Title: The Price of Forfeit
Author: vaderina
Rating: PG-13
Genre and/or Pairing: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel, Gabriel/Castiel
Spoilers: None.
Word Count: 4384
Summary: Castiel and Gabriel fulfil the conditions of the bet they lost.


"I can't believe we lost." Gabriel was sitting on the floor, back against the wall staring at the ceiling.


"I can't believe I just walked in on my brother having sex. Again." Sam mirrored his pose on the opposing wall.


"You and me kiddo. Don't forget that Cas was also playing a very large part in their activities. Hey, at least you didn't walk in on your brother being balls deep in your own boyfriend's brother!"


"No, I just walked in on my brother riding yours like a pro. And coming in front of my eyes. Has he no shame? And I thought he didn't even bottom!" Sam groaned, rubbing his eyes to try and get rid of the image burned into his mind.


"Technically he was on top. It's your fault anywa that we lost."


"What? How? It was your stupid idea!" Sam said indignantly.


"Yeah, but you put me off my game."


"Liar. You just don't want to fulfil the conditions of the forfeit."


"I keep my word. I will not back out of it, even though my victory was taken unfairly from me." Gabriel lifted his chin in defiance.


"Sure sure. Just look pretty. It's what you do best anyway." Sam teased.




"You wish."




Next door, Dean was lounging on the bed, Castiel lying next to him with his eyes closed. With a soft grunt Dean rolled onto his side, pressing against his angel. Castiel just hummed, eyes still closed and basking in the sunlight shining through the window.


"So..." Dean began, dragging a finger round Castiel's stomach, "tonight. What you wearing?"


"Clothes." came the baffles reply.


"Well, yeah, but what kind? After all, I don't think your suit and coat will quite cut it with the gothic crowd."


Castiel's brow crinkled into a frown. He cracked an eye open to peek at Dean.


"I have resources." he said cryptically and vanished. Only to appear next door by Gabriel's side.


"We need to go shopping." he intoned. The archangel glared up at him before understanding dawned on him. Pushing himself up, he looked at Sam.


"Later, kiddo." he said and vanished with Castiel. Sam just rolled his eyes and ambled across to his brother's room.




The angels appeared in the quiet corner of a shopping complex. While Gabriel looked around grinning, Castiel stared wide eyed at everything.


"Tell me you've seen these before." Gabriel's voice was pained.




"Well bro, you are in for a treat!" Gabriel shot him a sympathetic look before setting confidently out. Castiel followed him, looking at every new thing with wonder in his eyes. His brother sighed as he looked at him.


"I will have to have a word with the Winchesters, they are keeping you in sensory deprivation!"


"Sometimes it is quite enjoyable. Like when Dean..."


"Cas! No! That's not the kind of sensory deprivation I meant. I mean, you haven't seen any of this world really, have you? Diners and motels mostly. And the odd graveyard when you help with a hunt."


"I've seen abandoned houses too. And a brothel." Castiel chipped in.


"Sure. Wait. What? A brothel? You? What were you doing there? I doubt you were looking for dad."


"I thought it was my last night on earth and Dean didn't want me to die a virgin. But it's OK, I didn't die. Neither am I a virgin."


A woman scurried past them, giving them a wide berth and a cautious look. Gabriel snorted.


"So, a hooker popped your cherry?"


"No, Dean did. Chastity tried but failed."


"You couldn't get it up?"


"I didn't want to. But she didn't get to find that out. Instead she threw things at me and screamed for me to get out." he explained "She didn't want to know abut her father."


Gabriel chuckled and shook his head.


"Come on, we need clothes."


The first shop they entered, they left very quickly. After Castiel enquired about the nature of skirts and their sizing and what size he and Gabriel might be, they were escorted to the door of the shop by two burly security guards.


"I don't understand, Dean asked about your skirt. Why would they refuse to sell you a skirt?"


Gabriel just shook his head at the younger naïve angel and dragged him into the next suitable looking shop. Just before they went in, he turned to his brother and gave him a serious look.


"From now on, just do as I say. Don't talk to anyone unless asked. Say you are fine and just looking. Actually, don't leave my side and let me talk. You just stand there and look pretty." he turned away and muttered under his breath "I'm starting to see why Sam and Dean never let you go anywhere."


