Title: Night Out
Author: vaderina
Rating: PG-13
Genre and/or Pairing: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel, very little Dean/Sam and Castiel/Gabriel
Spoilers: None?
Warnings: Drunken antics, one Dean/Sam and one Castiel/Gabriel kiss
Word Count: ~ 2500
Summary: Gabriel takes Castiel out for the night but they keep Dean and Sam up to date on their antics.


Dean looked at the angels sprawled on the beds, oblivious to the world and shook his head. He should have known that the evening was going to go something like this. When Gabriel showed up announcing that his little brother needs a night off and whisked them away, Dean should have suspected that it did not mean he and Sammy would have an angel free, 'brotherly bonding' night. The first sign was the first text he got from Cas.


Cas 10:14
Gabriel is procuring us drinks and left me in the company of a young lady who keeps closing one eye. She says she hasn't got anything in her eye, nor has she got a muscle twitch. What is she doing then? And why? Is this another human custom? Castiel.


With a smile, Dean had texted back to explain that the lady in question was winking and probably looking for a bit of 'fun'. However, the smile faded with the reply that came back.


Cas 10.22

I told her to seek fun elsewhere as I already have enough fun with you. Gabriel laughed and made me down another pint. I think I like beer. Cas x


Dean was torn between laughing and gaping at his phone. Since when did Cas like beer? That was new. But he still didn't get sexual advances. With a sigh, Dean realised that some things will never change. It was silent from Cas and Gabe for the next few hours. Dean was just hoping they were not causing too much of a stir. Though he had seen Cas drink to little effect, so it was safe to assume they were keeping a low profile. That illusion was somewhat shattered a little while later.


Cas 00.41

beer is fun!!!! gbrile says im tispy but im not.


Cas 00.42

Gabiel here. Castiel is on his merry way to plastered. Me too.


Cas 00.45

gbierl sinnned. stoole mphooe. Had to down or up? 3 shotsd. to get it bcck


There were many things Dean had expected, but drunk texts from angels? Even that was a surprise for him. Sam quietly snickered next to him until his phone buzzed signalling the arrival of a message.


"Holy shit." he breathed quietly. Dean's head whipped up to look at his little brother in time for him to start laughing uncontrollably. Taking the phone from loose fingers, Dean looked at the message. I was a photo of Cas holding two shot glasses in front of is eyes, with a sloppy, drunk smile. One glance at it had Dean join his brother in a hapless heap of laughter.


"I take it, Gabe has some magic beer and shots to get an angel drunk." he gasped out.


"We so need some! Spike their drinks every once in a while." Sam agreed. As their laughing fits died down, Dean's phone gave out a beep. Another message. With a small apprehensive groan Dean opened it and fought hard to suppress what could have been classified as a giggle. He shoved the phone at his brother who gave a snort. This time, the star of the picture was Gabriel, surrounded by empty glasses of varying sizes, the only thing they had in common was that they were all empty. Gabriel himself had a finger up as if explaining something serious in drunken earnestness. It would have looked convincing too, were his eyes not slightly unfocussed and if he wasn't using the bar for support to such an extent. The next hour was spent with Dean and Sam laughing at the angel's antics and trying to figure out just what they were doing in some of them. Some were fairly obvious. There were only so many things you could do with a pole in a nightclub. Though Dean would never admit it, he liked the one of Cas with the pole. And not just for the way the angel was wrapped around it. His head was thrown back as he was laughing like he hadn't a care in the world. It looked nice on him. Dean only wished it could be he who got such a response out of the normally stoic angel. Other pictures that weren't like a puzzle for the MENSA entry test included Gabriel air guitaring with his tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth, drinking with about 5 straws and one of the two angels, arms slung round shoulders seemingly swaying to the music, free arms in the air both grinning like the idiots they were.


The more complicated pictures involved some discussion and rock, paper, scissors to resolve just what they depicted. One was of Cas, bent at the waist, part of the picture blurred from the speed of the motion.


"About to puke." Sam had assessed.


"Head banging." Dean countered.


"Cas? Head banging? Dean, I don't think he even knows what that is."


"It's not hard to do it. And if he were puking, he wouldn't be smiling."


"Fair play."


"This one...uh? Dean? Are they?"


"Huh. Didn't think they had it in them. Dirty dancing."




"It's just dancing Sammy. Chill. It's not like they are doing anything that involves removing clothes. Let them have fun."


"You not fussed about Cas dancing with someone else?"


