Title: The Midnight Hour (Is Close At Hand)
Author: martyred-wings
Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: slash, Dean/Castiel
Spoilers: none.
Warnings: Sex in a very public place, a very horny angel
Word Count: 2961 words
Summary: What happens when you feed an angel after midnight? Dean finds out.
Author's notes: Title taken from lyrics from "Thriller" by Michael Jackson.


The moon was riding high in the sky, sent filigree patterns of silver over all it touched as it bathed everything in its cool beauty. Dean walked out of the 7-Eleven store, clutching a paper sack of glazed donuts and a coffee to go, one donut drooping from his mouth, unsteadily clenched between his teeth. He walked to his car, unsurprised to find that Castiel was there already, waiting for him, leaning against the Impala's hood, hands pushed deep into his coat pockets, head bowed slightly.

The angel looked up at his approach, a slight smile touched his lips, before he looked up at the sky, at the stars, the moon hanging solidly overhead. The moonlight bathed his face in a silver glow, seemed to make his eyes shine for a moment, his skin glow with an ethereal light that Dean craved to touch, to kiss, to caress, to love again. His body looked tense, made Dean want to hold him, ease the stress, the tension, any pain away from the angel's deceptively fragile frame.

"Hey, Cas. What are you doing out so late?" Dean asked, removing the donut from between sugar glazed lips, trying for levity, hoping it worked.

"I could ask the same thing of you, Dean," Castiel replied, dropping his gaze back to Dean's without tilting his face back down from the sky.

Dean looked away, before he shrugged.

"I wanted some donuts. I was hungry and Sam ate the last of the pie. They didn‘t have any pie left in there," Dean muttered, initially evasive in his response, as he gestured back into the store. "Besides, I needed to clear my head a little. Things are just a bit - you know. "

He shrugged, uncertain as to how to put everything he was feeling into words, mind running over the impending apocalypse hanging over their heads, the knowledge that he was the one to start this whole situation in motion, that Sam had been the one to let Lucifer walk free. He didn't need to tell Castiel his problems - the angel already knew, could read it in his eyes, as well as in the set of his body, shared the same responsibilities he did, without question, without complaint.

"You don't need to be alone, Dean," Castiel told him, reached out to touch Dean's shoulder gently, hand resting in almost the exact same spot his handprint was burned forevermore into the hunter's tender flesh. "You have me. You will always have me."

Dean looked back to Castiel, but said nothing at first. Then he smiled, saw the shared responsibilty mirrored in Castiel's eyes, the unwavering love, loyalty, faith in him trapped deep within the angel's soul.

"I know. Thanks, Cas," he said, with his first genuine smile since first seeing Castiel leaning against his car.

Castiel nodded slowly, gently rubbed Dean's shoulder, caressed his arm though the heavy leather jacket the hunter was wearing, as he cast a glance down at Dean's sack of donuts. Wordlessly, on impulse, Dean held the sack out to the angel, not expecting Castiel to take one, smiled when he did.

"Thank you, Dean," Castiel said, almost shyly, gaze flickering up to Dean's face for an all too brief instant.

The hunter shrugged, a slight smile on his face as he watched Castiel bite down into the sticky treat, smiled wider when he saw the look of appreciation cross the angel's handsome face, eyes half closed, lips curved into a smile as he took another, larger bite of the donut held between sticky fingers. Within moments, the donut was gone, and Castiel was reaching for another.

With a chuckle of amusement, Dean let him have the donut, watched as the angel bit into the fried treat with a loud groan of pleasure. Dean watched in rapt fascination as Castiel moaned with every mouthful, cheeks crammed with donut, pleasured, almost orgasmic groans squeezing past pouting lips. His eyes rolled to the sky, sugar glazing smeared in an almost cute fashion across one cheek, chest rising and falling as labored breathing caught in his throat, moans fell from between slightly parted lips. When he looked at Dean, his pupils were blown wide, turned his usual blue eyes into black, before he looked away, eyes closed once more. His face tilted down as he chewed, looked fragile, more beautiful, made Dean want him even more.