They went in and true to form, Castiel shadowed Gabriel and didn't utter a single word. Gabriel made him hold clothes, piling them onto his arms. When he deemed them ready, they made their way to the changing rooms. At that point, Castiel voiced his concern.


"Why do we need so many clothes? We only need one of everything."


Gabriel kicked him and flashed as the bemused assistant a wide smile as she looked at them. Castiel took the hint for the first time in his life and kept silent after that. Entering the changing rooms, Gabriel took half the clothes, leaving the slightly larger ones for his brother to try on. Said brother just stood there, looking at them as though today they held the answers to the universe.


"You have to go in to a booth, close the door and try them on." Gabriel supplied. Castiel glared at him. "Just remember to take your own clothes off first. Well, not underwear." Castiel continued glaring at him, he eyes speaking volumes about his annoyance at being mistaken for an idiot. Again. He stormed into a booth and slammed the door shut.


"And remember to show me each outfit! I will give you an honest opinion. And you can do the same for me." Gabriel called after him. A few minutes later, the door opened, revealing a grumpy looking Castiel with tight dark blue jeans and a green, yellow and orange ill fitting t-shirt.


"Hm..." Gabriel evaluated the sight in front of him and tried to stifle a small laugh at the hideous shirt he managed to get his brother into. Gabriel: 1 Castiel: 0. "The shirt looked better on the hanger. But, turn round. Yep. Just as I thought. The trousers give you a nice bum."


Castiel fixed him with another look.


"What you think, little bro?"


Castiel cast a glance down his body and wiggled his sock clad toes.


"I think you put the t-shirt on the pile as a joke. And the trousers are too tight. They squeeze my testicles."


A muffled snort came from a few stalls down. The angels ignored it.


"And what about me?" Gabriel winked and gave a twirl to show off the clothes he picked for himself.


"You look like a clown." Castiel answered.


"Dude! There is honesty and then there's vindictive cruelty! I'm hurt." Gabriel pouted.


"Your choice of t-shirt is very childish." It was bright red with one arrow pointing up saying 'The Man' and another arrow pointing down, labelled 'The Legend'. "While you wish to promote your sexual prowess, the colour reinforces your childlike desires. That particular shade is the colour of a clown's nose. Over all, it makes your face look a sickly pale, almost yellow. You might as well write 'jaundice' on it rather than have the arrows. As for the trousers, they make your bum look big." Castiel finished his scathing commentary and closed the door to try on another outfit. Gabriel stood speechless before stripping off with a huff. Gabriel: 1 Castiel: 1.


"Remind me never to take you shopping ever again." he called. Rather than a reply, there was a knock on his door. Opening it, Castiel stood there, a pair of black tent-wide legged trousers. So wide in fact that his feet were entirely obscured as he shuffled backwards. His top was a plain, low cut black t-shirt which looked very flimsy and rode half way up his sides every time he moved his arms up. Before Gabriel could say anything, Castiel began.


"I'd leave those trousers here. They do you no favours. Bring the jacket though. Sam would like you in that. Shows off your arms." The top in question was a sleeveless zip up faux-leather jacket that clung to Gabriel in all the right places, showing off his toned body in all the right ways.


"Same for you." Castiel tilted his head. "Dean would like the top, not Sam. The trousers? You'd need something tighter and easier to move in. Don't want you falling all over the place, do we?" Gabriel shut the door in his brother's face without another comment.


Three shops later and Gabriel thinks they are done, each of them have something suitable for the night. Turns out that once he stopped insulting Cas, the angel actually had a decent taste in clothes and made quite a good shopping buddy "“ though he did have to clarify that "your rump does look disproportionately large on your petite physique in that particular garment" was not a good line either. He gave honest (and no longer too blunt) advice and wouldn't shy away from anything a little deviant from the norm. Thus, Gabriel ended up with some baggy slacks with chains, zips and pockets all over the place and the black sleeveless faux leather jacket and a pair of black sneakers. Castiel himself had a body hugging plain black t-shirt which was a size too small for him and revealed tantalising flashes of his midriff when he moved and a pair of tight leather trousers which hung low on his hips and left nothing to the imagination. His choice of shoes were a pair of white toed black converse with glow-in-the-dark paint specks covering it. Just as he was about to set off back to the motel room, Castiel's hand shot out and grabbed Gabriel's wrist.


