Title: Matching Wings Of Fire And Ice
Author: martyred-wings
Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: slash, Dean/Castiel
Spoilers: none.
Warnings: Tie!porn at the end, light bondage
Word Count: 3609 words
Summary: It had been two days since Sam had walked in upon Dean and Castiel making love, two days of near continual silence about the matter, and Dean had gotten worried.


It had been two days since Sam had walked in upon Dean and Castiel making love, two days of near continual silence about the matter, and Dean had gotten worried. He wondered what his brother was thinking, how he was feeling, wondered what was going on in that mind of his that was keeping him so silent. The elder Winchester couldn't tell, couldn't even begin to guess, only gleaned faint hints of the stunned shock hidden deep within his brother's eyes when Sam thought he wasn't looking.

Dean felt sad, felt like Sam had been scared off from accepting the relationship, just when he was beginning to accept the idea that Castiel and Dean loved each other. If Dean could take any moments of his life back, erase them from view, he would erase that one moment. He didn't regret making love to Castiel - in truth he never would regret making love to the angel - instead he regretted Sam bearing first hand witness to it. He wondered again just what Sam was thinking, but knew better than to broach the subject with his brother. Call it cowardice on his part, perhaps embarrassment, never regret, Dean thought it best to wait it out - let Sam come to him to talk about it when he was ready.

The continuing search for the identity of the werewolf kept them too occupied for conversation beyond the werewolf itself for the next two days, and the murders didn't stop; the hearts continued being harvested, taken, eaten. It was always messy, never easy to deal with, still no clues as to the identity of the rogue wolf.

Then one night they got lucky, happened upon a scream in a distant alleyway while trolling the streets for trouble one dark, rainy night, while the moon hid her face behind clouds, yet the pull of her full embrace was strong, insistent, hard to ignore. Exchanging a look, Sam and Dean raced to the alleyway, Dean instinctively calling for Castiel, wanted the angel there for support, for back-up, needed his calming presence more than ever if there was a fight to be had.

They were too late; the woman was already dead by the time they reached her, eyes staring, chest ripped open, heart gone. Sam remained silent, stoic, blank faced and staring, while Dean was more vocal, cursed to the heavens for their late arrival. He kicked out at a nearby garbage can, sent its contents spilling, spinning across the already littered alleyway, to shore up at Castiel's feet, who'd appeared as if from nowhere. He stared intently at Dean, reached out to touch calming fingertips upon Dean's forehead, until the hunter stopped cursing, and calmness spread though his body, until he relaxed once again.

"There's blood," the angel said, his gruff voice cutting through the air, pointing out the thing that both Sam and Dean had missed in the initial upset over losing another victim.

"What?" Dean asked sharply, before he followed Castiel's gesture, his point towards the blood trailing away, down the alleyway, soon lost to sight within the shadows at the end of the alleyway. "Oh, right, so what are you standing there for? Quickly, before that thing gets away."

Sam and Castiel exchanged a brief glance, before the angel let Sam precede him, following in Dean's wake, down the alleyway, over the wall at the end of the litter strewn space, into the woods on the other side. They heard sounds of the werewolf's passage through the trees, cracking of branches, rustlings of leaves, fevered pants and grunts of exertion from lupine mouth, beastly throat.

Castiel followed Dean and Sam as they tracked through the woods, his wings ready to unfurl at a moment's notice, his angelic purity ready to strike should he need to smite. His face was expressionless, when finally, suddenly the trail went cold, the werewolf gone, lost somewhere deep in the woods with no telling where he, she, it had gone.

"Son of a bitch," Dean cursed loudly, punching the air with fists upraised, as he kicked a spray of leaves before him.

"We'll get him, Dean. Just keep looking, he can't be far away," Sam admonished, sounding calmer than his eyes looked, his frustration clear within his wavering gaze.

When Dean looked ready to protest, Castiel laid his hand on his chest, over his heart, while still staring steadily at Sam.

"Do as your brother says, Dean," the angel said, his gruff voice sounding deeper with command in the otherwise silent woods.

Sam looked surprised, but said nothing, just remained expressionless, as Dean pulled his frustration in by the reins, looked about them, before pointing in a likely direction.

"This way," he said, even as he reached up to gently stroke Castiel's hand, fingers lingering upon Castiel's.

The gesture, absent minded in its tenderness, wasn't lost on Sam. It was just another reminder of the other night. He turned away, heard Castiel and Dean move steadily away from him, further into the trees, leaving Sam no choice but to catch up.

