Title: Quiet Roads
Author: vaderina
Rating: PG
Genre and/or Pairing: Dean/Castiel, Sam
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Word Count: 712
Summary: Dean is sick, has a fever and can't seem to get the rest he needs. Castiel helps and Sam watches.


Dean's fever was not peaking, nor showing signs of abating. Sam was at a loss as he watched his brother toss and turn in the bed, delirious with the illness. He needed rest to recover, yet his temperature was preventing him from it. It was a vicious circle Sam had been unable to break and he was beginning to panic. In his frustration, he'd called Cas who was now standing beside the bed with a small frown on his face. Before Sam could talk to him, the angel bailed on him in a flutter of wings. Sam rolled his eyes and huffed. A familiar sounding engine rumbled to life outside the window. Heart in throat, Sam rushed to see a lone figure sitting in the Impala. He let out a strangle cry of frustration. Not only was Dean so sick he was beyond recognising anyone and lost in his own world of delirium, now their car was getting hijacked too. Dean is going to kill him. If he recovered. Mentally Sam kicked himself. Of course Dean was going to recover, it was just a matter of time.


Castiel was by the bedside again, looking down at Dean. The engine idled outside the window, now empty of its driver. Sam looked confused as Castiel picked up his brother's limp form bundled up in several duvets.


"Where you taking him?" he asked fearful.


"For a ride." came the simple yet confusing answer. Not waiting, Cas started for the door with his precious cargo. Dean pushed his face against the angel's neck, seeking comfort and peace. The quick trip to the car was silent, Sam trailing behind the angel and his brother. He watched as the angel deposited his bundle in the shotgun seat, carefully clicking in the seatbelt and gently easing the door shut. He then moved to the driver's door and looked at Sam.


"You may come with us if you wish. The back seat is free." there was no mocking in his voice, only the statement of fact. Sliding in, Sam watched as the angel looked at the dashboard in front of him, before touching the radio lightly. Music with a lulling rhythm began to float through the car as they pulled out of the parking lot. Silently Sam watched as the angel drove aimlessly down roads and streets, casting glances at Dean. Who seemed to slowly settle down, especially when Cas began humming along to the soft lullabies playing.


"How did you know that?" Sam asked. The question wasn't clear, yet Castiel understood nevertheless.


"Mary used to do the same. When Dean couldn't settle as a child, she'd take him for rides in this very car until he fell asleep."


Sam sat in silence and wondered again just what they'd lost out on as children. And what Dean lost where as Sam himself never had the chance to experience it. Somehow, Dean's situation seemed more gut wrenchingly painful and pulled at Sam's heart at the unfairness of it all. Dean snuffled under the covers and Castiel glanced over concerned. He sighed and pulled his window down, letting air whip his hair wildly as he dangled an arm out the window, steering only with one hand as they coasted down a motorway. Dean settled once more as Castiel continued to hum along, a small smile playing on his lips as he enjoyed their impromptu ride.


"How can you possibly know that?" Sam asked eventually, their conversation spanning minutes rather than the normal seconds.


"I see his dreams." the answer came easily, breaking the humming. They eventually turned back into the motel's parking lot and Castiel quietly carried Dean back to bed. Dean didn't even stir as the angel lowered him down and Sam pretended not to see the soft kiss on sweaty forehead, nor did he see the fingers gently brushing stray strands of hair plastered to his brother's forehead. Without another word the angel left. The room was quiet for a long time after his departure, Dean with his fever broken and on his way to recovery and Sam sitting quietly in a chair wondering just what exactly the demons took away from him, yet have given his brother in the same terrible move.