Title: Lazy Morning, Active Evening
Author: vaderina
Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: Dean/Castiel, minor Sam/Gabriel
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Sex toys (butt plug), dirty dancing
Word Count: 2547
Summary: Lazy morning sex followed by dirty dancing.


There are few more pleasant things to wake up to than having your cock sucked. Dean groaned as he lazily rolled his hips into the warm mouth currently wrapped around his morning wood. He draped an arm over his eyes trying to block out the harsh sunlight as the suction increased and a tongue pressed and curled against his shaft. The hands on his hips skimmed lightly across his abdomen and blunt nails scrape up his sides. The lips drew up his length, sucked momentarily on just the head of his cock before leaving it entirely, the spit rapidly cooled against his skin. The room felt chilly in comparison to the heat the mouth had provided. Dean whined as he moved an arm and cracked an eye open to see what had caused the sudden absence of pleasure. The sight of Castiel nestled between his legs took his breath. The eye-liner that formed solid lines round his eyes last night had smudged into rings of blacks dripping down the curve of his cheeks providing an even bigger contrast to the whites and blues of his eyes. It made them look wider and easier to get lost in. The lipstick which had been so alluring only 10 hours before had been mostly wiped off, what little grey was left was smeared in a line up his cheek giving the eerie impression of a sloppy lopsided grin. His lips which were now a pallid grey were wet and swollen with a hint of a darker pink under the layers of lipstick. His hair was running a riot, sticking up at impossible angels on one side while the other was partially flattened through sleep. Dean reached a hand down to run it through the mess and encourage the angel back to his previous activities.


Instead of obeying his silent request, Castiel gracefully rose above Dean, his knees bracketing the man's hips as he rolled their hips together eliciting another pleasured groan. Leaning forward, Castiel let their chest brush together as he claimed Dean's lips with his own, Dean's taste still heavy on his tongue. The angel let Dean run his hands from his hair down his back, fingers running parallel lines to his spine to come to a rest cupping his backside. He sighed into the kiss and broke it off to smile at his lover when Dean's fingers began their quest between his cheeks to tease his dry hole. Castiel pushed himself up, hands smoothing over Dean's chest for support.


"Let me." he half whispered. Reaching for the drawer next to the bed he pulled out a tube and popped its cap. Dean watched transfixed as he coated his fingers with the slick shiny substance. The very same fingers disappeared behind Cas, Dean could feel the brush of his wrist against his stomach making his muscles twitch as he awkwardly angled his hand. One hand was still on the centre of his chest and he could feel the angel's thighs tense up while he pushed down onto his own finger. Too soon another finger joined the first, Castiel's eyes closed as harsh gasps were almost punched out between parted lips. Dean reached up to smooth away the tension in his lover's face. His fingers tenderly brushed a strand of hair from the angel's sweaty forehead before continuing to caress down his neck to the curve of his shoulder.


"Cas." Dean's voice was no more than a low rasp, "Can I watch?"


The angel's eye opened slowly, the smile returning once more, but fainter than before. Without saying anything he moved to let Dean sit up against the pillows and the headboard and he turned around, on his hands and knees now. He looked back to make sure that Dean had a clear view as he spread his legs and reached his hand back again to slowly push in and stretch himself. Dean watched, one hand finding to discarded bottle and he almost absent mindedly poured some of the lotion into his palm. Wetting him suddenly dry lips, he let his hand curl around his own throbbing cock pumping it slowly in time with Castiel's own thrusts against his fingers. Dean continued to watch, his breath hitching along with the angel's as a third finger was eased in slowly. He watched it disappear into Castiel's body and saw the angel's muscle lock up in pleasure, head dropping forwards in pure pleasure when he found his prostate. The sighs and groans soon turned to needy moans as they both picked up the pace, rocking into their own hands.


