Title: Orders
By: Flo Wynn
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: PG
Warnings: SPOILERS for 4x07 - It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester -, and a hint of blasphemy.


"Your orders were to follow my orders?" Dean Winchester to Castiel, 4x07

"It was a tes-" Castiel began but was cut off by a baffled Dean trying to understand the sense in those orders. After all he knew himself pretty well, and he knew that he was not the most trustworthy person. Sometimes he was blinded - like when it came to Sam he didn't realise his brother was still using his powers. While Dean tended to mean well; save the innocent, save the day, kill the big old baddie - things could sometimes get a little complicated. Like when the Big Old Baddie turns out to be a doppelganger of himself on a killing spree because he didn't get enough hugs, or when the baddie is an unknowing victim of their own curse like Madison (also shagging his brother didn't exactly help clarify the whole issue) or that poor bastard Jack Montgomery.

"So wait, what if I had ordered you to kiss me or to kill the witch your selves?" Dean asked, curious.

Castiel's expression did not change. As always he looked as if he was carved in stone but there was something glittering in his dark eyes - humour maybe. Or lust. If Dean was so inclined to believe that Angels were capable of such feelings.

"I would have done so. To disobey would have been blasphemous. Like disobeying God himself." Castiel revielled.

Dean's eye brows shot up. "Wow. So, I was like God for a day?" He joked but abandoned that line of teasing when he saw Castiel frown at him. "Right, blasphemy." There was a pause and then Dean spoke again, turning his head towards Castiel so he could see the angel's reactions himself. "Kiss me." Dean ordered, it was a cocky challenge one which Dean did not believe Castiel was up to fulfilling. To his surprise Castiel leaned forward and with one hand held Dean's face still by his chin while the other curved around the nape of his neck and pulled him forward until there lips were touching and Dean could taste Castiel. The kiss was not the kind people usually shared in a playground with a dozen kids all around... or at all in public. It was passionate and intimate and devouring until every sense Dean had was attuned to Castiel.

When they broke apart Castiel raised an eyebrow and asked "satisfied?" and licked his lips, probably without knowing what that would do to Dean's very active libido.

"Are you still commanded to follow my orders?" Dean asked, a little out of breath with his heart pounding beneath his chest.

Enigmatically Castiel turned his impassive face back towards the children, breaking eye contact with Dean.

"No." Castiel revealed.