Title: Day In
Author: vaderina
Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Dean, Gabriel/Castiel
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Drinking games
Word Count: 3857
Summary: After all, alcohol is the best cure for a hangover!


Dean woke to someone burrowing closer to him, doing their best to bury a shock of black hair under his neck with a groan. The warmth radiating from the body pressed close against him was stifling but the arm slung over his chest and leg round his hip prevented him from moving. Instead he lifted his head to glance down at the drowsy figure next to him only for the said figure to let out a whine and try to recover some of the darkness by curling tighter still round him.


"Morning llama." Dean grinned. He got a grunt in response and a hand weakly thumping against him, trying to push him back down on the bed.


"Come on now, you don't want to go frolicking down the Himalayas on this bright sunny morning?" Dean teased.


"Shut up." came a muffled response.


"Well, someone's grumpy this morning. Just don't spit on me." the hand thumped against his chest in a half hearted smack. Dean smiled and glanced over at the other bed. A small lump was curled up under the covers in the centre of the bed, chest rising and falling evenly. Glancing round, Dean found that his brother was not in the room, neither were the keys to his baby on the table where he left them last night. As he shifted to remove himself from Castiel's grip, the angel whined again and tightened his hold, locking muscles in place and making it impossible for Dean to extract himself.


"Dude, you gonna have to let me get up soon." more whining, interspersed with a few grunts to accompany Dean's futile struggle.


"If you don't shut up now, I will smite you." the lump from Sam's bed threatened.


"What's crawled up your arse and died today?" Dean bit back.


"Sam. But don't worry, he's still alive."


"DUDE!!!" Dean yelled.


"Shut up." the angels chorused.


"Dean," Cas said from his dark nook next to Dean's shoulder, "how many heads do I have?"


Dean looked at the angel in surprise.


"Um...one. Just like yesterday. And all the days before that."


"You sure? It isn't even beginning to cleave into two?"


"Yeah. Why?"


"It feels like it."


Dean let out a laugh which was met by grumbles from both angels.


"You and me Cas." Gabriel added, "you and me."


"I am never ever drinking anything ever again." Cas mumbled. The lump moved on the bed and the covers slid to reveal Gabriel, eyes scrunched up in the light.


"Can we turn the lights off?"


"Can you turn the sun off?" Dean's grin widened.


"Blow me mud-boy."


"He can only blow me, Gabriel." Cas chipped in.


"Well ladies, sorry to break up your bickering but I have a solution to hangovers this bad. Tried and tested myself and works a treat." Dean finally managed to remove all anchoring limbs from himself and get up. The angels looked at him through bleary, barely open eyes.


"A shot gun would work." Gabriel said.


"As much as I'd love to help with that, angel face, the mess and Sammy's tantrum are too much this early in the morning. Instead, I have....aha! Alcohol!" Dean beamed as he held up a bottle of amber liquid.


"No." Cas point blank refused.


"I thought you said it was too early."


"I said it was early for Sam's temper tantrum and mess, not alcohol." Gabriel tilted his head and Dean could see the family resemblance for once. A greedy hand reached for the bottle from the bed.




"Say please."


"Now. Please." Gabriel forced out a sickeningly sweet smile trying to win Dean over.


"Only if you come over here for it. And Cas, you too." Dean's eyes glinted dangerously as an idea began to form in his head.


"Cas, you too, you heard me." the angel he left in his bed curled up with a whine and draped an arm over his face.


"Leave me and my heads alone Dean."


"Wrong answer." in a second Dean had deposited the bottle on a table and was tugging the covers off the tired angel. Gabriel looked on amused. Dean wrestled with the smaller angel, who in his hungover condition put up a little fight but was soon over powered by the larger man. Instead of mourning the loss of his covers, Castiel curled up into an even tighter ball and let out a startled yell (which in no way at all was more like a squeal of surprise) when Dean grabbed him by the ankles and pulled. Within moments the dishevelled angel was sitting on the floor by the foot of the bed in a disgruntled heap.


"Not fair." he grumbled. Gabriel sat himself down next to his brother and looked at Dean expectantly for the promised alcohol.


"Alkie." Dean quipped.


"Enabler." Gabriel shot back. It seemed even a hangover wasn't enough to shut him up. Shrugging, Dean retrieved four shot glasses, figuring Sam would be back soon enough and join them. They sat on the hard floor as the first round of shots were poured.


"On the count of three." Dean smiled as they all held a glass. Though while Gabriel looked happy, Cas was looking at his like it was about to jump out and bite him.


"One. Two. Three." all three men threw back their shots, grimacing as the burn of the first shot trickled down their throats. Slamming his glass down to the floor, Gabriel demanded another.


"One. Two. Three." this time, Gabriel counted. The glasses made the curve from floor to mouth and back again the second time. Castiel frowned.