"No. It's Gabe, they're OK. You OK with Gabe dancing?"


"Um...well, I guess they are brothers, so...I guess."


The next picture beeped up on the phone.


"Sam, is that...?" Dean stared at the picture.


"Surely not! No!" Sam gasped.


"But...they...no! That's just wrong! And they're brothers! And...Cas...he..." Dean looked pissed and betrayed. Sam looked at the picture again.


"Wrong, and yeah, neither are exactly available, and I'm sure as hell not letting Gabe get away with this...but..."Sam cast a glance at Dean then looked away before he said "...kinda hot." The blush across his cheeks spoke volumes about his statement. Dean shot him a look of disbelief before he looked back at the picture. Sam shot him a curious look as his brother made no verbal response to his comment.


"Huh. Kind, yeah." Dean slowly nodded. "But Cas is so not getting any for the next week."


Sam snorted. "Yeah. But, I was thinking..." he broke off.


"What?" Dean looked at his brother.


"Nothing. Just a stupid idea. And I'm not ever drunk." Sam looked away.


"No, what?" Dean pushed, though a knowing smile played on his lips.


"Nothing, OK? Just drop it." Sam regretted opening his big stupid mouth.


"You thought about it didn't you?" Dean teased.


"No. I mean, what?" Sam's blush crept back at twice the shade.


"We should return the favour." Dean grinned and Sam dropped his gaze with a small nod. Before the conversation could continue, a series of photos arrived on Dean's phone. The first was Castiel slumped on the bar, head resting on his arms, eyes closed. The next was pretty much the same, but one bleary eye was open. The next was frowning. Then a few snap shots of him reaching out towards the phone. The final was a dark picture as his hand closed over the offending object. Dean smiled affectionately at the photos.


"He is so out of it."


Sam nodded in agreement, still too dumbstruck at how on board his brother was with his earlier idea.


"So," Dean carried on, "about returning the favour. You game?"


Wide eyed, Sam searched his older brother's face for a sign of a joke. What he saw was raw curiosity and a tinge of hope in Dean's eyes. A spark of interest fired in Sam and he swallowed. He took a deep breath and gave Dean a small, unsure smile.


"Sure, if you are."


Dean scooted closer to his brother and brought a hand up to his cheek, thumb caressing his bottom lip softly. The other hand slowly brought the camera level with their faces. Leaning their foreheads together, Dean smiled.


"Say cheese!" he whispered and closed the gap. As their lips met in a way they were never meant to Sam heard the click of the camera. Dean's hand held him in place as he angled their heads, letting his lips fall open in an invitation for Sam. Giddy on the forbidden high, Sam let his tongue slowly sneak into the opening, caressing an unfamiliar path into the other man's mouth. Sam was no prude, and when he had grown accustomed to the new territory and taste of his brother, he teased Dean's tongue into a war of dominance while bringing his own hands to cup his brother's face. The taste was alien to start with, a heady mix of sweet and spicy, while grounding and almost earthy. The taboo of their actions adding to the allure of it. The phone dropped to the floor as Dean let himself be drawn into their tongue battle and let his other hand drift to the back of Sam's neck, grasping at the longer hair there.


When they pulled apart, their lips were swollen and red, both of them breathless in the aftermath. With a shy smile, Dean bent down to retrieve his phone while Sam composed himself.


"Let's see what we have for the family album." Dean joked, easing the sudden tension. Flicking through the photos, they agreed on one to send to both angels and eagerly anticipated their response. The wait was eating away at them, neither quite sure of the correct etiquette when you make out with your own brother to get a reaction from his angel boyfriend who just so happened to kiss your boyfriend who was also his brother. Sam shook his head, not even their love life could be simple. After 15 minutes of no reply, Sam began to wonder whether this had been a phenomenally bad idea and if both angels had taken great offence and just upped and left them. Just as he was about to voice is concern, Dean's phone rang.


"Deeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan" The single syllable name seemed to have multiplied as it fell from Cas' mouth on the loud speaker Dean had put the phone on.


"Cas?" Dean asked, worry colouring his voice and furrowing his brows.


"Pick ush up Deeeaan, pleeeashe!" this was accompanied by a thud and a giggle.


"Um..OK, where from?"


"The bar Deeeeaaaan, the bar." Cas sang. A scuffle could be heard as Cas fought someone for control of the phone amidst more giggles and crunching of pebbles.


"Sammy boy!" Gabriel's voice boomed out of the small device.