Sam walked through the rain tossed night, eyes staring blindly ahead, trying to keep vaguely interested in where he walked, so that he didn't fall, trip, ensnare his feet in hidden tree branches on the well stocked forest floor. His mind kept playing over the scene he'd witnessed, of walking in on his brother and Castiel sharing the most intimate of moments, lips locked in a passionate kiss, Castiel's cock still sheathed in Dean's ass.

He closed his eyes, tried to erase the images from his mind, almost tripped when his foot caught in an upraised tree root. He felt Castiel's hands upon him suddenly, as the angel pulled him upright, didn't let go until he was certain Sam was steady once more. Sam surprised himself by not shaking the angel's hands from him, just accepted the help, still too dazed by recent events to react much.

He at least remembered to thank Castiel for the help, received a terse response as reply. He felt the angel leave him, return to Dean's side once more, as they continued their way through the closely packed trees, hard upon the heels of a werewolf; the same werewolf Sam had been trying to find information about before he walked in upon Dean and Castiel making love.

All thoughts of werewolves and possible lives lost slipped from Sam's mind once more as his mind replayed again the image of Castiel and Dean caught deep within a lover's embrace. He blinked, called himself stupid for being haunted by the replayed images. It wasn't as if he was unaware that they slept together, that their relationship had progressed far beyond a mere kiss, because of course they did, of course it had. Whenever they disappeared for great lengths of time, they were hardly having a picnic or shopping for baby clothes.

He shivered against a trickle of rain water snaking between his collar and his skin, the action and the coldness of the water bringing him back to reality. He cast a glance back at Castiel, to Dean, back again, saw their easy glances, the way they touched each other, seemed to mirror each other perfectly, flow through the night on matching wings of fire and ice and gentle love. He could see how well they complimented each other, how much they loved each other, how genuine their love was for one another. He wasn't blind, or stupid; merely shocked, stunned into numbness by having to face the reality of it.

He looked away, wondered again why he just couldn't be happy for them, suddenly realized that it was one thing to be aware of how physical they were, and another to have evidence of it, displayed in full color before his eyes. He sighed, didn't know how he was supposed to deal with this, decided to just leave it be until his mind was clearer, free from the initial shock of actually seeing them together.

He looked up at the sky, raindrops falling heavily into his eyes as a patch of clouds drifted, revealing the full moon hanging heavy in the sky. He heard Castiel and Dean's voices breaking the night gently in front of him, felt a shift, a change in the air as something large passed by him, cutting through the air with its menacing presence.

"Cas! Dean! Werewolf," he hissed, tried to keep as quiet as possible, so as not to alert the predator nearby, wondering as he did so if it was already too late.

The warning came seconds too late, and all Sam could do was watch the werewolf arch through the air, in a graceful leap towards his brother. Dean didn't even have a chance to turn, let alone move away, before the powerful beast was upon him, jaws snapping at his throat, saliva shining in the light as it dripped upon his brother's skin.

"Dean, NO," Sam shouted, started forward, only vaguely aware of Castiel shouting something in an unintelligible language, that only other angels would have understood.

Castiel saw everything as though in slow motion. He saw the lithe body twist, turn through the air, arching gracefully towards Dean's body, his lover's body, and a great rage coursed through him, consumed every fiber of his being, turned his vision red, clearer. He unfurled his wings, flapped them once, twice, launched himself through the air to knock the beast from Dean's body, before its jaws had a chance to close around Dean's throat.

Castiel's rage filtered through him, took him over, until nothing was left but him, his anger, his love for Dean flaring though him, begging to be protected. He gripped the werewolf's head between his deceptively slender hands, twisted sharply to the right, to the left, until the bones crackled and snapped beneath the onslaught. He leant down, pushed every inch of angelic power he could into the werewolf's body, obliterated everything the werewolf was and ever had been in a great backwash of light, an explosion ripping through the trees as he did so.

When the light faded, Castiel was the only one left. The werewolf had gone, had been obliterated into dust around the angel's knees, as Castiel raised his hands to the skies, to let the rain wash the dust from his palms, the tears from his cheeks, as he prayed to his Father.

He flinched when he felt Sam and Dean stand at his shoulders, both with their hands laid upon him, drawing him to his feet. Pure love shone from Dean's eyes, forgiveness from Sam's, respect from both. Castiel smiled, laid his hands upon them both and a backwash of light and purity washed through them all, earthed in the ground until nothing was left but three men standing in a loose circle in the rain, in the dark, quiet.

Dean reached forward, tilted Castiel's face to his, placed a gentle kiss upon the angel's lips, before he said - "Thank you, Cas. You saved my life."

