Title: I Got My Trenchcoat and My Shades On
Author: vaderina
Rating: PG-13
Genre and/or Pairing: Dean/Castiel & Sam/Gabriel
Warnings: None
Spoilers: 5.08
Word Count: 11272

Feverish/cursed/drugged Castiel is being held down by Dean; he thinks Dean is going to hurt him but Dean is actually trying to help him.
Our boys are broke and need cash. Dean's sick so Castiel ends up dancing in a gay bar. Or trying to.
Changing channels: Gabriel brings Castiel back when ordered but he's still gagged and tied up too. Dean frees and comforts him.
Dean takes Castiel to a marine park. Castiel ends up swimming with seals, or whales, or whatever.
Castiel's hurt his wings. Dean cleans and treats them.

Title from Trenchcoat & Shades by Jadyn Maria

Summary: Castiel is returned to Sam and Dean shaken up, but Dean takes care of him at the expense of his own health. Castiel then tries to pay back his kindness.


"Bring him back." Dean gritted out "Bring him back this instant or I will leave your cowardly selfish butt rotting in that circle for Lucifer to find." Gabriel's eyes widened for a moment at that but he quickly covered it up with a dramatic roll of his eyes and a flick of his wrist. Castiel crashed to the ground a little way from Dean and Sam, hands bound behind his back and duct tape gagging him. Dean was immediately next to him, an arm of his shoulder trying to get the angel into a more upright position. What worried him most wasn't the myriad of small cuts as bruises but how the angel shook beneath his hand and refused to look at anyone or anything other than the floor.

"Cas?" Dean placed a finger under the slighter man's chin trying to establish eye contact. After a few seconds his green eyes were met with sad wide blue ones fighting back tears. Whatever Dean said, the sight of Castiel so broken still made him mad at the world and his heart went out to his friend. He gently removed the duct tape, letting the angel draw in a shuddering breath.

"Cas?" Dean asked again. "It's OK Cas. He's not taking you away again, I've got you." Cas looked up at Dean, eyes still wild and darting to Gabriel every now and then, fear and hurt evident in his gaze.

"Sam, get that idiot out of here." Dean growled looking at Gabriel. "I don't want to see that pathetic disgraced excuse of an angel ever again." Sam went about putting the fire out as Dean turned back to his angel. In that short space of time Castiel had slumped down, the perfect picture of dejection and hopelessness. Without a thought Dean shuffled closer, putting his arms round the angel, for comfort and to start undoing the knots binding the angel's wrists together. Castiel was limp against his shoulder, face buried in the crook of his neck. Like that, Dean could feel every shuddering breath and gasp Castiel drew, his whole body quivering while Dean worked his wrists loose. Letting the rope fall to the floor, Dean brought his hands up to rest on the angel's back offering what little comfort he could. The small action seemed to open the floodgates though as Castiel let his arms clutch at Dean's shirt and a sob broke through his crumbling self-control.

Glancing up at his brother, Dean was relieved to see that after a small nod of understanding Sam made his way out of the warehouse, letting Castiel have time to collect himself with just Dean to bear witness to his sorrow. As the door swung shut behind the younger Winchester, Dean let his arms wrap tighter around Castiel and let one hand run soothing circles round his back. Tear were soaking through his shirt but he didn't say anything. He couldn't tell Cas that everything was going to be OK because it wasn't. He couldn't tell him to get a grip and stop it because this wasn't something that could be controlled. Dean knew that all too well. Had Gabriel died, it might have been easier. But this was worse, because with death comes closure. But this wasn't death. This was cold heartless betrayal. The pain that came with the knowledge that those who you love the most, trust the most, would only hurt you, hand you over to those who want to harm you and not regret it. That hurt. Dean knew that. So he held onto his friend with the sickening realisation that he was the last thing Cas had. He lost his family in his rebellion. He lost his father a long time ago and the search only served to diminish hope. And now he had lost his only brother who was outside of heaven's influence. His only potential ally who could have shown him how to get to grips with human life, who had been through all this before. Instead, all Castiel had was him. And Sam. A lowly human who was neck deep in sin and fresh out of hell and his demon blood drinking brother. And Castiel still clung to him, his last lifeline and only good thing left in this world for him.

The sobs slowly gave way to gasps, his death grip on his shirt loosened to a palm resting against his chest, the shaking subsiding to the occasional shiver. Dean looked down at the figure in his arms and absent mindedly ran a hand through the thick messy black hair. This prompted Castiel to look up at him, eyes red and bloodshot, face puffy from the crying and earlier ordeals.

"I'm sorry." his voice was husky from lack of use.

"Don't be." Dean replied.

"But I know you don't like chick-flick moments." Castiel still looked fragile and desperate Dean thought, yet still he was worrying about Dean and chick-flick. Suddenly Dean didn't know if he should laugh or cry at how selfless Castiel was.

"Chick-flick be damned. Sometimes they are needed. And I would do more for you." The last part slipped out unbidden from Dean's mouth. Though he wanted to regret it, the look on Cas' face was worth it. A flicker of hope and trust seemed to ignite in him. Slowly, he dragged his hand so his palm lay over Dean's heart.

"Thank you." Dean nodded, unable to speak and just held Castiel's gaze.

"Sam is waiting for us." Cas broke the silence which had fallen over them. They both stood up, brushing dust off and shaking feeling back into numb limbs. Outside, Sam was leaning against the Impala. He gave them one look before moving from the car to approach them.

"So, what do we do now?" he noted how Cas flinched and stood closer to Dean, a little behind the larger man as though he were a shield. Dean seemed to know too as he glanced down at the angel. A mischievous smile lit up his face as he winked at Sam.

"I heard there was a seal not far from here. Maybe we should check it out?"

Castiel looked up with furrowed brows. "But Lucifer is free. There is no need for us to protect further seals." Sam looked at his scheming older brother with mild frustration and a hint of distrust.

"I know about Lucy and all, but this seal," Dean dropped his voice to a conspiratorial tone. "It is open to public. The whole world can see it should they want to. And it is just down the road so we might as well make sure it's safe while we're here."

Castiel gave him a long look while Sam just stood puzzled.

"Very well. Though I am unaware of a seal existing in the vicinity, if you are sure then we may proceed." Castiel gave his agreement.

"Great. Let's go!" Dean beamed and Sam followed in a disapproving silence. The ride was quiet, Sam sat in the back while Castiel looked out of the window in silence, mulling over his encounter with his long lost brother. Finally Dean pulled up in a car park full of eco-friendly cars and happy families.

"Dean?" Sam asked.

"Out we get. The seal is through there."

