Title: Before The Flames Of A Flickering Fire
Author: martyred-wings
Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: slash, Dean/Castiel
Spoilers: Only if you haven't seen 5x02 yet. o_O
Warnings: none, other than frottage
Word Count: 972 words
Summary: Written for the following (anonymous) spnkink_meme prompt - Dean/Castiel, frottage. No getting anywhere near naked.


Castiel's coat was slung haphazardly across the back of the couch, fabric trailing close to Dean's face as he leant back, eyes closed, sock clad feet stretched luxuriously towards the roaring fire. He wiggled his toes, smiled as warmth spread evenly across his chilled feet, as he heard Bobby moving around outside, wheelchair scraping against the ground, wheels catching against something that squeaked. Sam was still elsewhere, sent away by Dean some three days past, long gone on his own travels to who knew where. Dean had not heard from him for two of those three days. Sam refused to answer his phone whenever Dean tried to call him. He sighed, felt Castiel's eyes resting upon him, felt the angel's hand slowly start stroking his thigh, easing ever upwards toward Dean's dick.

Castiel smiled, as his fingers curled against the beginnings of Dean's erection, rubbing against Dean's dick through his jeans. The growing scent of arousal hung in the air, settled and fluttered against them in heavy waves, breathing harsh, deep, catching in angel's throat, hunter's throat, as Dean arched his hips eagerly against Castiel's rubbing hand. He squeezed Dean's dick playfully, made his lover moan loudly, lust settled deep within his throat.

Dean moaned again, breathy gasps of encouragement falling from pleasured lips as his eyes slowly drifted open, firelight glimmering against green irises and making them sparkle, shimmer in the dancing light. He turned to face Castiel, breath catching in the light at how beautiful the angel looked, darkness behind him, light playing across his calm face as his eyes rested upon Dean's face without blinking. The firelight made Castiel's eyes look a darker blue, more mysterious, as flames shimmered against his skin, played across his full lips, made them look plumper, more kissable in the orange glow.

Dean's dick gave an interested jerk, as a groan of arousal fell past hunter's lips, need rushing through his body in a tidal wave of desire, needed to feel Castiel against him, needed to make love to him any way that he could. Castiel smiled, a slight lifting of the corners of his mouth as he slowly tipped his head forward in a mysterious nod of assent, as though he knew what Dean wanted, what he desired and was prepared to give himself to Dean without question.

Dean leant forward, pressed hasty lips against Castiel's soft mouth, felt the angel kiss him back hard, tongues flickering out, licking across each other, fucking into each other's mouths as their breath blasted, mixed against warm cheeks, into eager wet mouths. Dean eased Castiel onto the angel's back, covered his body with his own, felt that Castiel's dick was already hard, throbbing, fully erect beneath the dark material of his pants. Dean's back arched, another surge of desire coursing through him, threatening to claim him, as he started rubbing his erection against Castiel's, couldn't wait to even undress first before he fucked him.

Castiel's hands clutched at Dean's ass convulsively, fingers scrabbling for purchase against the heavy denim of the hunter's jeans, hips rising from the sofa to meet Dean's thrusts. He grabbed Dean's denim clad ass more firmly, pushed against him as though trying to drive into Dean with the force of his thrusts, as he wrapped his legs more securely around the hunter. His ankles locked together, arms cradled against Dean's body, hands clamped tightly against the hunter's ass. Their hips rose and fell in a sinuous rhythm, rutting one against the other, grunts, groans, moans of pleasure mingling, falling from parted lips as they rubbed hard against each other before the flames of a flickering fire.

Dean enjoyed the feel of his erection rubbing alongside Castiel's, enjoyed the sensuous rhythm of their two bodies writhing together, enjoyed wringing aroused moans from the angel's throat, as pleasured moans fell from his own lips for Castiel. He ran one hand over Castiel's shirt clad chest, felt him firm beneath his touch, felt his orgasm begin to pool beneath his navel, felt it roam free through his body, claiming him, setting his emotions to fizzing through him.

He cursed, gave himself over to his release, shot his come into his own boxers as he shuddered against Castiel, hips rutting frantically against the angel's as he orgasmed, eyes rolling to the ceiling as he whimpered out Castiel's name, waves of pleasure coursing through him, leaving him breathless, sated yet still partially aroused, mouth open in a now soundless “o” of pleasure.

His hips slowly stilled, buffeted by Castiel still thrusting hard against him, grunts of exertion, whines of need falling from ripe angelic lips, mingling with guttural purrs of arousal as Castiel continued fucking his hips against the hunter's, hard dick grinding into Dean, before Castiel's eyes slowly opened wider, mouth opened wider still, lips stretching back as he came into his boxers, shot his spunk into his pants with a soundless scream working his throat as he shuddered against his lover, hands pawing possessively at Dean's body.

Dean slumped against Castiel, covered his body more fully with his own, sweat mingling, as they caught their breath, bodies weak, trembling, hands caressing and pawing at each other's bodies helplessly, unable to stop touching each other as they slowly came down from post orgasmic highs. Dean claimed a kiss from Castiel's willing mouth, pliant lips working against soft, silken ones, the sounds of gentle, deep kisses breaking the silence between them, soon joined by murmurs of love, satisfaction, pleasure.

The sounds of Bobby's wheelchair rolling heavily, incessantly indoors alerted their attention to his imminent arrival, and the lovers straightened, adjusted twisted, pawed clothing, shared a secretive, sated smile, before the older hunter came in, looking haggard, worn, tired, but unsuspecting of what had transpired between the lovers, little knowing of their coupling on his own couch....