"I would do it again, if you needed me too," Castiel replied, never taking his gaze from Dean's, blue eyes darker with his intensity.

He looked at Sam, then, who shrugged at the angel.

"I'm not gonna kiss you, dude," he said, with an attempt to try and hide a smile, before he surprised the angel with a brief, and rare hug.

Castiel's eyes widened slightly, a look of intense surprise caught within them, before his arms gently hugged the younger Winchester. He patted the taller man's shoulder uncertainly, pleasure coursing through him, at the first show of final acceptance from Sam. The hug ended quickly, but the effect lasted much longer, the intention clear that whatever reluctance Sam had before was gone, stripped away when he'd seen Castiel save his brother.

Dean looked on this first genuine show of acceptance, a surprised smile caught on his lips, deep within his eyes, and he nodded appraisingly at his brother when Sam looked at him. Nothing was said aloud; every gesture counted between them, as they slowly made their way through the trees, back to civilization once more. Sam watched as Castiel and Dean's hands touched easily, fingers stroking against fingers in loving caresses, gently catching together and entwining at odd moments.

Sam smiled at the gestures, how easily they came for them, the love held within their gazes whenever they looked at one another, genuine in its intensity. His heart was at peace with the situation finally, could see that nothing would break them, could tear them apart and he was happy for them, truly so. He let them have their private moment, no longer jealous, no longer haunted by memories of catching them in the act, all forgiven, at peace with his own acceptance.

Once they were back at Dean's car, Sam waited until Castiel was firmly sitting in the passenger seat before pulling his brother to one side for a private chat. Dean looked up at his brother, saw nothing but peace in his brother's gaze knew what was coming before it was said, that it was going to be an easy ride.

"So?" Dean said, by way of prompting when Sam didn't immediately speak.

"So, I guess I've accepted that you and Castiel are going to be together for quite a while, huh?" Sam asked, looked down to the floor, as he scuffed the toe of his boot against the sidewalk.

"Yes, we are, Sam," Dean replied, in the tone of voice that brooked no argument.

"I'm sorry for the way I've been acting the past couple days and I'm sorry I walked in on you," Sam said, quietly, so quietly Dean almost didn't hear him. "Just want you to know I'm cool with you - and Cas. As a couple."

"Apology accepted," Dean said, surprised that his brother had actually apologized.

He couldn't remember the last time that he'd done that, if ever.

"When you gonna get married?" Sam asked, raising his gaze to Dean's with the first smile he'd given his brother in a while.

"I dunno, but when we do, I'm gonna get you the prettiest bridesmaid dress you've ever seen," Dean laughed, as he clapped Sam upon the shoulder. "And ribbons for your hair."

"Jerk," Sam said, as he pushed his brother back.

"Bitch," Dean responded, nudging his brother and staring in at Castiel, who was watching them, an amused look upon his peaceful face.

"I'm guessing you two will want to spend the night together, huh?" Sam asked, quietly, voice sounding lost for a moment. "I'll get another room."

"You'd do that?" Dean asked, just as quietly, as he studied his brother's face closely.

There was a hint of wistfulness caught deep within his brother's gaze, a hint of wanting love just the way Dean and Castiel had it, sadly lacking in his own life. There was no jealousy there, just sadness, longing, a need to be loved just as Dean was. There was silence between them once more, which was answer enough for Dean. He reached up to grip his brother's shoulder in a friendly grip, made Sam look at him, an uncertain smile on his lips.

"You'll find someone, Sam," Dean said, uncertain as to what to say. "Someone better than Ruby."

"I know," Sam replied, lapsing into silence once more.

"Motel?" Dean asked.

"Motel," Sam nodded, before he led the way to the car, climbed into the back seat, nodded at Castiel gently, who smiled back.

Dean climbed in behind the wheel, started the engine and pulled away from the curb, before they headed back to the motel ...


Castiel's body arched up into Dean's, a hiss hanging in the air from eager, parted lips as Dean's fingers brushed against the angel's wrists. A moan of need fell from Castiel's mouth as Dean bound the angel's wrists above his head, using his own tie to bind his wrists to the bedposts. Dean could feel Castiel's erection pressing firmly into his leg, as he writhed against the hunter, hips rocking gently against Dean's thigh, more insistently when Castiel felt the pleasurable friction against his hard cock.

