Title: Love is Real
Author: martyred-wings
Pairing: Castiel/Dean
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Mr Eric Kripke. I make no money from this - this is purely for entertainment purposes. Title taken from a John Lennon song of the same name.
Summary: Dean Winchester never knew what love was, what love truly meant before he met Castiel.


Dean Winchester never knew what love was, what love truly meant before he met Castiel. He didn't know that love was real, that love was spiritual, and could be felt in your heart, in the pit of your stomach, could take over everything you were, every thought, every move that you made. He felt safe, protected every time he was near Castiel, every time the angel held him close within loving arms, touched him with slender fingers and soft feathered wingtips, equal parts lust and love trapped deep within the angel's eyes whenever he looked his way. He had not known that love could hurt, could be painful in it's embrace, never more apparent whenever Castiel had to leave even for the shortest while. Every time, it felt as though something was missing, because Castiel wasn't there. Dean felt relief every time that the angel returned to his side, his bed, where he so rightly belonged, always holding him close as though he would never let him go.

Dean had not known the meaning behind a well earned kiss, a well timed touch, a loving caress at just the right moment, until he fell in love with Castiel. He enjoyed the feeling of being loved, of being in love, and found he welcomed the feeling more than he imagined he would. He enjoyed their nights spent together, hour upon hour of soothing caresses of fingers and wingtips, causing shudders to travel through Dean's body with every pass and sweep. Their love making was always slow, sensual, pleasurable and Dean willingly succumbed to Castiel, as much as Castiel succumbed to him.

In Castiel, Dean had found everything he wanted - home, safety, protection, warmth; all the things he knew he'd been lacking throughout his lifetime so far. In Castiel, he'd so found himself, of what he could be if he only allowed himself to, and he could see all of the things that he could achieve if only he let himself free.

Dean Winchester had thought he didn't know what love was, but now he'd found it.

Love was real and love meant Castiel