And so it was, the the Winchesters with a dazed angel in tow passed through (for the first and probably last time) the gates of Swim with Us "“ the only water park to allow you to swim with dolphins, seals and other sea creatures.

"Dean, seriously?" Sam's face expressed a great deal. Mainly annoyance, disbelief and bewilderment. Without a word grabbed Castiel's wrist as soon as they got their tickets and swimwear. Sam followed them, unwilling to lose the pair in the crowd of over excited children and indulging adults. They tumbled into a changing booth while Sam had to make do with the one next door. He could hear Dean coaxing Cas out of his usual attire while shedding his own clothes. After some grumbling while Sam waited in his newly acquired swimming trunks Castiel and Dean emerged in similar outfits. Despite himself, Sam did a double take when he saw Castiel. While he never gave it much thought, he never imagined Castiel to look like that under his trenchcoat. He was lean but well muscled. Not in the way Dean was though. His muscles seemed more adapted to less heavy labour and more to something finer. Like dancing.

"So, I hear the seal is this way." Dean almost bounced down the corridor with the others in tow.

"I still fail to see why we have to dress such to find this seal." Castiel grumbled but followed his charge nevertheless.

"Here." Dean announced proudly.

"Here?" came a gruff echo from his angel. "I don't sense anything. Perhaps you are mistaken?"

"No. Look. There!" Dean pointed. Both Sam and Castiel followed the direction.

"Oh. I see." Castiel said, eyes narrowing. Dean grinned.

"Dean, ever thought about consulting with me? Our money is now gone, wasted on looking at a stupid seal." Sam sounded seriously pissed.

"Um..no? But now that we're here let's go get acquainted!" Dean dragged his companions down to the pool. Slipping into the water, he looked up at Castiel teetering on the edge and his smile faltered.

"You know how to swim, right?"

Sam sighed as he got in and looked up at Cas. In response to the question Castiel almost rolled his eyes and jumped. The Winchesters looked on in awe as Castiel's body gracefully arced through the air and landed in the water a little way from them with a small splash and ripples spreading through the water from the near perfect dive. Their eyes met as Dean tried to cover up his open admiration.

"Huh. Show off." he said. Castiel surfaced with almost smug satisfaction.

"Yes. I think I can." he retorted.

As if people could sense that an angel was near by, they slowly filtered out of the pool, leaving the Winchesters and Castiel alone. Within a short time the brothers discovered that Castiel was like a magnet for the seals. They swam up to him, nudged him for attention and circled him while they waited for their turn to be spoilt. However, the biggest surprise came when he suddenly disappeared underwater with the seals. His vague form could be seen twisting and turning under the water, playing with the seals. Sometimes he'd break the surface for air but then was back down again playing whatever game it was. Dean looked at his brother with a very smug smile.

"Now tell me it wasn't worth it."

Sam tried his very best to glare back but the angel's antics got to him, a smile spreading across his face.

"Sure. But you are the one hustling your arse off to pay for it." he would have continued, were it not for a shadow underwater making a beeline for his brother. Suddenly, with a yelp which would later be denied, Dean was yanked underwater. When he resurfaced spluttering and coughing, he was held in the grasp of a very proud and grinning angel.

"You son of a..." Dean began, only to be but short by being dunked underwater again.

"He shouldn't call me that." Castiel explained to Sam as he dragged an even more out of breath Dean up.

"There was no call for that Feather Brains." Dean said, only to shut up and throw his arms round the angel's neck when the said being almost submerged him again.

"Aww! So cute Dean. Clinging on to Cas for dear life." Sam teased.

"Shut it you!" Dean growled, flicking water at his younger brother. The three of them began what was probably a very frowned upon water fight. Even the seals joined in, though they seemed to side with Castiel and never splashed him. After a while, they were all gasping for air and declaring truce.

"Hey Dean, ever seen an octopus?" Sam asked. Dean just raised his eyebrows in a distrusting look.

"'Cause I think Cas wants to be one." Sam's smile widened. "And I think I do too." with that he launched himself at his brother while Castiel attacked him from the other. They wrapped their limbs around Dean's torso, threatening to force him underwater. Sam let go when the struggle got too much but Castiel seemed to have managed to truly impersonate an octopus and wrap himself round Dean with their chests pressed together and his head nestled in the crook of his neck.

"You are very comfortable and I am very tired. I think I will try this sleep thing you keep on about." Castiel announced. Dean looked at his brother for help but none was coming.

"Um...personal space Cas?" Dean tried to gently untangle the angelic dead weight now attached to him. However he found that it wouldn't budge. He managed to get one arm off, but it flopped into the water lifeless.

"Cas?" Dean asked.

"I think he's actually fallen asleep Dean." Sam was laughing at his brother's predicament too hard to help. As if he would have wanted to. The only thing he regretted was the lack of a camera to take pictured for later teasing and blackmail. Dean sighed dramatically and rolled his eyes while replacing the fallen arm round his neck.

"Come on then sleeping beauty, let's get you to a bed."

They managed to make their way to the edge of the pool where Sam got out first. He looked down at his brother and the sleeping angel curled round Dean. In a way it looked right, Sam thought. They acted as though they belonged to each other without either really realising. They had what Sam defined as a non-sexual exclusive relationship. Well, non-sexual at the moment he corrected himself. Soon Dean will get a clue and then it will be separate motel rooms at opposite ends of the corridor. But as it stood, right now, they were still very early on in their almost relationship. Just as he was about to reach down to help his brother and his baggage out of the water, Castiel stirred. He lifted his head and blinked sleepily at Dean.

"As comfortable as you are, I don't like sleeping." he announced as his disentangled himself from the other human and nimbly got out of the pool.

"Oh, well, thanks for the heads up." Dean grumbled as he got out.

"Dean?" Sam said. "We have a small problem in the form of towels. Or rather, lack of."

Dean just shrugged. "We can dry off. Don't dogs do that?"

"I am not a dog!" Sam exclaimed.

"Whatever, bitch."


They left the marine park shortly after that. Sam muttering under his breath about freezing to death while Dean and Cas strolled in front of him. After all the general merriment with the seals, Dean and Sam crashed out on the beds, both sound asleep before they even really realised. As pleasant as their previous day had been, the next day was a different story. When Sam woke up, Dean was still curled up under the blankets with Castiel sitting by his bed side, guarding them from demons, the angels and nightmares. Sam smiled at him and got a slow blink and a frown in response.

"I don't think Dean is well." Castiel said in the way of greeting.

"What?" Sam asked, the pleasant sleepy haze lifting immediately.

"He was shivering at 2.51, continued to be cold until 3.34 then his temperature began to rapidly rise until it peaked at 5.49." Castiel reeled it off then added "AM" to be sure Sam understood.

