Title: Sea of the Rising Sun
Author: martyred-wings
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Mr Eric Kripke. I make no money from this - this is purely for entertainment porpoises (and dolphins).
Summary: Castiel felt the cool waters of the ocean lapping at his body, as it soothed its way across his bare skin, across the feathered surfaces of his wings.


Castiel felt the cool waters of the ocean lapping at his body, as it soothed its way across his bare skin, across the feathered surfaces of his wings. He closed his eyes, let the salty water flow and ebb around him, let it carry him as it wished. Nearby, Dean also drifted, looking over at the horizon as the dawn broke, flooding the skies with a rosy pink glow that drowned out the stars and reflected in shimmering patterns on the surface of each wave.

Castiel watched a jellyfish undulate by, lifting one wing out of its path, as Dean swam closer, clutching one angelic wing gently to steady himself. He leant forward, felt the waves gently slap his chest as he gave Castiel a clumsy kiss. Castiel spread his wings further out across the water, steadied both Dean and himself with both wings and bracing hands on hunter's hips, before he threaded the fingers of one hand through Dean's hair, pulled him closer to his own body, kissed him again, firmer, less clumsy, open mouthed, hot, wet, perfect.

Between his wings, their gently kicking feet and the salt water itself keeping them buoyant, they remained in almost the same spot, drifting only slightly towards the shore, where their clothes still lay piled on the sand. Castiel slid one hand slowly down Dean's side, across his abdomen, before he wrapped fingers around Dean's cock, started stroking him slowly, against the pull of the water.

Dean broke the kiss, closed his eyes against the pleasure coursing through him, breathy gasps of Castiel's name falling from salty lips. Castiel watched, as the hunter's face grew taut with need, quickened the pace, started stroking Dean faster, sweeping his fingers across the head of Dean's cock, across the slit, until Dean came with a pleasured cry of Castiel's name directed at the slowly rising sun.

The rosy pink glow washed across them both, bathed them in early dawn light, made them both seem more ethereal, beautiful, both touched by angels. Castiel braced Dean's body against his, turned him gently, slowly eased one finger inside Dean's hole, loosened the tight ring of muscles in preparation for his entrance. Dean winced against the pain, bit on his lip in an effort to not cry out, salt water adding a sting to the burn. He cried out when Castiel added another finger, twisted both fingers inside him, stretched him further, stroked firmly across the hunter's prostate and made Dean cry out again in pleasure, need, desire.

Dean relaxed in Castiel's arms, allowed him to take the weight of his body, Castiel's wings holding them both up easily in the water, floating, drifting slightly with the waves, as the angel slowly thrust inside the hunter. Castiel's cries of pleasure met Dean's own, as he felt Dean's tight warmth wrap around him tightly, and he thrust into Dean slowly, surely, kissed the nape of Dean's neck gently on occasion.

Dean's breathy moans filled the otherwise silent air around them, leant back further into the angel's embrace. Castiel's wings shuddered against the waves as he continued thrusting steadily, slowly inside Dean. Castiel began to feel the familiar sensation of climax building behind his navel, felt it race through his veins, taking over every sense, every emotion, until he came, filled his hunter with his release, cried out loudly for Dean as Dean's pleasured cries of climax joined his.

The sun climbed higher in the sky, light growing stronger, smiled down upon hunter and angel both, as they swum slowly back to the shore, to reclaim their clothes, to kiss tenderly beneath the dawn, salt water still clinging to their skin .....