Title: Become Like Him
Author: martyred-wings
Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: slash, Dean/Castiel
Spoilers: none.
Warnings: massage?
Word Count: 2610 words
Summary: The wind howled in the night sky outside, threatened to rip apart the air, tossed it in many fragments against the windows in a staccato rhythm.


The wind howled in the night sky outside, threatened to rip apart the air, tossed it in many fragments against the windows in a staccato rhythm. Dean shivered involuntarily, even though it was warm in the morel room itself. The chill sound of the wind outside was getting to him, made him feel cold, made shivers dance across his skin, raising involuntary goose bumps.

He felt the comforting warmth of Castiel's arms wrap around his waist, fingers brushing against the front of his t shirt, to lace delicately against his abdomen, raising goose bumps of a different kind. Dean murmured out a satisfied note of pleasure, as Castiel gently pressed a soft lipped kiss to the side of his neck, mouth lingering upon his skin, breath tickling from his nostrils upon his jaw.

The hunter felt his attention slipping, mind wandering back over the events of the afternoon, of the hunt that had very nearly gone wrong. He'd been hunting a revenant with Sam, had been jumped by said revenant, had hurt his back and shoulders in the ensuing fight, while the revenant had been trying to kill him, steal the life from his body while he still breathed. If not for Sam arriving with the rock salt laden shot gun and the silver bladed knife thrust into the revenant's chest, Dean wouldn't even be alive. A few scrapes, bruises and wrenched muscles were a small price to pay in exchange for his life.

He remembered Sam purposefully calling for Castiel, knowing of the bond that Dean and Castiel shared, the love that tied them together, knew that the angel would heal Dean because of that love, that bond. He'd waited with Dean until Castiel had arrived in a flurry of wings and feathers, before discreetly removing himself from their company, a wistful smile on his face.

Castiel had taken one look at Dean and transported him back to their motel room, wings cutting through the storm tossed night with a strength that contradicted their fragile look.

Dean sighed, closed his eyes, felt Castiel's wings wrap around him in a comforting wave of feathers, as though the angel was trying to keep him warm, protected with his wings. Dean smiled, leant back into Castiel's willing body, closed his eyes against the spray of feathers fanning his face, tilted his head to a different angle, invited Castiel in. The angel pressed his mouth once more to Dean's neck, silken lips working gently against the hunter's skin, suckling a bruise there, teeth nipping, tongue lapping eagerly at Dean's neck.

Dean felt Castiel's hand travel down, slowly, fingers catching and rubbing against his dick, caressing him through his jeans with intent clear in every action. The hunter murmured his approval, his interest, wanted to turn and face Castiel himself, but the angel wouldn't let him. Arms wrapped firmly around Dean's waist, trapped him against the angel's body as effectively as the wings trapped him, leaving Dean no choice but to remain with his back to the angel.

He sighed, his hips moving in time with Castiel's stroking hand, thrusting harder when excitement began to course through his body, sizzling in his veins, his stomach, his groin, as he grew fully erect. His lips parted, but no sound came out and his eyes remained closed as pleasure rolled through him, followed by surprised aggravation when Castiel purposefully pulled away, denied Dean his release.

"Cas - " Dean said, sharply, disappointment apparent in his tone of voice, quickly replaced by a grunt of pain as he shifted, his muscles catching, aching afresh and sending pain through his body.

Castiel caught the movement, the agony in Dean's closed expression, face pinched down shut in sympathy. He walked closer to Dean, sighing in sympathy at the hunter's predicament, resting a gentle hand upon Dean's shoulder.

"Come on, let's get you undressed," he said gently, as he looked purposefully towards the bottle of massage oil left standing upon the bedside table.

Dean smiled, amazed once more at the angel's perceptiveness, his ability to make things appear from seemingly nowhere, expression clearing slightly, although his eyes did not. Castiel could still see how much pain the hunter was in, by the deep seated pain, the slight crinkles in the corner of Dean's eyes, the slight cloudiness to Dean's gaze.

"Help?" Dean asked, reaching for the angel, with a brave attempt at a come hither expression.

The angel had to chuckle slightly at that, before he gave Dean a typically slow, enigmatic nod. He closed the distance between them still further, before he leant in, body pressed protectively against the hunter's, arms wrapped gently around Dean's waist in an all too brief hug.

Dean could feel Castiel's erection pressing against his thigh, hard, insistent, interested, pressed harder still into him when his jeans were finally removed, dropped to the floor at his ankles. Cool air slapped against his skin, made him shiver despite the embrace of Castiel's warm wings, raised further goose bumps on his thighs, upon his ass when Castiel stripped him of his boxers.

