Title: Shadow Of The Day
Author: shadowofcastiel
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: characters are not mine - they belong to Eric Kripke - I'm merely having fun with them. Title taken from the Linkin Park song of the same name.
Summary: He watched the eldest Winchester sleep, watching the light play across Dean's face, which looked so peaceful in slumber....


Castiel watched Dean sleeping, feeling more like the proverbial guardian angel than he ever had in his entire existence. He'd always been the warrior, fighting constantly, never knowing what it felt like to be truly protective over a fragile human life. He'd always viewed humanity from afar, never really came into close contact for longer than the briefest of moments.

Until now.

Until Dean.

He watched the eldest Winchester sleep, watching the light play across Dean's face, which looked so peaceful in slumber.

Castiel was glad that Dean was getting some rest and peaceful rest at that. Seemed like the hunter wasn't getting enough of what he most needed right now and that was sleep.

Castiel watched over him, feeling an emotion he was not used to feeling before - one that he didn't immediately recognize. After some examination, he realized the feeling was love. He felt love for Dean Winchester, an emotion he'd never felt for a human, especially a male human. The emotion ran deeper than just love though - the angel felt himself craving the feel of Dean's touch upon him, of feeling Dean upon him, of feeling Dean beneath his hands, wanted to know more of Dean than merely conversation.

Castiel turned away then, disturbed by the train of his own thoughts. He shouldn't be feeling like this - it seemed too close to blasphemy.

Dean moaned in his sleep and Castiel turned back, thinking - blasphemy be damned. It felt right to feel this way. All he wanted was Dean and that was it.

Dean stirred then, slowly awakening by degrees, before his large green eyes opened blearily. He yawned before smacking lips together. Castiel shuffled his feet uncertainly feeling a tightening in his vessel's groin that he wasn't used to feeling. The feeling was pleasurable but a little uncomfortable to the angel.

Dean yawned again, oblivious to Castiel's discomfort, before turning those large green eyes onto the angel himself. As though seeing the angel's discomfort mirrored in the angel's deep blue eyes, Dean's brow furrowed in a concerned scowl.

"What is it, Cas? You look in pain," Dean said, half sitting up, propping himself up on one elbow to take in the angel.

"I don't know, Dean," Castiel said, uncomfortably. "I feel ... something. I don't know what I'm supposed to do about it."

Dean blinked at Castiel in confusion, before running calculating eyes over the angel's form wondering what he meant until he saw the obvious bulge in the vessel's pants Dean had to laugh at the angel's plight, but merely shook his head.

"I can't believe I am going to say this to ya, dude, but that is natural, you know. Who were you thinking about?" and Dean snickered again.

Castiel didn't know how to answer him, merely turned pleading eyes onto Dean in a mute appeal for help. Dean got the unspoken inference.

"Freaking hell, I'm being perved over by a freaking angel," Dean said, leaning back on the bed's headboard wearily.

Castiel was gratified that at least Dean did not look disgusted like he feared he might do. In fact Castiel could have sworn Dean actually looked relieved..

"Dean? You do not look overly concerned! Shouldn't you be? After all ... I'm ... I don't have the words, Dean. I'm thinking things I shouldn't about you ... and I react!" Castiel said, looking down at himself, a little shame faced.

Dean looked up at the angel, but still he didn't look angry.

"It's alright, Cas," he said, quietly. "I've been getting ... feelings too. Just didn't think I could ... act. This is hard for me too - saying stuff. Just come sit down, Cas. I think I can show you better than saying ..."

Castiel's eyes grew imperceptibly larger, yet still he walked over to the bed, a little stiffly, awkwardly, but he managed it. He perched on the side of the bed, before swinging his legs up onto the surface, settling down beside Dean, almost shyly, now knowing what to expect from the hunter.

"I've never done this before, Dean," the angel said, quietly.

"Neither have I," Dean said, quietly, before leaning forward to plant his lips on Castiel's in a hungry kiss.

It took a few moments for Castiel to respond after the initial shock of Dean kissing him, but soon Castiel was responding, kissing Dean's soft lips with his own dry ones. Dean's tongue darted out, licking against Castiel's lips, eliciting a moan from Castiel himself at the contact. Dean's tongue parted Castiel's lips, pushing inside and exploring the angel's mouth. Castiel moaned louder still and responded, copying Dean's movements until it became natural to him, exploring the hunter's mouth with eager tongue and swift movements.

Castiel didn't protest when Dean undid his belt, and unzipped his pants, merely held onto Dean while he did it. His eyes flew wide and he gasped out in surprise and undisguised pleasure when Dean's warm hand encircled his cock, gently stroking him at first, before his strokes became firmer, faster. Castiel's fingers dug into Dean's tender flesh, his hips thrusting into Dean's palm, moans of pleasure falling from the angel's mouth as Dean continued to stroke him further and further to completion. Predictably, the inexperienced angel didn't last long and he came with breathless moans, a pulsing orgasm coursing through his veins, as Dean pulled him into a rough kiss.

It was only when Dean guided Castiel's hand to the hunter's own cock that the angel realized just how turned on Dean was through the whole experience. A slight smile touched the angel's lips as his fingers curled around Dean's shaft and it felt right to be touching him. Dean's hand over his helped Castiel to find the rhythm that Dean liked, before Dean removed his hand, leaving Castiel to finish Dean off. Dean lasted a little longer than Castiel himself had and Castiel hid a smile when Dean came for him, burying his face in the angel's shoulder, gasping out his climax in little breathy moans against the angel's neck.

"That felt so freaking good," Dean murmured into Castiel's shoulder, turning satisfied eyes up to Castiel's.

Castiel smiled at him, and nodded out his usual single nod of acquiescence. He leant forward to kiss Dean roughly, all fire and ice and angelic bliss and Dean responded just as hungrily. Neither of them seemed to want the moments they'd shared to end, but finally Dean spoke.

"Cas, Cas, please, stop," Dean said finally, reluctantly. "Sam will be back soon and we gotta get cleaned up."

Castiel tilted his head to one side like he always did when confused, before saying - "We can do this again, Dean?"

Dean's face split into a grin, an all too rare occurrence in the elder Winchester nowadays, before he said - "Sure we can, Cas. You'd think I'd let you get away with doing that only once?"

Castiel nodded at that, before Dean helped him to clean up. And if Dean took a little too long in touching the angel, Castiel wasn't exactly complaining. He was too busy giving in to the pleasure of the new sensations assailing the vessel's body...