Title: You Are Going To Have Some New Clothes
Author: martyred-wings
Pairing: Castiel/Dean
Rating: NC=17
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Mr Eric Kripke. I make no money from this - this is purely for entertainment porpoises (and dolphins).
Summary: QUICK FIRE "Fortune Cookie Says" ficlet challenge story. "Fortune Cookie Says: You Are Going To Have Some New Clothes."


It had been a long hard battle with demons when finally Castiel and Dean returned to the Winchester's current motel room; both man and angel bloodied, bruised and sore in multiple places across their bodies. They each had torn clothes, rent in several places, and covered in blood, belonging to both demon and each other. Castiel even had something that looked suspiciously like demon entrails on his torn trench coat. This sight alone caused Dean to make his first statement since the battle ended.

"Cas, dude, you are going to have some new clothes," he said, running an insistent eye over Castiel's slim body, with more heat than the weariness of battle should have given him.

Castiel looked down at his own body, and wrinkled his nose delicately at the amount of blood and entrails covering his slim frame. He nodded wordlessly, before Dean closed the distance between them, lips licking in an almost nervous gesture at bruised lips. The angel closed his eyes, when Dean ran his hands across the front of his torn shirt, whimpered slightly as the hunter eased the coat from slender shoulders, letting it fall to the floor, soon followed by his dark suit jacket.

Castiel's eyes opened once again, watching as Dean fumbled with his tie, then his shirt buttons, finally working them loose, letting both items of clothing joining what had already fallen to the floor. Castiel's pants soon followed, before Castiel reached out with trembling, too eager hands to strip the hunter waiting before him.

The angel's body was already starting to heal itself, wounds dragging closed, blossoming bruises already fading into non existence, while Dean's wounds were only superficial, the bruises being the worst of the hunter's problems.

Castiel ran trembling hands across Dean's skin, reaching forward to run gentle kisses across Dean's collar bone, nipping gently at the sensitive skin on Dean's exposed neck, making Dean moan against him. The angel wrapped strong arms around Dean's body, ghosting them into the shower, setting the water running at the right temperature with one easy flick of his hand. The warm water cascaded down upon them both, slowly dampening their hair, trickling across exposed skin, washing away by degrees the blood, the dirt, the grime of bloody battle.

Dean squeezed out a generous helping of soap onto his waiting palm, before he worked it vigorously into Castiel's waiting body, washing away the remainder of the blood that the water itself couldn't remove. The angel leant against the tiled wall before him, moaned with every sweep and pass of Dean's skilled hands, moaned again when Dean slid a water slick finger inside him, then another. He rocked back onto Dean's hand, small sounds of need caught deep in his throat as the hunter loosened him in readiness for his entrance. He cried out with every sweep of fingers against his prostate, felt his erection grow uncomfortably hard, moaned as Dean withdrew when he felt that Castiel was loose enough.

Both hunter and angel cried out in undisguised lust when Dean thrust his cock inside his angel, bucked his hips possessively against Castiel's, fingers digging into his tender flesh with every thrust and movement that he made. Castiel reached down, took his own weeping erection in one steady hand, before he stroked himself roughly in time with Dean's thrusts. He rocked back into Dean's body, as the hunter moaned for Castiel repeatedly, breathy gasps mixed in with pleasured murmurs.


Dean's orgasm threatened to drag the hunter into screaming release, but he resisted as long as he could, until he could no longer deny it. He gave in, released himself into his angel, marking him once more as his own. Castiel came soon after, coating his hand and the tiled wall before him with his own release, pleasured cries of Dean's name mingling perfectly with Dean's shouts for him.

Both leant against each other, letting the warm water cascade across their bodies, washing them clean, as their lips met in a heated kiss. Finally, finally, Dean led Castiel from the shower, water now stopped dead in it's ceaseless running, before he ran a towel gently, almost reverently across Castiel's wet body. He towel dried himself quickly, before going back into the main room, retrieving two pairs of his own clothes, taking them back into the bathroom, where Castiel still waited patiently.

Castiel took the clothes wordlessly, but had one eyebrow raised at the sight of the Metallica T Shirt he'd been offered. Dean merely shrugged at him.

"It's my best T Shirt, Cas. I gotta give you the best," he said, with a small, embarrassed smile.

A smile flitted across Castiel's face, before he leant in to steal a kiss from Dean's willing lips.

"Thank you, Dean," he said, simply before dressing quietly.

Both were dressed and waiting in the motel room when Sam came back from his own battle, looking worn and bloodied himself. He blinked at Castiel, at his Metallica T Shirt and jeans that were slightly too big for him.

"Huh, angels are metal fans. Who knew?" Sam muttered, before leaving to take a shower of his own, little knowing of what had just happened in the bathroom ....