Title: Play For Today
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Tenth Doctor/Jethro Cane
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: NC-17
Table: 3
Prompt: 46, Playful
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the Tenth Doctor or Jethro Cane. Please do not sue.


Jethro propped himself up on one elbow, looking down at the slumbering man beside him. He was lying behind the Doctor, one arm wrapped protectively around his lover as the Time Lord slept. This was a position they often found themselves in when they awoke, and it was one that Jethro didn't mind at all.

There was something incredibly sensual about being able to watch the Doctor sleep like this, he thought to himself, raising his hand to stroke his fingers through the Time Lord's tawny hair. He could observe the man he loved, freely and naturally, without feeling that the Doctor might be wondering just why he was being stared at so intently.

When he'd first met this man on Midnight, during that horrible train trip, he'd had the odd premonition that the Doctor was going to be someone special in his life. And that feeling had come true, a few million times over.

Jethro smiled to himself at the thought, pulling the blankets up a bit and moving closer to the Doctor. He had to keep back a gasp when the Time Lord's firm bottom pressed against his crotch; he was sure that the Doctor wouldn't want to be awakened in that particular way, considering that they'd already gone at it twice in one night.

What was it about the Doctor that had made him so sure of what this man would mean to him? He hadn't had anything to go on at the time but a few words, smiles, looks that they had shared once the ordeal was over and they were on their way back to safety. But he'd just known somehow that the Doctor was meant for him.

Or had he been meant for the Doctor? That made much more sense, considering the huge disparity in their ages. He couldn't help wondering if the Doctor ever focused on that, if he ever wondered just what he was doing with someone as young and relatively inexperienced as Jethro. It was a worry that never quite left his mind.

Of course the Doctor didn't think of him in that way, Jethro's more rational side scolded himself. He had to stop thinking of the two of them in terms of age. He knew the Doctor well enough by now to know that those sorts of things didn't matter to his lover.

He certainly wasn't inexperienced in some of the ways that mattered most, Jethro told himself, a small smirk spreading over his features. Their first coming together had been something entirely out of the blue, even though he'd hoped that he would find the Doctor when he'd gone back to Midnight. Something had just told him to be there -- and he'd been right.

The Doctor had been amazed at his prowess in the bedroom, though he'd tactfully kept stories of former lovers to himself. He didn't want to engender any jealousy in the Gallifreyan -- besides, what the Doctor didn't know wouldn't hurt him. Those people were part of the past, a past that Jethro had put behind him. The Doctor was his future.

They'd already been through several little adventures together, all of which had come out to the good. Well, at least, so far they had, Jethro thought with a sigh. He looked down at the slumbering Time Lord again, wanting to wrap his arms around the Doctor and pull him close, protect him from anything that could possibly happen.

That wasn't possible, and he knew it all too well. He'd already seen his beloved kidnapped by drug dealers and nearly burned at the stake when they'd traveled back in time. And the Master .... the young man shivered at the thought of what he'd done to the Doctor.

He hadn't witnessed exactly what had happened, but he'd seen the physical shape the Doctor had been in when Jethro had found him -- and the emotional turmoil he'd had to deal with over the next few days. The Time Lord had gotten past it, but Jethro couldn't help wondering if those encounters with the Master chipped away at bits of him every time they occurred.

The Doctor had tried to brush away Jethro's worry, but the young man had sensed that there was more under the surface than the Time Lord was willing to show him. Still, he was biding his time, waiting until an opportune moment to talk to the Doctor about the Master. The time would come when he could ask questions, and have them answered.

But this wasn't that time, Jethro told himself firmly, his arm tightening around the Doctor's slim waist. The Gallifreyan stirred slightly and pressed back against him, bringing another gasp to his lips at the feel of the Doctor's body next to his own. It would be so easy to turn the Time Lord over, wake him with a kiss and more ....