"Maybe it's only one and a half heads." he said, more to himself than anyone else.


"One more and you will be fine." Dean promised. "You count this time."


"One. Two. Three." Cas ground out, the shot already half way to his mouth by 'three'. The door opened as the glasses landed on the floor again.


"Dean!" Sam sounded scandalised as he stood gaping in the doorway.




"It's too early for that!"


"Come on Sammy, it's past breakfast time, so it is perfectly okay." Dean reasoned. "I even got a glass for you." he gave a cheeky smiled, flashing his teeth at Sam for good measure. Sam rolled his eyes.


"Come join us Sam." Gabriel implored.


"Yeah. What he said." Cas added, the alcohol already affecting him. Gabriel must have whammied it Sam thought to himself. Reluctantly, Sam lowered himself, folding his legs under him, facing Gabriel, his brother on his right. Several shots later, Sam couldn't even remember why he objected to the idea in the first place.


"I have an idea!" he smiled, proud of himself. "Why don't we play a game?" he waved his hands to illustrate his brilliant idea. He was met by three looks a confusion mixed with pity.


"How about..oh..um..Spin the Bottle?"


Dean snorted.


"How old are you Samantha? Like 12?"


"No." his little brother pouted .


"Alright, let's play I Have." Gabriel smiled.


"You mean I Have Never?"


"No. I Have. Because I always get off my face with I Have Never well before anyone is even mildly tipsy. So, we are playing I Have. You only drink if you haven't done what someone says. I'm starting. Right, I have kissed Sam."


The other three gave him an unimpressed look and Castiel reached for his glass. Sam looked confused.


"Just drink Sam." Gabriel pre-empted his question. Without a word, Sam knocked a shot back and Dean refilled the empty glasses.


"Sam, you next."


"Oh. OK. I have gone to law school."


"Sam, that's so boring!"


"Tough, drink up. Then fill up. Dean, you next."


"Fine, I have been to hell and back."


The sour glare he got from Gabriel was more than worth it before he drank. Sam joined him while Castiel sat staring at Dean. Drinks topped up again, everyone turned to Castiel and waited. With a large breath and a smile that suggested great pride in his idea, Cas began.


"I have," he paused and his smile widened, "masturbated." he announced. The others frowned.


"Dude, hate to break this to you, everyone has." Dean said.


"But not while standing at the bottom of a bed and looking at someone." Castiel beamed at him.


"You what?!" Dean exclaimed. Gabriel sniggered as he drank.


"It's OK Dean, you were asleep. And would never have found out. And it was only you I did it to." Castiel tried to reassure the older Winchester.


"Moving on." Gabriel cut it. Everyone other than Cas' glass was filled up again. "I have played with sex toys."


Dean reached for his drink immediately and paused when no one else was doing so.


"Um...we still playing, yeah?" he asked, eyes flicking between his brother and his angel. Sam looked at him wide eyed and nodded. Dean's jaw dropped in realisation.


"You mean, you've...he gestured with his hands, unable to finish the question. Sam nodded and his gaze darted to Gabriel.


"Too much information Sam!" Dean screwed his eyes shut, trying to get rid of that particular image his mind had conjured up unbidden. He turned to Cas instead, who was staring at the carpet with great interest.


"Cas?" he prompted but got no reply. Cas wasn't looking up. "You mean, you've...you too?"


Castiel looked up, a blush spreading across his cheeks, deepening the alcohol induced hue already colouring them.


"Seriously?" Dean croaked out.


"Yes Dean, I was lonely and bored." Dean closed his eyes and downed the shot, concentrating on the burn. "Sorry." Cas continued, looking ashamed of himself.


"It's cool Cas, just next time don't leave me out OK?" Dean grinned at the appalled look Sam shot him. The glass filled up by itself, which Dean suspected was the work of Gabriel. Ignoring it, he continued. "Sam, what have you?"


"I have." he paused and smirked at Dean. "I have topped. And bottomed." with the alcohol lowering his inhibitions, he added an afterthought. "And I loved them both."


Dean covered his eyes with one hand while reaching for his shot.


"Wait, what?" Sam interrupted, one hand clamped on his wrist. "Really?"


He looked between his brother and angel, who was slumping against the bed and leaning towards Gabriel.


"Sammy." Dean growled in warning. "Drop it."


Cas perked up at something as he reached forwards. "I've bottomed." he offered helpfully, staring at Sam earnestly.


"Dean! That's so not fair." Sam looked back to Dean who at least had the decency to look ashamed.


"It's OK Sam." Castiel drew attention back to himself. He smiled as he spoke, "I love it too." he downed his shot and looked at Dean with large eyes.


"I think you would like it too. But I am very happy to 'bottom' because I really enjoy it. Especially when you..."


