Title: No Matter The Storm
Author: martyred-wings
Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: slash, Dean/Castiel
Spoilers: none.
Warnings: Human on angel action.
Summary: No matter what storms they had to face in their lives ahead of them, they knew that they would always have each other, for support, for love, for everything that they needed. They needed no one else, but each other....


Castiel stood at the window of the motel room, watched the wind thrashed world outside, marvelled at the power of the storm, as branches clawed helplessly through the wind blown air, crashed to the ground, as leaves blew every which way they could. He felt rather than heard Dean approach, padded up behind him to drape a pair of easy arms around the angel's waist, as Dean leant his chin upon Castiel's shoulder.

Castiel leant back into Dean's steady warmth, closed his eyes slightly, felt a smile curve his lips as he settled into the crook of Dean's waiting arms. Castiel watched the storm for a while, transfixed by its power, it's beauty, it's ferocity, as Dean leant in closer, kissed the angel's cheek gently. The hunter nuzzled against Castiel's neck, inhaled all the scents that made up Castiel settle inside him, soothe him, before he kissed Castiel's neck.

"Dean," Castiel murmured, head tilted to the side, allowed Dean to gently kiss the sensitive skin, to nuzzle, to nip with gentle loving bites, and laps of his tongue.

Dean stepped in closer, ground his erection against Castiel's body, made the angel aware of his intent, his need and Castiel moaned out something that sounded like - "yes." Dean ground his hips against Castiel's once more, trailed a hand across the front of the angel's pants, and felt an erection begin to bulge against the dark material, the scent of sudden arousal hanging heavy in the air.

Dean leant in, kissed the corner of Castiel's mouth, received a kiss in return, before he fumbled with Castiel's belt, pulled it free, dropped it to the floor. Castiel's lips parted, but no sound came out, as his eyes closed, and his chest rose and fell in anticipation. He felt Den's hand slowly unzip his pants, ease them to the floor, before his boxers followed suit. The angel braced his forearm against the wall beside the window, made a slight noise as Dean eased one slick finger inside him, rocked back hard against the hunter's hand, felt his muscles stretch slightly.

He cried out again when Dean added another finger, barely reacted when the hunter leant in to steal a covetous kiss from Castiel's soft, sensuous lips, cried out in sudden excitement when the tips of Dean's fingers dragged across his prostate, sending shudders of pleasure coursing through his body. His fingers flexed against the wall, as Dean twisted his fingers, stroked him inside, stretched him, made him feel like he was burning up from the inside out. Blindly he reached for his erect cock, gripped it between nerveless fingers and started stroking himself hard, smearing pre-cum across his own engorged member, pants, groans falling from parted lips.

Dean withdrew his fingers, and Castiel continued stroking himself furiously as he waited, his hand moving across his cock in a sensuous dance that sent shudder after shudder of pleasure through his slim body. He cried out when he felt Dean thrust his cock inside him with a grunt of effort, rocked back onto him, loved the feel of the hunter thrusting roughly inside him, their bodies falling into a natural rhythm, sensuous dance as they rutted against the wall.

Dean's eyes closed, pleasure coiling through him as he took the angel, felt Castiel wrapped tightly around his cock, rubbing against him as he thrust into him, and he almost didn't recognize his own pleasured cries until he shouted out - "Cas!"

He cried out again, as Castiel's wings unfurled involuntarily, brushed against Dean's skin, sent shudders of pleasure through him at the soft contact. The wings moved in time with Castiel's body, in time with Dean thrusting into him, and the hunter reached out, stroked them, made Castiel cry out, scream in sudden pleasure at the feel of Dean's fingers against his sensitive wings.

Dean shuddered against the angel, felt his time drawing near, suddenly felt like he was flying with Castiel's wings surrounding him, flapping gently, coupled with the wind howling outside still. He soared, felt his world narrow down to Castiel, to all that mattered to him, and elation poured through him. The sense of flying never left him, and let go, released himself into Castiel with a cry of the angel's name, as his hands convulsed against the angel's wings, gripped them, stroked them possessively.