"We are not done." he growled. Gabriel's eyes widened as he was forcefully dragged into the nearest cosmetics store. Picking up a basket, Castiel walked through the aisles, picking up things along the way. Black eye liner, black mascara, silver/grey eye shadow. He drew to a halt in front of a rack of lipstick. He put a jet black one into the basket and looked at Gabriel with a contemplative look.


"Hand." he commanded. Gabriel gave him a panicked look. Not waiting, Castiel grabbed his hand and drew two lines on the back of his hand. One was a crimson red and the other a deep burgundy red. Castiel tilted his head as he observed his 'art'. The crimson was returned to the rack while the deep burgundy went in the basket.


"Rub that off and go and wait outside." Castiel ordered. Mutely, Gabriel did as he was told. Within a few minutes Castiel had joined him and they flew to the motel room. The Winchesters looked up from where they were bent over the laptop with shit eating grins. Gabriel rolled his eyes at them.


"Did Princess have fun?" Dean teased. Gabriel didn't even deign to reply just glared while Castiel began sorting their bags out. They still had over an hour until the bar opened. Dean ogled the bags.


"Just how exactly did you pay for all that?"


It was Gabriel's turn to smirk.


"Our Daddy is rich and we are on his bank account."


Dean was about to retort with something probably witty (in his eyes, childish in everyone else's) but Sam cut in.


"So, what you get?" Sam asked.


"Clothes. Shoes. Make-up." Castiel listed.


"Make-up?!" Dean's voice took on a higher pitch than normal, trying to contain the hysterical laughter that threatened to bubble up.


"Yes Dean. Make-up."


"And you know how to put it on?"


"Yes." everyone swung their heads to stare at the younger angel. "My vessel, Jimmy, often had weekend work conferences away from home that required it. He asked me not to look at those memories though." Castiel clarified. The room was enveloped in an uncomfortable silence. Sam looked at Dean.


"Jimmy was..."he gulped. Dean just nodded, dumbstruck.


"I don't see the problem. It is all muscle memory." Castiel broke the silence and turned to Gabriel, "We should get ready."


The two angels disappeared into the room next door while Dean gaped at Sam.


"Tell me I didn't just hear that right."


"Jimmy was a..." Sam's voice faded into nothing as he shook his head. "Please tell me we won't be witnessing a drag act."




20 minutes before the bar opened there was a knock on the Winchesters' door. Opening it while hiding a gun behind his back, Sam glanced round the opening and was struck speechless immediately. Flinging the door fully open he openly gawked at the two angels before him. When Dean looked up at the suspicious silence, he just let out a lot appreciative whistle. It was Gabriel who had knocked. He was leaning against the door frame with a lazy smile, one bare arm resting above his head, hips canted to the side. His eyes held a 'come-hither' look directed at Sam from under thick black lashes. The hazel orbs were softly outlined with a gently smudged line of black kohl perfectly complemented by the thin silvery-grey layer of eye shadow.


"So..." he drawled, eye not leaving Sam's for a minute. "You coming?"


Sam nodded dumbly, eyes fixed on Gabriel's now burgundy dyed lips rolling round the words. The positively wicked grin that got from the angel only served to contrast between the dark lipstick and his white teeth. Meanwhile, Dean had gotten up to grab his things too, only to stop in his tracks when he saw Castiel standing behind his brother. His trench coat was buttoned up to his neck, hiding what ever he had bought that afternoon. But the trench coat didn't hide his face. Where Gabriel was made up with soft and smudged lines, Castiel's eyes were rimmed with heavy black strokes, the solid black line bringing out even more of the blue in his eyes. His face looked pale from all the black, his lips matching his eyes, coloured a solid black. His hair was all over the place, standing up at dangerous angles. He looked even more like an imposing statue than ever. He didn't glance in anyone's direction, eyes cold - matching their icy colour in their demeanour - distant and closed off. Dean couldn't help but wonder what had pissed him off so much. They wandered down to the bar as it was only walking distance, the angels walking it front of the Winchesters. Gabriel's hips had picked up an extra swing as he walked.


At the bar, the angels went in, nodding to the bouncers. However, said bouncers stopped Sam and Dean, looking at them with a disgusted frown.