"CAS!" the three men bellowed, shutting the loose lipped angel up quickly.


"No need to share everything with the class." Dean growled, muttering what sounded like 'bloody lightweight' under his breath. "Anyway, I have yet to find a challenge I will back off from without trying."


No one reached for their glasses.


"That's not very fun." Gabriel grumbled. Then his eyes crinkled. "Chicken." he announced.


"Come again?" Dean looked at him,


"I challenge you to a game of chicken."


Dean raised an eyebrow.


"With a twist. Like, I dare touch my brother's leg." Gabriel explained, laying a palm flat on Castiel's thigh. The younger angel looked between the two but said nothing and made no move to remove himself. Without breaking eye contact, Dean reached for Sam.


"What's the price of forfeit?" he asked, fingers slowly beginning to massage the warm flesh under his hand. Gabriel's face took on the look of a Trickster again. A flyer appeared in his hand. "The losing party – and that's both of you – have to perform here, tonight." he extended the flyer towards the Winchesters. It was for a gothic/alternate night with rocked up pop songs karaoke.


"I hope your best skirt is ironed and ready to use." Dean shoved the flyer back at the archangel and let his other hand rest on Sam's chest. He looked at Gabriel with a smirk.


"You are so on, human." Gabriel smiled as he placed a kiss on Castiel's cheek.


"Bring it, feather brains." Dean glanced at his brother, seeking permission before leaning in for a chaste kiss. Gabriel retaliated by pushing his tongue into Castiel's mouth. Castiel whimpered at the force but otherwise returned the kiss. Tongues battling for dominance, licking deep into the other's mouth plundering more than exploring. Breaking the kiss, Gabriel looked up smug. Dean looked unimpressed – though he knew his cock was stirring to life at the show put on in front of him. Dean was more careful in kissing Sam. He let Sam take it at his own pace, not forcing his tongue down his brother's throat. Not breaking the kiss, Dean pushed on Sam's chest, turning him to lie down as he swung a leg across straddling Sam's hips. Pulling away, Dean looked Gabriel in the eye, mouth swollen and shiny from spit. Keeping up the eye contact, he ground his hips down eliciting a moan from Sam.


Gabriel pursed his lips in dissatisfaction, he pushed at Castiel, who went willingly, though his eyes never left Dean. His lips parted as Gabriel's finger skimmed down his chest and came to rest on his crotch. The gasp turned to a low moan and his eyes slowly slipped shut as Gabriel continued to palm his cock until his boxers were tenting. The challenge was set and Dean looked at Sam who was staring up at him with complete trust.


"You're not too fat for your dress, are you?" Gabriel taunted. Sam ran a hand from Dean's shoulder down to his hand. Taking it in his own larger hands, he directed it down to where Dean was still straddling him. He let go when Dean could feel his evident arousal. That was all the encouragement Dean needed before he shuffled lower, hands slowly teasing his brother. With a determined air, Dean undid the button and slowly pulled the zip down. The noise loud in comparison to their harsh breathing. When Dean first ran a palm up the cloth covered erection, Gabriel drew in a harsh breath and Cas let out an unhappy moan as Gabriel's hand left him. Dean let his thumb circle the wet patch on Sam's underwear a few times before he let his hand move under the cloth. Sam's breath hitched and his hands clenched at the contact. Satisfied that he was doing it right, Dean glanced at the angels. Castiel was staring at them, sprawled on the floor where Gabriel left him, eyes glued to Dean. One of his hands slowly making its way to his neglected erection. Gabriel in the mean time was fixed in place, gaze unwavering from Dean's hand down Sam's pants, unblinking. Dean stroked lazily, listening for changes in Sam's breathing and moans, letting him dictate the rhythm and direction things took. But his eyes never left Gabriel.


As he picked up pace, Sam began to writhe under him, hips twisting to get more friction, almost bucking him off. Using his free hand, he pushed down Sam's hips to keep him in place, hand working Sam closer to the edge. He glanced at Castiel who was still lying there, one hand lazily stroking his own cock, eyes still on Dean. Ragged gasps broke through his lips, teeth biting his lower lip to prevent moans escaping. Sam let out a breathy moan as his back arched off the floor, coating Dean's hand in his release. Gabriel was about to move when something in Dean's face stopped him. He watched with bated breath as Dean pulled his hand out, dripping, and brought it up to his lips. Without a thought, he let his tongue dart out, tasting it. Gabriel let out a strangled moan and all but pushed Dean away from Sam. One hand round Sam's wrist they disappeared, leaving Dean and Cas alone in the room.


