Title: Fair is Foul
Author: ologyist
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Castiel/girl!Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: het
Summary: Based upon prompt: beating heart.


The vessel's heart beats. It's almost distracting for him, when he remembers its presence. It's a trait of earthliness that he hasn't felt in millennia. He hears the heart hammer when she folds her arms over her chest, belligerent and baiting as she attempts to argue with him. It skips slightly, confusingly, when she skates her hand over the vessel's thigh and tosses her dark hair over her shoulder like she's daring him to say something about the brief touch. He doesn't, of course, only stares back at her.

It excites her to taunt him, makes her pulse rush with adrenaline. It's for the same reason that she drives the car too fast, starts too many bar fights and takes on too many jobs. It makes her feel alive when her heart is fluttering at a million miles a minute behind her ribs. After being dead for a while, the value of feeling alive can't be overestimated.

In the dark of an alley behind the motel, Sammy sleeping soundly in the room they've just abandoned, Castiel and Deanna feel their hearts thumping almost painfully, never in time but it's close enough.

When he pushes her against the wall, she whimpers slightly. "More," she says and she doesn't think she's asking. He's an angel and her savior and a symbol of nothing she wants and she hates him for it. It also makes her blood hot, makes her burn.

Castiel wants to pull back, not just because if he doesn't, she will think he'll give her anything. It's because he can feel that he's losing this battle; losing himself. He doesn't want to think that maybe he was lost since that first beat of a borrowed heart.

It's not his fault that when he notices that if he touches Deanna in just the right places, he can feel her pulse, blood and life vibrating under her skin. It's not his fault that the very idea of it is utterly addictive. He considers it fair play when he twists his fingers inside of her, using the vessel's thumb to press against her clit, hard and sudden and demanding. When she cums, she cries out, her body wracked in what looks like agonized pain.

His heart stutters when her eyes clear and she blinks at him, and as she's smiling at him, he's worried that it's stopped completely. He feels it start again when she drops to her knees, breathing hard, and unbuckles his belt swiftly. Castiel doesn't know if this is thanks or revenge.