"Sorry boys, but no country hicks tonight." one burly bald man intoned. Dean bristled, but before he could retort, Castiel appeared between them. Face a picture of fury as he stood well into the personal space of the bouncer.


"What exactly is the meaning of this?" he growled. The bouncer looked down at the shorter man, taken aback by the venom in his voice.


"I will not have my entourage treated like that. You will let my bodyguards in or I will personally ensure that you will not find another job for the rest of your life."


The bouncer cast a curious gaze at the brothers before laughing in Castiel's face.


"Man, I don't know who you think you are but your diva antics are not getting those in tonight."


"Who do I think I am?" Castiel's voice had dropped to a dangerous low. He pulled himself to his full height, which, in comparison to the bouncer was small. But not as bad as when he stood next to Sam. Dean closed his eyes, anticipating the Angel of the Lord spiel.


"He is one half Castriel." Gabriel's voice cut through the silence. "And I'm the other half." He appeared round the door again with a mildly amused expression. "Hi there. I'm Gabriel. This here is Castiel, we are headlining tonight. You're going to have to excuse him, he is a little bit out there if you know what I mean. Those there are Sam and Dean. They are our bodyguards, but we let them dress down, why attract attention when we have Cas to do that? Eh? Now, if you lovely boys don't mind, I'd like to get going for sound checks and all, so play nice and let Sam and Dean in. Thanks a bunch." he gave the bouncers a winning smile before ducking back into the darkness of the bar. Sam and Dean ambled in after him, Castiel striding in front of them.


"Headlining?" Sam asked as they got to the back, where a stage was being set up. Castiel whirled around, fury pouring from his whole being.


"Yes, headlining. Gabriel has once again twisted reality and instead of a karaoke night, we now have to put on a whole show." he spat.


"I was thinking on my feet. It's not like I did myself any favours there so don't get your knickers in a bunch. Or should I say thong?" Gabriel smiled then glanced at Dean in mock horror. "Oh no! Did I just spoil tonight's big surprise for you?" No one saw the slap on the back of the head coming from Castiel. Especially not Gabriel who looked at his little brother stunned "“ and perhaps a little bit of pride was shining through too.


"Idjit." Castiel said. Sam and Dean promptly burst out laughing and Gabriel blinked at Castiel.


"Ouch." came the delayed response.


"I'm going to need alcohol if I'm doing the whole thing." Castiel announced. "Lots of it."


"That's my boy!" Gabriel snapped his fingers and shots appeared. Before any drinking could really commence, the manager came in looking rather humbled and awestruck.


"I'm so sorry to disturb you sirs, but due to health and safety, your uhm...escorts cannot be back here. If they could move out to the bar area and we can get the show started when you are ready."


Castiel kept his eyes trained on the nervous wreck of a human in front of him as he downed a shot.


"Very well. Sam, Dean we will see you shortly." he said. The manager sighed in relief and turned to leave with the brothers. Turning back, Dean fixed Gabriel with a stare.


"What exactly did you do?"


"Oh, Cas and I may have had a few number one hits recently in our little duo. But don't you worry, we are only doing covers tonight."


Dean's eyes widened and he scurried after his brother muttering under his breath about escorts. By the time he sat down near the stage, little did he know that Castiel was slightly drunk. And feeling quite pleased with himself for no apparent reason. After getting beers for themselves, the brothers sat down and waited for the show to begin. Soon, the lights went down and music started pumping through the speakers.


"Don't be scared." Castiel's voice boomed from behind the stage, "I've done this before." he strutted in trench coat flapping behind him, stopping in front of the microphone with a grin. He fixed an intense stare at a random patron, "Show me your teeth." and the poor guy did, smiling a toothy smile. Castiel repeated this a few more times with other watchers with similar results. Gabriel in the mean time was just standing behind another microphone, eyes fixed on Sam who stared back. Castiel began singing in earnest, while Gabriel seemed content to do backing vocals. As Cas reached the chorus, he grabbed the lapels of his coat, first pulling them closed together then pushing them apart, letting the coat crumple to the floor to reveal him in all his glory.