Dean had enough of just watching Castiel, he wanted to angel. Wanted to feel him around himself, that heat clutching him as Castiel moved above him. Biting back a frustrated gasp, he reached forwards to grasp the angel's hips and still his wrist. Slowly pulling the angel's hand away, he guided him backwards until the angel was hovering just above his cock. Dean watched as Castiel descended, taking him in with a slow but steady push down. When fully seated, Castiel let out a breath like he'd been holding it in while he moved down Dean. The man let his arms slide round the angel's waist, pulling him closer until his back was flush against his chest. The new angle had Castiel gasping against him, neck craned round to press sloppy kisses along his jaw until Dean turned to meet them. Because of the weight in his lap Dean couldn't move a lot so he resorted to gently rocking his hips up driving a little further into the angel. Castiel let him rock up, breaking away from the kisses to rest his head on his partner's shoulder and exposing the long line of his neck. Dean took this as an invitation to place kisses on the pale flesh, sucking up bruises as he rolled his hips, feeling the bursts of air the whistle past under the soft skin.


Castiel planted his feet firmly on the bed, using it as leverage to lift his hips a little and push back into Dean's upwards thrust. They fell into an easy rhythm. It was almost lazy the way they pushed against each other. Dean's arms moved from just clutching at the angel's hips to trace his ribs and run his thumbs over perked nipples. Castiel's hands clutched at his wrists, letting his fingers run over the skin there. Soft gasps and moans did all the talking they needed, guiding each other to sensitive spots, encouraging caresses and changes of speed without the actual exchange of words. Sighs expressed their love as their groans showed the pleasure they took in the other.


It stopped being about getting off quickly as soon as Dean had opened his eyes. Now it was more about the comfortable ease with which they explored the other's body and giving as much care and pleasure as possible. They move against each other, Castiel letting his muscles clench around Dean every time he tried to pull out and Dean pushing back into the welcoming heat only to brush against Castiel's prostate bringing forth pleasured moans from the angel.


All too soon, their languid love making became too much for them. Castiel's grip tightening around Dean, his hand clutching at his arms, head falling back onto Dean's shoulders as he came, sighing his release into Dean's neck. Dean was not far behind, giving a final jerk of his hips as he shot deep into his lover's body. They lay together like that, arms still entwined, getting their breath back. Dean's eyes slowly closed, the warm body pressed against his woke him up when it moved. Castiel slowly rose up, gently sliding Dean from his body as he reached into the drawer again, reaching for it from hand and knees. Dean looked at his lover as he pulled out a silver butt plug and looked at Dean with large blue eyes.


"Please?" it was a question, asking Dean to claim him, let his mark remain in Castiel. Dean swallowed. He'd never been comfortable with toys, they made him feel inadequate like he wasn't enough for his parter. Yet he knew that Castiel wasn't thinking that. The angel was asking him, letting him decide if he was ready for this. He looked Cas in the eye, seeing to desire burning in him, he nodded and reached for the plug. Looking away from his eye, Dean focussed on what he was doing. He looked at the angel's loose red hole glistening with lube and his own seed. Watched as his hand holding the toy rose up and slowly pushed it back to where his cock had been not that long ago. Castiel's head dropped down once again and his cock twitched as the toy slid all the way in, trapping Dean's come in him. Letting out a ragged breath Dean sat back to observe his work. The plug fit snugly, keeping the angel stretched round it, some of his come had trickled out though and was running a shiny path down towards his balls. Curious, Dean first trailed his finger down the path, drawing a strangled moan from the angel. When he didn't protest, Dean leant forwards to trace the same line with his tongue. Castiel's arms gave out under him at the sensation and he dropped down to rest his head on his arms. Dean continued to lick a path from his balls up and round his stretched rim, getting the strange taste of a mix of lube, his own come, Castiel and plastic. Castiel whimpered, his body too sensitive for such exquisite torture. Folding his legs he curled onto his side and Dean quietly followed pulling the angel to his chest to carry on sleeping.


They spent the majority of their day in bed, sharing lazy content kisses, happy to stay like that for the whole day. Dean fingers occasionally brushed against the toy still lodged deep in Castiel but the angel always shook his head and distracted Dean by kissing him. They would have carried on like that were it not for Gabriel bursting in with a shit eating grin plastered across his face. Breaking away from the kiss at a pained mutter of "oh not again" from Sam standing in the doorway, Dean gave the pair a scowl.


