Title: Love Is An Angel
Author: martyred-wings
Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: slash, Dean/Castiel
Spoilers: none.
Warnings: sex in a public bathroom
Word Count: 3300 words
Summary: Beneath the table, he felt Castiel's leg pressed close against his own, felt the angel's fingers gently caress his knee, travelled higher up his leg, caress his thigh.
Title taken from lyrics from "Because the night" by Patti Smith.


The sun bathed the sidewalk outside, hot enough to crack the concrete, make the pedestrians outside hot, sweaty, hazy in the heat as they went on their way on mysterious errands unknown. Dean watched them pass, eyes only half interested in the people outside. Beneath the table, he felt Castiel's leg pressed close against his own, felt the angel's fingers gently caress his knee, travelled higher up his leg, caress his thigh.

The hunter turned his face to Castiel's, saw the need, the love reflected deep within the angel's luminous blue eyes, which seemed depthless, endless, seemed only for him. Dean smiled, wanted to touch Castiel, kiss him, just rest in his arms for the shortest of times, but the public place and his brother sitting across the table from them prevented him. Even though both Castiel and Dean himself were comfortable with the relationship, Sam still wasn't - at least not yet.

Sam cleared his throat, shifted in his seat uncomfortably, stared pointedly out of the window, as Castiel continued to caress Dean's leg gently. Dean heard the faint sounds of wings unfurling, felt their feathery embrace curl around his shoulders even though the wings themselves remained unseen. He closed his eyes, lips parted, wanted Castiel, felt his heart stall momentarily with love directed towards the angel. His hand dropped, stroked Castiel's fingers beneath the table, made the angel purr in satisfaction.

"Here's your pie, sir," came a cheerful voice from nearby, breaking the strained silence as a plate of steaming hot apple pie with a scoop of rapidly melting ice cream was placed in front of Dean, made him start and jump at the sudden intrusion. "And your pancakes."

A plate bearing pancakes heavily drowned in syrup was placed before Sam, who finally tore his gaze from the view outside to direct a smile at the waitress standing beside him. She smiled slightly back, before directing her gaze towards Castiel.

"You sure you don't want anything, hon?" she asked, leaning forward slightly to catch Castiel's attention, made him break eye contact from Dean.

The angel's eyes flicked towards the waitress' momentarily, as he shook his head firmly. His face was expressionless when he looked upon the waitress, was devoid of the emotion he held for Dean.

"I have all that I need, thank you," he said, voice seeming gruffer than usual in the close confines of the diner, made Sam retch quietly across the table.

Dean kicked Sam beneath the table, eyes dark with a frown, as he openly smiled at Castiel beside him. Sam snorted out a laugh, but didn't apologize, didn't say anything at all. The waitress shrugged, lips quirked downwards in a - "Your loss" - gesture at Castiel, before she turned to leave. Within seconds she was gone, lost in the depths of busy lunchtime crowds, going on her way to serve others.

Dean dug into his pie, eyes alight with hunger, before he scooped the mouth sized piece with a generous helping of the ice cream into his mouth. He chewed slowly, appreciatively, eyes closed as he groaned quietly, cheeks slightly bulging around his mouthful. His tongue licked out, swept across dribbles of ice cream threatening to fall from between his lips, saved them just in time and smiled at the creamy sweetness sliding down his throat.

"This is really good pie," he said, eyes opening, rolling towards the ceiling in further appreciation, as he pointed towards his plate with his fork.

Sam merely grunted, too intent on pushing a forkful of his pancakes into his mouth to form a proper response. Castiel watched Dean, closely, lips parted, eyes tracking Dean's every move, leant in closer, transfixed as he watched Dean eating. His tongue peeked out from between his lips, licked languidly across his lower lip, made Sam squirm uncomfortably across the table, small choking sounds coming from his mouth as crumbs from his pancakes slid down his throat too fast, started to look a little more uncomfortable than he was already.

Dean looked up at his brother, looked over at Castiel, smiled at him from around his current mouthful, before he pushed his plate towards the transfixed angel. Castiel didn't look at the plate, never took his eyes from Dean's face, soft lips still parted in a sensuous pout, eyes large, pleading, loving in his face. Dean chuckled, then held a dripping forkful towards Castiel's mouth.

"Try some, it's good," he said, voice low, inviting, sensuous, as he held the fork closer to the angel's mouth, so close some of the ice cream dripped onto Castiel's lower lip.

