Title: A Multitude Of Feathers
Author: martyred-wings
Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: slash, Dean/Castiel
Spoilers: none.
Warnings: Is a massage a warning or an enticement? Definitely sex on a wooden chair.
Word Count: 3013 words
Summary: Castiel sat down upon it, eyes closed, a slight smile starting upon his ripe lips as Dean's fingers started to manipulate the stiff muscles, the sore and tender flesh of his shoulders.


Sunlight filtered through the trees, mellow, hazy, as the sun slowly lowered towards the horizon, unseen behind the thickness of the trees around them, bar the slow dimming of the light. Sam continued rooting through the leaves, the mulch littering the floor beneath the trees, still coming up with nothing resembling even the smallest clue.

Sam looked once more over at the werewolf's victim, at the hole left gaping and open in his chest, shuddered at the thought of the force it must have taken to rip the heart free from the chest cavity. An easy feat for a werewolf, not so easy for a mere human ...

He flinched, whirled at the sound of rustling bushes behind him, feared an attack by the returning werewolf, relaxed when he realized it was Dean and Castiel returning from their brief encounter in the woods. Both looked sated, relaxed, happy, a look held deep in their eyes that was easily recognizable as that of a couple deeply in love, that were happy and comfortable in each other's company. Sam barely smiled, said nothing as to what he knew they'd been up to, too embarrassed, too jealous to comment.

"What you got?" Dean asked, looking pointedly at Sam's empty hands, at the leaf strewn floor around his feet.

"A whole bunch of nothing, Dean," Sam said, wearily, before he straightened, brushed leaves from his knees, clumps of clinging mud from his hands.

Castiel watched him, as silent and as stoic as usual, eyes flickering towards Dean every once in a while, with a look of adoring trust held deep within his gaze. Sam's heart almost broke at that look, wondered why he couldn't have someone look at him the way Castiel stared so intently at his brother. Dean returned Castiel's looks easily, willingly, without question, made Sam feel worse still.

He turned away, felt uncomfortable, felt like he was intruding on a private moment, even when the moment ended and Dean was staring at the floor, at the lowering sun flickering through the trees and Castiel was staring ahead, hands deep within the pockets of his trench coat, deep blue gaze focussing on something mysterious, unknowable to a mere human.

"It's getting late," Dean observed. "Let's call it a day, at least here at any rate. Carry on searching tomorrow. I need some food, and a drink."

Sam sighed, scrubbed a weary hand through his hair, before he nodded at his brother agreeably. He sighed again, shoulders sagging warily, before his back straightened, determined, casting a surreptitious look at the quiet angel nearby.

"Drop me off at the library, dude. I think I'll surf 'the net there for a while," he said, eyes shifting between Dean and Castiel, uncertainly.

Dean's mouth opened, closed, opened again, but he didn't comment. Instead he turned away, looked at Castiel's serene, patient expression, smiled as he understood that Sam perhaps didn't want to impose on them.

"You do that, Sam. I think I'll call Bobby," he said, softly, as Castiel turned his patient, clear, ever loving gaze onto him.

Sam merely grunted, didn't respond, just strode off, feet scuffling through the leaves, throwing them up in little riffles before his feet as he waded ever closer to the Impala. Castiel was the next to move, hands hanging free by his side now as he walked. Dean hurried forward to walk beside his angel, as Sam slowly pulled ahead, head bowed and lost deep in thought. Dean stole a glance at Castiel, reached out to take his hand, smiled when the angel's fingers closed around his own willingly.

They walked on in silence and even when the three of them were back in the Impala, they didn't talk. Sam was lounged across the back seat, his tall frame stretched wearily across the upholstery, eyes closed yet still watchful as Castiel sat beside Dean in the front.

The younger Winchester saw every loving look, heard every gentle word exchanged, smiled, sudden pleasure and pride coursing through his veins. It seemed as though their love was genuine, ran deep, wouldn't be broken by anything. Even Sam could see that, with every word, every gesture, the look shared between different color eyes. He remained silent, until they reached the library, just listened to one of Dean's old cassette tapes playing on the car radio, listened idly to soft spoken words between the lovers.