"Why the hell didn't you wake me?" Sam growled, reaching for Dean to assess his current state.

"You were asleep and I took care of Dean myself." if Sam had known him better, he'd have heard the almost pride in Castiel's voice.

"You. Took. Care. Of. Him?" Sam was gritting his teeth, angry at how he had failed to see this coming. After all, everything good came back to bite him.

"Was that not appropriate?" Castiel looked confused and like a kicked puppy. Sam immediately regretted his reaction.

"No, no. I mean yes. It was the right thing to do, you should have just woken me too." he tried to sooth the angel.

"But I could do it on my own and you wouldn't have been able to sleep as well." Castiel reasoned with the logic of an adult and with the stubbornness of a child.

"Sure. But still. Thanks anyway." Sam gave up as Dean curled into a tighter ball and visibly shivered. Sam cursed under his breath and reached for his blanket to wrap around his brother. That done, he glanced around, realisation dawning on him.

"We are out of money." he said, looking directly at Castiel. All he got was a long stare in return. "And we had only paid for tonight." more staring, "And we have no more money."

"Oh." Finally an audible response. Dean groaned as he woke and sniffed.

"How you feeling?" Sam asked.

"I am never, ever going to do that again." Dean said, though it sounded more like "neber eber" than anything. He tried to sit up but almost immediately slumped down, with Castiel supporting him to prevent his fall. With what could have passed off as swearing or something else, Dean lay back down and cast the angel a grateful half smile.

"So," Sam began, "we have a problem." Dean looked up at his little brother and gave a grunt of acknowledgement.

"We have no money, you are ill and we only paid for the motel until today." Dean just let out a long groan and tried to burrow deeper under the covers.

"We could go to the bar." Castiel's voice cut through the silence.

"Huh?" Dean huffed out a little surprised croak followed by some coughing.

"The bar. I saw a bar not far from here. That is how you normally get money." Castiel expanded on his idea.

"Yes. But." Sam stared at the angel.

"It's a gay bar." Dean stated with a small grin.

"So?" Castiel raised an eyebrow. "Do homosexuals play pool differently?" Dean would have laughed were it not over powered by more coughing.

"No, Cas. No. They play the same. It's just that..." Sam trailed off.

"Well, you pansies have fun tonight while I stay in bed with my seal-flu." Dean was choking back laughter.

"Very well." Castiel decided that night's plans for Sam.

The night, as it turned out was not something Sam thought he'd ever see. Even his imagination wasn't quite vivid enough to come up with something like this. It had started off quite normal. A bar, with mostly men. Although in the bars Sam and Dean frequented, the men didn't normally make out with each other, nor did Sam's behind get groped as often. Castiel seemed unfazed by all this and made his way to the bar, near the stage. Absently, Sam noted that the stage was occupied by one of the patrons stripping while some men watched and clapped in time to the beat blaring from the sound systems. He decided to ignore the stage in favour of scoping out the best people to hustle while nursing a beer. Cas, he noticed, had no problems or reservations about openly staring at the stage.

After his beer and picking out potential victims, Sam turned to suggest that he and the angel make their move. The only problem was that Cas was no longer by his side. Bewildered, Sam looked around, trying to see the familiar trenchcoat in the crowd. When he could find it no where in the bar, Sam turned to try the rest room. But that's when he stopped, the announcement by the host of the bar sent a chill down his spine.

"And our final contestant is a blue eyed angel. Please put your hands together for Cas!"

Sam paled as he turned to the stage, pleading to god to prove him wrong. It seemed that even god was working against him. There was Castiel, eyes wide, staring at the crowd in much like a deer caught in the headlights. A few wolf whistles erupted as the music started. Sam buried his face in his hands as music began to blare from the speakers. Castiel looked at the crowd is confusion. Sam was about to get onto the stage and haul him off with an apology of one too many drinks when Castiel moved. It looked like a shrug of his shoulders and a look round the crowd. Then he did it again. The crowd shifted uncomfortably and went quiet. Sam wanted to yell at Castiel to get off before he got a chair thrown at him. However, the third shrug was accompanied by a slow smile spreading across his face and the trenchcoat slowly sliding down his flexed back shoulders and arms. Sam watched, not quite able to believe what he was seeing. As the coat fell to the floor the crowd went wild, cheering and whistling. With the coat out of the way, Castiel began rocking his hips from side to side, his hands slowly dragging down his chest and tugging at his suit. The lazy smile stayed in place as he teasingly slid out of the jacket, his shirt and tie staying in place and as askew as ever.

Dean would never believe this, Sam thought. So to gain proof, he did the simplest thing and got out his phone, taking pictures of Castiel, Angel of the Lord slowly, teasingly stripping in a gay bar. He could not believe what he was seeing as he took a picture. Castiel had his head thrown back, one hand slowly tracing his throat while the other suggestively snaked between his legs, hips still swaying from side to side with the beat of the music. He rolled his hips in a turn with his hands high above his head, his shirt riding up to expose a sliver of taut flesh. When he was facing his audience again "“ which had grown to twice the size since he had started "“ they started clapping, each clap in time with the beat and each beat resulting in the popping of another button on Castiel's shirt. Looking up from under his eyelashes, Castiel smiled at let a finger skim over the triangle of exposed flesh, up his neck and over his bottom lip in what even Sam couldn't deny to be a very seductive and provocative move. The crowd lost all sense of the beat at that and went wild, stamping, clapping, whistling and a shirt flew onto the stage which the angel carefully sidestepped. With a spreading grin Castiel resumed working his buttons free, his hips still swaying, rolling and doing what seemed only appropriate between lovers in a bedroom. His tie was still holding the collar partially together as the final button came undone, shirt flapping behind him as Castiel went to turn again, this time making sure that the crowd got the full appreciation of his behind as the material of his trousers tightened over it. As he turned again "“ writhing, Sam thought, damn sexy writhing at that "“ he removed his shirt. And if he used a little of his angel mojo to ease the shirt from under the tie, well, nobody was complaining. The shirt joined his coat and jacket on the floor as Castiel let his hands skim and play over his chest, the tip of his tongue peeking out of the corner of his mouth. Sam snapped photos like there was no tomorrow. Dean will hate him for seeing this and hate himself for missing out. Castiel worried the corner of his mouth with his teeth as his hands slid lower, fingers dipping into his trousers for a tantalising moment before changing direction and running down his thighs instead. As the music crescendoed with the final beat, Castiel let his head tilt back once more, one hand on his crotch while the other fisted in the air. His tie running down his heaving, glistening chest in a suggestive arrow pointing down towards his low riding trousers and what they hid. Sam took a final picture of the angel, hips angled slightly towards the cheering and screaming crowd to further show off his jutting hip bones and smooth planes of his chest. After a second of basking in the love of the crowd, Castiel bent down to pick his things up and left the stage. He appeared next to Sam within a minute, clothes back on, like nothing out of the ordinary had just happened.