Castiel came soon after, coated his hand with his release, eyes staring blindly in sated pleasure at the wind tossed day outside, his emotions soaring as high as Dean's before him as he cried out for the hunter in pleasured elation. Slowly, slowly, he drifted down from feelings of bliss, felt Dean's arms slide effortlessly around him as the hunter pressed gentle, yet demandingly possessive kisses against Castiel's neck, his shoulders, his wings themselves. Castiel sighed, bowed his head, before he twisted, turned within Dean's grasp, faced him to press urgent lips to Dean's, claimed his mouth in a possessive kiss. Dean responded, eyes closed, lips parted, gentle caresses joining the angel's.

No matter what storms they had to face in their lives ahead of them, they knew that they would always have each other, for support, for love, for everything that they needed. They needed no one else, but each other ....


Dean looked up at the night sky displayed overhead, so clear he could almost count the stars if he had a mind to. Deciding to leave the star count to a night when he was bored and desperate enough for something mind numbing to do, the hunter dropped his gaze to the ground, twisted round to scan the area around him, as he wondered where Castiel was. The angel was nowhere to be seen, and the park behind the parked Impala was empty, as it should be at this time of night.

From far off came the sounds of a train sounding its horn, the clanging of a railway crossing cutting the night air in two, as Dean's breath misted and fogged the air in front of the hunter's face. Dean shivered against the chill in the air, pulled his leather jacket closer around him, as he felt the cold metal of the Impala's bodywork settle deep within his butt.

He looked around again, called for Castiel more insistently, wondered where he could have gotten to, before he heard the familiar sounds of heavy wings slicing through the air, sounding close enough to touch, close enough for the backdraft to waft Dean's hair around his face. He smiled, turned to see Castiel standing close by him, staring intently at the hunter, eyes large, deceptively innocent, yet held the promise of so much more.

"Took you freaking long enough, didn't it, Cas?" Dean groused, only half meaning it. "I thought we were supposed to be meeting out here for a bit of - "

"I'm here, Dean," Castiel said, cutting Dean's sentence off before the hunter could say anything crude. "I was held up, elsewhere. I got here as fast as I could."

"You were held up? By angelic hordes waving harps and a golden arrow? What?" Dean asked, pushing his body firmly away from the Impala, to stand closer to Castiel, to steal his body warmth, and to run questing hands over the angel's chest.

"Something like that," Castiel said, with a small laugh which surprised Dean with its suddenness.

Dean smiled back, before he leant in to steal a kiss from the angel's lips, felt him respond, before the kiss deepened, turned into something else more meaningful, as both hunter and angel lost themselves in the kiss, the accompanying embrace, the exchange of warmth between willing bodies. Hands caressed gently, lips worked against soft responsive lips, as gentle sounds of kissing filled the air around them.

Castiel leant his body heavily against Dean's, erection pressing against Dean's thigh, arousal heavy on the air, as far off into the distance, thunder rolled, grew steadily louder the more aroused that Castiel grew. Lightning streaked across the sky, as rain spattered against the kissing couple, but neither seemed to notice or to care, just continued fucking each other's mouths, bodies rubbed one against the other, hands caressing, touching, gripping possessively, as the angel pressed Dean back against the car, effectively trapping him.

Castiel broke the kiss, groaned out Dean's name, before Dean finally noticed the rain, now long since turned into a downpour.

"Get in the car, Cas," he said, quietly, as he gasped for air. "Get in the back of the car."

Castiel smiled, eagerly, opened the door and climbed in, breath dragging in excited pants in constricted throat, as he fumbled his body from soaked clothing. The thunder growled directly overhead, as Dean climbed in after Castiel, pulling at his own clothes, green eyes turned darker with mounting lust, before he settled in behind Castiel, spooned his body with his.

The angel arched back, stole a kiss, before his eyes closed, an aroused cry falling from full lips as Dean slid a finger inside him, loosened his hole, before adding another. Castiel's cock grew harder, and the angel needed release, could feel the hunter's arousal pressed tightly against his leg, wanted Dean, needed him, cries almost drowned out by the thunder.