He'd dozed off for a time, was shaken awake by Dean, looked out of the window at the imposing library looming outside in the growing evening.

"See you guys later. I'll give you a call," he said, the last directed towards Dean.

Dean nodded, watched as Sam surprisingly touched Castiel on the shoulder, gripped the other man's flesh in a friendly gesture. Dean couldn't stop the smile of pleasure spreading across his face at that, was touched that Sam felt suddenly comfortable around Castiel to do that, wondered if this finally meant acceptance.; both of Castiel himself and of their relationship.

Castiel turned in his seat, smiled at Sam; the first proper one he'd ever given to the younger Winchester. Sam smiled, uncertainly back, squeezed Castiel's shoulder once more, before he climbed out of the car, onto the sidewalk, looked up at the sky at the first spatterings of rain against the sidewalk. On the horizon, the sun still shone, glinting through the raindrops, setting them alight in the sky, as Sam made his way towards the library; head bowed, shoulders pulled up around his ears.

"Well, that was a step in the right direction," Dean siad, approvingly, as he watched his brother leave.

Castiel merely hmmmed, watched Sam walk steadily away, but offered no words of wisdom, no opinions on the matter; at least not straight away.

Then he turned, eyes firmly trained upon Dean's face, before he said - "He's getting there, Dean. At least he's trying now. Give him time, and he'll be treating me like one of the family, as your boyfriend."

At that, he blushed, cheeks turning a healthy pink in the light of the rain soaked sun, eyes downcast to his lap in his embarrassment. Dean chuckled, gently caressed Castiel's cheek with his hand, before he leant in, stole a kiss from soft lips, Castiel's face turned to meet Dean's willingly.

Dean pulled away reluctantly, before he said, "I'd best take my boyfriend back to our room, then, huh?"

He chuckled again, more at himself this time and his ease at saying the word boyfriend. A year ago, he wouldn't have imagined he'd even have a boyfriend, let alone be comfortable with the fact; yet here Castiel was, a willing lover, and his perfect match. Castiel smiled, reached out to gently touch Dean's arm, before the hunter pulled out into the late afternoon traffic, heading toward the motel room.

The motel itself wasn't too far from the library; a small favor in an equally small town, and it didn't take long before the couple were inside - Castiel pressed against the wall inside, Dean's lips pressed against his willing mouth, hot, sweaty hands covering every inch of the angel's body. Castiel's lips worked against Dean's, moved against his lips willingly, small grunts of approval easing out between open mouthed kisses, questing tongues, hands dipping and caressing against erections.

Castiel broke the kiss, turned hi face away to breathe, Dean's name laying husky upon his lips, as his chest heaved against the hunter's body. He could feel Dean's heart racing, smell the various scents that made up Dean himself that smelt like home to Castiel.

He felt Dean's hands run down his sides, gently caress his ass through his dark pants, felt Dean's arousal press eagerly against his own. Castiel groaned, flexed his shoulders, winced against the tension held within their slim depths. Dean saw the wince, leant in to kiss Castiel's neck, before leading the angel towards the middle of the room.

He swung a hard wooden chair from the side of the room wordlessly dumping Sam's clothes from the seat onto his brother's empty bed, while Castiel watched him. Dean walked towards him, leant in to gently kiss him, as he eased the angel's coat from his shoulders, let it drop to the floor in an abandoned heap. He reached up, eased the suit jacket from Castiel's unresisting shoulders, as the ksis continued, before he led the angel to the chair.

Castiel sat down upon it, eyes closed, a slight smile starting upon his ripe lips as Dean's fingers started to manipulate the stiff muscles, the sore and tender flesh of his shoulders. Castiel dipped his head, allowed the hunter better access to knead against the back of his neck, to lay gentle kisses upon his slightly sweat stained skin, to lap across the nape of his neck with the tip of his tongue. He moaned, long and loud into the silence of the otherwise empty room, voice gruff, deep, needy, filled with lust and love and everything in between, promising so much.

