Title: Fire And Spun Gold
Author: martyred-wings
Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: slash, Dean/Castiel
Spoilers: none.
Warnings: sex in the woods ...
Word Count: 3400 words
Summary: The sun filtered through the trees, dappling the ground in uncertain waves and bursts, as three pairs of feet scuffled through the leaves littering the floor.


The sun filtered through the trees, dappling the ground in uncertain waves and bursts, as three pairs of feet scuffled through the leaves littering the floor. Each pair of feet tramped on through the leaves, the mulch, the fallen twigs; only one kicked out at the branches, scuffled through the leaves and made them flutter into the air around them.

"Dean, for the last time, you are not twelve years old," Sam said, his tone sharp, commanding, embarrassed in front of Castiel walking stoic and silent between them.

"Ahh, loosen up, Sam, it's only a bit of fun," Dean groused, with a sigh of disgust at his brother.

Castiel's lips quirked in amusement at the irrepressible Dean Winchester, but made no comment either way on Dean's behaviour. He remained silently amused, blue eyes watchful, large, darting up to the sunlight filtering through the trees high above without question. Sam grumbled beneath his breath but said no more about the matter; just watched Dean and Castiel from the corner of his eye.

Again he felt the familiar pang of jealousy when Dean reached out to pluck a fallen leaf from Castiel's hair, again when Castiel reached out to gently take the hunter's hand when it looked as though Dean was going to fall down an almost hidden pot hole; again when the pair stole a kiss when they thought Sam wasn't paying attention.

He sighed, turned away more fully, smiled when he heard a kiss exchanged once more, a muffled moan and brush of clothing behind him. He didn't say anything, didn't react; instead he tried to deal with it as best he could. He found his thoughts wandering to Ruby; thought of his relationship with her and how it differed so markedly to Dean and Castiel's relationship. In his brother and the angel, he saw everything that he wished that he had, every missed chance of happiness, love, devotion that Castiel and Dean found commonplace, shared without question.

He sighed, turned, actually caught them in the act of kissing, Dean's hands laced through Castiel's soft hair, lips working against lips, as tongues gently entwined, as moans of approval softened the air around them. He watched as Castiel's hands gently caressed Dean's back through the hunter's t shirt, lifting the material slightly so that the skin above his jeans showed. He smiled despite himself, turned away again to afford them the decency of some privacy before they became aware he was even watching. Again he felt jealousy curl through him, settle within his stomach, wished that he had found someone like Castiel; someone more loving, more giving than Ruby.

He walked ahead, saw the site they'd been trekking through the trees to reach; saw the tell tale signs of a werewolf's passing, its last meal scattered across the ground. Nearby lay the remains of an otherwise innocent bystander; heart missing, gone, a bloody hole left behind where an organ should have been.

He turned away, felt nauseous, eyes swimming with sudden dizziness, before suddenly feeling Castiel's hands upon his arms, holding him upright. He turned to face the angel, saw something like uncertain compassion in the angel's eyes; saw a spark of something that Dean must see every day, and understood in that one moment why his brother loved Castiel so much.

"Are you alright, Sam?" Castiel asked, his deep voice an odd comfort in the otherwise silent forest.

"No, but I'm sure I will be, soon. I guess this has hit harder than I thought it would. I don't mean to be rude, but you'd best step away. I don't wanna mess your shoes if I lose my lunch," Sam said, before Castiel slowly, gently stepped away, afforded him the gift of personal space once more, eyes still filled with concern.

Sam felt the familiar unthreading begin in his stomach, felt the craving from spending too long from sipping on demon blood, decided to slip away as soon as he could to drink some. His eyes met Dean's, concern, worry lodged deeper in his brother's eyes than it was in Castiel's, but Dean said nothing. He knew to leave Sam be, not to question Sam further. Sam, at least, was grateful for small favors right then.

Dean continued to watch his brother, even as Sam turned away, still looking decidedly pale beneath the play of sunlight filtering through the trees. His eyes turned, met Castiel's, saw the concern lodged within their blue depths and Dean smiled, reached out to touch Castiel's arm gently.

"He'll be fine, Cas," he assured the angel, even as Castiel leant into his gentle touch, eyes half closed in pleasure at the contact.

Castiel said nothing, just followed Dean as the elder Winchester explored the murder scene, looked for clues to the werewolf's identity, found none.