Dean's breath quickened in his throat, teeth clenched as his own erection grew between his legs, stiffened, grew harder to ignore, and he settled his body against Castiel's, rutted helplessly against the angel, grunts escaping from his lips, as he fucked his hips hard against Castiel's. Their cocks rubbed one against the other, their thick lengths pleasured by the friction, as their hips ground against each other, grunts soon turning into full blown cries as orgasms started to pool beneath super heated flesh.

Castiel's cries turned bird like, fragile, whispery as he came closer to completion, eyes staring blind and huge up at the ceiling, his wrists strained against his bonds, struggled to get free, as his orgasm bled down from his abdomen, stiffened his cock still further, tightened his balls, until he cried out, come spurting out over Dean's thigh in thick strands, as his hips rocked and fucked hard against the hunter.

Dean watched him while he came, fascinated by the beauty of perfection held deep within the angel's face, the exquisite look of pleasure flashing across his face as he came, sweaty flush staining his cheeks, as his lips formed a perfect "O" as he almost screamed out his release.

Dean stopped, denied himself his own release, didn't want to come until he was fully sheathed inside his angel, until he could feel Castiel tight and warm and perfect around him. He was too hasty for the lube, spread Castiel's still sticky come across his throbbing member eagerly, breathy gasps falling from parted lips as his fingers enclosed his engorged flesh. For the briefest of moments, Dean imagined that his hand was Castiel's tight hole surrounding his cock, cried out in pleasure, almost came, pulled himself back, just in time.

He smeared his fingers through Castiel's release once more, eased one finger inside Castiel, spread the tight ring of muscles wider and made Castiel cry out, hips arching as far as they would go with Dean's weight upon him. Dean waited against the initial reluctance, the first resistance disappeared, until the angel settled around him, muscles relaxing enough to let Dean press his finger further in, to draw it out once more, thrust it in, striking Castiel's prostate with every other thrust. He added another finger, watched as Castiel thrashed his head, begged Dean to take him, bucked his hips against his hand, tried to fuck himself upon Dean's fingers desperately.

Dean slid his fingers free, made Castiel complain, before he spread some more of Castiel's come across his own cock. He angled Castiel's legs wider, hooked one ankle against his shoulder, pressed the head of his cock against the angel's tight entrance, before he eased himself in. He whimpered out Castiel's name, eyes closed against the exquisite feel of the angel's velvety warmth surrounding his throbbing member, held himself in position while Castiel settled around him, tightened, felt good wrapped around him.

Dean started moving against the angel, thrust his hard shaft into his exquisite tight warmth, again, again, harder, more forcefully as he picked up the pace. His breath caught in his throat, came out in little grunts of exertion, mingled with cries of Castiel's name growing louder. Castiel fucked himself hard against Dean, face open, mirroring the intense pleasure shuddering through him, heightened by having his hands tied above his head, restricting him from touching his lover, made the feel of Dean moving inside him more pleasurable.

He cried out, could feel his time coming near, wanted to jerk off, but couldn't. He tugged against his bonds, wanted to reach down and touch himself, to pleasure himself, but couldn't break free; his bonds were too tight. His cock grew uncomfortably hard, and Castiel groaned a long drawn out note of need, wanted, needed to come, begged Dean to do it for him in breathy gasps, heady moans, insistent cries. He yelled out a pleasured cry when he felt Dean's fingers wrap around his throbbing member, started to stroke him firmly and the angel fucked himself hard into Dean's palm, onto Dean's cock, felt the world slip away for an instant on waves of insistent pleasure.

Dean felt Castiel's body tighten, ripples of pleasure coursing through the angel's body, before he shuddered against him, breath catching in his throat before he came, filled Castiel up with his sticky release, hips stuttering as a white hot orgasm raced through him, stripped him bare, made him feel pleasured and weak in its wake.

His hips fucked harder, deeper into Castiel, as he rode out the last of his orgasm, with almost screams of the angel's name, fucked him harder still when he felt Castiel's hole tighten around his cock, the muscles restricting moments before Castiel orgasmed, released his come across Dean's hand, across his lover's abdomen in thick strands. Castiel shuddered against Dean, cried out for his lover helplessly, closed his eyes against the pleasure threatening to overcome him.

Gradually, finally, their bodies slowed, stilled, remained entwined as their breath mingled, gazes locked, loving, intense, perfection. Castiel smiled, a small flicker of a grin touching his full lips, before he reached up, claimed a kiss from Dean's mouth, a little innocent, chaste in comparison with the act they'd just performed. Dean closed his eyes, kissed him back, bodies still entwined, happy with the knowledge that now Sam was in his own room, they had all night to pleasure each other, to love each other, to be together ....