Title: Love You More (With Every Breath)
Author: martyred-wings
Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: slash, Dean/Castiel
Spoilers: none.
Warnings: sex on the beach!
Word Count: 3008 words
Summary: Dean and Castiel consummate their civil partnership.


The moon hung in the sky like a bright, silver coin, offering light, offering comfort, a halo of reflected light hovering around her surface. Stars speckled the night sky like so many tiny pinpricks, it seemed as though the Heavens would leak down upon them through the holes left behind.

Dean's breath hung in the air before his face, breath steamy, hot in the chill of the night air as he lay upon the hood of his car, staring up at the stars, trying to count them but failing several times over. He'd set himself an impossible task; there were too many to count, but still he tried. He blinked, lost count, started again.

He smiled when he felt Castiel's warm hand upon his, the angel's fingers wrapping around his palm, made Dean look at Castiel lying beside him. The hunter smiled at his lover - his husband - blue eyes gazing up at the sky, moonlight bathing his face in its gentle glow, made him seem more beautiful than ever, more angelic, ethereal, peaceful. He watched as Castiel blinked, eyelashes touching his cheeks for a brief instant, before the angel turned to look at Dean, a slight smile touching his ripe mouth as he did so.

It had been several hours since their civil partnership, several hours in which Dean and Castiel had attended the reception party, at which they'd both been subjected to Chuck's party piece of a drunken song and dance in the corner, and many ramblings of being happy for the newly married couple. Bobby had soon put a stop to the embarrassment, even resorted to calling the Prophet "an idjit." before going on to eat too many burgers and making himself ill. Everyone had taken the rise out of the elder hunter, but he'd ignored them, too ill to care, before finally Ellen led him from the room to get some fresh air. Chuck had followed them, still singing merrily about an elf sitting on a shelf, accompanied by his own frantic hiccupping, and Sam holding the small Prophet up. Dean smiled at the memories, knew that for all its many imperfections, it had been the best day of his life.

"What a day, huh?" Dean asked, fingers tightening around Castiel's, squeezed supportively, as he cast a glance up at the stars once more, back to Castiel again.

"It was worth it, though," Castiel replied, gruff voice seeming deeper in the silent night air, making the wide night seem more intimate somehow.

The angel turned his luminous blue eyes upon Dean, before he asked - "Wasn't it?"

At his lover's - husband's - sudden uncertain look, Dean wondered if the angel thought he was having second thoughts about the partnership. He smiled, knew that he wasn't, could never regret a union as perfect as theirs. He leant in, pressed lips against Castiel's slightly night cooled ones, poured as much love as he could into that one kiss, before he reluctantly pulled away, eyes resting intently upon Castiel's

The angel was smiling, knew from that one kiss the depth of Dean's love, knew that their decision to marry had been the right one; that Dean far from regretted going ahead with it.

"It was more than worth it, Cas," Dean said, his voice low, inviting, husky in the night.

Castiel smiled, remained silent at that, didn't seem to know what to say to Dean, just settled closer into Dean‘s side. The hunter wrapped his arm around Castiel's shoulders, cast a glance down at the angel's face, as Castiel settled his head against Dean's shoulder. Castiel looked so serene, so peaceful, so happy just through being there with Dean, and Dean's soul, his heart soared. He continued gazing at Castiel, couldn't quite believe that Castiel was his forevermore; even though they were bonded before, the civil partnership seemed to set it in concrete somehow, made it ever more permanent.

He leant forward, pressed warm lips to Castiel's own, felt the angel's breath tickle his cheeks from his nostrils, as the angel opened his mouth for the hunter. Dean slipped his tongue inside Castiel's warm, wet mouth, moaned at the exquisite feel of him against his tongue, lost himself in the taste of everything that made up Castiel, made him more perfect and pure.

He felt his body reacting to Castiel, erection pressing insistently against his boxers, wanted to kiss the angel forever, if it meant he could be at peace. Finally, reluctantly, Castiel pulled away, gently caressed Dean's face, before Dean said - "I love you."