"There's not even a bone, a dog collar, a damn snippet of clothing with a name badge on or anything," Dean groused in a quiet aside to Castiel, as Sam leant against a tree, surveying the mess, the blood, the carnage spread before them. "I can't see as to how we're ever going to get to the bottom of this, Cas."

"I'm sure something will turn up, Dean. It always does, doesn't it?" Castiel pointed out, calmly, his gruff voice cutting through the air, making Sam look up and over at them.

Dean smiled without meaning it, before he looked away from the angel, his eyes meeting those of his brother for an all too brief instant.

"I wish I had your faith, Cas," he said, turning back to face the angel, with a sigh on his lips, a small frown pulling down his brows as he looked upon Catsiel.

"I have faith in you, Dean," came Castiel's quiet response.

Dean's mouth opened, closed, opened again, but no sound came out, more touched by Castiel's words than by a lot of things that the angel had said to him. In the end, he merely smiled, received a smile in return, before Dean said a simple - "Thank you."

Castiel watched Dean turn away, watched the hunter look up at the sky, down to the floor of the forest, as he walked away, feet scuffling in the leaves as he searched for clues once more. Castiel remained where he was, eyes half closed, not moving, as he basked in the glow of warm sunlight shining down upon his skin. He unfurled his wings, stretched them out behind him, shook them until they glowed and caught in the rays of the sunlight. He smiled, basked in the glow, in the warmth of the sunlight, felt it warming his blood, his wings, his body.

He sighed, eyes drifting slowly closed, yet he was still aware of the heavy weight of Dean's gaze resting upon him, at the way Dean's eyes slid over his body, across the great expanse of his wings, upon his face, his lips. He smiled, eyes opening just a crack, saw Dean staring, eyes wide, resting on Castiel's mouth, skimming over his wings wondrously.

The angel smiled to himself, purposefully shook his wings, stretched them out still further, as well as his arms, shoulders tense and straining against his tan trench coat. He opened his eyes more, blinked and bathed in the fire and spun gold of the sunlight bathing across him, travelling from the broad expanse of his wings, to slowly filter through his body languidly. He could feel tension building within him, tension that could only be tamed through being with Dean and he wanted Dean, wanted to feel his body responsive beneath his.

He heard the vague sounds of Sam calling Dean, of the gap between Sam's call and Dean's answer, knew in that one instant that Dean was distracted by him, by Castiel, wanted Castiel as much as the angel wanted him. He smiled to himself more, purposefully stretched his body out more, heard Sam call for Dean more impatiently, and Dean's distracted response.

He watched Dean slowly walk towards his brother, while Sam gave Castiel curious looks, as though not quite sure of what was going on. Castiel shot him a blank, unreadable expression, watched as Sam showed Dean something in the grass at his feet, heard Dean tell Sam to investigate further.

"Why me? What are you doing?" Sam asked, glancing at Castiel once more.

"Unfinished business, Sammy," Dean replied, with a broad grin at his brother.

Sam cast a glance at Castiel once more, his mouth pressed into a thin line, as realization slowly filtered into him as to what Dean was going to do, where he was likely to be going and with who.

All Sam did was nod, mouth still pressed into his best bitch face, before he snapped out - "Fine. Come back when you're finished. I need help here."

"Oh, we'll be back when we're done," Dean said, with a one shouldered shrug and a quirk of his mouth.

His eyebrows raised at Sam, before he turned to leave, reached out for Castiel on his way past the angel, towed him willingly behind him. Castiel folded his wings away, not wanting to get them caught in amongst the trees, in case he broke the sensitive, fragile bone structures on low hanging branches, thorny bushes.

Dean stopped a fair distance away from the clearing where Sam remained, held his hand out to plant it firmly upon Castiel's chest, felt his heart hammering against his slim chest as the angel stared up at him, eyes large and intense in his otherwise expressionless face. His lips were parted, seemed fuller, riper in the heat of the summer air, seemed made for kissing, invited Dean in to press gentle lips to Castiel's own.

Castiel responded, soft lips working against Dean's with soft moans of gentle approval filling the air around them both. The angel pressed his body close in to Dean's, wings spreading once more, carefully in the restricted space they now stood in, to fold around Dean protectively in their gentle loving embrace. Dean shuddered against Castiel, wanted him, needed him, reached out to tug and caress at soft sensuous feathers surrounding him, kissed their silken surfaces roughly, groaning out his need for the angel against a mouthful of feathers.