"So, people, it is now time to cast your vote. Who gets the prize? And just to remind you, the prize is a whopping 500 bucks and a place in the finals which take place in just 4 weeks time. So remember, vote for the one you want to see strut his stuff again!" the host whooped as he left the stage, people filing to vote for their favourite dancer of the night.

"I think I need a drink." Sam said, still bewildered by the show that angel had just put on. His belief in pure, innocent, virginal angels had just flown out of the window and crashed headlong into a lamppost. Castiel didn't say anything, just nodded, reverting back to his usual stoic, stiff self. After his 4th double shot in 8 minutes, Sam decided that playing pool was out of the question as he saw a few too many cue sticks and white balls to be certain that he would be aiming for the right ball with the right stick.

"Everybody, your attention please!" the host tapped the microphone to settle everyone down and become the sole attention of the whole bar.

" I am pleased to announce that your votes have been counted. Have been verified. And we have a clear winner. Let me say, those baby blue eyes and the outfit are deceptive. I never thought that such an innocent expression could harbour such an exhibitionist! Please, welcome to the stage, our dancing angel Cas!"

A loud cheer erupted from around the room as Castiel solemnly made his way up to the stage to accept his winnings with a small gracious smile. Sam almost fell off his chair. When Cas was back by his side, the money safely tucked into Sam's coat pocket, Cas led his drunk and dazed friend out of the bar and back towards the hotel.

"Dude." was all Sam could muster with a soft huff of breath. "Dean will be so pissed he missed out." Castiel said nothing, just let them into the hotel room. Dean was propped up in bed flicking through the channels on the small motel TV.

"How much you manage to hustle?" he asked in greeting.

"Me? Zilch." Sam said and Dean's face fell into a scowl. "Cas on the other hand, 500."

Dean's mouth dropped open. "Seriously? How?!"

"He entered a stripping competition. And won." Sam grinned.

"Don't think me stupid Sammy." Dean levelled a glare worthy of a level 6 on a 1-10 'I will smite you' Castiel scale.

"I kid you not. Look." with that Sam shoved his phone under Dean's nose.

"Holy...well...wait...what?!" Dean scrolled through the photos slowly, occasionally letting an appreciative hum or a low whistle out.

"Well, he looks like he had fun...just...damn. I had to miss it, didn't I?" Dean grumbled.

"Mhm. It was hot." Sam grinned, looking at his brother with a wide smile, trying to provoke a reaction.

"What ever Sammy. I think you had a few too many drinks to celebrate. Though, I suppose it is good stuff to tease him with later. Send a few through to me?"

"Sure." Sam grinned, seeing through his brother's excuse to get a few topless pictures of Castiel on his phone. Almost free angel porn on demand.

"Speaking of teasing him, where is he?" Dean looked around.

"Ummm....he was right behind me." Sam looked around, bewildered. "Maybe he knew you'd just annoy him and left." Dean grunted in agreement, too busy getting the photos across to his phone.

Several days had gone by with no word from Cas. Dean had recovered from his 'seal-flu' as he now dubbed it and they were looking for another hunt. Even while searching, Sam began to notice how restless Dean was becoming, pacing, looking at his phone every few minutes as though waiting for a call. Finally Sam snapped.

"Dude. Quit it."


"Your whole pacing and stuff. Just quit it." Sam said. Dean huffed and sat down on his bed with a groan.

"If you miss him so much, just call him already."

"Who?" Dean played stupid.

"You know who. Cas? Castiel, Angel of the Lord, the one you have topless photos of on your phone and look at them when you think I'm not looking."

Dean at least had the good grace to look away and faintly blush.

"Go on. Your phone is in your hand, ring him." Sam pushed Dean more. With a sigh Dean dialled the number and waited.

"Hello Dean." the voice picking up was most definitely not Cas.

"Where's Cas? What have you done to him?" Dean growled into the phone.

"I'm afraid 'Cas' is a little busy right now. He won't be able to answer his phone for a long long time." Zacharia's voice was smug.

"What have you done to him? Give his phone back and let him go." Dean shouted into the phone.

"Dean, Dean, Dean. Castiel won't have much use of a phone when we are done with him. In fact, he won't have much use of anything. You should hear him now. Pathetic little runt that he is. But it's OK,you shouldn't worry your pretty little head about him any more, we will put him out of his misery in a little while. Permanently." With that the line went dead. Dean stared at his phone for a moment before chucking it onto the bed. Sam looked at him with wide eyes.

"What happened?" he asked.

"Zach happened." Dean retorted, rubbing his hands over his face. "We need to get to him. They are going to kill him. But I think they are torturing him before hand."

"Where is he?"

"I don't know." Suddenly his phone rang again, Castiel's name flashing on the screen. He picked up.

"Just before you plan your little rescue mission, I just thought I'd save you some time. Don't bother. You can't get to him here. Heaven's holding rooms are not accessible to mortals unless an angel escorts them. And oh whoops, I think we have your angel. What a pity Dean, what a pity." Zacharia ended to call before Dean could get a word in.

"He is in heaven. Well, what used to be heaven." Dean sighed.

"So, how do we get there?" Sam asked.

"We can't." Dean's voice was on the verge of breaking. "The smug fat bastards said that only angels can take people there." Sam looked at his brother, mind working furiously for a solution.

"And they've taken our angel." Dean whispered as an after thought, shoulders slumped in defeat.

"Maybe, I think, possibly, we might have another one." Sam said softly, voice full of uncertainty. Dean's head whipped up, glaring at him in defiance.

"No way Sammy. I'm not doing it. I would lose him that way then, become a gibbering wreck at best. No. I can't do that."

"I wasn't talking about Michael."

"Oh. No! Sammy you are not serious. I would rather gag you for the rest of your life but you aren't saying yes either." Dean's vehement reaction had taken Sam off guard.

"Dean, I wasn't talking about Lucifer either. I was thinking about Gabriel."

"Oh." Dean fell silent for a moment. "No. He would only hurt Cas again. You saw what he did last time,"

"But isn't Cas worth the try. You said that they will kill him once they are done with him." Dean closed his eyes, emotions warring in him. Finally he nodded.

"Let's summon big brother then." he said.

It took the brothers a few hours to set up the summoning spell and lay everything out correctly. Once Sam had spoken the spell, they waited. Gabriel soon materialised in the circle of holy fire, cocky as ever.