"And I love you," Castiel replied, eyes intent on Dean's face, before he turned his perfect face to the stars once more.

Dean watched him, at his steady slow blinks, at the way his lips parted, seemed fuller, riper, glistened in the moonlight when he licked them. Dean settled into Castiel's side, leant his head against the angel's shoulder, smiled when he felt Castiel's arm wrap around his hips tenderly. Dean's fingers ghosted over the angel's abdomen, traced patterns over his shirt clad chest, smoothed his tie against his body, before sliding around his hips in a gentle, loving hug.

Castiel purred, a constant note of pleasure held deep in his throat at the tenderness from Dean, fingers caressing Dean's shoulder as the hunter looked up at the skies once more. They watched as a shooting star raced across the Heavens, disappeared over the horizon, left a vague glowing trail in its wake.

"Make a wish, Dean," Castiel said, as he nudged Dean gently with his knee.

"What?" Dean asked, twisting his head to stare at his angel, head tilted to the side in an unconscious mirror of Castiel‘s head tilt.

"Make a wish. When you see a shooting star, you make a wish," Castiel explained, voice low, quiet, as though frightened to shatter the peaceful moment by speaking loudly. "I think that's the tradition anyway."

Castiel smiled, a little bemused as though he found the idea quaint, made Dean chuckle at his bemusement.

"I wish to spend some time alone with you, Cas. Somewhere far away from here, somewhere uninterrupted, quiet, peaceful," he said, his voice low, quiet, as though he was letting the angel in on a secret. "We still haven't exactly discussed our honeymoon yet. You said you were keeping it secret, as a surprise."

Castiel smiled his typically enigmatic smile, eyes flickering from Dean's face to his feet, back again.

Dean gently caressed Castiel's cheek, laid a kiss upon the angel's soft, silken lips, before he said - "I don't care where we are, Cas, as long as we are together. And alone."

Once again, his mind played over the afternoon, the madness and hustle bustle of the ceremony itself, the preceding arrangements, the reception party itself. They both had had a busy, hectic time of it of late, and Dean felt they both deserved the time to get away from it all, to disappear to claim some time back for themselves.

"Ah, I have an idea where to go. It‘s already been arranged," the angel replied, his soft smile warming Dean's heart, made his soul reach out and brush against Castiel's for the briefest of moments, made the angel's lips part in a sound of pleasure.

"Show me," Dean said, before he claimed another kiss, sliding his hand across Castiel's body, down his abdomen, gently caressed the angel's cock through his pants.

"Dean," Castiel murmured, hips arching up of the hood of the Impala to meet the hunter's hand, before he reached up with trembling fingers to touch Dean upon his forehead.

Dean blinked against the brief flare, the angelic backwash of too bright light, before his vision cleared and he was staring up at the perfect blue sky of a tropical summer's day, the beach beneath his back, the sound of waves crashing upon his ears. He twisted his head, stared at Castiel in surprise, who was smiling beautifully at him, eyes warm, gentle, loving, kind, as he gazed at him.

The angel reached up to lay fingers upon Dean's lips with a barely there touch, his lips pushed out in a sensuous pout as he shushed further words from the hunter, when it looked as though Dean was about to speak. Dean's words died in his throat, left him staring at the angel wordlessly, before he kissed Castiel's fingers on an impulse. He reached up, gripped Castiel's wrist between slightly trembling fingers, drew in two of Castiel's fingers into his mouth as his eyes closed reflexively.

The angel moaned, eyelids fluttering as Dean suckled on Castiel's fingers, drawing them into the wet warmth of his mouth, lapped at them with his tongue, made Castiel purr with pleasure at the prolonged, pleasurable contact. He felt the sun washing them both in its all forgiving embrace, unfurled his wings to bathe in its beauty, felt the effect of the sunlight wash through him, fill up every pore of his body, roll over every emotion, every sense that he had, until he felt as though he was made of pleasure.