Castiel leant in, slid his arms around Dean, caressed his back, fingers caressing the skin beneath his t shirt, as he nuzzled Dean's neck, nipping at the skin with gentle teeth, little laps of his tongue. He felt need rise within him, wanted to take Dean hard and fast against a tree, sunshine bathing them in its warm glow.

He gave in, pushed the hunter against the nearest tree, hands pressed firmly into Dean's skin, ground his hips against the hunter's, made Dean aware of his intent, his arousal pressing firmly against Dean's. Dean whimpered, eyes drifting closed as a small frown puckered his forehead, his lips pushing out in a sensuous pout as his hips met Castiel's, ground back just as hard, just as needy, body tensing.

Dean felt the rough bark of the tree bite against his back, promised to chafe against his skin when it was bared, as Castiel pushed him further, roughly against the tree. The angel leant in, pressed his lips against Dean's hungrily, breath blasting from his nostrils, as he slid his tongue forcefully into Dean's slightly open mouth. Dean groaned, tried to turn away to catch a breath, but Castiel wouldn't let him, held him firm against the tree, fucked into his mouth with his tongue, made needy mewls of encouragement deep in his throat.

Dean slowly relaxed into Castiel's warmth, into Castiel's body, responded to Castiel's touch, his kiss, the way his hands stroked gently over his body, wringing sudden moans of need from the hunter's throat. Castiel caressed Dean's chest, down his abdomen, palmed Dean's cock, rubbed purposefully against the hunter's growing arousal until Dean was fully erect, moaning, thrusting his hips against Castiel's palm with grunts of need catching in his throat.

Castiel finally pulled away, let Dean breathe, continued pleasuring Dean through his jeans with a hard, caressing hand, made Dean cry out in a voice barely recognizable as his own in its constant pleading. He covered Castiel's hand with his own, made him stop, hastily unzipped his jeans, unbuckled his belt, pushed the restrictive material away from his body, felt his erection spring free from his briefs.

He gasped, stared at Castiel with naked need deep in his eyes, wanted the angel to do something, cried out when Castiel slowly knelt in front of him. He felt the angel's fingers digging into his bare ass first, pressing into the flesh without mercy, before Castiel's mouth enclosed Dean's erection, took him deep into his wet warm mouth, lips stretching around him in their soft embrace.

Dean cried out for Castiel breathlessly, ran fingers through Castiel's hair, before his fingers supported Castiel's head as he fucked his cock eagerly into the angel's willing, pliant mouth. Dean's breath squeezed past clenched teeth, jaw tight, throat tighter still, as his world narrowed down to the feel of Castiel's mouth surrounding his arousal, tongue pleasuring him wih every sweep and pass, every gentle suckle of Castiel's lips, every time his tongue gently probed the slit of Dean's cock.

Dean's moans turned into cries, as Castiel's breath blasted from his nose, tickled across wet, heated skin as he continued sucking Dean off, taking his cock deeper with every bob of his head, every gentle suckle with his mouth. Dean continued fucking into Castiel's wet warmth, felt his time drawing nearer, felt the exquisite feel of the angel's tongue drawing across the vein on the underside of his cock, felt the tip of it gently probe his slit once more. Dean leant his head back against the tree, disturbed a bird from the branches overhead with his loud yell as he came, flooded Castiel's mouth his come, fucked deeper into Castiel's mouth as he shuddered out his release eagerly.

Dean's eyes closed, and all he could see bursting behind his eyelids was fire and spun gold, unfurling, drawing patterns against the darkness as he screamed shamelessly for Castiel. He barely noticed when the angel pulled away from him with an almost pop, getting to his feet, turning Dean to face the tree, legs spread apart. He rubbed his still pant clad cock up against Dean's bare ass, grunted out his pleasure at even that small contact, continued bucking against him, until his arousal grew almost unbearable in its intensity.

Finally he stopped, released his straining erection from his pants, his briefs, before he spread his saliva across his cock in shining strands. He eased his finger inside Dean, made Dean's breath catch in a strangled cry in his throat, muscles clenching against the intrusion, before slowly relaxing against Castiel's hand. He moaned at the feel of the angel easing his finger slowly out, loosening the tight ring of muscle by gentle degrees, kissing the nape of his neck with soft, gentle lips as breath tickled and played across Dean's sensitive skin.

"Cas," Dean moaned out, eyes closed, voice a strangled note held deep within his throat, as his fingers flexed convulsively against the tree trunk in front of him, sensitive skin of his palms snagging against the rough surface of the bark.