No. He wasn't going to do that -- not yet, anyway, he said to himself with a smile. What he did do was shift his position a bit, bringing one knee between the Doctor's thighs, spreading the Time Lord's legs a bit as he moved closer to the other man.

He couldn't keep himself from moving his hands over the Doctor's naked body, wondering if his touch could arouse the Time Lord even while he was asleep. His caressing fingers moved up the Doctor's stomach to his chest, circling one small nipple, then the other, fascinated by the pink flush of arousal that spread over the Gallifreyan's skin.

The Doctor's nipples hardened into small nubs under his fingertips, the Time Lord's breath seeming to come faster. Jethro kept up the gentle stimulation, leaning forward to press kisses along the slender column of the Doctor's throat, down his bare shoulder, finally resting his lips against the other man's shoulder.

It would be the most amazing thing in the world if he could keep the Doctor here in this embrace for the rest of their lives, thought Jethro, closing his eyes and burying his face against the Doctor's soft hair. He wanted to be here with this man for the rest of eternity, holding the Doctor in his arms, feeling that they would never be parted.

Of course, that wasn't true. Eventually, something would happen to force the Time Lord to regenerate, and then where would Jethro be? Would he be able to love this man in a different body? Would the Doctor even want to be with him?

Those were thoughts that he didn't want to confront at the moment; Jethro pushed them aside, concentrating on the Doctor's nearness and the way the other man felt in his arms. His hand moved back down the Time Lord's body, slowly, fingertips exploring the expanse of velvety skin under his touch.

He'd barely reached the Doctor's belly again when the Time Lord shifted his position again, those long lashes fluttering. The Doctor opened his eyes, sighing softly and arching his body against Jethro's. The young man pulled the Doctor closer against him, kissing the other man's throat again, all previous thoughts swept away on a rising tide of desire.

"Do what you will with me, Jethro," the Doctor murmured, the fingers of one thin hand closing over his young lover's. "You've been laying here touching my body for so long now that I can't help but feel you have something in mind -- and I'd really like to find out just what it is. I'm sure that I'll approve of it no matter what it might be."

"So you weren't asleep after all, were you?" Jethro laughed, pressing another kiss to the Time Lord's shoulder. "I should have known. You're quite good at faking me out like that."

"Faking you out?" The Doctor made a face, twisting his head to one side a bit so that he could look up at his boyfriend. "I didn't mean to do that, honestly. I was just .... rather enjoying what you were doing. It's been a while since I've been felt up in my sleep, unless you do it on a regular basis and I'm not aware of it yet."

"Feeeling you up? Is that what you think I was doing?" Jethro couldn't help teasing the Doctor a bit, smiling all the while. He loved it when the Time Lord was like this, playful in a way that he hadn't often been lately. Maybe this was a sign that he really was getting past some of the more disturbing things that had happened to him.

"Of course it was," the Doctor scoffed, dark eyes sparkling with suppressed laughter. "I think the fact that my nipples are hard is proof of that, don't you?" He lifted the blankets and looked down, then glanced back at Jethro. "As well as other significant body parts. See what you've done? Now you'll have to do something about this situation."

"Yes, I suppose I will," Jethro said softly, turning the Doctor over onto his back and pressing him down against the pillows. His hand moved down, fingers wrapping around the Time Lord's hard cock and starting to stroke, his eyes locking with the other man's dark gaze.

The Doctor flexed his hips, arms raising to drape over Jethro's shoulders and pull his young lover down to him. Jethro could feel the Time Lord's hearts racing, the other man's breath harsh and ragged in his ears. The Doctor wanted him; he could see it in the Gallifreyan's eyes, feel it in his touch.

And he wanted the Doctor just as much -- perhaps more. More than he could ever put into words. More than he'd ever wanted anyone or anything in his entire life. His desire for the Doctor grew stronger with every time they made love; he was sure that it would only continue to grow the longer they were together.

