Title: Persuasion
Author: twighlightr
Summary: Castiel watches Dean.
Rating: R ish
A/N: My first fic so I hope you all enjoy x
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the show unfortunatley :(


The noises disturbed him, the wanton moans and vulgar profanities, he averted his gaze from the screen to Deans eyes where the images are reflected. He focuses on Deans heart beat as the pulse accelerates sounding like the fluttering of wings, a thin sheen of sweat on his skin makes him appear to almost glow under the harsh motel lights. Dean rearranges himself pulling on the now too tight fabric and Castiel listens to his charges blood as it rushes making him hard, causing his breath to hitch and his eyes begin to glaze over.

Castiel watches his tongue dart out, slowly tracing the bottom lip the pressure causing it to turn apple red for an instant. Dean takes his black tee off slinging it onto the floor as he lies back on the bed, a drop of sweat slowly riding down the centre of his unmarred chest a thumb following it reaching for the jean button and zip undoing them quickly but Castiel could see the falter.

Dean stole a glance at the charm around his neck, frowning he turns up the volume on the T.V, Castiel can almost hear his thoughts amongst the haze of lust of how Sam can go screw himself or that demon bitch which causes Castiel to wince slightly.

He sighs wanting to tell Dean to watch his mouth but he isn't meant to be here, has no orders to be here and the memory of Uriel's smirk is still prominent in his head of when he left earlier on to go the elder Winchester's side. Dean couldn't even see him, he should make him aware of his presence but he likes the intimacy he feels in watching this moment, he should feel ashamed, he should but he doesn't not even the thought of what Uriel will say later on is enough persuasion to make him leave.

He lies on the bed beside Dean their thighs almost brushing, his scent overwhelming as his temperature rises, chest and cheeks flushing. He smells like a forest after it has just rained its heady musk is something Castiel wants to capture.

'Shit', he whispers as he pulls his cock out, pushing his jeans off. Completely naked but he shows no shame in his body, unaware of the audience he has , he circles the head with the pad of his thumb a drop of pre come glistening at the tip and the scent of his arousal is stronger, is so overpowering.

Deans hips buck into his hand as it encircles the shaft and squeezes slightly, his other hand rolling his balls gently. He sets a slow rhythm and Castiel leans closer listening to the harsh breathing which occasionally changes to agonizing gasps and when he moans, unlike the people on T.V his eyelids flutter and his shoulders lift him slightly off the headboard. Like his body is reaching for the euphoria it wants, it needs.

The fresh blood makes his skin sensitive and the hand print blazes, Castiels fingers long to touch it again. He reaches over Deans chest, his eyes flicker for a second and Castiel thinks please don't stop like he needs this moment, he wants this moment to last. His hand connects with his imprint and Deans body convulses, his head snapping to the side like he's looking at and through him all at the same time. Castiels lips hover over Deans, he can feel Deans soul wound too tight like its going to snap, his breathing is labored, his hands moving faster.

'Fuck', Dean cries. 'Oh God, fuck'. Dean comes and Castiel looks upon ecstasy, his mouth capturing Dean's blasphemous words until he feels thoroughly tainted by Deans Sin.

Dean half heartedly picks up his tee wiping his come off his torso, he turns off the T.V and pulls the thin cover over his body. Castiel lies beside him, inching closer till he's almost touching and listens to Deans breathing, he burns as he memorises this night, he burns but it doesn't persuade him to leave.


Castiel admires Deans naked back as he walks to the bathroom, he glances back.

'I'm still here'.

'Just checking', Dean replies smiling, Castiel smiles back at him. He feels elated and tired but he needs to go, he's worked out that the vessel will keep on breathing till he rips out his grace, worked out the exact place he needs to be to fall here and hopefully he'll be able to enter this vessel after he falls.

He leaves the body, the showers running and he prays this works, doesn't want Dean to see his vessel dead and find him gone and unreachable. If he were to explain this plan to Dean he would never let him go through with it.

He's home, the moment he thinks of it, the choirs are singing in the distance he wants to sing with them but he needs to concentrate. He had listened to Anna's explanation of falling, what he didn't expect was the pain, it wasn't so much as cutting out his grace as it was forcing it out as it tried to cling to him.

His wings tried to cover him, tried to protect him from himself. His grace cried out to his true form trying to meld itself back in, tears fell from his eyes.

'Castiel', his brothers voice was full of disgust, 'let it back in'.

'No', he cried, the pain was radiating throughout his form, his soul screaming.

'If you fall we will be ordered to kill you', Uriel was beside him.

'Not if you help me get all the grace out, make me forget this, please'. His wings are shedding around him.

'I should kill you know', Uriel pulling at his grace, ripping it from him with all his might.

'Thank you', Castiel whispered. Uriel held his grace in one hand, his other hand went to Castiel's forehead.

He feels the rush of air before he's even aware he's falling. He needs his vessel, he needs to get back to his body.

The Earth's surface is near, he needs to find the motel, it should be near. The pounding in his head and shoulders is unbearable, he can feel the vessel.

Before he can touch the ground he moves towards it, then his lungs are expanding for no reason, his chest spasms. It can't be too late he thinks.

He feels the explosion before it happens, he touches the body and it welcomes him.

His eyes spring open and he retches, coughs. He feels like he has been run down by an automobile.

'What the fuck were you thinking?', he groans at the noise, too loud.

Arms around him, wetness on his chest.

'I think you have broke all my ribs', Castiel croaks. Dean glares at him, his cheeks are strained red, with tear tracks down them.

'I come out the shower to find you dead on the bed and the only thing your ungrateful ass can say to me is I broke your ribs. Your lucky I did CPR at all. Lucky I'm not kicking your ass in', Dean shouted.

'You can kick my ass later', Castiel groans. Dean's pulling him from the floor onto the bed, there's glass all over the floor and it's pitch black, all his muscles are aching, he wants to sleep, he rolls onto his side.

'Don't dare fall asleep', Dean says, swearing under his breath looking for his torch.

'I'm going to have to get you out of here, your bleeding. I'll need to stitch you up', Dean half mutters to himself.

He's putting Castiel's clothes back on him, when the door slams open.

'Dean, did you see the comet?', he recognises Sam's voice, there is a gasp which he can only assume is Ruby.

'Please don't tell me this is how it looks?', Sam's shouting, why can't they all be silent, Castiel thinks. There is a white searing pain everywhere he would scream if he had the energy, his eyelids flutter and Castiel can't help falling into the darkness.