Title: Snippets (a look at Dean and Cas through Sam tinted glasses)
Author: vaderina
Pairing: Dean/Castiel, Dean/Castiel/Sam
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Threesome, double penetration.
Spoilers: None really.
Word Count: 3709
Notes/Prompt(s): So I might have sort of tried to combined three.
1.Sam walks in on/overhears Dean and Cas getting intimate. His response is completely up to the writer.
4.Sam/Dean/Cas. Preferably PWP, though something with a bitter pang would be lovely. That is all.
5. Awkward phone sex. With Cas doing the dirty talking (most likely failing at it). Kudos if Sam is in the room with Dean while Cas is talking to him.
Summary: Sam refuses to see what he believes, and then it hits him in the face. Almost literally.


It was often said that Sam Winchester was the most emotionally in touch with himself and his environment of the Winchester family, honorary members included. However, he was still a Winchester and as a result, very familiar in the ways of employing denial when it suited his sanity. The funny thing about denial is that it starts small and ends up doing away with the biggest clues that scream the truth in your face. Yeah, Sam's been there done that, still hasn't learnt his lesson.

This time round, denial became Sam's best friend the day Dean turned down a pair of great tits on mile long legs practically throwing herself at him. The rational part of Sam's brain waved goodbye in lieu of the probability that Dean was tired from the hunt they just finished. Or worse he was coming down with something. Sam chalked it up to fatigue and continued to drink merrily as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened. The next incident was when Cas popped in just before they were about to go to another bar a few weeks later. Cas appeared almost on top of Dean giving him large cow eyes when he saw the keys in Dean's hands. Very quickly Sam found himself alone in a bar, with the keys to the Impala in his pocket. Cas hadn't been round lately, he and Dean were probably just catching up on what's happening in Heaven and what not. Cas might even leave them clues for a new hunt. Satisfied with his explanation Sam carried on drinking. Stumbling back into the motel room fairly buzzed, he could easily ignore the way Cas' hair was an even bigger mess, his lips were swollen and red and Dean had a rather suspicious looking mouth shaped bruise peeking out from under his collar. The way alcohol can help with selective blindness is astounding.

These small things began to mount up, Sam's list of small things he refuses to notice making a huge mound behind his back where he couldn't see it. Under no circumstance was he going to turn around and face the evidence. The latest thing to join the top of the growing pile was one a nice sunny day. Sam swears he was just taking a walk in the local park minding his own business. He was just trundling along with his music playing quietly when he walked past what looked like Cas from behind. Strolling past, Sam fixed the man with a scrutinising look. Yep, that was Cas all right. But he was bent over someone. Sam paused to ascertain what was going on. Cas looked pretty busy and happy. While Sam couldn't see what he was doing, he had a pretty good idea. There were two pairs of feet tangled up on the grass. A pair of thick denim clad legs that didn't exactly look feminine tangled with Cas' suit trouser covered ones. Huh, a gay Angel of the Lord. Who'd have thought? Sam just smiled. Cas at last was getting the hang of the perks of humanity, and if it was with another man? Well, that was quite fine by Sam. A hand crept round Cas' waist and a ring glinted in the sun catching Sam's eye. The ring looked familiar and he's sure that he's seen the hand before. Lots. If he could only place it now. Strong masculine hand with a ring. Sam did a quick mental check list of all the male hands he knew. His own. Which were at the ends of his arms thank you very much, not groping Cas' back. Bobby's. But these hands were younger. Dean's. But why would Dean be feeling Cas up? John's, but John was dead. Dean's...oh shit...Sam jogged over to help. Perhaps Dean's spent too much time in the sun and passed out. Cas might be tending to him and Dean's just coming round. He approached the men and was greeted by two curious and mildly amused gazes. Though Dean looked a little cross too. His cheeks were flushed and his lips puffy.

"You all right?" Sam asked, concerned for his brother's welfare.

"Yeah. Just, you know. Enjoying myself." Dean said.

"Oh. It just looked like..." Sam was puzzled. Dean didn't lie under anyone. It meant losing control and submitting to someone else. Dean was most definitely not the type of person to lie beneath Cas, who lacked experience in humanity in all sense of the word. Of course Dean would never let angel (who is no longer a dick) loom over him, what was Sam thinking? Perhaps Dean didn't want Sam to know he's unwell?

Why don't you carry on your walk Sam?" Cas suggested, "I will make sure Dean gets back to the motel safely. Enjoy your afternoon."

Sam had never been so smoothly dismissed in his life. He carried on his walk and worried about his brother some more. One day he will figure out what this all means.

