Title: Nocturnal
Author: martyred-wings
Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: slash, Dean/Castiel
Spoilers: none.
Warnings: Nocturnal emissions, spontaneous orgasms *g*
Word Count: 1477 words.
Summary: Dean dreamt of Castiel that night, of kissing him, caressing him, making urgent, frantic love to him beneath the stars and moonlight, cries of pleasure mingling, joining, filling the air as they came closer to combined completion.


Dean dreamt of Castiel that night, of kissing him, caressing him, making urgent, frantic love to him beneath the stars and moonlight, cries of pleasure mingling, joining, filling the air as they came closer to combined completion. Dean dreamt of wrapping his hand around Castiel's cock, furiously stroking him as he thrust into the angel, made mewls, cries of need drop from Castiel's full lips, until the angel came, spurted his release into Dean's hand, muscles clamping around Dean, pulling the hunter into pleasured release of his own.

He shifted in his sleep, one hand reached down to wrap around his own, very real erection, slowly stroked himself as the dream continued. He panted out Castiel's name, hips rising from the bed as he picked up the pace, hand moving quicker over his cock as he pleasured himself to the images he saw in his dream. An orgasm pooled in his abdomen, dragged at his sleeping mind, waking him by degrees, before he jerked awake, with a cry of Castiel's name on his lips as he came, released himself hard into his stroking hand, his boxers he was sleeping in.

He blinked up at the moon dappled ceiling, hand still wrapped around his slowly softening member, his breathing slowly calming from pleasured release, powerful climax slowly calming in his veins. A small noise shifted in the night darkened room, drew Dean's attention to someone standing beside the bed, watching him - a familiar figure in the gloom.

"Cas," Dean panted out, as his eyes met Castel's wide blue gaze. "Cas, how long have you been there?"

"Long enough," Castiel replied, voice sounding strained, as he shifted from foot to foot, looked uncomfortable.

The angel looked down, looked a little embarrassed by the erection bulging against his pants, eyes downcast then raised up, begged attention, pleasure, anything from Dean.

Dean didn't say anything, just slowly sat up, finally withdrawing his hand from his boxers, wiped the remnants of his release against the sheets, before he reached forward with one shaking hand to remove Castiel's pants eagerly. He swung his legs out from the bed, outspread, encouraged Castiel to stand between them, as Dean released the angel's straining erection from his boxers.

Castiel moaned, head thrown back at the play of chill air across super heated skin, excited goose bumps dappled waiting flesh as Dean leant down to take Castiel's cock between eager lips, suckling mouth, swirling tongue against sensitive flesh, across the head of Castiel's cock, probed the slit, made Castiel moan deep within his throat. Dean moved, shifted, started dragging teeth, tongue, lips across Castiel's throbbing member, eyes closed, world shutting down to the heavy weight of Castiel in his mouth, pressing against his tongue, against his throat as he took him in deeper.

His fingers dug into Castiel's thighs, shaking slightly, as he felt the beginnings of an erection stiffen his cock, made him squirm against the bed, as breath blasted from his nose to tickle against Castiel's exposed skin. The angel's fingers dug into Dean's bare shoulders, twisted, manipulated the flesh to almost painful proportions. Castiel murmured Dean's name, started to fuck Dean's mouth harder, moved his hips in time with Dean's bobbing head, felt the orgasm pooling behind his navel. He fought it, wanted the pleasure to last, lost the battle finally as he came, hips stuttering as Dean swallowed convulsively around the head of Castiel's cock, swallowed the angel's release, as fingers caressed Castiel's balls gently.

Dean waited until Castiel's hips had stilled, before pulling gently away from the angel, wiped at the remainder of Castiel's release with the back of his hand. His eyes glanced up at Castiel, who was still staring at the ceiling, shaking slightly from the pleasure still coursing through his body. Dean smiled, waited until Castiel finally looked at him, eyes wide, pupils dilated, blown wide in pleasure, lust, love, everything Dean could have wished to see held deep within the angel‘s eyes.