"Heard of knocking?" he groused.


"Where's the fun in that? We could hear everything anyway, so I thought you wouldn't mind providing a visual too." Gabriel quipped. "Anyway, we're going out."


"Good. Close the door behind you." Dean slowly trailed his finger up Cas' biceps.


"No, as in going out going out." Gabriel clarified. He only got two confused looks and a head tilt. "Oh for the love of...we are going out to the local club. Come with?"


Dean frowned as he thought it over. Before he could say anything, Castiel cut in.


"Of course. But we would like to get dressed without an audience first."


Sam groaned in horror and turned to leave immediately. Gabriel left a little slower, throwing a callous "prude" over his shoulder as the door shut. Pulling their clothes on, Dean tried not to notice how Castiel kept the plug in as he pulled on his underwear. He bit his lip willing himself to be strong enough not to say fuck it to going out and taking the angel there and then. With a coy smile Castiel turned to him fully clothed.


"Ready?" he asked. Dean nodded, not trusting his voice enough to speak.


The club was fairly packed, the beat thumping from huge speakers, setting a beat for the crowd to writhe to. Gabriel's grin widened if that was possible as he took in the people dancing. A tray of shots appeared in front of them and they raised their glasses in a mock salute before swallowing them and slamming the empty glasses back down. Gabriel cast a glance at Sam seeking permission which he got in the form of a nod. Standing up, he grabbed Castiel's wrist and dragged him towards to dance floor. Castiel caught onto the plan quickly and and proceeded to join Gabriel in what Dean could only describe as the filthiest dancing he had ever seen. And he'd seen a lot. The angels seemed to have no qualms about running hands up and down each other, letting their hips roll together and arms wrap around their bodies. Castiel took things a step too far in Dean's eyes when he dropped low, eyes level with Gabriel's crotch, his own hands running over his own cock which was starting to take a visible interest in things. Dean got up and stalked towards his angel. Castiel's eyes lit up at the approach of his partner, immediately leaving his brother behind for Sam to take care of. He sauntered forwards, letting Dean appreciate his body before pressing in close, his breath hot across Dean's cheek and neck. Driving his hips forwards, he made sure Dean knew exactly how much he was enjoying this before he twirled around, letting his back rest against Dean's chest mimicking their morning's activities. One of his arms came up until he could rest his palm on the back of Dean's neck pulling the man closer. He pushed back against Dean, rubbing his buttocks into Dean's lap. Without warning he dropped again, letting his whole back run down against Dean creating a sweet friction. Standing backup just as quickly as he plunged, he let his hips circle back into Dean's again. His breath caught though when Dean let a hand drop between them, pushing against the plug, forcing it deeper. Castiel took Dean's free hand, let it trail down his body until without any more preamble he let it rest on his hard cock. Dean needed no further suggestions, he let his hand cup the engorged member, palming it while his teeth nipped at the sensitive spot behind the angel's ear. The groan he was rewarded with made him smile as he soother the bite with small taps of his tongue. Dean teased the angel, putting pressure where he needed it, but never enough to drive the angel over. He used his hips to push against the angel, keeping a constant force against the plug. They had long since abandoned moving to the beat of the music, favouring their own beat instead. When Castiel had had enough, he spun around in Dean's arms, his own coming up to clutch round Dean's neck as he rutted against the man. In response, Dean kneaded his butt with his palms, pushing the plug in and lower, angling it further into Castiel. The angel keened in his ear, hips jerking forwards erratically as he rode out his orgasm. His head resting against Dean's chest, breath coming quick and shallow as his hips slowed their pumping. Looking up at Dean with a smile, Castiel turned his head to give Gabriel the lewdest smile possible. Gabriel looked back wide eyed and shocked from within Sam's embrace. He could get lost in those arms, he looked so small. With a small shake of his head, Dean could just about hear him over the music.


"Fine, you win."