"You boys just can't get enough of me, can you?" he leered.

"Can you get any more self centred?" Dean shot back.

"You really are a laugh a minute, aren't you?" Gabriel's attitude remained the same. "You decided that you do actually want me in a prisoner to have your nasty ways with in the end?"

"No." Sam cut in, knowing his brother would only anger the archangel into stubborn refusal to help.

"We brought you here for help." Colour crept across his cheeks are he spoke.

"The great Winchester brothers who are going to save the world single handedly need help. What a surprise that is." sarcasm dripped from Gabriel's words.

"Actually, Cas needs your help."

"Oh yeah, what does the little rebel want that he is too righteous to ask for himself?"

"Help, Gabriel, he needs help." Dean had enough of pussyfooting around. "Zach took him and is going to kill him. I don't know where other than somewhere in heaven and that before he kills Cas, he is going to break him."

Gabriel didn't say anything for a moment. However, his mocking eyes betrayed him as they showed his sudden concern and unease.

"And why should I help him?" Were it not for the fire and Sam, Dean would have socked the angel for being so cold hearted.

"Why? Why? Because he is your brother. He is going to be dead if you don't help him because he tried to do what he thought was right. He is actually trying to stop the apocalypse even if no one else seems to be." Dean yelled. Gabriel closed his eyes, seemingly deliberating with himself.

"Fine." he said quietly. "Let me out and I will bring him to you as soon as I can."

"Seriously?" Dean was surprised by the lack of opposition he was getting. Gabriel fixed him with a glare, eyes glinting dangerously. All pretences of a trickster were gone, replaced by an angry, defensive archangel.

"The longer you keep me here, the less time I have to get him and the more likely his imminent death is."

Dean drew in a sharp breath and put the fire out, by the time he looked up, Gabriel was gone. In his place was a note. "I will bring him to your motel room as soon as I can. Despite what you think, I still care about my brother."

There was nothing left for the brothers to do but clear up and wait. Hours passed by with Sam quietly searching on his laptop while Dean carried on alternating between pacing and flicking through the channels. Eventually Sam gave up, annoyed by his brother's antics and hungry.

"We need food." he stated.

"Go get some then." Dean didn't stop his pacing.

"You need some too."

"Bring some back then."

"Dean, you can't stay here for however long Gabriel takes. He might not even succeed."

Something in Dean snapped. "Don't you ever say that!" he bellowed. "Cas will be fine, he must be fine. He must be." The last was added quietly, head hanging. "I can't leave, what if he needs me when he gets back?" However, that was the point Dean's stomach growled. He stared at the traitorous body part with a grimace.

"Dean, we're going. Now." Sam told Dean in a stern tone. "He might need you to be strong when he gets back. You won't be if you don't eat." he added more softly. They got to the diner, Dean more quiet than usual, not even bothering to return the flirtatious grin the waitress flashed him.

"Dean, you know Gabe will do everything he can to get him back, right?" Dean's head whipped up.

"What did you call him?"

"Um...Gabe? Is that a problem?"

"Since when exactly are you on pet name terms with that idiot?" Sam looked at the food in front of him, trying to avoid looking at his older brother.

"Dammit Sammy, you not lying to me again, are you?" Sam shook his head and picked at his fries. When he looked up, his eyes pleaded with Dean for understanding.

"Dean, please. Don't get angry."

"Don't get angry? Oh that's great Sam, really great." Dean's voice took on a dangerous, quiet edge.

"Dean, please, just hear me out. After the TV land stuff he talked to me. You were busy with Cas and he just appeared. And since then he's been coming back every now and then, and you know, once you get past the annoying trickster façade, he isn't all that bad." Sam explained. Dean fixed him with a cold stare, mouth pressed into a tight line.

"When were you going to tell me?"

"I was going to. You just seemed too worried for Cas and were so caught up in things, I just. I guess I didn't want to worry you." Sam glanced down at his plate.

"Real sweet Sammy. You sure you were going to tell me?"

"Please don't start Dean. Despite what he said and did, he said that maybe we were right. He wants to help. He just finds it hard to swallow his pride. I think you can relate to that."

Dean flung the contents of his glass over Sam.

"Relate? Oh yeah I can relate. And you can relate to him that I say he gets out of our lives pronto."

Sam stared at his brother, eyes wide and sad.

"Dean." he choked out. "Please Dean, don't be like this. I...I like him Dean." Dean stilled at his admission.

"You like him? As in like or like like him?" his voice was low, cautious as he looked at his dripping brother. The blush and silence was all to telling.

"Damn." he muttered under his breath. Sam continued to stare at the floral table cloth, not daring to meet his brother's gaze.

"So...you and Gabriel...uh...you...oh lord, I can't handle this." he leant back on the chair. Sam risked a glance up, Dean was staring skywards lost in thought.

"You know," Sam began, "he said something about Winchesters and their angels. It sounded like you had your own, um, angel you know." Dean dragged his eye down to Sam.

"There's nothing going on between me and Cas." The 'yet' hung unsaid in the air.

"You know if you asked him..." Sam let the unfinished sentence sink in. Dean's eyes narrowed.

"Unlike some, I don't have the hots for any angel Samantha. So sorry to disappoint, but no bromance double dates for us." Sam let out a timid smile, accepting his brother's hidden blessing. Dean resumed his burger, muttering about wasting his drink and stupid little brothers. Sam quietly carried on picking at his food after drying the worst of the drink up with a napkin. They sat in companionable silence until a figure abruptly appeared next to their table making them jump.

"Gabe? What's up?" Sam was on his feet, casting a worried glance at the wild eyed and shaken angel.

"They...he...his..." Gabriel's breath was coming in short sharp gasps, hands trembling as he wrung them in front of his chest. Dean was on his feet.

"Where's Cas?" he asked. Immediately, they were in front of the motel room.

"What the hell? Why not next to him? Save time?" Dean growled. Gabriel put a hand up against Dean, holding him back.

"They..Dean, of lord, they." Gabriel was too cut up to be able to for words.

"Spit it out already!"

"They. Oh good Father. His wings Dean, his wings." Gabriel looked ready to throw up and start crying. Sam put an arm round him, "No one touches another angel's wings bar their mate. They are too sensitive to be handled by any other than your most trusted. And they...they..." the rest of his sentence was swallowed by an almost wail and a tear sliding down Gabriel's cheek.

