Title: Hangover
By: morgan-cian
Pairing: Dean/Tony (NCIS)
Rating: PG-13
Fandoms: Supernatural/NCIS crossover
Summary: Based upon the challenge: Supernatural/NCIS, Dean/Tony, hangover.


Dean's eyes snapped open and he regretted it immediately. His brain still felt like it was sloshing around in his skull from all the alcohol he consumed. His mouth felt like something had crawled in it and died.

That took all of five seconds. His hunter instinct went on high alert and made his stomach protest violently. His cheek was warm, pressed against skin and chest hair.

Sammy didn't have chest hair. His body was sleek, soft, and smooth. He wasn't in bed with his brother and that made his already upset stomach hit his toes. He was so screwed. Sammy wouldn't forgive him. If the role was reversed, he wouldn't forgive either.

But then again, Sam had been lying to him. Leaving for long periods and not confessing what he had been up to. Dean had been angry, lonely, and drunk.

Screwing his eyes shut, he remembered trying to start a bar brawl. Which brought up the image of soft green eyes and firm hands frog marching him from the bar.

Dean about jumped out of his skin when long fingers began carding through his hair. Dean lifted his head cautiously. Soft green eyes were wary.

"Good morning," the voice was husky and the smile was meant to be disarming.

His hangover kept him from scrambling from the bed. The guy seemed to understand. They moved away from each other, not facing each other as they sat on opposite sides of the bed.


Dean flinched but he owed the guy that much, "Dean."

Dean watched as the man made his way to the bathroom, lean muscles and golden skin. He turned back with a sardonic twist to his full lips, "No harm, no foul."

Dean rubbed a hand over his face. Sam was going to kill him.