Sam figures it all out eventually. At the 'dark disco' more specifically. It was a bit like a silent disco, only it wasn't silent but it was almost pitch black. Well, there was a faint glow all round the edge of the dance floor, just enough to be able to see who (or what) exactly you were dancing with. For a reason that seemed to have gone over Sam's head, Cas was there with them. He'd ditched his trench coat, suit and had the sleeves of his shirt rolled up to his elbow. Neon coloured glowing bracelets adorned his slim writs and he'd convinced Dean to wear similar ones. But while Dean's were blue and green, Cas ended up with orange and pink ones and Sam himself had opted out of such accessories. Sam's quite happily dancing with a petite brunette he saw as they were filing to go in when he realises that the pink and orange bands are jiggling around with the blue and green. As in, Cas and Dean are dancing.

Cas probably has no idea what he's doing so Dean's showing him, Sam's logic provides.

Then it looks like the pink and orange move behind the blue and green. The little light provided makes it seem like Cas is pressed flush against Dean's back.

It's probably a trick of the light. Maybe Dean's found a more interesting and feminine dance partner. The faint green light from the band travels up, casting a pale hue on the top as Cas' head as fingers rake through his dark hair.

Itch. Sam thinks resolutely. The pink bracelet sinks lower down Dean's body, his shirt is first pushed up, then the light sinks lower and after some more interesting out of beat jiggling, it disappears.

What crap quality these glow bands are if they give out so suddenly, Sam provides the internal grousing commentary. What a waste of their hard hustled money. Then the pink glow is back. Then disappears again. It flickers up and down while the blue band on Dean's other wrist travels up to join the green one. Sam curses the awful systematic flickering, eyes tracking the movement of the orange bracelet up and down his brother's chest.

Oh. Suddenly it clicks in Sam's mind. Oh. Nope, that's not happening. At all. Most definitely not. Not now and not ever. Cas' hand is not in Dean's trousers, nor is Dean clinging to Cas. Sam watches with a perverse fascination as the blue and green light illuminate the way Cas' mouth latches onto the tender skin just above the collar of Dean's shirt. And it is most definitely a trick of light that makes it look like Cas' eyes glint smugly as he watches Sam while he sucks a bruise onto his brother's neck. Sam tears his eyes away with great difficulty from the disturbing yet some what hot sight when Dean's hips seem to jerk and he pumps up into Cas' hands. He did not just think that Cas jerking Dean off in a nightclub was in any way not. He does have standards. Yeah, low ones, the little voice in the back of his head added.

They never mention the incident again. Sam doubts Dean even realises that he saw. But from then on Sam notes everything between the two men. Lingering gazes, small touches and shared food. The food thing though seems to be something that Cas will do to anyone. He steals random leaves of salad from Sam's plate as often as he'll take fries from Dean's. Sam builds up a bit of resistance to it all eventually. He hardly baulks any more when Cas picks up Dean's burger and takes a bite. Swollen lips and a more cheery, relaxed disposition after a trip to the bathroom while clutching his phone and small smiles from secretive texts from a mysterious source become part of the norm from Dean. The only thing Sam can't get over is his feeling of loss and isolation. Dean used to be his and his alone. Now, he has to share with Cas. Although he likes Cas and the more he thinks about it, the more he realises that rather than being disturbed by the nightclub incident, Sam replays the scene in his mind when he has time alone – if you know what he means. He wants to see more, feel more.

Sam is sitting in a random motel room in Podunk Town looking for a new hunt. Dean's phone rings while he's cleaning his guns. After a moment of fumbling, Dean picks up with a less gruff than usual "Hello?". Sam watches his brother frown as he places pieces of gun down on the bed.

"Cas?" he asks into the phone. Now Sam's seen a lot of things when it comes to his brother. But nervous embarrassment was one he has rarely witnessed. He watches the older man stumble over words. What he would never know that the conversation getting Dean so flustered went something like this:

"Hello?" Dean said.

"Hello Dean." Castiel's voice was pitched lower and more intimate than usual. "What are you wearing?"


"I'm wearing my suit. I've taken my trench coat off." Cas continued regardless. "What about you?"

"Just, you know, the normal." Dean looked around bewildered for a place to hide from Sam. There was no way he was having awkward phone sex in front of his little brother.

"Oh." Cas sounded disappointed.

"But you know, some of it could go." Dean tried desperately to strike a balance between keeping the conversation going in a similar vein while it stayed sounding innocent to Sam.

