his body, racing to the surface and bursting through him like a shower of sparks.

He wrapped his arms around Jordan, drawing his lover even closer against his body as he rolled over onto his side. This was what he lived for; holding Jordan close to his heart like this, making love to him, just being with him. This was worth all of the risks he took with his life.

He closed his eyes, breathing in Jordan's scent, his hands moving up and the other man's back, touching his skin, memorizing every line of his body.

This was the only life he wanted. And he would do anything to keep it.