Title: No Sins Between Us
Author: martyred-wings
Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: slash, Dean/Castiel
Spoilers: none
Warnings: m/m sex in an alleyway
Word Count: 1826 words
Summary: written for the following (anonymous) prompt on spnkink_meme -
REQUEST: Dean/Castiel costumes, roleplay - Dean and Castiel go to a halloween party (could be Dean trying to have Cas experience new things, part of a hunt, whatever floats your boat) and Cas dresses up as an angel because Dean thinks it will be a great idea. Complete with fake wings and a halo. This leads to porny Dean/Cas goodness. bonus if there's a sin/saint kink in there-- with Cas telling Dean that he will relieve him of his sins.


"Dean, are you sure that we'll find him here?" Castiel asked, looking around the costumed party-goers with some apprehension, the dim lighting interspersed with flashes of color from the lights nearby.

The angel couldn't see as to how they could find a vampire - a real life vampire that actually sucked genuine human blood - when they were surrounded by fake vampires, fake werewolves, fake demons and even several fake mummies. His shoulders slumped with defeat, eyes downcast to the floor.

Dean watched the angel, eyes running hungrily over his body, at the way his lips pouted with disappointment, defeat. Castiel had never looked so perfect, so beautiful as he did in that one instant, and Dean's heart went out ever more to the angel, piece by little loving piece. He reached out, adjusted the fake angel wings attached to Castiel's back, smiled when the angel turned luminescent blue eyes to his, trust implicit within their dark blue depths.

"We'll find him. I don't know how, but we'll find him. We've never failed yet, have we?" the hunter replied, gaze never leaving Castiel's for an instant, watched as Castiel shook his head wordlessly.

Dean cupped Castiel's chin, brought him closer, before he claimed a hungry kiss from soft, pliant lips, ripe mouth working prettily beneath his own. Dean deepened the kiss, felt Castiel respond, fingers lacing through Dean's hair, lost in each other's kiss, in each other's embrace for the briefest of moments. A passing mummy, eyes obscured by slipping bandages, walked into them, distracted them from their kiss, made Dean sigh with frustration.

Castiel stared at him, lips plump and swollen from heady kisses stolen, eyes wide, innocent, trusting, ever loving in a gentle face. Dean smiled, adjusted Castiel's wings once more, before straightening the halo attached with wires upon the angel's head. He knew he was fussing unnecessarily over Castiel, couldn't seem to stop himself all the same. He seemed to need to be taken care of, to be shown everything, and all that it meant to be human. Dean wanted to show him all that he could, and protect him from it at the same time.

He shook his head at himself, at the thought that he could protect an angel, a being so much more powerful than himself, even when barred from Heaven, his brothers, his own powers. Still, these days, Castiel seemed so lost, so forlorn, almost sad and Dean hated to see him that way, wanted to protect him as well as he could, be there for him, love him, guard him with his very life. He smiled, knew that despite his seeming loss of direction, Castiel would protect him in return, fight for him, love him without question.

Dean fiddled again with Castiel's fake wings, fingers lingering on the soft feathers wondrously. He thought again of the times when he'd touched Castiel's real wings, felt them wrapped around his body, stroking him, embracing him with their warmth and security.

"Dean?" Castiel asked, his head tilted to the side, as he watched the hunter closely, as though wondering what he was thinking about.

"I think we need to go outside, Cas. Now," Dean said, firmly, grabbing Castiel by the hand and towing him from the room.

Castiel followed, without complaint, didn't try to resist, just went, feeling Dean's hand warm, sweaty in his grip. His eyes raked over Dean's body, at his understated dark suit in an attempt to look like James Bond. Castiel's eyes caught Dean's, saw just what Dean had in mind reflected in his gaze, mirroring lust suddenly igniting in the angel's gaze.

Dean pulled Castiel into a deserted alleyway, darkness surrounding them in a cloak of privacy, silence surrounding them in its velvet, protective embrace. The hunter found Castiel's lips, soft, responsive, silken mouth working, pressing hard against his own. His lips felt dry, warm, his mouth wet when Dean slid his tongue inside, tongues licking one against the other, small murmurs of pleasured approval catching in their throats.

Dean pulled away, eyes blinking in the gloom, as a light from a window high above stabbed down suddenly in the darkness. He watched, waited for the light to go out, felt suddenly guilty at possibly being caught out. He didn't want anyone watching while he was getting it on with his angel. He glanced at Castiel, saw that the angel was watching him expectantly, eyes large and trusting, suddenly looked infinitely wise, knowing, ancient in that one instant. Dean's breath caught in his throat, left him robbed of further breath, wondered why he was even worthy of claiming an angel's love, suddenly felt that he had no right to it, couldn't claim Castiel, nor his love for himself.

As though reading his thoughts, perhaps seeing the light and play of warring emotions in Dean's eyes, Castiel smiled, rested his hand upon Dean's shoulder, fingers caressing tenderly against his lover, a smile curling the corners of his mouth temptingly.