The scent of sudden arousal hung heavy in the air, as the angel continued to eat, looked increasingly more turned on the longer he ate. Dean bit back a needy moan, felt an erection press against his jeans at the sight Castiel made, throat growing dry, constricted as Castiel reached for yet another donut. Dean let him have the whole sack, stepped closer to the eating angel, gently reached out to stroke Castiel‘s arm gently with a trembling hand. The angel closed his eyes, leant into Dean's touch, but didn't stop eating. He didn't seem like he was able to stop.

The hunter could see the angel's erection bulging firmly against the front of his pants, could see his slim chest rising and falling with every breath he took, every pleasured moan he made. Castiel's eyes drifted lazily open again, stared into Dean's eyes with a gaze more intense than usual, before he suddenly pressed urgent lips to Dean's, tasting of sugar and fried pastry and Castiel when Dean kissed him back, slipped his tongue inside the angel's mouth. Their kiss was urgent, hungry, wet, messy, open mouthed, filled with groans and muffled murmurs of each other's names, breath mingling, as their tongues fucked hard into each other's mouths.

Dean suddenly pulled away, shook his head, looked disturbed, but the gestures were lost upon Castiel, who tried to steal another impassioned kiss from the hunter's lips.

"We can't do this, Cas. Not here. The people in the store will see us," he said, casting a look over his shoulder at the 7-Eleven store behind them, just in case someone was looking, watching them.

He was relieved to find that no one was; at least not yet.

"They won't see anything, Dean," Castiel told him, voice gruffer than usual with barely held back lust, desire, passion.

"Yeah? You don't know how perverted some dudes are. I don't want some guy watching me get my freak on with my angel," Dean snorted, pulled away as Castiel tried to steal another kiss, hands grappling at Dean's leather jacket.

"They won't see, Dean. I'll make sure they won't see or remember a thing," Castiel said, before finally snagging a kiss from Dean's lips.

Dean gave him a level look before he gave the angel a lop-sided grin and a small nod of agreement.

"If you say so," he said, before he closed the distance between them once more, laid gentle lips upon Castiel's silken mouth, met kiss for kiss, caress for caress, moan for moan.

Castiel pawed hungrily at Dean's body, caressed every inch of him that he could reach, moaned when he felt Dean rub his arousal through the front of his pants. Castiel thrust his hips against Dean's palm, small grunts of satisfaction, encouragement falling from sugar stained lips, as he braced himself against the hood of the car behind him. His lips parted, his grunts became cries, became something that sounded very much like a repeated - "No!"

Dean slowly stopped stroking Castiel's cock, blinked in surprise at the angel, before he asked - "No? That should be a yes, shouldn‘t it?"

"No. I mean no. Not yet. Let me - let me take you," Castiel murmured, words mingling with breathy gasps as he fumbled at Dean's belt, his jeans, fingers trembling in his obvious need, untamed arousal, sugar fuelled lust.

His hand pressed against Dean's arousal when the angel unzipped his jeans, caressed him through the thin fabric of his boxers, knelt before him to nuzzle Dean's straining erection, suckled at the wet patch staining the front of the material. Dean moaned deep within his throat, fingers digging into Castiel's shoulders as the angel mouthed eagerly at Dean's erection, before he eased Dean's cock from his boxers, to take him into the wet heat of his mouth.

Dean started moving his hips in time with Castiel's bobbing head, soon started fucking his cock deep into Castiel's exquisite wet heated mouth, cries falling from parted lips as pleasure coursed through him, threatened to overcome him with every sweep and pass of the angel‘s lips, teeth and tongue. Dean looked down, cried out in pleasure at the sight of the angel's lips stretched around his erection, felt the beginnings of an orgasm pooling in his abdomen as Castiel suckled at the sensitive head of his cock. His teeth, his tongue teased and suckled at the head, down the shaft, across the slit, licking across the sensitive vein that run on the underside of Dean's cock, brow furrowed in extreme concentration as he pleasured his lover.