He moaned out the angel's name once more as he leant back into Castiel, urged the angel to push his fingers deeper inside him, to stroke against his prostate more firmly, and the angel complied, leant in further still, leant his chest against Dean's back, so close the hunter could feel Castiel's heart beating.

He gasped out a strangled - "yes, Cas!" - when he felt the angel's fingers stroke across his prostate, sent shivers of pleasure coursing through his body, as his hips bucked against first the tree, then Castiel's palm. He barely noticed the pain of the bark rubbing against his skin; all he could feel was Castiel pleasuring him, making him feel good, alive, pleasured, and he wanted Castiel inside him.

As if he sensed Dean's thoughts, Castiel withdrew his fingers, spat upon his hand to hastily rub his saliva over his own erection, again, and a third time, groans falling from between parted, ripe lips as he worked. He leant in once more, wrapped his wings around Dean's body in their gentle, soft embrace to steady him, before he eased his cock inside Dean, stopped when he felt Dean tense up around him, sheathed himself all the way in when he felt the hunter relax once more.

Castiel shuddered against Dean, eyes closed, hands flexed as he felt the tightness of Dean pressing, clenching around his cock, heightening his arousal still further by the exquisite sensations of his fire and spun gold feel. His fingers ground into Dean's hips, twisted, manipulated the flesh, as he fucked hard into Dean, cries pulled from his chest by Dean pleasuring him, Dean beneath him, Dean being there.

He leant in, felt sunlight drizzling through his consciousness, touched his wings, warmed them, made him feel dizzy with unbound, unknowing lust, soon swallowed by a deeper feeling still, which felt like all consuming love for the hunter. Castiel shuddered, bucked, fucked into Dean, as the feeling of love grew stronger, threatened to take over, took over, consumed him in its red embrace. He gave into it, cried out in response to it, cried out again when the exquisite feel of his orgasm started unfurling in his abdomen, spilled forth through him and he gave in, caved, released his come into Dean, hips bucking furiously, driving his cock into Dean's tight hole, as Dean continued fucking himself hard onto Castiel himself.

Dean was aware of everything - the feel of the air playing across his skin, the feel of the bark beneath his forearms, the sounds of Castiel rutting furiously against him, the feel of Castiel filling him, pleasuring him, loving him. He could feel his erection hard, uncomfortable, throbbing, wanted to touch himself, pleasure himself, but held back, wanted Castiel to come first, before he would allow himself to come.

He heard Castiel's breathing change, felt his movements become more urgent, more erratic, his cock driving deeper into him with every thrust, Castiel's cries becoming higher, more needy, gasping in their purity, before he felt the sticky wetness of Castiel's come filling him. Dean screamed at that, came without being touched at the mere thought of Castiel being pleasured, at the feel of Castiel's come filling him, of knowing that he belonged to the angel, and would forevermore.

His come splashed against the tree in hot spurts, Castiel's name heavy upon his lips, a single tear squeezing past his shuttered eyelashes, as love threatened to overcome him. He leant his forehead against the tree in front of him, breathing hard, labored, intense bliss coursing through him, as he felt Castiel slowly withdraw. He felt the angel lean in once more, press a gentle kiss to Dean's neck, before he planted a more possessive kiss upon Dean's cheek.

Castiel knew that Dean was his, as much as Castiel belonged to Dean; their bond was unbreakable, unshakable, all consuming, strong. He sighed, breath riffling through Dean's short hair, made it flutter against his head as the hunter leant into Castiel, draped possessive arms around the angel and leant his cheek against his shoulder. Castiel saw another tear fall from between Dean's eyelashes, felt the pleasure, the need, the feeling of being unworthy to have Castiel settle deep with in Dean, and the angel held him close, cradled him in willing arms, gently caressing wings.

He had never seen Dean so laid bare, so willing to show what he really felt as in that one moment, and he cherished it, uncertain whether he would ever see that again. He covered Dean fully in his wings, wrapped them around him in their warm, comforting embrace, closed his eyes against the sunlight still streaming down from above. He smiled gently, felt the warmth settle through him, cover him in fire and spun gold, soothe him into gentle peace and love.

He felt Dean relax against him, felt him accept his love for what it was, return it fully, willingly, and his soul rejoiced at the perfection of a stolen moment in the woods, his love as pure as fire and spun gold ...