Finally his not quite patience was rewarded by Dean easing his fingers from Castiel's tightly muscled hole, before he angled Castiel's leg to a different position. Dean spread rain water over his cock swiftly, fingers gripped Castiel's thigh tightly, before he thrust hard inside Castiel. The angel shuddered at the feel of Dean inside him, filling him, pleasuring him. Their bodies started to rock in a sensuous rhythm, thrusting hard against the other, as pleasured cries filled the small interior of the Impala's back seat. The thunder growled louder still outside, matched in intensity to Castiel's growing orgasm as lightning flashed in a stunning display overhead.

Castiel reached down, gripped his cock between eager fingers, started stroking himself hard, pleasured himself with loud cries, guttural moans, which drowned out Dean's own pleasured moans and cries at their continued coupling. Dean's hips stuttered, bucked, before he threw his head back, cried Castiel's name loudly as he spilled his release deep within the angel, marked Castiel further as his own with his come. Castiel rolled his head back, and let go, released himself in hot spurts over his hand, with a long, drawn out cry of the hunter's name. Thunder crashed loudly, threatened to deafen them as Castiel's orgasm rolled through him, wiped away every emotion clean from them both except for pleasure.

Dean pressed kisses against Castiel's exposed neck, nibbled gently upon angelic skin, sucked bruises everywhere he could reach as he waited for Castiel to come down from post orgasmic bliss. The angel's breathing slowly returned to its normal rate, chest calming beneath the hunter's hands, as the thunderstorm gradually quietened outside, rolled away far into the distance as quickly as it had arrived.

They cuddled into one another, warming their bodies one against the other, as their skin slowly cooled, sweat and come slowly drying on naked skin. Dean felt Castiel's heart beating solidly beneath his hand as he kissed and suckled another bruise onto the angel's shoulder. Castiel murmured wordlessly, settled his body further into Dean's, closed his eyes and smiled gently, enjoyed the feel of Dean's mouth on his skin, fingers skating over sweaty chest gently.

No matter what storms they had to face in their lives ahead of them, they knew that they would always have each other, for support, for love, for everything that they needed. They needed no one else, but each other ....


The sun shone down upon the ground, sent rays of sunlight shimmering across everything in dancing waves of heat, as Dean walked down the sidewalk, his head bowed against the glare and the heat. He didn't see Castiel until he'd walked into him, felt his yeilding body give underneath a hard knock, felt Castiel's strong hands grip Dean's arms tight. Dean looked up, saw the angel's pupils blown wide in lust, mouth hnaging open slightly as he panted. His wings glinted in the light as they stood proudly from his body, looked for all the world like they were bathing in the light from the sun.

Dean backed off slightly in surprise when Castiel leant in, tried to steal a kiss from a usually receptive mouth, as the hunter wondered what was going on. Castiel leant in again, seemed to not want to take no for an answer, before he pressed urgent lips to Dean's. His lips worked against the hunter, small noises of encouragement breaking the air between them before finally Dean started kissing back. Although Dean still wasn't quite sure what was going on, what was behind Castiel's sudden assault, the kissing felt good, like it always did with Castiel. His senses shut down, until he felt nothing more than the silky feel of Castiel's soft lips against his own, the way they moved against his and claimed his, sent electrical pulses through him with every movement they made.

Castiel shifted and Dean felt the very obvious press of arousal against his leg, as Castiel ground his erection into Dean. The angel wrapped his wings around the hunter, enveloped him in their comforting embrace, shielding them from the sun, as the angel's hand rubbed at Dean's ever growing erection beneath the heavy fabric of his jeans. He could feel his legs weaken, would have fallen if not for the angel's deceptively strong arms around him, the support of his buffeting wings.

His erection strained against his boxers and he groaned, pleaded for release in senseless whimpers, felt turned on by Castiel's forceful kisses, and the scent of arousal strong upon the angel.