Dean swallowed audibly as his eyes raked over the tightly clad body, gaze lingering at the sliver of toned flesh peeking out between the t-shirt and trousers slung low on his hips, allowing his hipbones to jut out. The angel puled the microphone stand flush against his body, the pole aligning with his toned stomach and chest perfectly. Gabriel may have even been right earlier, the top of what did indeed look like a thing was flashing whenever Castiel rocked his hips to the side. But what had caught Dean's attention the most was the studded collar that was fastened round the angel's neck. Long silver studs stuck out from the black leather creating the illusion of a slipped halo. He carried on staring at the gothic angel until said angel fixed him with a piercing stare and the words "Got no religion" then pointing at Dean with a sly smile, he half sang half announced "My religion is you". Dean shuddered at that, the angel had no idea what he was singing about. Dean couldn't be anyone's religion, hell he could hardly be someone's anything nowadays. As he was thinking this, Castiel hopped off the stage, somehow his wrists had been bound in front of him. With smoothness worthy of a feline, he straddled Dean's lap, bringing his bound hands to rest on Dean's shoulders as he murmured "I'm gonna love you with my hands tied" into his ear. A cheeky grin spread across his face as he untangled his hands and swung himself from straddling to sitting sidewards on, one arm flung round Dean's shoulder. He leaned back, waving his legs in the air with a small laugh before continuing with the song from Dean's lap.


Gabriel in the mean time had taken the centre of the stage and was happily filling in where his brother forgot to sing, being too busy with Dean and the rope round his wrists. Castiel sauntered back up the stage but his eyes never strayed far from Dean. He prowled closer to Gabriel, an arm snaking its way round his waist. Their bodies slotting together, hips grinding to the music. With a self-satisfied smile, Castiel dipped his head and latched his lips onto Gabriel's neck whose eyes fluttered closed. When he pulled away, the red mark was framed by a ring of lip shaped black. Dean could hear Sam's growl of jealousy over the music.


As the final notes of the song died down, the crowd erupted in cheers, the angels getting a standing ovation from most of the patrons. They accepted this humbly and Gabriel invited them to come and sing a few songs themselves. Thus, he ensured that he and Castiel were free for the rest of the evening. A click of is finger and the promises of doing a whole set long forgotten by all but the four of them.


Castiel practically bounced down to Dean, all smiles as he showed off in his new clothes, almost purring under the attention he gained. He happily resumed his recently vacated seat in Dean's lap as he picked up another drink, courtesy of Gabriel. Meanwhile, Gabriel was similarly situated in the younger Winchester's lap who was making sure that the mark left by Castiel was wiped from the angel's memory by leaving a few of his own. Dean turned to look at his own angel.


"Did you know that I speak Ekinia..." a small frown marred the drunken angel's features. He shook his head a tried again. "Eki..eki eki."


"You are no longer a Knight Who Says Ni." Dean joked. He got a head tilt and a frown for his efforts.


"I am not a knight, nor do I say ni. I am an Angel of the lord and I speak Echo...echo..."


"Do we have an echo in here?" Gabriel butted in.


"No, I speak Echonian." Castiel finally blurted out. Then frowned again. "No I don't. Echino..no."


"Enochian, Cas." Dean helped out. He got a beaming smile and a sloppy kiss of thanks.


"I was beginning to get scared I'd forgotten what I could speak."


"No, you'd never forget, you're just a bit too drunk to attempt any language right now."


"Oh." Cas pouted. "Can I now speak body language either? I mean, we could just go back to the hotel and we could practice it. I don't want to have an accent in it. People might realise I'm not human." he dropped his voice into a drunken whisper at the end of the sentence.


Dean just smiled at him and shook his head.


"Let's get you home." he said. He wrapped his arms round his angel and stood up, carrying Castiel to the Impala bridal style. The angel made whooping noises as Dean swung him through the door. They were followed by Sam and Gabriel who was on his own feet but had an arm wrapped round Sam's waist and was tucked snugly under the taller man's arm. The ride back was quiet once more, the two angels drunk in the back while the humans were up front. Sam gave his brother a side glance and a cracked a smile.


"So while you correct Cas' accent in body language, try to keep it quiet, some people would like to sleep. Just thought, I'd you know, ask you in advance." Dean blushed and looked into the rearview mirror.


"I don't think that will be tonight Sammy. The only thing I will be correcting is where he sleeps." he said with a fond smile and a shake of his head. "Still," he grinned, "there's always tomorrow morning."