Castiel's tongue peeked out, swept across his lip, captured every last droplet of ice cream from the soft surface, before he took the mouthful of pie from the fork. His eyes closed as he grunted out his appreciation, tongue licking at stray crumbs peppered across his full lips. Dean couldn't take his eyes from the eating angel, mouth slightly open, breath catching in his throat at the sensuous sight the angel made beside him, full lips pushing out with every chew, every bite, every low, guttural moan that squeezed past his constricted throat.

Sam shifted, attracted Dean's attention back to his brother for the briefest of moments, saw that despite Sam's initial discomfort, he looked quite amused, even touched by their public show of affection, a faint hint of what almost was jealousy trapped deep within his gaze.

"Come on, Sammy, don't tell me you've never done this with Ruby?" Dean asked, smiling back at him, correctly interpreting the look trapped deep within his brother's eyes.

Sam's lips quirked, brows pulled together in the slightest of frowns, and Dean knew the answer before Sam even spoke it. The answer was obvious by the tension in his face, the set of his shoulders drawn up almost around his ears, the vague hint of misery trapped behind his eyes.

"No, never," came his brother's simple, quiet response. "I don't think she'd let me."

Dean smiled sadly at his brother, saw the look his brother gave Castiel, as though finally he was beginning to accept Dean's relationship with the angel, had finally started coming to terms with it. Again, was that look of jealousy, stronger now than before, the realization in Sam's pointed gaze that Dean was the lucky one, in that he'd found someone to call his own, to love, to look after. Dean watched his brother, smiled again, didn't protest when Castiel reached out to take his hand almost possessively, fingers stroking delicately against his own.

Castiel was watching him languidly, eyes loving, a smile trapped deep within them, as his wings continued gently caressing Dean's skin in invisible sweeps, made Dean shiver pleasurably at the contact. Dean broke off another piece of the apple filled pastry before he placed it near the angel's mouth once more, tempting him with sweet delights. Castiel leant in, took it from Dean's fork, before stealing an apple flavored kiss from Dean's surprised mouth. His eyes never left Dean's when the kiss ended, when the angel drew back, licking his lips free of ice cream, and Sam even had to make a surprised murmur of approval at the gesture.

Dean returned the kiss, more forcefully, didn't care if they were in public, didn't care if Sam was sitting right in front of them; all he thought of was Castiel, of how he made him feel, of how much he loved the angel. His heart thundered in his chest, threatened to overcome him, as Castiel tried to further deepen the kiss, tried to slip his tongue inside Dean's mouth, but Dean pulled away, reluctantly. It was too soon, too public to do more than slight. gentle kisses; some things were better left to when they were alone, saved for a more private time.

Castiel smiled, full lips pushed sensuously out, knew that Dean's reluctance wasn't a rejection but embarrassment instead, the need for privacy. Dean smiled back, eyes never leaving the angel's as he wiped crumbs from Castiel's cheek tenderly.

"I should go," Sam said quietly, breaking the silence finally, gently, as he watched Dean and Castiel closely. "I think you need some time alone."

When both Dean and Castiel looked sharp askance up at Sam, he smiled, waved away their questions before any could be formed, smiled again gently.

"I'm not - I don't know. I dunno what to say, other than I'm happy for you, I really am. I think you work together - are gonna be good together. I just think you need the space right now," he said, as he stood slowly, chair legs scraping harshly against the floor of the diner. "I'll walk back to the motel - I need the fresh air."

He turned, left without another word, glancing back only once, revealing the smallest of smiles still trapped on his face - a smile that, for once, reached his eyes, seemed more genuine in its pleasure, final acceptance.

"Is he alright?" Dean asked, a small frown creasing his forehead, one eyebrow raised at his brother's retreating back.

"I think that was Sam's way of giving us his blessing, Dean," Castiel supplied, quietly, pleasure shining from his face, made him look younger, more child-like, innocent. "I think he's finally accepted we're in love."

"Oh, thank God," Dean muttered, as he slumped back in his seat, breath leaving his mouth as tension he didn't realize had been stiffening his body left him in a sudden rush.

"We are, aren't we?" Castiel asked, amusement lodged in his eyes, even as the rest of his face remained hopeful, too deceptively innocent.

"We are what?" Dean asked, still too distracted by the acceptance - finally - of Sam to properly listen to the angel's words.

"In love," Castiel repeated, quietly, his voice deeper, a sensuous purr, as he traced gentle patterns on the back of Dean's hand, wings caressing him in their gentle embrace once more.