"Dean," Castiel said, breaking the kiss to lay his head upon the hunter's.

"Yes," Dean said, nodded, giving permission for the angel to take him.

Castiel smiled briefly, before he pressed his hand flat against Dean's forehead, spirited them to a secluded alleyway, where he fumbled eagerly with Dean's jeans. He worked them loose, pulled them free, before pulling the hunter's boxers down to bunch around hisankles. Dean didn't protest when the angel maneaovered him to face the wall, spread his legs a littl ewider, before he leant in to nibble gently at the hunter's earlobe. Dean inhaled sharply, his cock throbbed in response to Castiel sliding his finger inside him, loosened him with another finger joining the first.

He felt pressure building in his abdomen, as the beginnings of an orgasm built up behind his navel at the thought of Castiel taking him hard against the wall. He heard Castiel drag the zipper down on his dark pants, heard him spit on his palm, slick the saliva hastily over his own cock, with moans filling the air as the angel's hand enclosed his own throbbing member, stroked himself hard and fast behind him. Dean waited, eyes closed, expectant, before he felt Castiel lean in, steady the hunter's hips before he thrust himself in hard, keened out Dean's name in a sudden outburst of need.

Dean cried out, eyes flew open as his cock twitched in sudden desire. He rocked back into Castiel's body, never wanted the sweet pressure to leave him, as Castiel withdrew almost to the head. Castiel thrust in hard once more, keening out Dean's name with every thrust, as his wings threatened to smother Dean in their eternal embrace. Dean felt his orgasm building, found it hard to ignore, wrapped eager hands around his weeping cock, pumped hard with his fist in time with Castiel's thrusts.

He could feel his time drawing near, felt his world unravelling, crashing around his ears, as he jerked off firmly, bucked his hips into his palm, then fucked back hard onto Castiel's cock. He felt soft feathers draw down his body, wrapped around his pumping hand, helped him jerk off eagerly, smearing pre-cum over them both. Castiel suddenly keened out a loud climax, released himself inside Dean as he bucked his hips hard against the hunter as he orgasmed. Dean climaxed soon after, spent his release over his palm, across Castiel's wing, slightly across the wall in front of him.

 Their bodies slowed to a gentle halt, no longer writhing against the other, spent in their shared want, shared need, sated lust. All that was left was love, the only thing that they needed to see them through another day apart, together, coupled.

No matter what storms they had to face in their lives ahead of them, they knew that they would always have each other, for support, for love, for everything that they needed. They needed no one else, but each other ....


Dean stood on the pier staring out at the ocean, salt spray from the thrashing waves and the sheeting snow stinging his eyes, hurting his cheeks, but he took no notice. He carried on standing there, staring blindly out to sea, seeing nothing, blind to everything but his own thoughts held within.

He half turned when he heard Castiel arrive, heard the familiar flap of wings and the gentle fall of footsteps carrying the angel to his side. Castiel stood close by his side, leant his forearms against the railings before him, supported his body weight as he tucked his wings from view, protected them from the weather.

"You should be inside, Dean," Castiel said, in disapproval, to break the silence.

Dean almost barked out a rebuttal - something along the lines that Castiel was not his mother - but he held the harsh words back, merely nodded, looked away in an attempt to hide the pain held within his eyes.

"I know, Cas," he said, simply.

"Then why are you out here? You could be inside, in the warm, instead of standing out in this," said Castiel, gestured up to the snow filled skies, at the wind blown night around them.

"I know, Cas," Dean repeated, gritted his teeth against something more.

Castiel straightened, levelled an intense gaze at Dean, waited patiently for an answer, lips slowly pursing into an almost bitch face. Dean glanced at the angel, looked away again, before he nodded.

"Alright, Cas, you win. Again," Dean said, quietly.

He fell silent, and still Castiel waited, his intense blue eyes never leaving Dean's face.

"Do you ever - get the feeling you want to leave me?" Dean asked, voice halting, hesitant, uncertain, eyes downcast to the wooden floor beneath them.