Dean burst into the room. And stopped immediately. Castiel was on the bed, lying on his side, eyes closed and breathing shallow. Behind him, spread out were the great expanses of his wings. When Dean last saw their shadows, they were large, spanning the entire barn. Now, they were a mess. Crooked, covered in blood and on one, the large arc was clearly snapped in two, the bone jutting out. Dean tried not to gag at the sight, it was possibly the worst thing that could have happened to Cas. He approached the injured angel, softly calling his name. Cas moaned, eyes flickering open briefly, no sign of recognition of his surroundings or Dean. He let out another small moan. As Dean got closer, he became more restless, squirming away from Dean.

"Cas? Keep still Cas, I'm here to help you." Dean tried to sooth the angel, crouching next to him and eye level. "I need you to lie on your stomach Cas." Dean reached to help Castiel turn to his front. Instead of co-operation, he was flung across the bed, landing in a heap on the other side as Castiel began to panic. His wings beat helplessly, blood starting to flow again from the cuts.

"Cas, you need to calm down." Dean picked himself up began to near the panicked angel again. Castiel began to let out distressed whimpers, and scooted further from Dean. Instead of laying an open hand on his shoulder, this time Dean grabbed the angel's wrist. This time he was ready for the jolt and kept his balance and Castiel tried to fight him off.

"Cas, Cas, Cas. Listen to me Cas. You need to calm down so I can help you. I won't hurt you Cas."

Cas cried out as he flipped onto his back, wings crushed under his weight. Dean's grip began to falter. He knew that is he gets flung again, he might not land in quite such a fortunate way and he would not be able to get hear Cas again. So as much as he loathed to do it, he got on the bed too, restraining Cas as much as possible. He squeezed Cas' hip between his knees and used both hands to push his arms above his head, trying to avoid touching his wings.

"Cas, listen to me. Cas, it's Dean, you remember me, yeah? Dean? The one you gripped tight and pulled from Perdition?" he grunted in an effort to keep Castiel from pitching him from the bed with his wild bucking. He sucked in a breath, silently grateful that Sam wasn't there. This way, he won't be teased for what he said next.

"Cas, please remember me. Tell me you remember me, the soul that shone throughout hell. The one you risked everything for you. Your Dean?" Castiel's relentless struggling slowed and his eyes tried to focus on Dean.

"Dean?" he croaked.

"Yes, Cas, yes." Dean said relieved.

"My Dean?" Cas looked at him, as memories began to flood back.

"Your Dean, Cas. All yours." Dean smiled at him, loosening his grip slowly. A small smile quirked Castiel's lips.

"All mine" he repeated back in a daze. "Mine."

"Yeah Cas, now just turn over so I can help sort your wings." Dean gently removed himself from Castiel's person and helped him roll over. A grunt signalled that Castiel was in pain.

"It's OK to cry out Cas, I won't think any less of you." Dean whispered. He didn't know why, but whispering seemed more appropriate than talking.

"Don't go anywhere, I'm just going to get some warm water and a wash cloth."

He left the angel on the bed, wings lying lifeless and deformed, pulled as close at the pain would allow to his back. When he got back, Castiel hadn't move. He placed the bowl on the side and coaxed the angel to let his wings out. It took a lot of soft, gentle words before the muscles eased from their locked position, slowly spreading out, tension draining not just from his wings but from his whole body. When Dean first touched the cloth against a bloody spot, the wings snapped back against Castiel's body, tense and a small cry erupted from him. The cry was laced with his true voice, making it barely tolerable for Dean.

"Ssssh. Cas, I won't hurt you. I'm trying to help. Let me clean it up." Dean talked to him like he would to a wounded and terrified animal.

"No. Dean, please, don't. It hurts." Castiel pleaded. "The cloth. It burns." Dean looked at the cloth in his hand.

"I don't have anything softer Cas."

"No cloth. Please." Dean sighed and put the cloth to the side to placate the stricken angel.

"OK, I won't use the cloth." then an idea struck him. He experimentally dipped his fingers into the water before gently running it along the edge of the wing closest to him. He achieved a small huff from his friend, but at least he didn't jerk his wing away so violently. Dean began to job of cleaning the wings of blood, occasionally wetting his hand, smoothing the damaged surfaces, cleaning them. Sometimes Castiel would shift in discomfort when Dean pushed against a tender spot. He whimpered when bone edges were reconnected or when smaller dislocated bones were returned to their proper place. Every time this happened, Dean would shush him, leaning close to the angel, running a soothing hand either through his hair or down his cheeks. He avoided his back, the lower half was covered by the wings and the upper half, where the wings joined, he only dared touch once, eliciting another sharp cry of pain and a powerful shudder. The left wing was wrenched from its socket, leaving deep purple and blue bruising on the pale skin. To put it back into place meant getting a firm grip on the wing, and in its current state, Dean knew he would cause more damage than good, so he left it be for the time being.

Through out the ordeal, Dean kept up a steady stream of what he hoped was comforting and reassuring nonsense. Sometimes, he'd slip up though and amongst the "you are doing so well" and "only a little bit more" an "I'm so proud of you" would come out or a "sweetheart" or "darling" would tag onto the end of his words. He worked quickly, wondering at the size and beauty of the wings even in this broken, letting his fingers linger over undamaged parts, just letting himself feel them. The power they contained, the feel of muscles shifting under his palms, nothing could compare to it.

After the few initial grunts of surprise, Castiel stopped trying to move away from his exploring his wings. Even when all but the major dislocation were seemingly fixed, Dean carried on running his fingers over the surfaces of the wings. He splayed his fingers, trying to memorise the feeling. Most of the damage seemed to have healed, a few bumps remained but as Dean watch, even those began to disappear. He was surprised when a soft sigh escaped the angel, whose face was more relaxed than he'd ever seen. Eyes closed, mouth slack with the corners hinting at an upward curve. As he ran his hands parallel down each wing, a satisfied hum rumbled through Castiel.

"That feels nice." the angel broke the silence.

"I figured. Though I will have to put your wing back into its place. That won't be so nice." Dean murmured into his ear.

"I know." Castiel sighed in reply as Dean shifted to get a hold of the wing.

"I'll pop it back into place on 3, OK? Try not to tense up." Dean put a knee on the angel's back to hold him down, fingers curling round his wing for a secure grip.

"One, two." Dean pulled and pushed, slotting the wing neatly into its original location. Castiel screamed, his true voice shattering the mirror and vibrating the windows, the other wings tensed fully extended knocking everything out of its way and his back arched.

"Sorry, I'm so sorry," Dean muttered, running hands over the joint, trying to rub the pain away. The angel relaxed into his touch, breath hitching a little as he tried to collect himself. Dean gathered the angel in his arms, wings sweeping to cocoon them in a world of soft light and warmth. Raising his head from Dean's chest, Castiel's icicle blue eyes met Dean's moss green ones.

