Title: I'm Trying To Keep Up, I Wish You All The Luck
By: clockstopper
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~1456 words
Summary: He’s not sure why they don’t just get two rooms. Small little vignette from an AU that I'm working on that didn't have a place within the bigger story. Sam's POV.

He’s not sure why they don’t just get two rooms.

It probably has something to do with the fact that Dean is afraid he’s going to disappear any minute. Sam knows Dean well enough to know that that’s what’s going through his head. That Sam’s going to disappear for a year again, that he’s going to start sneaking out in the middle of the night.

He almost can’t blame Dean.

It’s made worse by the fact that Sam just doesn’t want to talk about it. He doesn’t want to talk about the things that he did the past year and he knows that’s hypocritical considering Dean’s been to hell and Sam couldn’t stop pestering him about that. Dean’s apparently a much bigger believer in space that Sam had been, something Sam knows but still gets shocked by every once in awhile.

Sam knows he’s twitchy. He knows that he probably looks ready to bolt, but he’s not because he wants to be here, with Dean. It’s taken him a year to realize it, but he does.

He knows this is where he’s supposed to be.

It’s the way they did things before and it’s somewhat comfortable. One room and two beds and guns under the pillows, salt lining the door and windows.

But that was before.

Now there’s Castiel.

And it’s not that Castiel is a burden or anything. In fact, he’s the total opposite. Castiel is quiet and he doesn’t cause trouble and he’s fantastic at research. He’s kind of lousy with a shotgun, but he’s okay with a pistol and his hand-to-hand combat skills are getting better and better each day.

It’s actually nice to have someone to talk to in the Impala that isn’t Dean.

But there’s the cuddling.

Just cuddling. Sam’s ridiculously glad that it’s just cuddling.

Except he’s not at the same time.

Because Sam thinks if he were walking in on sex, then it would be par for the course. He’d yell and whine and tell Dean that Dean was a pervert and a jerk.

And then Dean would call him a whiny bitch and continue what he was doing and he’d smirk and Sam would rolls his eyes and wait it out in the Impala.

Sure it would be a little weird considering Castiel seems to be doing this whole hunting thing with them, but then Sam would know it was just sex.

Sex with a fallen angel of the Lord who happens to be a guy, but still, sex.

But it’s not sex. It’s cuddling.

It’s Castiel, on his stomach, sprawled with his arm dangling on the side of the bed. Dean’s on his stomach too, one of legs locked between Castiel’s, arm throw over Castiel’s body. Dean’s other arm is under the pillow and Sam knows Dean’s got his hand wrapped around a gun, which is typical Dean, but Dean being practically on top of Castiel is not.

They’re both fully clothed, which is typical Dean and Castiel must have picked up the habit too, though Sam guesses that the whole sleeping thing is new to Castiel anyway. They’re facing each other, lips almost touching and it’s like their breaths are coming at the same time, perfect and in sync and Sam would think they were doing it on purpose except for the fact that they’re asleep.

It just means they’re extremely comfortable with each other.

And Sam knows that. They’ve had to get close because it’s the apocalypse and everybody that’s able to fight in it, has to. They’ve had to get close because Castiel is human now and Dean had to teach him, make sure he knew enough to not get himself killed out there. They’ve had to get close because of the situation.

But Dean frets over him. Any small cut and Dean’s bringing out the first aid kit even though Castiel tells him not to. Dean’s hands linger too long and doesn’t mind Castiel being in his space, though maybe that’s not as different as before.

Which probably should’ve been Sam’s first clue.

This is not just about sex and Sam doesn’t know what to do with that.

Dean’s maybe been serious about one girl in his life and it was like pulling teeth to get Dean to admit anything about that. It’s just the way the Dean is and Sam would really appreciate it if Dean would be so close to the chest about his sexcapades as he is about the people he actually gives a shit about.

The thing that gets Sam is that they’re not acting that different then before. If Dean where being mushy and lovey dovey, Sam would think he was possessed and be able to write it off as that. But Dean is the same Dean, stubborn and hard headed and slightly impatient, even with Castiel.

Dean in love is not that different from just regular old Dean.

Except for the fact that Dean in love is pretty cuddly.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Sam says one day while they’re cleaning weapons.

Castiel is out getting lunch for them because it’s his turn and that’s just all part of the weirdness that is their lives, but Sam can deal with that.

“I know.”

Dean’s so methodical about it, gets himself lost in it and he doesn’t even look up when Sam talks, just twists his eyebrows and sighs.

“So… we could get separate rooms.”

He stops slightly, just ever so slightly and if you didn’t know Dean then you wouldn’t have noticed it. You wouldn’t have noticed the way his hands slip just a bit, the rag falling throw his fingers, but he makes it look like its part of the process.

“We don’t need separate rooms,” Dean says.

Sam sighs.

“You guys could…”

“We are so not talking about this, dude.”

And that does get him to look up. Sam frowns.

“I already…”

“Said I was fucked? Yeah, I know. We’ve been down this road.”

“Dude, I’m just saying. I mean, okay, I could’ve handled it better, but… this is me giving my blessing.”

Dean quirks an eyebrow.




“You told me you loved him.”

Dean sighs and puts down his gun, hands resting on his thighs and his lip quirks a bit, eyes narrowing and Sam sighs.


“So I thought, maybe… I mean you’d want some alone…”

“I’ve had a whole year alone with him, Sammy,”

Sam shakes his head.

“You know what I mean.”

“You really don’t want to know the details of my sex life, Sam, so why are you asking?”

“I’m not. I’m just saying that two rooms would mean that you could actually have a sex life.”

“Cas doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal,” Dean mutters.

Sam frowns.

“What, he doesn’t like sex?”

“Oh, he likes sex.”

Sam’s frown deepens.

“Dude, you totally cannot blame me for that one. You walked right into it. And that’s not… that’s not it okay. He says that he’s just happy being with me,” Dean says.

He rushes his words like he can’t believe what he’s saying and Sam can’t quite believe what he’s saying either, but then there’s the cuddling.

“And you… you’re okay with it too?”

Dean doesn’t say anything, but the uncomfortable look on his face says enough.

This Dean in love thing is so weird.

“Look, why don’t we… why don’t we get like a place,” he mutters.

“A place?”

“Yeah, like a base of operations? Cas isn’t really that great of a hunter and he knows it. Used to be he could just look at a demon and touch its forehead and burn it out, you know. He feels better doing the geek boy thing.”

“You want to get a place?”

Dean shrugs.

“Could be the apocalypse is going to be here soon. People are gonna start freaking and who knows how much longer we can move from motel to motel. We could ask Bobby. See if he can set us up somewhere.

Sam nods.

“That sounds like a pretty good idea.”

Dean snorts.

“Yeah, I have them every once in awhile.”

Sam sighs.


“And maybe if we had our own rooms in the same place it would keep you from insisting on these chick flick moments, man. I never knew my love life was so interesting to you.”

Sam snorts and rolls his eyes.

“Yeah, well, the apocalypse is a more boring than I thought it would be.”

Dean laughs and he picks up his gun again, starts cleaning it and Sam knows that means it’s time to stop talking.

But something tells Sam that this isn’t going to be the end of the chick flick moments.

They never are when cuddles are involved.