He pushed Dean onto his back, straddled him, made Dean cry out in need, want, as Castiel rubbed his cock alongside Dean's, felt the hunter's cock begin to stiffen with his growing arousal, continued to rock against the hunter until he was fully erect, fully aroused and panting beneath him. Dean writhed against Castiel, bucked his hips against the angel's, small whimpers of need escaping his lips as he rutted against the angel.

Castiel's fingers dug into Dean's shoulders, pinning him to the ever shifting sands beneath his body, digging in hard enough to bruise, to hurt, made Dean cry out with need, rather than pain. The hunter's breath caught in his throat, rasped against a restricted chest as Castiel leant in, claimed his lover's - husband's - lips against his own, moved his soft, silken lips in a kiss that spoke of something that ran deeper than mere want. It spoke of promises of gentle, drawn out sex beneath the sun.

Castiel broke the kiss, felt Dean's hands run across the soft, feathered surfaces of his wings, shuddered against the contact, mouth parted as he slowly licked salt spray from the soft surfaces of his lips. He groaned, a long, loud, drawn out note of need that spoke of desire, such need, it made Dean ache to hear it, made him want Castiel so much, it felt like a physical pain.

His hand slid down,, slowly palmed Castiel's arousal through the front of his white pants, made the angel grunt out his satisfaction, his pleasure, before the hunter slowly eased open the angel's zipper, unbuckled his belt eagerly. Castiel stood, slowly, pushed his pants from around his slim hips, kicked off his dress shoes, kicked the pants away, swiftly followed by his boxers. His erection curled against his abdomen, hard, flushed, aching in the sunlight.

He looked down, watched as Dean struggled out of his own pants, scuffling up the sand around his ass, in his efforts to free himself of the suddenly restrictive material. He kicked his shoes away, his pants, heard the faint splash of one of the shoes hitting the breakers, as the waves lapped in against the shore. He didn't care; all he wanted was Castiel, to feel him inside him, filling him up with his exquisite love and warmth.

Castiel covered Dean's body with his own, with his wings, hands slowly caressing Dean's body gently, cheeks flushed, eyes half closed, lips parted, swollen from heady kisses. tongue slowly sweeping out over his bottom lip gently, pouting lusciously in the sun. Dean moaned, settled his hips insistently against Castiel's, legs spread a little wider, as his heels dug into Castiel's ass.

"Cas, please," Dean almost begged, his voice insistent, low with invitation, a sudden flutter of nervousness easing into life in his abdomen. .

It wasn't as if he hadn't slept with Castiel before; in fact they'd made love lots of times before and enjoyed it every time. Hs questioned his own sudden bout of nervousness, examined it from all angles, before he remembered. He realized that this was the first time they'd made love while married. He got a sudden vision of Chuck, telling him to make every second count of this, to take it slow, to enjoy it. He shook his head, didn't want to be thinking of Chuck when he was with his angel, his husband, on their honeymoon.

Castiel's eyes closed, oblivious to Dean's nervousness and subsequent realization, as his lips curved into a slow, gentle smile. He slowly suckled on his own fingers, coating them with his saliva, as Dean eased his hand around Castiel's hip, gently stroked against the angel's ass, against the angel's tight ring of muscle. Castiel moaned, a brief intake of breath cutting through the air, as his hips arched away from Dean, away from his stroking fingers. Dean protested impatiently, eyes never leaving Castiel's flushed, excited face as the angel settled down once more, let Dean slowly caress him again. Castiel whimpered, his body tensing in excitement, as he pressed a spit slick finger against Dean‘s tight hole. He waited until Dean's body accepted him, his muscles relaxed against Castiel's finger, before the angel eased his way further into Dean's body, withdrawing just as slowly, just as gently.