"I'd like that." Cas said, swallowing. "I'm taking off my tie now."

"Uhuh, that's good." Dean closed his eyes, trying to imagine it. He could feel heat creeping through his whole body.

"I'm imagining you taking your shirt off." Cas continued to talk. Dean smiled at his voice.

"Uhuh. Tell me more." he demanded.

"You chest is smooth to touch, as I run my fingers along it I can only think that I remade you to perfection. Your nipples stand erect under my touch, just enough to be lightly pulled before I soothe it with my tongue."

Dean rolls onto his stomach to hide his slowly stiffening cock. He wants to believe he is hiding it from Sam and not just seeking friction. He hums into the phone, not trusting his voice to break and give the game away.

"I'd lick my way down your sternum and..." a strangled noise breaks off his husky voice. Dean pulled the phone away from his ear and gave it a puzzled look.

"Dean, this is pointless." Cas said in his normal voice, wheezing a little. "The book told me this will be fun. It isn't, I can't get this stupid tie off and now it's too tight."

"Don't pull it Cas, that makes it worse." Dean said. A gasp signified that Cas had once more followed his own ideas rather than listen to Dean.

"Dean," he choked out, "I'm never trying phone sex again. Where are you? We shall finish this in person once my tie is off."

Without thinking Dean rattled off their location and ended up with Cas wide eyed and red in the face almost in his lap.

"Dean." Cas croaked again. Rushing to his aid Dean took the tie off. Only, to Sam's surprise he doesn't stop there. The tent in both Cas and Dean's trousers are painfully obvious and by the time Sam is at the door, both men are shirtless and on the bed. He freezes with a foot out the door when he hears a moan.


With a confused blink, Sam turns back not quite believing what he hears. The powers of wishful thinking sometimes overruled his senses. Yet as he turns back, Cas has his cloudy blue eyes fixed on him, one bare arm reaching for him. Dean lifts his head from where he'd been lazily sucking loving bruises on the angel's chest with an unsure grin.

"Coming to join the party?" he asks, "Cas wants you to."

Sam looks between the lovers before deciding to throw higher level thinking away and use the more primal parts of his brain. He joins the show on the bed minus his shirt and pulls Cas up against his chest mouthing at skin he can reach. He looks up to see his brother staring and pauses mid-kiss self consciously. Dean raises an eyebrow.

"Eager much?" Sam feels a blush spread across his cheeks. He and Dean had shared everything before, why can't they continue and share Cas? The dirty smirk he receives puts his mind somewhat at ease.

"If you go just a little higher behind the tendon, he loves that." Dean suggested before going for the button on Cas' trousers. Sam follows the advice and takes it as Dean's own special way of saying "Hello, welcome, I'm fine with you molesting my boyfriend and I'm glad you are here."

Their clothing is lost fairly quickly. Cas' body is littered with bruises and Sam is mesmerised by the play of colour on pale skin. He is drawn out of his admiration by a moan as Dean closes a hand round Cas' straining member. He isn't quite sure who moaned, it could have been both of them. Cas stills Dean's hand with a whimper and a soft press of fingers to his wrist.

"Want you." he gasps. "Want you both. At once."

Time seems to freeze for a minute as both brothers process just what exactly the angel is asking. Dean closes his eyes for a moment then looks at Sam with a question. Sam nods open mouthed, words eluding him. Still holding Cas against himself like a shield, Sam watches as Dean leaves the bed to find half a bottle of lube in is bag. Sam wants to be grossed out by the fact it is only half full (he always was ever the optimist, nothing is half empty!) but all he feels is a pang of regret for what he's missed out on. Dean's back soon and looks between his brother and angel. Before he can ask anything, Cas takes charge. He lifts himself to his knees and takes the bottle from Dean's loose hand. Sam has a perfect view of his firm arse as his muscles flex with each movement. The lube is shoved in his hands with a gentle kiss to the top of his head and a whispered "four fingers".

His heart is in his throat as Sam lets a finger drift between Cas' cheeks, seeking out the crinkled flesh of his hole. It goes in easier that he'd imagined. He cranes around to try and see Cas' face for any discomfort and is greeted by the view of Dean licking his way into the angel's mouth. Spurred on, Sam works a second finger in which elicits a soft moan swallowed by his brother's hungry mouth. Easing back a little, Sam takes his time to push against the resistance his fingers meet as he stretches Cas wider. He lets his thumb flick over the taut rim as his fingers pull wider. His third finger wriggles in and Cas bucks his hips as Dean wraps fingers round his cock again. The brothers work in a counter rhythm until Cas is bucking between sensations. Sam struggles to fit four fingers in yet is urged on by Dean whose hand finds his, slipping past Cas' balls and rubbing a thumb over his palm. Cas is leaning against Dean, head on his shoulder eyes closed in sweet pleasure. Dean's free hand rubs circles round his shoulder blades. The angels must murmur something to Dean as the older brother gives Sam's hand a tug with a small smile. Sam pulls his hand away, missing the tight warmth yet full of anticipation as to what's going to happen next. Dean helps guide the angel down and Sam pushes up into the welcoming wet heat.