"Dean." Castiel's broken plea broke through Dean's haze. He looked at the angel laying on the floor, one hand wrapped around his painfully hard dick, the other reaching for Dean. "Please." Castiel didn't even know what he was begging for, but he knew he needed more. The effect of the alcohol seemed to wear off them as soon as Gabriel left. Taking the angel's outstretched hand in his clean one, Dean pulled him to his feet. They quickly shed their underwear which was all they had slept in, Dean pushed Castiel down onto a motel chair, straddling his lap and letting their erections brush against each other. Cas slid lower in the chair, arms wrapping round Dean, hips pushing up seeking friction. Dean let their foreheads touch, eyes closed as he ground his hips down on Cas' thrusts up. Their lips soon found each other, colliding and caressing. Each reinstating ownership and removing any reminder of the previous kisses. Dean coaxed Cas' tongue out, letting it run round his mouth, darting along his teeth before drawing back to its own residence. Dean chased it, nudging it, bullying it back into caressing his tongue.


Castiel's hands drifted lower down his back until the cupped his backside and pulled him closer. Dean pulled away from the kiss and looked Cas in the eyes before leaning in for a chaste kiss and whispering an "Okay." into his ear. He could feel the angel below him tense up, not quite believing what he heard.


"Take me." Dean murmured. Mouth toying with the soft skin under Castiel's ear. The low moan that vibrated through the angel's body gave him all the answers he needed to any unspoken questions. The only problem was the lube. He was reluctant to use spit as the last time they tried that, while it works as a substitute when there is nothing else in the car, he wasn't keen to repeat the experience. Cas' hand was on his, the one still smeared with his brother's release. As Castiel scooped in onto his own hand, he looked at the angel through lust blown eyes.


"Wanted this so much." Castiel breathed, moving his hand down Dean's body. A finger pushed against him, working its way through his initial resistance. Butterfly kisses to his cheeks, eyes and lips distracted him from the initial burn.


"Want you." Cas sighed between kisses trailing his freckles. The finger pulled out slowly only to be pushed back in, meeting less resistance. When Dean was getting used to the sensation of Cas' finger, a second one nudged his entrance. He bit back a growl as he was opened up, stretched.


"When I saw you jerking your brother off." Castiel whispered, breath ghosting across his sensitive skin. "I wanted you so much. Then you licked your hand and I was so close to losing it. And now, I'm using what was left to open you up and make you slick and ready for me. You have no idea how hot that is. How hot you are. Taking my fingers, coated in your brother's come." Dean groaned, moving his hips, slowly beginning to fuck himself onto Castiel's hand. The third finger stilled him though. The burn greater than before, forcing him to tense up and sit still. Head resting on Castiel's shoulder, breath being forced out him in great shuddering gasps. Cas' other hand began to run up and down his back, soothing him, waiting for him. Slowly, when he thought he could move without crying out, Dean began rocking back onto the angel, a mewl breaking from his lips as the angel's fingers brushed against his prostate. He pushed back again and again, his cock leaking precome and leaving a shiny spot where it rubbed against Castiel's stomach.


He moaned his disappointment when Castiel softly pushed him away and withdrew his hand. He watched as the angel coated his own cock liberally, biting back moans caused by his own touch, before placing his hands on Dean's hips, guiding him. Dean could feel the head of his lover's cock at his entrance. With a breath, he pushed down, forcing it into himself. It was more than he was prepared for, the stretch and burn forcing him to stop and take deep breaths. A steadying hand held him up, giving him time to adjust to the sensation of being so full. Once the pain subsided, Dean pushed further cursing softly when he was fully seated, straddling his lover. Wrapping arms round each other, they stayed still for a minute, just breathing in the other's scent.


It was Castiel who broke their peace, rocking his hip up a little, pushing into Dean further. Dean moaned as he rolled his hips. Slowly though, their movements grew from just rocking and pushing up to Dean using Cas' shoulders a leverage to pull up, almost entirely off, then push back down again. Their sweat coated bodies were moving, Dean controlling to pace while Castiel thrust up to meet him and drive deeper into him. Dean leaned a little closer to capture the angel's lips in a kiss but the change in the angle let his prostate be hit. Instead of a kiss, he gasped into Castiel's mouth. Their moans grew louder as they were both so close to reaching the end.


The door opened as Dean pushed down, taking Castiel as deep as he could with a ragged groan. He froze when he heard the gasp and a low chuckle. As he looked at the form of his brother and Gabriel, his muscles tensed up, squeezing round Castiel whose head fell back into an open mouthed, choked off cry and he came. Dean shuddered at the sensation of the warmth filling him up an buried his head into the crook of Cas' exposed neck, biting back his moan as he spilled over Castiel. He shook in Castiel's arm as he came down from his high. By the time he looked up, both Sam and Gabriel were gone, the door shut behind them. He look at Castiel with a small smile before he stood up, wincing at the way Castiel's cock left his body.


"Time to get you cleaned up." he said, extending a hand towards the seated and sated angel. "After all, you have a show to put on tonight."