"Now why would you ask something like that, Dean?" Castiel asked, immediately, voice harsh, almost angry at the question.

When Dean didn't immediately answer, Castiel prompted him once more by repeating his name.

"You're an angel, Cas. You can have anyone you want, and you chose me. Why, Cas? Why not someone else? Someone better?" Dean asked, half turning away from the astonished angel.

"It's true that I'm an angel, Dean, but I'm not as powerful as I used to be. You know that. I come to you now, like I came to you before - when I was whole - through choice," Castiel said, as he reached out to gently touch Dean's shoulder.

Dean flinched slightly, but let Castiel turn him to face him, even though the hunter, at first, refused to meet Castiel's gaze.

"I come to you now, because I love you," Castiel said, quietly.

Even though the tone of voice was quiet, the words were intense, loaded with intent, meaning and Dean was finally able to meet Castiel's gaze. No one could pack that amount of emotion in one loaded sentence and not mean it.

"You don't have to be alone, Dean. I'm here, I'll always be here. I fell fpr you, because I couldn't let you go alone. I did it out of loyalty, out of respect, out of love. Call me anything you want, but you can't take any of that away from me," Castiel said, voice heavy with emotion as he leant in to steal Dean's gaze.

Dean's eyes closed, corners of his mouth down turned as he struggled not to cry suddenly. The angel's words had hit him hard; unexpected yet heartfelt in their intensity. Even though he still didn't entirely understand why the angel chose to stay with him, he was grateful that he had. He didn't know what he would do without him, could not imagine life without his comforting presence.

"Dean," Castiel said, gently, as he reached out to touch his arm once more.

"I love you, Cas," Dean said, eyes opened once more, squinted suddenly into the squall of snow blowing down upon them.

He closed the gap between them suddenly, pressed cold, urgent lips to Castiel's, found them warm and responsive in the icy air. He let Castiel wrap warming, protective arms around him, felt safe within their soothing touch, and for one instant, he could almost believe he was safe. He rested one hand on the side of Castiel's neck, stroked the sensitive skin gently with cold fingertips, lost himself in the warming kiss of Castiel.

His world shut down, and he no longer felt the sting and the bite of the snow and the wind. All he could feel was Castiel's soft mouth working against his own, lips pressed full, warm and ripe against his own. Dean moaned slightly, a needy, guttural sound deep in his throat as he deepened the kiss, pressed home his advantage, gave himself fully to Castiel; more than he'd ever done before. He didn't hold back, couldn't hold back, had decided that to Hell with it, he was giving himself fully to the angel.

Castiel was aware of the shift of emotions within Dean, responded to the intensity of his kiss, matched it and let down his guard as fully as Dean had done. Their hearts soared, matched, met, souls entwined, locked together, and for once, they both knew peace. They both grunted out their satisfaction, mission accomplished, but neither wanted the kiss to end yet. Breathy moans filled the air, lips worked against lips with gentle kissing noises, both lost in the other, hands possessively clutching and caressing all that they could hold onto.

Finally, the kiss ended, and Castiel cradled Dean's head against his shoulder, breath tickling gently against Dean's ear, eyes closed, kiss swollen lips parted as he soothed the hunter with his warming presence. Neither had opened up to one another quite so fully before, had never laid themselves bare but neither wanted to withdraw now. They were too far down the path they had chosen to pull back without causing pain, hurt, damage.

Castiel wrapped his free arm protectively around Dean, before he pressed the palm of his hand against the hunter's calm forehead, spirited them back to Dean's motel room where Sam waited, staring blindly at his laptop. He looked up, looked relieved that Dean was back, finally, looked surprised when Castiel pressed a gentle, loving kiss to Dean's responsive mouth. He closed his mouth, looked away and smiled.

He was pleased, even relieved that finally Dean had someone to call his own, to look after him, to shepherd him through the long dark nights of his life.

No matter what storms they all had to face in their lives ahead of them, they knew that they would always have each other, for support, for love, for everything that they needed. They needed no one else, but each other ....