Cas' legs are folded either side of Sam's hips, thighs trembling. Kisses and small bites to his back seem to allow then angel to ground himself as Dean's hand slides from his hips lower, round the swell of his cock to skim over where Sam's cock stretches Cas wide. Whimpering, the angel rocks against Sam, his head thrown back. With a feral grin, Dean pushes a finger in next to Sam. The younger man has to shut his eyes at the feel of his brother's finger working its way into the tight heat next to him, providing new pressure and friction. Dean doesn't waste any time, he wait just enough for Cas to loosen enough for his finger to glide smoothly in and out before he pushes in with another finger. Cas goes rigid in Sam's arms, stiff back pressed tight against his chest and breath coming in short sharp pants. His eyes stare at the ceiling and his mouth works silently to find words. Dean just smiles up at them and watches Sam's eyes slip closed as he uses his fingers to stroke Sam within Cas. His third finger is met by more resistance until Cas' body just suddenly gives way, allowing it to push in and crook against the bundle of nerves. The strangled cry is swallowed by Sam. Both men groan as Dean pulls his fingers from the angel and pats his thighs. Obediently, the angel rises and Dean scoots to almost straddle Sam. They are pressed close together and Sam can only stare in wonder as their cocks align in Dean's fist. He reaches up to help Cas down and his fingers brush against Dean's on the angel's hip. Sam quickly pulls back, scared that his brother wouldn't welcome him despite that fact he has a firm grasp on both their dicks.

Dean pulls the angel down and Sam watches in awed fascinations as Cas takes both of them into his body with a ragged moan. His fingers flex on Dean's shoulder, head dropped forwards until Dean pulls it up for a kiss. Once he is fully seated, Dean takes his hands to wrap them round Cas' face and bury them in his hair. Sam uses this to place his hands on the angel's hips. Sooner than it should humanly be possible Cas tenses his legs and gives an experimental roll of his hips. All three men murmur in a noise of appreciation. Cas takes control from then on, dictating the speed of his rise and fall above the brothers. Dean's fingers also gravitate towards Cas' hips, brushing against Sam's. Sam makes to withdraw, knowing that Dean claims ownership of Cas and not wishing to intrude. He is grateful they've allowed him even this much. However, Dean's fingers entwine with his, pulling them back into their rightful places. He doesn't let go after that, just smiles over Cas shoulder briefly. Cas lets go of Dean's shoulder with one hand and places it over their joined fingers, uniting them. The moan he lets rip from his throat surges through them all, urging the pace to go faster. Dean has some leverage and takes the opportunity to push up into Cas as he shoves himself down. The dual friction this causes Sam has him leaning his head against Cas' moving back with a bitten back cry. Dean's fingers tighten on his and brother and angel repeat the motion again and again. With a choked sob Sam jerks his hips as he comes, twitching against Dean and filling Cas with his warm seed. He thinks the others would stop and move over to finish between themselves, but Dean continues fucking into Cas, his cock rubbing against Sam's sensitive one. It doesn't last long, Dean pushes deeper and Cas comes over their chest with a sigh, squeezing his muscles tight. Dean bites the angels shoulder to muffle a cry as Sam feels him swell then spill in the angel. The warm splashes run down along side his own cock. Cas is boneless and only held up by the other two men, eyes closed. When Dean disentangles his fingers from Sam's to lift the angel bodily off them and lie him on the bed, Sam feels a chill run through his body. He uses his discarded shirt to clean himself up and watches from the corner of his eyes as Dean gently wipes Cas and himself down. A pang of jealousy flares up in him as Dean settles down next to Cas. Tearing his eyes away and moves to get up and away from the couple. A warm hand lands on his hips, stopping him in his tracks. Following the line of fingers up the arm to Dean's face, Sam sucks in a breath. Dean smiles sleepily from behind their angel. In his own way, Sam thinks to himself as he lies back down against Cas, this is Dean's way of saying "hey, it's okay, stay a little and maybe we can share this too".