He applied pressure at the base of Dean's cock, wrapped fingers around it, as he continued his lazy sweep and pass of lips and tongue. Dean wanted to say something, to beg with Castiel to let him come, but he couldn't. His breath was stolen by need, by pleasured gasps and groans, as Castiel took him deep within his mouth once more, removing his hand finally. Dean started to fuck into his mouth once more, deeper, harder this time, almost animalistic noises bursting from needy lips, wanted to come, needed to come, wanted Castiel, needed Castiel to fuck him.

He felt his time drawing near, gave an incoherent noise when Castiel took him in deeper still, swallowed around his head and Dean climaxed, released his come in spurts down Castiel's throat, fucking his cock into the angel's mouth still as he rode out his orgasm, crying out unintelligibly for the angel.

He was dimly aware of Castiel pulling away from him with a wet pop, and Dean shivered at the loss of suction on his cock. He didn't see Castiel move, certainly didn't hear him move until he was pressed against the hood of his own car, cheek pressed firmly against the cold steel by a strong hand.

Dean didn't struggle, just cried out a strangled - "yes!" - as he heard Castiel's zipper being pulled down behind him. He felt the slight chill of the night air, hitting bare skin, soon covered by the heat from Castiel himself, as he leant into Dean, fingers outspread before the hunter. Dean groaned loudly when he felt Castiel's erection pressed hard against his leg, groaned again when it rubbed against him when the angel moved, pressed sticky fingertips firmly against Dean's mouth. The hunter took Castiel's fingers into his mouth, suckled eagerly on them, made them wet with his tongue, held onto his wrist as he lapped eagerly at Castiel's fingers, complained when Castiel slowly slid them from between his lips reluctantly.

Dean's complaints soon turned to pleasured cries, as Castiel applied pressure, eased one finger inside Dean, slowly, loosening the tight muscles by degrees, before he met resistance as Dean's muscles clamped down tight around him. He impatiently waited while the hunter settled down, relaxed around him, beneath him, before he started loosening the muscles in gentle sweeps and rubs, fingertips catching, rubbing gently across Dean's prostate.

Dean cried out, rocked back onto Castiel's hand, wanted more of Castiel inside him, craved his touch; craved more than just his touch, craved Castiel himself. He cried out, voice strangled in overwhelming pleasure when Castiel eased another finger deep inside him, withdrew both, before he started easing his muscles wider, stroked Dean's prostate again, rubbed over the sensitive area gently, made Dean shake against him. The hunter's cries fell from between parted lips as Dean grew hard and ready, erection pressed against the cold metal of his own car.

Castiel withdrew his fingers, spat on his own hand, spat again, rubbed his saliva eagerly in shining sweeps across his weeping cock, smeared pre-cum across his straining length. He leant into Dean once more, stole a kiss from Dean's lips, before he reached down between them, eased his erection eagerly into Dean, stopped when Dean clenched tight around him. He waited, breath catching in his throat in small puffs of excitement, until slowly, slowly, Dean relaxed, let him in, let him press home his advantage, and fully sheathe himself inside his hunter.

Castiel sighed, loved the feel of Dean surrounding him in his velvet warmth, the way that Dean moaned out a long guttural note of such want, such need, such desire, such love, and it was all for him. He thrust suddenly, jarred Dean's body against the hood of the car, made him cry out a strangled - "yes!" - with the sudden movement, before Castiel withdrew almost to the head.

Dean tried to follow him, tried to encourage Castiel to thrust back into him by rocking hard against his body insistently, but Castiel held him still, gripped him by the hips with strong hands, before finally he thrust himself fully inside the hunter again, cock rubbing against Dean's prostate and making him yell out with pleasure.