"Thank you. For everything." he voice was low, soft and tender. Dean just nodded, not trusting himself to talk. Castiel leaned closer, the small distance between them declining to almost nothing. The angel's eye flicked up to the human's.

"May I?"

Dean nodded, stupefied beyond words. Castiel pushed his lips lightly against Dean's is a dry kiss. Dean pushed back a little, uncertain how or where to take this. Castiel helped him out though, after a few seconds, he broke away, eyes cast down shying away from Dean.

"I'm sorry if that wasn't appropriate." he said, trying to extract himself from Dean's embrace.

"What? No. I just, I'm stupid." Dean blurted out, tugging the angel back into place. "Stay."

Castiel remained, a soft pink blush creeping across his cheeks. It occurred to Dean that he held a half naked man with wings in his lap who just kissed him. Before his mind could veto it, his mouth ran away with him.


Castiel blinked at him. "I'm not sure." His wings were pulled back, taking them back to the present, away from the magical twilight world his wings had cast around them. Dean reached for them, letting his hand run down them as a shudder worked its way through the angel's body.

"When an angel lets another touch his wings," Castiel began, each stroke making him stumble over his words, "it signifies the greatest of trust. Only one other is allowed that privilege, that amount of trust. It forms such a bond between angels that can only be broken by death. And one's death results in the other's demise with sorrow quickly after that." Dean looked at the being in his lap and smiled.

"I trust you too."

He let their lips meet in a tender kiss again, hands wrapped round the angel's slim body, hands tangled in the wings. When the innocent kiss broke, Castiel looked relieved and he stood up, letting Dean rise too. He gave his wings a few experimental flaps before tucking them neatly behind himself with a smile. He moved towards the door, to open it. When his hand was on the door, he felt Dean's hand on his shoulder.

"Oh and Cas, with my life." The blinding smile was worth everything and more to Dean.

The door swung open to reveal Sam holding a red and puffy eyed Gabriel. That, Dean was expecting, what he didn't expect was Castiel's reaction. A guttural growl accompanied by Dean being pushed back into the room and shielded with the angel's wings.

"What are you doing here?" Castiel's was coiled, ready to attack the higher ranking angel. Gabriel did nothing, too taken aback by such a violent greeting. Sam however, put himself in front of the slighter man, hands raised, palms facing the defensive angel.

"Cas, calm down."

"Step away from him, he cannot be trusted." Castiel moved a wing for the younger Winchester to move behind.

"Cas, he's here to help. He rescued you from heaven." Sam tried to placate him. Gabriel stuck his head round Sam's shoulder with an apologetic smile.

"Hello brother, good to see you recovered and sorry about earlier."

"Not sorry enough." Castiel bit out, looking every bit an indignant and protective mother hen, chest puffed out, holding his stance.

"Castiel." Dean's voice and use of the angel's full name brought Castiel to a halt. Though he stayed on the defensive, he did not make a move to attack Gabriel. "Let him explain. I know he hurt you, but maybe, just maybe, he might be worth your time."

Castiel looked over his wing in confusion at Dean. Eyes searching his face for something that he evidently found and he relaxed a little, letting the two in the hallway into the room. Gabriel cast a cautious glance at them as Castiel settled next to Dean.

"As I said, sorry about earlier. I think I over reacted and you didn't deserve that treatment. I hope that with time you will be able to trust me again." Gabriel looked at his younger brother sheepishly. Castiel visibly bristled at the other angel's words.

"No one deserves that." he said, "but thank you for at least coming for me in heaven." he finished. Although he didn't seem entirely happy with the newest addition to their little group, he put up with it. His eyes widened a little when he saw Sam place a hand on his back, apparently in comfort, exactly where the wing joined the back. He looked at his brother with a querying glance. A small nod was all he needed to confirm his suspicions. Sam was Dean's brother. He'd do anything for Dean and that meant making Sam happy. And if Gabriel made Sam happy, well, there wasn't anything he could do. He sighed in defeat. This was getting more complicated than he had ever anticipated.

Gabriel stayed with them. Occasionally popping in and out of existence as he was wont to do. But he was always there when he was needed. Castiel himself preferred to stay and travel with the Winchesters. Though he never voiced it, Dean seemed to know that flying still put stress onto his wings and it hurt. His relationship with Dean took a slow route. Mostly Sam and Gabriel were around so nothing could happen, but in their stolen moments it was innocent, tender and gentle. Soft kisses were exchanged in the safety of Castiel's wings, away from prying eyes and the world at large.

Dean often held him in his arms, cheek resting on his head, just breathing in his essence, memorising his body with stroking hands. He never pushed Cas too far, letting him set the pace of things and content to wait for as long as it was needed. Slowly, Castiel felt bold enough to let his own hands wander, exploring Dean's body and face with feather light touches of his fingers and lips. The first time he tasted Dean was almost 3 weeks after the rescue mission from heaven. His hands were roaming over Dean's shoulder when Dean gasped into their kiss and his hands found a sensitive spot. Castiel didn't know what made him do it, but he ran his tongue over Dean's lower lip, acquainting himself with the new sensations. He felt Dean's tongue tentatively touch his, feeling his way round Castiel's, exploring the new territory reverently. Their questing was rudely cut short by the door opening and a soft 'oh' accompanied by some shuffling and two pairs of feet tangled up in a bout of hasty apologies. Without letting go of his angle, Dean lazily turned his head to his brother and angel.


"Um..." Sam was flustered and lost for words.

"Cas, you won that competition a while back, remember?" Gabriel took over. Castiel slowly nodded.

"Well, the finals are tonight, you still going, yeah?" Gabriel leered at his sibling and Dean. While Castiel considered this, he felt Dean lean closer and whisper in his ear.

"I missed out last time. I would like to see it, I think you would be pretty hot."

Castiel nodded again. "Very well, when is it?"

That is how Sam found himself waiting in a bar with Dean and Gabriel at his side, front row to the stage waiting for Castiel's turn. Never had he imagined seeing Castiel do a striptease. But to see it twice, that was unfathomable. Then the announcement came.

"Ladies and gentlemen, our next contestant is nothing short of innocent cuteness summed up. Those near the stage, please be aware that we do not offer a life belt to those who feel like they are drowning in these ocean blue eyes. Stare at him at your own risk. But now, please put your hands together for Cas!"