"Gabe, where are you?" Sam hesitantly asked.


"Down the road. I can't read it, the letters are swimming Sammy. Swimming! You should see them!" the Winchester brothers could just imagine Gabriel standing in front of a cheap neon sign, looking at it like it was a masterpiece. "So pretty."


"Uhuh." Dean humoured the angel, "I'm sure they are Gabe...."


"Oooh, kebabs!" Gabriel interrupted and the phone was shoved over to a humming Castiel.


"Cas? What happened?"


"Got kicked out."




"I found that wench. Showed her why I didn't need her for fun. Told her you were my fun Dean. You are my fun. Aren't you?" by the end Castiel's voice wavered, close to breaking point. "They said I was disturbing gay porn." he sounded dejected, "But I wasn't and I'm not disturbing. Or gay porn. Only when I'm with you. I just showed the wench why I didn't need her Dean. And asked if she wanted a copy because you are so fun."


"Distributing, Cas. But don't worry, you aren't disturbing either. Mostly. I'll come and get you."


"And Gabe. And bring Sammy too. I like him." Cas seemed to cheer up at that. His mood switched alarmingly quickly.


"OK Cas, Sam and I will come to pick you and Gabriel up. Just stay where you are and don't try to give anyone else copies of that picture." Dean looked at Sam with a glint of laughter in his eyes. Sam returned a smile and stood to get to the car.


The trip there was short and quiet. The brothers didn't feel the need to talk and it was a comfortable silence. Both were mentally preparing themselves for dealing with their own drunken angel. Pulling up into the car park, they were dismayed to see Gabriel leaning against a lamppost slowly munching on the afore-mentioned kebab while Castiel was sitting on the ground, trench-coat spilling out behind him haphazardly. His eyes were closed as his head rested on his knees. Neither angel seemed to be fully aware of their surroundings. Gabriel was even struggling to get the kebab into his own mouth. The brothers jogged to their respective angels.


Gabriel smiled and offered the kebab to Sam while trying to pull him in for a hug and pushing off the lamppost at the same time. It all ended in a messy pile in Sam's arms with a giggle. Sam sighed and dragged his angel towards the car. Meanwhile, Dean crouched beside Cas with a hand on his back.


"Hey Cas." he said. Cas looked up with bleary eyes and a groan. His eyes lit up when he saw Dean next to him. Within a second he launched himself at Dean, arms wrapping tightly round him with a sigh of "Dean" escaping his lips.


"It's OK Cas, I'm here."


"I know." the angel trembled in his arms. "I didn't...I..." Castiel hiccuped as tears began flowing down his cheeks. "I was scared."


Dean let him nestle into the crook of his neck, running soothing circles on his back. "But I'm here Cas. I'd never leave you. And you could have just flown back to the room if you wanted to you know."


Cas just shook his head. "I couldn't. Gabe...he said....he said if I did, I'd end up in the Him..Himl..Himmy-lay-mans. And that's far Dean. Very far."


"Yes Cas, that is far. I'm glad you didn't go." Dean whispered to the distressed angel.


"Then he said I'd yack. I don't want to Dean. They are ugly! I don't want to be a yak. I don't want to have long fur and pink milk Dean! And not in the Hilly-llamas!"


"You won't Cas."


"And I don't want to be a llama!" Cas wailed.


"You won't be Cas. You are here, with me and you are an angel. Not a yak or a llama in the Himalayas. Just come with me. We'll get you into a bed and you can sleep, OK?"


"And you won't leave me?"


"No, you'll wake up next to me. Promise." Dean smiled at the teary angel. They struggled to a standing position and weaved their way to the car where Sam gave them an incredulous look. Dean shrugged as he manhandled the angel into the back seat.


"Your angel is so paying for upsetting mine." Dean growled.


"Maybe yours should toughen up a bit."






The ride back was quiet as the two drunk angels drifted off in the back and their human counterparts glanced at them at intervals. By the time they got back to the motel, the angels had slumped together into a heap of gentle snoring, tangling their limbs into another puzzle. Depositing the angels onto the beds, Sam sighed and looked at his shirt in disgust. Remains of the kebab were smeared over it.


"Great. I'm going to take a shower, you look after sleeping beauties for a little while." without giving Dean the chance to reply, he shut the bathroom door behind him. Dean went about making the angels a little more comfortable, removing shoes and coats where possible. Once, done he sank down onto the bed next to Cas. He should've known it would end up like this.