Title: Curing Boredom
Author: Paige
Pairing: Sam/Dean/John, John/Dean
Fandom: Supernatural
Spoiler: None really
Rating: FRAO!!!!
Category: Plot with Porn Prompt: The Winchesters having family time
Kink: Double penetration, barebacking, incest
Summary: When Sam's laid up with a busted ankle, Dean and John help ease his boredom.
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Disclaimer: I don't own them, I'm just playing with them, don't sue me.


Sam Winchester was bored out of his freaky Jedi mind trick playing mind! He'd read every book he had with him including the entire Harry Potter set that Dean had gotten him, Internet surfing was out because there Sam couldn't find a wireless signal, the tv made his head hurt and the painkillers that were supposed to be helping were doing nothing but making him feel like he was on acid.

It was his own fault or maybe his father and Dean's faults if he really wanted to be a pain; he'd accumulated so many injuries in his life that when he'd broken his ankle during a werewolf hunt, his tolerance for the pain had so unnerved the doctor at the Immediate Care Center that he'd given Sam the highest dosage of Vicodin that was legally allowed and sent him on his way.

Sam sighed and flopped back against the pillows; the pills he'd taken were finally starting to take effect and he hoped that it wouldn't make his dreams any worse than they were already.


The feeling of lips on his neck roused Sam out his sleep. He looked up to find a semi-nude Dean smiling down at him. "Hey, we were wondering if you were gonna wake up and join us."

Sam frowned dumbly, "Us?" He turned his head to find John smiling at him as he was pulling off his shirt.

"Yeah, Sammy, us. We know you've been bored stiff since you've been stuck with your ankle so we thought that instead of searching for new jobs, we'd stay in and cheer you up."

Sam frowned, okay, that wouldn't sound so bad if it weren't for the fact that outside of hunting, his idea of fun and his dad and brother's ideas weren't exactly the same. He preferred to stay home with a good book while Dean liked going out and he wasn't sure what his dad liked to do other than hunt. But then, anything was better than being bored out of his mind so he sat up a little and smiled gamely, "Sounds good."

But instead of breaking out a deck of cards or magically producing a movie that he hadn't seen a thousand times, his dad and Dean gave each other a smile that made Sam's gut clench. But before he could ask what they had in mind, Dean showed him what they were planning.

His big brother climbed onto the bed, carefully avoiding Sam's ankle and straddled his hips before leaning down and planting a soul stealing kiss on him. Sam moaned softly and reached up to hold Dean but his big brother just gently pulled Sam's hands away.

A sudden shifting alerted Sam to the fact that his father was apparently wanting to join in the fun. "Dean, help him sit up a little more so I can squeeze in back here. Kid takes up more room than I remember."

Dean sat back, pulling Sam with him while their dad arranged himself between Sam and the headboard and gently pulled the youngest Winchester back against him, kissing the sensitive spot behind Sam's ear while Dean dove in for another kiss, only this time stroking his hands over Sam's chest, carefully stripping his shirt off in the process.

Sam moaned happily at the sensations, God this felt wonderful. He couldn't remember the last time he'd felt so good.

"That's it, Sammy, let us take care of you," John murmured into his youngest son's ear before adding his hands to Dean's, skimming over Sam's sensitive back and neck.

Sam wasn't sure how long his father and brother had kept up the sensual torture before telling pokes against his hip and back as well as the tightness in his own pants told him that he needed more. "Please, Dad, Dean, need..."

He didn't see the knowing smiles his father and brother exchanged before Dean pressed his lips against Sam's ear, "You want more, Sammy? You want Dad and me to make you feel really good?"

Sam nodded helplessly as his father's hand teased below the waistband of his boxer briefs.

"Okay, but we're going to have to do this very carefully so we don't hurt your ankle." Sam nodded, not really caring about his ankle at the moment.

It took a lot of doing but somehow, Dean and John got Sam stripped naked and arranged on his side with Dean in front of him and John behind him without jostling his ankle too much.

Dean made the first move, gently lifting Sam's bad leg so that it was resting over his hips while John reached for the lube and slicked up his fingers before gently inserting one into Sam's opening.

Sam groaned softly into Dean's mouth at the pleasant pressure. Some deep part of his mind told him that this was wrong but the rest of him didn't care, this felt too good and it hadn't even gotten started.

John smiled at the moan before adding a second finger and then a third. By that point, Sam was moaning constantly, completely past speech. Satisfied that he wasn't going to hurt his baby boy more than he already was, John slicked up his aching cock and gently pushed into Sam's waiting body.

Sam gasped at the feeling of his father's cock deep in his ass. He pressed his face into Dean's shoulder until the pain eased and his father started moving.

Dean broke off the kiss and pressed his lips against Sam's ear, "You like that, little brother? Want some more? You want something that will really make you feel good?"

Sam nodded, not sure how Dean was going to top the wonderful feelings their Dad was invoking but he wasn't going to argue.

Dean took the bottle of lube from John and slicked up his cock and whispered in Sam's ear, "Gonna take you to the moon, Sammy." With that, he lined up his cock and pushed it in alongside his father's.

Sam gasped and let out a moan that bordered on a scream; he'd heard of double penetration and knew that, logically, it was going to hurt like hell, but this was almost too much.

Dean and John rubbed his back and face, whispering soothing words and telling him to just relax and that everything was going to feel so good in a few minutes. And amazingly enough, they're right; Sam found that the sensation of having two cocks in him wasn't so bad after he'd taken a few deep breaths.

When they felt that Sam had relaxed enough, Dean and John made good on Dean's promise to take him to the moon as they carefully began thrusting in and out of Sam's ass.

Sam moaned softly, burying his face in Dean's neck; he couldn't remember the last time he'd felt so full. It hurt, yes, but the intense pleasure far outweighed the pain.

Then it happened, John and Dean somehow managed to synchronize their thrust and hit Sam's prostate at the same time. Sam let out a wail and came violently, jerking in their arms for what seemed like hours before going limp. He vaguely heard John and Dean's groans of orgasm before sinking into the warm arms of sleep


Dean looked into the face of his now sleeping baby brother and smiled, "I think he's asleep."

Their dad smiled, "Good, plan worked." He gently kissed Sam's head before very carefully easing his cock out of his baby boy's limp body. He rolled off the bed and headed for the bathroom while Dean began checking Sam for damage. Finding nothing to be really worried about, Dean carefully eased Sam onto his back on the dry side of the bed, being careful to not jostle his ankle. As John began wiping Sam off and getting him ready for bed, Dean occupied himself with getting dressed and getting the other bed ready.

"You do realize that he's gonna think he was dreaming, don't you?"

John smiled, "I know, but knowing Sammy, it'll give him something to think about and when the time's right, we'll make our move."

Dean smiled before joining his dad in the other bed, "Good. Can't wait for that."

John grinned as he joined his eldest son and wrapped his arms around him, "Me neither. I just hope it doesn't take too long. You know how oblivious he can be."

Dean nodded as he snuggled into his father's arms, the next few days and weeks were going to be interesting to say the least.

The End