Dean shifted on his feet, erection making him feel uncomfortable, but still he leant in, arousal pressing hard into Castiel's back, making the angel aware of his interest in him. Dean smiled at the loud moan that issued from between Castiel's soft, ripe lips, made Dean's erection grow harder still at the naked need held within that one, long drawn out note in the angel's throat.

His fingers slowly stilled, picked up the pace when Castiel protested, worked their way down Castiel's back, easing knots of tension from tight muscles, sweaty skin. He traced the curve of the angel's back with manipulating fingertips, found the base of Castiel's wings, started stroking the place where wing met body, dug in deeper when Castiel moaned in approval at the contact. Dean felt the faint brush of feathers past him as Castiel gently unfurled his wings, heard moans drop louder from between angelic lips, as Dean continued manipulating the flesh at the base of the angel's wings.

The hunter slowly worked his way along the thickly muscled ridge at the top of Castiel's wings, careful of the bones held within, made sure that he didn't press down too hard and break the fragile, lightweight bones held within. He continued massaging Castiel's wings, felt the tension slowly begin to drop out, to work loose from his soft wings, before his massaging fingers turned into stokes, fingers trailing across and down their feathered surfaces.

Dean moaned, erection growing impossibly hard at the feel of Castiel wings beneath his hands, whimpered at the brush of feathers against his skin, at the feel of the soft, downy feathers near the base of his wings, beneath the slightly rougher flight feathers. He wanted Castiel, wanted to feel those heavy wings wrapped securely around his body as the angel cradled him in his arms, pressing urgent kisses against his chest.

He leant in, kissed Castiel's exposed neck, nibbled gently upon soft skin, bit harder when he felt Castiel's wingtip caress his leg lovingly. He felt Castiel purr in pleasure at the contact, eyes closed, a pleased smile gracing his relaxed features as he continued to purr, an almost continuous keen of pleasure trapped deep within his throat, growing louder the longer Dean stroked and caressed his sensitive wings.

Dean listened, body shuddering, trembling with need at the sound, at the closeness of Castiel, at the scent of the angel and his arousal, before he slowly worked his way around the angel's body, hands never leaving the surfaces of Castiel's wings, fingers still stroking gently over their soft surfaces. He carefully straddled Castiel, legs draped around the angel's hips, chest pressed securely against the angel's warm body, hips rocking sensuously against Castiel's. He leant in, teeth nipping gently against the angel's neck, before he started suckling helplessly against the skin, sucking a livid bruise there as Castiel continued to purr at the feel of Dean against him, loving him.

The angel wrapped his arms tight around Dean's body, fingers digging into his ass, as he started to thrust his hips against Dean's, rubbed his erection against the hunter's, created pleasurable friction for them both. He purred louder, pressed his face against Dean's neck, felt as well as heard Dean cry out, at the feel of Castiel's arousal rubbing solid and thick against his own.

Their hips rocked in sensuous time, an orgasm blossoming beneath Dean's navel, growing harder to ignore with every sweep and pass of Castiel's hips against his own. His eyes rolled to the ceiling, his fingers convulsing against Castiel's wings, as his orgasm ripped through his body, leaving him helpless in its wake, pleasurable shudders rocking through him. He came in hard spurts into his boxer shorts, released himself in thick strands against the thin cotton material. He shuddered, bucked, fucked his hips against Castiel's as he screamed, head thrown back in a wanton display of pleasure, his fingers convulsing against the angel's wings, hard enough to hurt, not hard enough to break.

His hips ground hard against Castiel's arousal, and Castiel's hips bucked up from the seat as the angel released his come into his own boxer shorts, orgasm rippling through him helplessly, sending his release from him in hot spurts, as he cried out for Dean. Their bodies rose, met, wrapped around each other, as Castiel gently wrapped his wings around Dean's body, wingtips overlapping sensuously as Dean was enclosed, cocooned by a multitude of feathers. Dean whimpered, leant into Castiel's wings, rubbed his cheek into the soft surface, made Castiel start purring again at the contact, the show of affection from the hunter.