Dean threw his head back, eyes fully closed now, moth open to form a perfect "o" as he started rocking against Castiel, fucking himself back onto the angel's hand helplessly. Castiel continued to watch him, felt excitement build within his abdomen at the sight of his husband so laid bare, so eager, so willing, begging to be fucked on breathless exhalations of need.

He eased a second finger inside Dean's tight hole, eased the muscles wider, found his prostate and started stroking his fingers across the bundle of nerves and muscle, made Dean cry out in building excitement. The hunter's fingers started to dig into Castiel's shoulders, fingertips clenched painfully tight against the angel's tender, unblemished flesh, until Castiel grew uncomfortable, ached, cries teetering on the edge of pain and pleasure.

Slowly, Castiel eased his fingers from Dean's hole, spat onto his fingers, slicked the saliva over his cock, before he encouraged the hunter's legs into a lightly different position. Castiel groaned wordlessly, groaned louder still when he felt his cock press solidly against Dean's entrance, eased in, waited until the initial burn, restriction, almost rejection passed, eased further still until he was sheathed fully inside Dean.

Dean's eyes fluttered closed, his flesh singing with the feel of Castiel tight, and warm inside him, the exquisite feel of his velvet warmth fully sheathed inside him, made the hunter feel good. He groaned, cried out when Castiel started rocking against him, started fucking himself hard into Dean, cries filling the air and disturbing nesting seagulls from their perches nearby.

His thrusts were gentle, uneven at first, slowly finding his rhythm against Dean, into Dean, crying out wordlessly at the feel of Dean wrapped tight around him, pleasuring him as much as he was pleasuring Dean himself. All he could think of was the the thought that he was making love to his husband, the first time he could claim to do so, and he cried out at the though, pleasure caught in an insistent note deep within his throat.

He felt an orgasm blossom deep within his abdomen, felt it quickening his pulse, coursing through his veins, his cries turning louder, rending the air as he fucked deeper into Dean, his husband, his life partner. He threw his head back, felt the first stirring of tension deep within Dean's body, knew that Dean himself was nearing completion, felt Dean's arm brush against him as the hunter wrapped his fingers around his own cock and started stroking himself hard.

Dean watched Castiel's face, at how the play of sunlight coursed across his face, turned his equisite look of pleasure into something more beautiful, more prefect, more intimate, as he jerked off beneath the angel. Dean kept his eyes trained on Castiel's face, groaned loudly at the feel of Castiel filling him completely, thrusting into him in a sensuous rhythm, rubbing against his prostate sending shudders of ecstasy coursing through him with every sweep and pass.

He closed his eyes, lips parting as he cried out Castiel's name, fucked himself hard onto Castiel's cock, hand stroking his own dick faster, firmer, more insistently the closer he came to climax. He heard Castiel yell, voice deeper in his ecstasy, released pleasure as the angel orgasmed, filled Dean with his come in hot spurts and loud cries of Dean's name.

Dean's hand worked faster, felt his own orgasm blooming in his abdomen, felt it shoot through him, straight to his cock, before he spurted out his release in thick strands over his hand, his abdomen, over Castiel's perfect stomach. He yelled out for the angel, shuddering against Castiel as he climaxed, pleasure threatening to consume him in its fiery embrace with his release.

Slowly, he came down from feelings of bliss, slowly became aware of Castiel's body still covering his, his cock still sheathed within his ass as the angel recovered from his own climax. His expression was one of sated pleasure, his face open, radiant, beautiful in its sated perfection. Dean wrapped his arms around Castiel's body, kissed him on the lips, received a silken kiss in return.

He parted his lips, felt Castiel's tongue slide inside his mouth almost immediately, moaned as he pushed his own tongue inside the angel's warm, wet mouth. Their tongues entwined as closely as their bodies were, upon the sandy beach, beneath the vast expanse of gentle blue sky. Their love was true, deep, their partnership consummated, sated, as strong as their bond was unbreakable, their love unshakeable, forever partnered in mind, body and heart as well as by marriage. They both would be everything that each other needed, would love each other more with every breath they took ...