Jethro abruptly released the Time Lord's cock, moving his hand down between the other man's legs, fingers stroking the sensitive skin. A shudder went through the Doctor's body, his lips parting, eyes closing, fingers digging into his young lover's shoulders.

He knew that the Doctor would still be soft and slick inside from their earlier lovemaking; there was no need to prepare the Time Lord for what he intended to do. He lifted the Doctor's legs, nearly bending the other man in half, letting the Doctor drape those long limbs over his shoulders. The Gallifreyan squirmed a little, getting used to the position.

With a soft grunt, Jethro pushed his hips forward, the blunt tip of his engorged cock pressing against the other man's minuscule opening. Snapping his hips forward, he pushed inside the Doctor in one smooth, quick stroke, crying out the Doctor's name at the same moment that the Time Lord's body arched in his arms and the other man let out a short, sharp scream.

Was it his imagination, or did the Doctor feel tighter around him than usual? He could swear that this position made the Time Lord's body grasp him more tightly; he almost seemed to be pulled in, unable to pull out as far as he usually did. But he wasn't complaining -- it was an incredible feeling, one that took his breath away.

And apparently the Doctor's breath, too, he thought, looking down at the man under him. The Time Lord was writhing and gasping, his body tightening around Jethro with each thrust, his cheeks flushed, hair disheveled, looking more desirable than Jethro had ever seen him.

The young man tried his best to keep thrusting at a steady pace, to make this last as long as possible for both of them -- but he knew that it was impossible. The incredible tight heat of the Doctor's body, the way his lover looked when their eyes met, the pleasure coursing through his veins -- it was all combining to bring him to the edge far too quickly.

There was no way he could hold out. Jethro struggled to keep his climax back, wanting to be sure that the Doctor came before he did; he thrust hard into the Time Lord, hoping that he wouldn't lose control before he'd satisfied the Gallifreyan. He was gratified to hear the Time Lord's soft cry, feeling the rush of the other man's release between their bodies.

The sound of that cry, the feel of the Doctor's muscles spasming around him, was all it took to push Jethro over the precipice he'd been teetering on. Hands tightening on the Doctor's slender shoulders, he let himself go, his body shaking with orgasmic tremors as he collapsed on top of his lover, wrapping his arms around the Doctor and burying his face in the pillow.

It took a few moments for them both to come down, breathing hard, their hearts thundering against each other. Jethro pulled out of the Doctor slowly, rolling to the side and pulling the Time Lord's limp body into his arms. The Doctor snuggled into his arms, closing his eyes and resting his head against Jethro's chest.

When Jethro finally spoke, his voice had taken on the teasing tone of their earlier banter. "I think I took care of that situation rather well, didn't I?"

The Doctor nodded, hiding a smile against his young lover's chest. "Oh, yes, I agree. You took care of that extremely well." His eyes were dancing with laughter when he looked up at Jethro, cheeks flushed pink with exertion. "In fact, I'd say that was quite an admirable performance. One that I'd like to repeat again. Very soon."

"Oh, you would, would you?" Jethro teased, one hand stroking down the Doctor's chest, fingers tweaking one small pink nipple. He was fascinated by the way the Time Lord's body responded to his touch, the Doctor's nipple hardening as soon as he was touched. "You may have to give me a little while to recover, but I'd like that myself."

"Then it's settled," the Doctor said softly, one thin arm wrapping around his lover's waist. "This is a situation that definitely needs some looking into. One that we might have to work on for quite a while to be absolutely positive that we've come to the proper solution. Oh yes, it may take a lot of work on our parts."

"It's a sacrifice, but someone has to do it." Jethro giggled, draping one long leg over the Doctor's thighs and turning the Time Lord onto his back again. "And I'd say that we're most definitely the right men for the job."

"I would agree to that wholeheartedly." The Doctor sighed contentedly as Jethro's lips found his again, stretching out under his boyfriend and giving himself over to the hands that were already exploring his body, already anticipating just how they would go about handling this particular situation.