Castiel moved back enough so that the hunter could stand, bodies pressed together so closely, they could feel the heat baking from each other. Dean leant in to the angel, pressed gentle lips to Castiel's, moaning against the softness held within, his fingers trembled where they rested against Castiel's hips. Gentle moans filled the air around them as lips worked against lips, soft kisses exchanged for more urgent ones, erections rubbed one against the other, and Dean's fingers grappled almost uselessly at Castiel's tie, his shirt buttons, tried to remove them to no avail.

Castiel reached up with shaking fingers of his own, broke the kiss to look down, soft lips parted, swollen, as he helped Dean to remove his clothes. Dean's eyes travelled over Castiel's body, at his slim, deceptively fragile frame, at his erection, back to his face once more. Castiel closed the distance between them, removed Dean's boxers, then pressed the hunter back onto the bed, before following him, to straddle him, trap his thighs beneath his legs.

Dean watched him, eyes wide, lips parted, as Castiel drew his fingers slowly into his mouth, slicked them up with his saliva, pressed against the tight bundle of muscles at Dean's hole, slid inside, made Dean writhe and groan beneath him. A second finger joined the first, and Dean's hips bucked from the bed as far as they would go with Castiel sitting on him, moaning loudly at the feel of Castiel ‘s fingers inside him, stretching him, stroking his prostate, before they were gone.

He opened his eyes, ready to protest, but the words died in his throat at the sight of Castiel slicking up his own cock with his saliva, hand slowly sweeping over, down, around his erection, moans falling from open mouth, eyes closed, body shuddering as he pleasured himself. Dean's erection grew uncomfortably hard at the sight Castiel made jerking himself off in front of him, and he reached down, wrapped questing fingers around his own cock, started stroking himself as he watched Castiel, matched stroke for stroke until Castiel pulled back, stopped, dropped his hand before he came.

Dean carried on stroking himself, unable to stop, wanted completion, orgasm already gathering in his abdomen, tightening his balls, making him cry out in breathy moans the closer he came. He continued, even when Castiel parted Dean's legs more, angled them to a better position, slid his body between them, before he thrust himself deep inside Dean with a drawn out groan of Dean's name caught deep within his throat.

The angel braced his hands each side of Dean's body, supported himself as he thrust inside Dean in long, slow strokes, enjoying the feel of Dean tight and warm around his cock. Castiel's eyes closed in pleasure, as his hips thrust harder, faster, ground deeper inside Dean, his cock hitting Dean's prostate with every thrust, every groan, every whimper of the hunter's name. Their love making was hard, fast, urgent, sensuous and Dean jerked off beneath Castiel, urgent hand keeping time with Castiel's thrusting hips.

Dean's mouth hung slack, as finally, finally he climaxed, coming over Castiel in hot spurts with a cry of the angel's name fresh on his lips, his hand slowly stilling on his already softening member. Castiel shuddered, climax racing through him as Dean's muscles clenched around his cock, before he released himself into Dean, orgasm pulled from his body with a cry of Dean's name. His hips stuttered, bucked, thrust into Dean as he rode out the orgasm, climaxed again when Dean's hand reached down between them to caress Castiel's balls gently, screamed Dean‘s name loudly at the ceiling.

He withdrew slowly, laid down beside his hunter, breath catching in restricted throat as he stared into Dean's eyes, body shaking slightly with exertion and sated pleasure coursing through his veins. Breaths mingled, as Dean leant in, claimed Castiel's mouth in a hungry kiss, open mouthed and wet, tongues fucking each other's mouths, as hands caressed each other's bodies slick with sweat.

They continued kissing, hands exploring, until Dean finally withdrew, gasping for air, before he lay back against his pillow. Castiel leant in close, settled himself against Dean's side, with one arm across the hunter's abdomen, fingers tracing patterns against Dean's waiting flesh. He watched until Dean's eyes slowly closed in sated sleep, lips parted in a small smile, before Castiel pressed a butterfly soft kiss against Dean's freckled cheek.

He rested his head against Dean's shoulder, chest rose and fell in a sigh, before his eyes slowly drifted closed, lips parted, puckered into a sleeping pout, one hand outflung in gentle sleep against Dean's chest. The hunter shifted, settled, eyes blinked lazily open to take in the sight of sleeping Castiel against him, before he smiled. He wrapped an arm around Castiel's shoulders, drew him in closer, before drifting back into sleep once more ....