Title: Best of You
Author: martyred-wings
Rating: NC-17
Series: 1) Of Chocolate Wax and Ice Cubes
Genre and/or Pairing: slash, Dean/Castiel
Spoilers: none.
Warnings: use of edible body wax
Word Count: 795 words
Summary: Dean shuddered against the feel of Castiel’s tongue lapping slowly across the surface of Dean’s skin.
Author’s Notes : I was requested by taufu and heliokleia to continue my earlier piece Of chocolate body wax and ice cubes and so here it is! Title taken from the Foo Fighters song of the same name.


Dean shuddered against the feel of Castiel’s tongue lapping slowly across the surface of Dean’s skin. Every nerve ending in the hunter’s body was aflame, seemed super charged, super sensitive, and he moaned loudly into the silence. His back arched at the feel of the chocolate scented oil dripping slowly onto his skin, dripped there by Castiel’s steady hand.

Castiel used one wing to smear the oil across Dean’s chest, before he dipped his dark haired head to lap at the drizzled oil, looking for all the world like the world’s most angelic cat. His lips hovered over Dean’s nipple, tongue flattened against the sensitive nub, worked across it until the nipple was erect. Dean’s words didn’t make sense, came out garbled, but the intention was clear - he wanted Castiel, and he wanted him now.

The angel seemed intent on prolonging the almost agony of the pleasure, as he stroked his wing through the oil, wrapped both wing tip and oil around Dean’s cock, swept his wing over and across Dean’s straining member. Dean cried out, bucked his hips into Castiel’s wing, cried out again when Castiel’s hand took over, wrapped around Dean’s cock instead. The hunter’s eyes fluttered closed, hips moved in time with Castiel’s firmly stroking hand, as oil and pre-cum was smeared across his sensitive skin.

He whimpered Castiel’s name when the angel moved down, enclosed his cock within the warm, wet confines of his mouth, lips gently pulling across the surface of Dean’s erection. Castiel moaned at the taste of the chocolate flavored oil, at the taste of Dean’s pre-cum, at the taste of Dean himself, wings flapping gently in time with his bobbing head. Dean lifted his hips, fucked Castiel’s mouth eagerly, loved the feel of Castiel wrapped around him, giving him pleasure.

His veins were alive, blood singing through him, pounding in his ears with every heartbeat, as he came closer to his completion. He blinked lazily at the ceiling once, before he gave in, came hard, released himself into Castiel’s throat, threatened to choke him with his release. Castiel pulled away, swallowed, then wiped his mouth, trailed kisses across Dean’s abdomen.

The angel reached out, dipped his fingers into the pot of melted chocolate wax, before he drew the still warm liquid across the hunter’s lips. Dean licked the chocolate flavored oil from his lips, eyes slowly closing as the rich taste of chocolate slid down his throat, settling in his stomach like a welcome weight. He smiled lazily, licked his lips slowly, made Castiel groan as he watched the slow sweep of tongue on lower lip.

Dean didn’t protest when Castiel urged him onto his hands and knees with strong hands, too far gone in the remnants of bliss coursing through him still. He cried out when he felt the pleasurable burn of Castiel’s finger sliding inside him, pulling out again, soon joined by another. Dean cried out again, pushed back against the angel’s hand, again, harder, wanted Castiel himself inside him, instead of his fingers. He cried out again when Castiel’s fingers caught on his prostate, stroked heavily across it, made Dean shake against the pleasure of it. He almost didn’t notice Castiel’s fingers pulling away, until he felt the angel thrust himself hard inside him. Castiel leant into Dean, covered him with his body, his wings, his kisses as he thrust hard inside the hunter, cock hitting Dean’s prostate over and over again.

Dean rocked back into Castiel, met every thrust with his body, cried out, before he gripped his cock in eager fingers, pumped furiously across his already half hard length. Castiel closed his eyes, full lips parted, as a moan slipped past them, in a long drawn out note of pleasure. He felt intense pleasure building in his abdomen, threatening to spill out at any given moment.

Dean reached out, traced fingers slightly sticky from the chocolate oil across Castiel’s wings, made the sensitive appendages shiver uncontrollably, made Castiel finally give in. The angel came, cried out for Dean, as he rode out the orgasm rocking through him, with every thrust of his hips, every thrust of his cock into Dean. Finally sated, Castiel withdrew, collapsed beside Dean, watched and held him close as the hunter continued stroking himself until he came, covered them both in his own release, with a loud cry for the angel.

Chests rising and falling, they stared at each other, eyes locked into an intense and loving stare, as their breath mingled. Dean’s eyes flickered down to Castiel’s lips, before he closed the distance between them, knowing that each of them had given each other their all. Both Castiel and Dean were getting the best from each other, and neither would have it any other way ....