"It's alright, Dean. You are not sinning when you're with me. I will absolve you of any and all sins you think you're committing," Castiel said, eyes momentarily leaving Dean's face, flickering up to the sky, to the still brightly lit window, before settling back onto Dean's face once more. "I love you, Dean, and always will. Nothing else matters but us, nothing else matters but the moments we share."

Suddenly, Castiel didn't seem so lost any more, returned to his normal strong, angelic self, and Dean's heart caught, breath caught, as everything slowed to an almost halt, trapped by Castiel's ethereal beauty, his almost overwhelming power, his all consuming love that was all for Dean to take, to cherish and claim as his own.

Dean bowed his head, felt Castiel's lips press gently against his forehead, as though absolving him of any sins before he committed them, and smiled as a huge backwash of love settled, drifted, washed through him, consuming him with the power of all that was Castiel. Dean acquiesced, let him in when he would let in no other, left himself in the hands of an angel.

He raised his head, pressed urgent lips against Castiel's again, mouths locked, kiss wet, messy, hurried, perfect in its imperfections. He fumbled with Castiel's pants, all but ripped his belt open, his zipper, pushed the pants hastily to the floor. Castiel's hand wrapped around the back of the hunter's neck, warmth, love, devotion spreading through Dean with that one action, and Dean's breath came in harsh gasps beneath its intensity.

Castiel felt Dean push his boxers down around his ankles, felt Dean's hands skim over his hips tenderly, which was in direct contrast to his earlier forceful kisses. He moaned, a loud guttural sound directed to the night skies above, lost in emotions storming through him, as he felt Dean turn him to face the wall behind him. He went willingly, dick fully erect and curling towards his abdomen, aching with the promise of what was about to happen.

He spread his legs when he felt Dean's knee slide between his thighs as encouragement. He moaned again, felt dean's fingers caress his ass, skim across the tight ring of muscles surrounding his hole, heard Dean spit into his free hand. Castiel rested his forehead against his arm braced against the brick wall before him, eyes closed, expectant, as he waited. He moaned when he felt Dean press one finger inside him, breaching his hole, waiting when Castiel's muscles tightened reflexively against the intrusion.

Dean eased his finger further in, when Castiel was fully relaxed around him, stroked deep inside his angel, feathers from the fake wings tickling against his nose, his cheeks when the hunter leant in to press a kiss upon Castiel's exposed neck. He eased the angel's hole wider, looser, heard Castiel's encouraging moans of mounting arousal beneath him, added another finger to further loosed him for his entrance.

Castiel's hips bucked against him when Dean found his prostate, fingers gliding over the tight muscled surface in a loving caress, and Castiel's cries became louder as he fucked himself hard onto Dean's hand. Dean stroked, scissored his fingers inside Castiel, eased him wider still.

Castiel's cries turned into guttural moans once more, as he felt the hunter ease his fingers from his hole, heard Dean spit into his hand once more. He shifted slightly, felt the cool breeze shift against his naked ass as he moved, before he felt Dean's dick slide between his cheeks, smearing pre-cum and saliva against his skin. He shuddered in anticipation, bretah hitching into a full blown cry of arousal when he felt Dean ease his dick inside him, so much larger than his fingers had been.

Dean waited for the initial burn and sting of Castiel's clenching muscles upon his dick to ease, before he slowly sheathed his dick fully inside Castiel's tight velvet warmth. He shuddered, revelling in the perfection of Castiel surrounding him, snug against his sensitive skin, dry, perfect, beautiful. He thrust into his lover, heard an aroused whimper coil back towards him, thrust again, heard a louder whimper break the air.

Dean shifted against Castiel, breath blasting against the back of his lover's neck, as he gripped tightly upon the angel's hips. His fingers dug into tender flesh, as he thrust into Castiel firmer, faster, finding his rhythm and enjoying the feel of Castiel fucking himself back onto his dick whenever he withdrew. He felt, then heard Castiel reach down to grip his erect dick between trembling fingers, fist working furiously over his erection, cries filling the air with aroused pleasure.

Dean thrust harder, feeling his orgasm blossoming in his abdomen, spreading through him with its warm embrace, filtering through his system until he was consumed by it. He gasped, let himself go, filled Castiel with his come as he screamed for him. Castiel worked his hand furiously over his dick, pleas hanging in the air before him as he begged to come.

Castiel's eyes drifted shut, thought of Dean behind him, felt the familiar tingle of an orgasm building inside him, threatening to burst, before he finally came, filling his hand with his spunk, spurting against the wall with Dean's name heavy upon his lips. His breath burst from his mouth in a rush, his eyes blind to everything except for his emotions, Dean's name like a prayer, a mantra in his mind.

Dean withdrew, member already softening, before he kissed Castiel's neck once more, bent down to pull the angel's boxers and pants around his slender hips once more. Castiel straightened, zipped and buckled his own pants, turned to face Dean, a smile on his lips.

"There are no sins between us, Dean. Only love," he said, quietly.

Dean smiled, nodded his acceptance, before he repeated - "Only love."

Their eyes locked, held, and they remained silent, needing no one else but each other, content with the knowledge and their unbreakable love ...