The stage went dark as a chair was brought onto stage. The opening lines of Womanizer by Britney Spears burst from the speakers as the lights came on. Castiel walked on, in just some slacks, a shirt and tie. The contrast to his normal self was huge. He swung the chair to face away from the crowd and sat down, eyes scanning the audience until he seemed to find his mark. Which happened to be Dean. As the music went on, he kicked the chair to the side as he stood, one leg on the seat now as he played with his tie, hips rocking in time with the beat. The tie came loose, and he slipped it over his head, twirling it between fingers, and letting it run by his mouth. He turned, tie raised above his head as he made a large arc in the air with it. He kept it spinning above him with one hand, the other sliding lower down his body, coming to rest cupping his crotch suggestively. As he let the tie go, it sailed through the air and with what looked suspiciously like help from his angel mojo, landed perfectly round Dean's neck. The crowd erupted in wild cheers as Castiel stalked towards Dean. As he got near the edge of the stage, Castiel sank to the his knees and neared Dean crawling, eyes fixed on his prey, one hand outstretched to catch the end of the tie. Once he had the tie wrapped firmly round his fist, he pulled Dean up, he himself also rising to stand. He tugged Dean on stage amid wolf whistles and lewd cheers. It was like Dean was on a leash, being controlled by the angel. Castiel wrapped the tie round his first a few more times shortening the distance Dean could move away.

Finally, they were chest to chest, Castiel rocking against Dean while driving him back until his legs hit the abandoned chair. With a push to his shoulders, Dean sat down and the tie was released from Castiel's grip. Wide eyed, Dean looked up at his angel who proceeded to move behind him. When Dean craned his neck to look, he got a firm hand on his chin turning him to face back forwards. It was evident that Dean, despite his discomfort was beginning to enjoy the whole thing. Castiel took his shirt off in what appeared like a well practised and smooth move, revealing his well toned chest. It earned him another round of cat calls. He let the shirt drop behind the chair as he stepped round its other side, arms encircling Dean's neck as he straddled his lap. Dean's eyes flew wide open at the sudden weight on him. Castiel leant close to Dean, allowing their breaths to mingle and the audience to assume that the show was about to get a higher rating.

With a wicked smile Castiel pulled back, as even Dean was drawn into his illusion of taking things further. In time with the chorus the angel tapped Dean on the chin while fiddling with the tie. He let his hips grind down onto the man below him, making his dirty dance down right filthy. Dean's hand began to snake up towards the angel's bare torso until his wrists were caught in a firm grasp and forced back to his own sides. He ran his hand up his chest, neck and through his hair, leaning back and leaving his hair a wild tangle. With a feral grin, Castiel undid the tie, running it over Dean's chest before rising up to stand before him. He held the tie taut between his hands above his head as he did a slow turn, letting his hips circle round, drawing all eyes to it. He looked down at Dean, smile lingering on his lips as he suddenly dropped down, hands resting on Dean's knees, head dropping down then whipping back up then proceeded to crawl up Dean, grinding down when he got back to straddling his lap. He held the tie in front of Dean's face, letting it dangle for a moment before dragging it round Dean's eyes, securing it as a blindfold. The audience began clapping with wild abandon. Castiel then proceeded to rock his hips down, then round as he gave Dean a lap dance. As the song came to an end, Castiel once more leant close to Dean's face once more. Tongue snaking out, he caught the edge of the tie then closed the distance and tugged the ties off with his teeth in time with the end of the song. As he got up and pulled Dean up to leave the stage, they got a standing ovation. Sam turned to Gabriel.

"I know," Gabriel interrupted him, "hot. But I think I heard somewhere, that older brothers do everything better." Sam flushed and turned to face the stage again. They didn't see Castiel or Dean until the final dancer had finished his set. When people were asked to vote and given the chance to get a drink, they saw Dean make his way towards them, an all too smug expression on his face.

"So, Cas is at the bar, getting drinks. I think he's in with a good chance." he flashed them a cheeky smile.

"Yeah, I think so too." Gabriel smiled while Sam tried to think of a way to put his admiration politely but in a way that didn't sounds too fan-boy like. He glanced to the bar to see Cas engaged in conversation with a very eager young man. When he looked at Dean, it looked like he notice too, judging by his stormy expression.

"Dean, let him be. He could do with a bit of socialisation." Sam tried to hold him back.

"That son of a..."

"Dean!" Gabriel cut in, "Let him be." An hand on his arm restrained Dean, though it made his seethe and grind his teeth as he watched. The man in question was invading Castiel's personal space and a hand occasionally sneaked out to pat his arm, hand or shoulder. Dean growled at every contact.

Even from afar, Sam could tell that Castiel was beginning to find the stranger a little too much. It was the first time Sam had seen him step away from anyone without being told to. Then he must have said something even more socially awkward than before, or outright rejected the man because the man stepped closer and a hand came up to fist Castiel's shirt. Castiel's eyes widened in shock, trying to get out of the situation via angel methods was out of the question. The man pulled him closer, their noses were almost bumping when Dean got there, sliding an arm round Castiel, the other coming up to push the man's hand away from him. In a matter of moments, Dean had asserted his ownership over Castiel, and a few terse words put the man into place and had him beating a hasty retreat.

"Thank you." Castiel leant his head against Dean's chest. Dean brought his other hand up to caress Castiel's neck and cheek with his thumb. Keeping an arm round the angel, Dean ordered their drinks and they made their way back to their seats. They laughed and chatted between drinks, mocking each other and when they thought that they were subtle, played footsie with their respective partner.

Eventually, the host came on and the whole establishment went quiet. Anticipation grew thick in the air.

"Ladies and gentlemen. What a night this turned out to be. You saw all these boys dance for your votes. You voted for your favourites. You have crowned your king. It was a close call. But, as with everything, a clear winner has emerged. Winning by the breadth of a feather after a sizzling dance hot enough to have you jumping from your seats to clap his performance, please welcome to the stage, CAS!!!"

The crowd erupted in wild cheering as Castiel made his way up to the stage, holding onto Dean's hand, dragging him along to receive his prize. The shiny plastic crown say askew on his head ad he was asked to say a few words to thank his voters. Castiel looked at Dean for a second, beaming up at him before taking the microphone.

"There are a few people to thank for this, firstly, Gabe, my brother. Without him, I wouldn't be here today, he's saved my life more than I can count. His boyfriend, Sam. He is the reason I have Dean. Dean happens to be Sam's brother and, well," another glance at Dean, almost for permission, "Dean's my boyfriend and I couldn't ask for anyone better. He gives me hope and comfort when there seems to be nothing else. So thank you, for your kindness, patience and love." he gave the microphone back to the host and turned fully to Dean, tilting his head up, he pressed a kiss to his lips, crown sliding even further down his head. He leant closer to whisper in Dean's ear.

"I trust you."

Standing on the stage, both radiated joy, caught up in their private moment. Walking down into the crowd, Gabriel nudged Sam.

"Let's go back to the motel."

Sam nodded and added, as an absent minded afterthought.

"Let's get separate rooms."

The End.