The hunter closed his eyes, swallowed with some effort, as his cock gave an interested jerk at the prolonged contact.

"Yes, oh, God, yes, we are," Dean said, tongue sweeping across his lips, before Castiel leant in, pressed needy lips against Dean's own.

This time, Dean didn't protest, kissed Castiel back properly, open mouthed and wet, before he pulled away once more.

"We need to leave. Now," he growled, lust apparent, heavy in his eyes, there for Castiel to see, as arousal hung heavily between them.

Castiel gave him one of his long, slow nods, eyes never leaving Dean's, even when the hunter stood, chair scraping against the floor in an echo of Sam's mere moments before. He dropped enough money on the table top to cover the bill, with a minimal tip, before he all but pulled Castiel from the table, fully intending to take him to the car, to drive him somewhere secluded, to give in to the desires raging through him.

They didn't get that far. Castiel pulled them both into the diner's bathroom, thankfully empty, before he locked the door behind them with a single wave of his hand. Despite the privacy, he still dragged Dean into the nearest cubicle, impatient growls dropping from between soft lips, as his eyes betrayed the lust he felt for Dean, love mingling with the baser emotion, made it seem more complex.

Dean closed the door to the cubicle firmly, pressed Castiel against the flimsy wall with his body, pressed a kiss to the angel's mouth, hesitant at first, slowly deepening by degrees as their tongues met, danced, started fucking into each other's mouths desperately, hungrily. Their hands roamed over each other's bodies, caressed everywhere they could reach, erections pressing hard against the other.

Castiel made a small noise, a whine of impatient need deep within his throat, fumbled at Dean's belt, his zipper, wanted to feel Dean heavy in his hands, inside him, wanted Dean to fuck him, pleasure him, make him feel good. Finally, finally, he freed Dean's cock from restrictive jeans, thin cotton boxer shorts, wrapped eager fingers around Dean's erection, and started to stroke firm, fast, breath exploding from hunter's mouth as Dean pulled away.

Dean cried out, thrust his hips against Castiel's palm leant in, trapped Castiel's stroking hand between them and started fucking, rutting against both Castiel's hand and his body. Helpless cries fell from Dean's mouth as Castiel continued to pleasure him, skilful fingers bringing him to the edge of orgasm, and Dean felt himself slowly teetering upon the precipice. He tried to hold on, tried to hold back, but finally he gave in, released himself in thick strands of come over Castiel's hand, over his dark pants, as a strangled cry of desire squeezed past his lips, squeezed from his throat as he continued to thrust uselessly against Castiel's body.

Breath dragged from his throat, his nostrils, sweat running down his back as Castiel kissed him, tongue sliding into Dean's open, pliant mouth, as they fucked each other's mouths once more. Dean had never felt so weak, so much in the hands of another as he did with Castiel, and the hunter liked the feeling. He pressed home his advantage, pressed Castiel more forcefully against the cubicle wall, stole kiss after kiss after kiss as he unbuckled, unzipped the angel's pants one handed. He felt Castiel's erection press against his hand, as he pulled the angel's briefs down, smelt the heady scent of arousal heavy on the air, surrounding them both, turned them on still further.

Castiel's hands rose, pushed on Dean's shoulders, pushed him back against the far cubicle wall, before he said - "Turn around, Dean."

The tone of his voice wasn't a request, was more like a command, an angelic decree; voice harsh, guttural, needy, demanding and Dean did as he'd been bidden without question. His cheek pressed against the wooden wall, eyes closed, lips parted in a long drawn out note of need, as he heard Castiel spit hastily onto his hand, spit again, before he felt Castiel press one finger inside him, made him feel weak, pleasured, muscles clenching around Castiel, slowly relaxing against the intrusion, let Castiel press home his advantage, ease his finger further in.

Dean moaned, hands clenching on thin air, as Castiel stretched the tight ring of muscles wider, looser, added another finger, stroked across his prostate and made him cry out wordlessly for the angel. Dean fucked himself against Castiel's hand, thrust his hips hard against the angel's hand, wanted Castiel himself inside him, pleasuring him.

He sighed when he felt Castiel withdraw his fingers, cried out a needy "yes!" when Castiel forcefully spread his legs wider, leant in to gently bite Dean's neck, his shoulder, cock pressing hard against Dean's bare ass. He leant away, spat into his hand once more, and Dean heard the sounds of Castiel stroking himself, pleasuring himself behind him, breaths gasping from parted lips, groans working their way loose from restricted throat, as his fingers worked across his engorged member.