"Oh, God, Cas, please, please, Cas, fuck me," Dean begged, as he pushed at Castiel's body with trembling hands, tried to remove Castiel's pants while he still sat on the angel's thighs.

"Dean, stand up," Castiel commanded, voice deep, commanding, husky with need, as his eyes stared intently at the hunter 's face still slack with pleasure, slick with sweat.

Eventually Dean stood, allowed Castiel to stand, watched as the angel stripped off his own pants, kicked them free from his ankles along with his stained boxers. Castiel reached forward hastily, unbuckled, unzipped Dean's jeans, pulled them free, along with his boxers, before he sat in the chair once more, pulled Dean into his lap once again.

Dean went willingly, reached down and spread Castiel's still sticky come over his semi hard cock, cries dropping from half parted lips at the feel of Castiel's member throbbing in his hand, laying heavy against his palm. Castiel purred again at the contact, thrust his hips as best he could into Dean's stroking hand, purred louder when he felt Dean's arousal pressing against his abdomen, still sticky with his own release.

Dean's hand fell away from Castiel's cock, hand, fingers coated with Castiel's come, as he lifted himself slightly from the angel's thighs, pressed one finger inside his own hole, hissed at the feel of his finger sliding in and meeting resistance at first. His eyes closed, breath burst from his lips as he eased his finger further in, Castiel's name bursting out raggedly as he eased the tight ring of muscles wider. He added a second finger, moaned deep in his throat as he imagined Castiel's cock filling him, pleasuring him, as his fingers caressed his prostate. He eased his own muscles wider, looser, cries shrilling from his throat while Castiel watched him, hungrily, eyes wide and cock hard between his legs, begging immediate attention.

Dean eased his fingers from his hole when he had loosened himself enough, scooted further forward onto Castiel's thighs, positioned himself over the angel's cock, the head pressing gently, tantalisingly against the ring of muscles. Castiel moaned, pushed, thrust himself inside the hunter, made Dean cry out as the angel sheathed his cock fully inside him, made him feel good as it filled him completely. He rocked against Castiel's hips, felt his head stimulate his prostate, sent pleasured shudders rocking through his body , before he lifted himself, until Castiel was almost all of the way out of his hole. He thrust himself back down onto Castiel, cried out with pleasure when the angel filled him again, thrust, withdrew, thrust, withdrew, repeatedly. Their cries filled the air as they rocked one against the other, the wooden chair creaking loudly in protest, as Castiel sheathed himself inside his hunter and hit the hunter's prostate repeatedly.

Castiel wrapped eager fingers around Dean's cock, started roughly jerking him off, felt Dean let go almost immediately, spurting his come across them both in wave after wave of pleasure. Castiel felt his time drawing near, felt his orgasm spread through his body , heard the creaks of the chair beneath him as Dean thrust hard against his lover, took Castiel in as deep as he could into his own body. Dean wanted as much as Castiel could give him, took as much as Castiel gave, screams still dropping from his lips as he felt another orgasm building deep within him.

"Please, Cas, please," Dean begged, as he braced his hands against Castiel's shoulders, fingers digging in hard enough to leave marks, as he thrust harder against Castiel's hips. "Please."

Castiel said something unintelligible, as he filled Dean with his come, spurting deep within his lover with a cry of Dean's name heavy on his lips, eyes closed tight and eyelashes resting heavily upon his cheeks. He continued thrusting his cock inside Dean, stimulating his prostate, until Dean orgasmed for a second time, coating their abdomens in sticky strands of his come.

Gradually, their frantic rutting slowed, stopped, left them helpless against each other, held in each others arms as Castiel cradled him in his soothing arms, cock still fully sheathed inside Dean tightly. Their breath mingled, as Dean leant in, pressed grateful lips to Castiel's, tongue sliding into the angel's mouth, when Castiel opened up to him, sensuous purr of pleasure rumbling in his throat.

They were still sitting like that when the door swung open, behind them, and Sam walked in, unwittingly ...