Castiel leant closer into Dean, covered him with his own body, wings unfurling and glistening in the moonlight, shielding them both and steadying him as he thrust eagerly into Dean, felt Dean rock into him every time he withdrew. He picked up the pace, applied more pressure to his thrusts, hit Dean's prostate over and over again, until Dean's cries were almost ceaseless in their intensity.
Castiel reached around Dean, wrapped his fingers eagerly around Dean's straining member, started jerking him off roughly, in time with his thrusts, loved the feel of him throbbing, ready and hard in his palm. He stroked him, ran fingers over the slit, caressed the head, as he continued to take Dean roughly. He felt the sudden shift of tension in Dean's body as the hunter started to climax, stroked him harder still until Dean came, released his come in thick strands over Castiel's hand.

Dean was crying out for Castiel repeatedly, muscles clenched tight around Castiel's cock as Dean orgasmed, pulled the angel up and under into his own climax. He released himself into Dean, filled Dean with his come as he shouted out Dean's name, voice catching roughly in his throat. His wings shook, stuttered, snapped out into the night air around them, as his hips bucked against Dean's, rode out the last of his orgasm, with meaningless words, pleasured cries, harsh breathing dropping from parted lips.
Dean was staring blindly, lips parted, cheek resting against the hood of his car, barely reacting when Castiel gently withdrew, did react when Castiel leant in to press a kiss to Dean's lips. Dean closed his eyes, lost himself in the feel of soft silken lips working hungrily, gratefully against his own, filled with unlimited and effortless love.

Castiel let Dean straighten, stand, before the hunter pulled up his jeans, fastened the belt, before Castiel continued the kiss, tongues gently caressing, as the angel's hands rested upon Dean's hips. Dean let his guard down completely, gave himself fully to the angel like he'd never done before with another, gave himself as much as Castiel gave all of himself to Dean. The gentle sound of lips meeting in love filled kisses filled the air, silence only broken by the sound of a far off clock chiming out the hour of one in the morning.

The kissing lovers didn't take much notice, until they broke apart, to lean gently into each other, breath huffing on slightly chilled cheeks, arms gently wrapped around each other's bodies. Dean looked away, gaze falling upon the abandoned sack of donuts laying on the sidewalk nearby. He started to laugh, as a thought struck him, made Castiel look at him, patiently, head tilted to the side as he watched Dean laugh.

The angel smiled, happiness flooding through him at the sight of his hunter happy, tension gone in one brief instant.

"What's the joke, Dean?" Castiel asked, eyes large and curious as he stared at the hunter expectantly.

"You're doing your Mogwai magic again, aren't you? First sunlight affects your sex drive, now feeding you after midnight makes your sex drive hit the roof," Dean commented, with a laugh.

"Same time tomorrow, then?" Castiel asked, eyes crinkling in the corners the way they always did when he smiled.
Dean looked at Castiel in surprise, before he started to laugh at the angel's attempt at a joke; a joke that had underlying hints of the truth held beneath it.

"Same time tomorrow. Donuts, again? Or does any food work with you?" the hunter asked, as he leant in to nibble gently at Castiel's neck with loving little bites and laps of his tongue.

Castiel made a noise in the back of his throat that was almost a purr, eyes closed, a content expression on his face, as he stroked Dean's back.

"I don't know, Dean. Guess we'll just have to find that one out between us," he said, quietly.

"Super. D'you want to start now? I have enough money on me for some hot dogs if you want to start with them," Dean said hopefully, as he traced kisses along Castiel's jaw line.

Castiel nodded slightly in agreement, too distracted to talk, before he murmured Dean's name quietly into the silence. Dean gently kissed him, lips pressing against silky soft lips, before he left Castiel waiting on the sidewalk, to buy hotdogs from the 7-Eleven store. He glanced back once, saw Castiel watching him still, before both smiled and exchanged a small wink.

And then Dean was gone, to buy the requested hot dogs ...