"Please, Cas," Dean begged, pushing his hips back, felt his ass press against Castiel's hand, against his erection, tried to slide the angel's arousal between his cheeks.

Castiel took the not so subtle hint, slowly eased his cock inside Dean, waited against the initial resistance, sheathed himself further inside Dean's tight velvet warmth with a strangled, unintelligible cry of such want, such need, Dean cried out helplessly.

Castiel shuddered against Dean, breath hitching in his throat, before he withdrew almost to the head, thrust himself hard inside his hunter, and Dean rocked his hips against the angel's, encouraged him to go harder, faster, deeper.

Castiel's hands gripped Dean's hips, pinched the flesh hard between nerveless fingers, as he fucked Dean hard, felt the hunter tight around his cock, pleasuring him as much as he was pleasuring Dean himself. Their bodies rocked sensuously, cries turning into almost screams the closer they came to climax, before Castiel's hand reached round, brushed against the hunter's body, wrapped around Dean's straining arousal, started stroking him hard. Dean wrapped his own hand around Castiel's, matched the angel stroke for stroke, jerked Dean off together.

Dean fucked himself back onto Castiel's cock, felt him press against his prostate, send thrills of pleasure coursing through his body with every thrust, every grunt that fell from Castiel's lips, every loud cry and declaration of love. Dean felt Castiel's soul wrap around his own once more, felt bliss course through him borrowed from the angel, felt Castiel's sprit vibrate, almost purr with continuous pleasure and arousal. Dean gave into Castiel, let the angel ride him, wrap around him, own him, felt love shared between them as easily as breathing.

Dean lost himself to Castiel, gave himself up to him, gave everything he could give and willingly, spilling his release in hot spurts against the cubicle wall, covered Castiel's hand and his own with his come, screamed for Castiel repeatedly, almost wept with the sheer perfection of the moment.

Castiel felt Dean, felt his soul give himself up to all that Castiel was, placed his heart, his mind, his sprit willingly in Castiel's hands, and in turn, the angel shared everything he had with Dean in that one moment, gave himself up to Dean willingly, felt their souls mingle, combine, until it seemed as though they were one, so lost, entwined were they in each other. He felt Dean clench tight around him, his cock stimulated by Dean's orgasm and Castiel let go, filled Dean with his come, marked him still further as his own.

He leant into Dean's body, nuzzled the nape of Dean's neck with his mouth, kissed the sensitive skin, made Dean shiver against him, moan quietly, eyelids fluttering against closed eyes. Dean moaned as Castiel gently withdrew, heard him sigh, sated breath tickling against the sensitive skin of his neck, before the angel leant in, pressed a tender kiss on the hunter's cheek, soft lips warm against his skin.

Dean's eyes opened, stared blindly, as a smile touched his lips. His breath slowed, calmed, faded back to normal, as his eyes focused, blinked at Castiel, who was smiling at him. Their attention was attracted by the sound of an impatient hammering at the bathroom door, an angry voice demanding admittance, made Dean and Castiel smile ruefully at each other in sudden embarrassment, like naughty school children caught out at something they shouldn't be doing.

"We should go," Castiel murmured, his voice a husky murmur against Dean's neck, and Dean nodded wordlessly back at him.

They hastily pulled their pants back in place around their hips, came out from the cubicle, before Castiel unlocked the bathroom door, with a determined twist of his hand. The man outside, who'd been hammering and shouting came in, a scowl darkening his face, looking almost ready to swing, lash out at anyone in his way.

"Dude! Dude, wait! Maintenance! There was a blockage - it's gone now," Dean said, quickly, hands raised to forestall a punch.

Castiel remained steadfast, didn't flinch in the face of the man's anger; just stared at him, hardly blinking under the man's anger.

"Maintenance, huh? Is that so? What took you so long? I've been waiting out there forever," the man growled.

"Like I said, blockage. Now, it's gone and so are we," Dean said, reaching out to pull Castiel from the room, out of the way of danger from angry men.

Castiel let himself be led, eyes blinking innocently in the brightness of the diner after the gloom of the bathroom, angry man soon forgotten as they walked from the diner out into the hot day battering the sidewalk. Neither spoke, just walked languidly to Dean's car, climbed in and drove away, engine purring to break the comfortable silence between them ...