Title: Rainbow Dust
Author: vaderina
Rating: PG-13
Genre and/or Pairing: Depends on the strength of your goggles.
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Abuse of Rainbow Dust (you know, the colourful sugar powder)
Word Count: 940
Summary: Rainbow Dust is the angelic crack. And who knew they can pass on the hit through touch?


"What exactly did you give him?" Sam asked exasperated.


"Dean!" Cas called.


"I don't know." Dean said, "I gave him a bit of everything."


"Dean! Dean! Dean!" Cas kept calling for his attention.


"It all went wrong after the rainbow dust. He dared me to snort it, then he did too." Dean was at the end of his wits.


"You snorted rainbow dust?!" Sam cried out. Dean nodded and blushed.


"Dean! DEAN!" Cas persisted through the odd giggle.


"WHAT?" Dean finally snapped.


"Look." Cas pointed at his tie with a giggle. It was secured round his forehead, the long bit hanging from the middle like a flaccid unicorn tail. Cas had to cross his eyes to look at it. Trying to hold back an amused smirk, Dean crouched down next to the angel who was sitting legs out straight on the floor.


"Cas," he began but got no further. Letting out a high pitched "whee" Cas flopped back onto the floor. Sam watched the scene unfold dumbfounded.


"Look Dean." Cas smiled docilely at the ceiling in a daze with glazed over eyes. Out of habit both Winchesters followed the angel's finger where it pointed upwards and both let out an identical gasp. On the ceiling and walls were floating colourful lights.


"So pretty." Cas whispered. The lights swayed and twirled round the room, some becoming detached from the wall and lazily drifting across to perch on the furniture before continuing their aimless path. Dean couldn't help but smile when an errant bauble of light perched on Sam's nose for a moment. Sam let out an annoyed whine as he futilely attempted to swat the thing away. His hand only ran through the light and drew a distressed whine from Cas.


"Don't hurt her." he cried.


"That's it." Sam grabbed his coat and marched to the door, "This is your fault Dean, you deal with it." with that he was out the door. Dean shook his head and returned his bemused attention to the doped angel.


And hour and a coffee later Sam suspected he should have know better than leave Dean with an angel who was so out of it. As he approached the door, his suspicions were confirmed when he could heart throaty laughter coming from the room. He closed his eyes and rested his head against the door listening. Both men inside were laughing in fits interrupted by gasping intakes of breath when they ran out of air. Only to start laughing harder and more. It had been an age since Sam had heard Dean laugh like that. Since he'd heard Dean genuinely laugh at all come to think of it. He sounded like when he was younger and the world's fate didn't weigh his shoulders down. When the world was a happier place for both of them. With a sigh Sam pushed the door open and stopped in the doorway, shocked.


Cas was still lying on the floor, arms and legs thrown out. What Sam was more surprised at was that Dean was lying next to the angel, similarly spread out. Their fingers were intertwined as the lay, staring the at ceiling, mouths slanted lazy grins. He watched as another bout of laughter shook Dean's body, his muscles visibly convulsing where his shirt had slid up to expose his skin. Tear tracks were running down the side of his face and new drops of mirth were racing down to the ground. Cas was in a similar way, his cheeks flushed red and eyes sparkling like Sam had never seen before. Slowly, he traced his eyes over the room then to the ceiling where the other two's gaze was fixed. The lights had condensed into two large balls of a swirling mass of colour and patterns. They flitted from shape to shape, flowing into each other and teasingly stealing individual balls of phosphorescent lights. Sam cleared his throat and while Dean's eyes shot to look at him, the smile never left his face.


"Come join us man." he said, giggles hardly contained. "Seriously, you'll love it. It goes through touch!" Dean whispered loudly.


"Come Sam." Cas beckoned like the world's worst siren, one hand stretched out for Sam to take.


"Guys, what exactly was in the rainbow dust?" Sam asked, wary of the grabby hand reaching towards him.


"Sugar." Cas sighed, eyes closing with pleasant memories.


"Come on Sammy. Live a little." Dean coaxed, his eyes already back on the swirling masses of glowing colours. Frowning, Sam took a step forwards to try and figure out a plan. However, Cas was quicker and his hand latched onto Sam's. The effect was instantaneous. Any misgivings he'd had evaporated and euphoria took its place. He felt laughter bubble up his throat and before he knew it, he was laughing with his brother. Sam didn't even realise he'd slid to the floor and lay on his back. His hand found Dean's and they lay there in a triangle, arms and legs stretched out on the floor. Looking at the lights, Sam was satisfied to note that there were now three separate entities battling it out in a rough and tumble cascade of colours.


The three of them lay there in their reprieve from the world, lost in the colours and the laughter. None of them wondered how long the 'hit' from the rainbow dust would last, or if Cas would be willing to do it with them again, for another brief break from their hectic and stressful lives.