At Castiel's encouragement, he kicked his boots off, his jeans away from his ankles, followed by his boxers, sent them all skittering across the floor to shore up against the foot of the nearest bed. He winced at the pull in his shoulders, the twinge of pain in his back, allowed Castiel to gently lead him to the bed, strip his t shirt from around his body, toss it upon the pile of clothes on the floor.

Castiel eased the hunter face down on the bed itself, fingers lingering on Dean's back, gently ghosting across sensitive skin, made Dean shiver against his loving touch.

Dean's eyes closed, as he felt slight warmth left behind wherever Castiel touched, made the hunter groan slightly in pleasure at even that minimal contact. He sighed, eyes drifting closed as he slowly relaxed into the bed, felt the ache in his muscles spread out, settle, become a dull throbbing ache that was niggling, refused to be ignored, didn't quite go away.

He shifted slightly, tried to get more comfortable, couldn't quite find a comfortable spot, felt Castiel's hand rest upon his naked body with gentle, loving concern. Castiel looked down upon the aching hunter, forehead slightly puckered in his concern, lips pouting as he watched shoots of pain course across Dean's face, even though he could see the hunter was trying not to let the pain show.

He reached across the hunter's body, picked up the massage oil, uncapped the lid and squeezed the slightly cool liquid over his palm, across his fingers, breathed in the heady scents of chocolate and coconut, warming the air with their sweet fragrances. He pressed his oil covered hand to Dean's back, straddled his naked body gently, started to massage Dean's ravaged shoulders, worked the oil deep into the cramped and aching muscles, until they started to ease, to relax beneath his manipulative fingers.

He heard Dean's long, drawn out groan of pleasured satisfaction, saw Dean's lips curl into a smile, smiled himself when the hunter pushed back against his hands, urging him to go deeper, travel lower upon his body. His fingers slowly travelled downwards, eased the aches from the middle of Dean's back, before he leant down, pressed a kiss to Dean's neck, made him shudder against the feel of his soft lips against his scented skin.

Dean groaned again, settled further into the mattress, slowly drifting into pleasured sleep beneath the angel's touch. He came awake when he heard the sound of the motel room door opening, the brief blast of cold air announcing Sam's arrival, sleepily grateful that Castiel's body, his ever present trench coat was covering his body.

"Holy crap, dude," Sam said, in surprise at the scene before him. "I'm sorry, I didn't know!"

"That's alright, Sam," Dean heard Castiel respond, voice deep, quiet, sensuous.

"Guess I'm in another room, huh?" Sam asked, without prompting, not sounding as though he really minded. "I'll get my coat."

"You have it on, Sam," Castiel replied, and Dean chuckled at the imagined head tilt of confused doom that the angel no doubt was directing at his brother.

"It's an expression, Cas," Sam responded, sounded amused. "I'll see you both in the morning."

"Night, Sam," Dean said, sleepily, before he yawned loudly, breathing in the intoxicating scents of chocolate and coconut hanging heavily around him.

He felt Castiel's body shift upon his, felt the angel's erection press more solidly into his back, murmured in pleasure, before Sam left, a gust of wind and spatters of rain upon the carpet announcing his departure. The door closed quietly behind his brother, hiding Sam's grin from Dean himself, butt not from Castiel. The angel chuckled to himself, before returning to his former task of manipulating the muscles of Dean's back.

He leant in, erection rubbing against Dean's ass as he kissed Dean's shoulder blade, hands slowing to a stop upon the hunter's skin. He licked across Dean's shoulder, nibbled gently upon the hunter's neck, a purr settled deep within his throat when Dean murmured in pleasure.

The hunter's eyes opened when he felt Castiel's warmth leave him, watched as the angel stood, , removed his trench coat, suit jacket, started work on his tie hastily. He looked up and over at Dean, smiled slightly at Dean's scrutiny at the way the hunter's eyes travelled over his body, lingering upon his erection bulging against the front of his pants, eyes widening hungrily.

The angel worked his tie loose, pulled it over his head, and worked at unbuttoning his shirt, fumbling clumsily over the fastenings in his haste. He worked them loose at last, piled the shirt on top of the rest of his discarded clothes, before he unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled them free from his slim hips.

Dean's breath caught in his throat, a groan rumbled in his chest as his eyes raked over Castiel's slightly tanned skin, his slim frame, his dick as it sprang free from the angel's boxers when he pulled them free. The hunter felt need coil through him, wanted the angel, needed him inside him, to fill him and make him feel good.

