Title: Five Minutes
By: eamane-elensar
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Castiel/Dean
Rating: Strong R, probably NC-17
Summary: All Dean needs is five minutes, but Castiel's on a tight schedule.



"Oh, yeah."

"Dean Winchester."

"Not much longer, baby."

Castiel, sure of most things, sincerely hoped that he was not the "baby" Dean called for.

"Wake up, Dean," Castiel insisted emotionlessly, sending an innocent burst of wind into Dean's face.

"Shit!" Dean cried, waking from his dream. He sat straight up, surprised to find Castiel standing at his bedside. He was even more surprised to find his right hand under the sheets, and quickly reached for the heavier quilt in hopes of hiding his erection.

"Dean, I've come to warn you," Castiel said, uncaring for Dean's predicament. Castiel was an Angel with a mission, and with missions came very tight schedules.

"Well next time, warn me before you come to warn me," Dean asked, refusing to meet Castiel's eyes.

"The days of Heralding Angels are long over, Dean," Castiel said, missing the point entirely. "I've come to warn you about-"

Dean cleared his throat and had the look of a deep inner struggle. "Now's really not a good time."

"It never is in these dark days," Castiel agreed.

"Look, can you give me just five minutes? Promise, that's all I need, then I'm all yours," Dean promised, sweat beginning to collect at his brow.

Castiel glanced at the clock and decided that yes, he could allow five minutes. Graciously, he turned his back to Dean.

"Not quite what I meant," Dean tried.

"Five minutes," Castiel repeated, staring at the wall.

The wall with the mirror, reflecting a very disturbed Dean Winchester, who was working furiously under the sheets, glancing up at Castiel's back far too often.

"Time's almost up," Castiel said, with thirty seconds to go.

"It's a bit difficult," Dean admitted. "Never had a male audience before."

Castiel looked Heavenward, reminding himself that God's Absolute Order was to serve Man above all else, second only to God's Word. He then quickly turned, sitting on the bed beside Dean.

"Hey now, what do you think you're doing?" Dean asked, but wasn't quick enough to evade Castiel's hand as it slipped beneath the sheets.

Surprisingly, it didn't take long.

"That was, uh, um," Dean blubbered, laying back in the pillows, staring at the ceiling that wasn't Castiel.

"We have to talk," Castiel said, wiping his hand on the sheets, not bothering to stand.

"I'm not queer," Dean was quick to say. "And even if I was, I'm not the relationship type-"

"Do you know where your brother is?" Castiel asked, looking to the empty bed beside them.

With a curse that made Castiel cringe, the only emotion he had shown all evening, Dean was up and searching for his pants, damning his brother and damning himself for not hearing his younger brother sneaking out.

As an afterthought, Castiel wondered if this counted as fornication.