He watched as Castiel came closer, climbed onto the bed, straddled Dean's body, eyes large, needy yet somehow deceptively innocent as he stared down at the hunter beneath him. Castiel smiled, full lips curving at the corners, as his eyes flickered downwards, demurely, flickered back up to Dean's face once more. He leant down, claimed a kiss from Dean's willing mouth, body covering Dean's completely in its warmth, massage oil slicking against the skin of his chest.

His erection pressed into the small of Dean's back, strained, smearing pre-cum in the small hollow where back met the curve of Dean's ass and the hunter murmured, begged encouragingly for Castiel to do something. His cock was digging painfully into the bed, wanted release, needed Castiel inside him.

Castiel pulled away from Dean's kiss, away from Dean's body, knelt over Dean, encouraged the hunter to kneel on hands and knees before him. Dean's eyes fluttered closed, lips parted as Castiel stroked across his hole, fingers gently skimming across the tight ring of muscles with oil slicked fingers, before he eased one finger inside him gently.

Dean hissed, dick throbbing painfully as he clamped down around Castiel, tight muscles restricting, gently relaxing by degrees until finally the angel could ease his finger in, slowly loosening the hunter's muscles in readiness for his own entrance. Dean's hips slowly started to rock against his hand, picking up a natural rhythm as Dean fucked himself back onto Castiel, mewls of need dropping from between his lips, louder still when the angel slipped in another finger and rubbed over Dean's prostate.

Dean started crying out for Castiel, turned his name into an almost chant, his dick growing uncomfortably hard, needed release, needed to come, yet remained untouched for now. He felt Castiel start rutting against his leg, dick rubbing pleasurably against his thigh, small grunts easing from between ripe lips as he did so.

The angel slid his fingers free from Dean's body, scooped more oil from Dean's back, spread it carefully over his straining erection, cries falling from his ripe lips as he pleasured himself, eyes resting on Dean kneeling before him. He loved seeing Dean knelt before him, waiting, willing, ready, dick hard, cheeks flushed in agonised want, breath straining in his throat and all for him, all for Castiel.

He positioned himself behind Dean, pushed his legs impatiently wider, before he eased his dick inside Dean's tight warm hole, cried out when his velvet heat surrounded his cock luxuriously. He waited until Dean relaxed around him, allowing him to fully sheathe his dick inside him, shuddering with eagerness as Dean surrounded him.

He thrust deep inside the hunter, heard Dean cry out in pleasure, , withdrew, held himself back as he enjoyed the feel of Dean's hole snagging against his head. Dena pushed back, fucked himself hard against Castiel until the angel was fully sheathed inside him again, made Castiel cry out at the exquisite feel of Dean surrounding him once more. Still he didn't move, shuddered instead against the hunter, only started thrusting inside Dean when he protested almost angrily.

Dean's cries turned into full blown yells of pleasure, all stiffness and sore muscles forgotten in the rush of lust and excitement coursing through him, as he fucked himself hard onto Castiel's dick, loved the feel of him moving inside him, filling him, rubbing pleasurably across his prostate. Dean reached up, wrapped insistent fingers around Castiel's hand, moved it down, wrapped the angel's fingers around his straining dick, whimpered when Castiel started jerking him off roughly, in time with his hard thrusts.

He felt the familiar tingle of climax pull behind his navel, build up like so many pins and needles inside him, racing through him, coursing through his dick until he came, released his come across their hands, splashing across the sheets beneath him. He yelled loudly for Castiel, fucked himself hard against him with the force of his orgasm, muscles tightening around the angel's dick. Castiel cried out, shuddered against the hunter, felt his orgasm building behind his navel, before he let go, spurted his release inside Dean, filled him with his come.

The angel shuddered against Dean, his wings unfurling sharply to stutter in the air, light catching on the shadowed, feathered surfaces until they glinted, sparkled, looked beautiful. Dean slumped against the bed, as Castiel withdrew his already softening member, turned to look up at the angel settling down beside him on the bed. Castiel looked perfect, sated, cheeks flushed, eyes half closed in the remnants of pleasure left behind, beautiful in the light.

Dean leant across, one hand resting gently upon Castiel's chest, gently kissed the angel upon his silken lips, slight murmurs of pleasure filling the air about them as they kissed. Castiel tasted of purity, light, love, life, gentleness seeping through his very being, in the way he touched Dean, seemed to infuse Dean with his own purity and love. Dean murmured, opened himself up to Castiel, let him in, bathed in his perfection, hoped to one day become like him.

Castiel broke the kiss, stared intently at Dean, before he said - "One day, you will be. You're almost there."

Dean could only smile, stunned into premature silence by the angel's perceptiveness, watched as Castiel smiled enigmatically back. All Dean could do was trust Castiel, believe him, believe in him and hope that he was right ....