Title: The Reason To Be
Author: martyred-wings
Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: slash, Dean/Castiel
Note: Title taken from a song called "The Reason" by Hoobastank.
Spoilers: VERY brief allusion to Lucifer walking amongst humanity.
Warnings: kinda public sex, I guess (sex by a secluded lake.)
Word Count: 1551 words
Summary: Birds sang in the trees, floated through the air above on wings of shadow, as Dean stood in amongst the trees, overlooking a secluded tree bound lake, untouched, unknown by humanity, perfect, quiet, still.


Birds sang in the trees, floated through the air above on wings of shadow, as Dean stood in amongst the trees, overlooking a secluded tree bound lake, untouched, unknown by humanity, perfect, quiet, still. He blinked in the humid air, felt the humidity, the warmth, the heavy air press against his skin, threatening a headache before long if he stood there for too long.

He blinked back to reality heard the familiar splashing in the water as Castiel swam slowly to shore, stopping just out of reach of the shore itself, feet resting upon the lake bottom, so that the water reached chest height, lapping just over his nipples, reflecting over his face and made him seem more beautiful than ever. Dean smiled at the angel, but still he didn't make a move to join him.

Lucifer had risen, was walking amongst humanity, and Dean had needed a break from the stress, the strain of life as it stood now. Castiel had taken him for a while, flown him on angelic wings to a place unknown deep in the Mexican rainforests, where no one could disturb them. Neither Sam nor Bobby protested their absence - both Dean's brother, and the elder hunter could see just how stressed Dean had been looking of late.

Castiel looked over at the trees, perfect blue gaze flickering amongst the trees curiously, looked up at the sky to track the progress of a brightly colored bird wheeling overhead. His wings unfurled in the water, droplets shimmering against their shadowed surfaces, washed along the feathers in great drifts, and he moaned at the almost sensual contact. His gaze settled upon Dean's face once more, saw that the hunter had not moved, his gaze never leaving the angel for one instant.

"You gonna come in, Dean?" Castiel asked gruffly, his voice gentle in its command, as he lifted his hand almost imploringly at the hunter.

"In a minute, Cas, I'm just thinking," Dean replied, finally breaking eye contact to look up at the sky once more.

Castiel didn't say anything, just started walking towards the shore, wings still standing proud from his body, water pooling from the strong flight feathers, dripping from soft wing tips, glistened against the strong muscled bases where wing met angelic back. He left the confines of the water, droplets decorating his naked skin, dappled across proud wings and stood near to Dean, gaze resting heavily upon the hunter. He watched as Dean's gaze travelled appraisingly over the angel's body, taking in the smooth perfection of his nudity, as Castiel stood before him proudly, at ease, comfortable with his nakedness.

Dean closed the gap between them, ran one hand tenderly over the angel's hip, thumb caressing over his hip bone, gently, eyes trained once more on the angel's patient face. Sunlight broke through the clouds, shone down on both of them, illuminated their gentle ease in one another's company, as Castiel smiled gently at Dean. He'd smiled more since Dean and he had become lovers, had learnt one small piece of humanity from Dean himself, through loving Dean.

Dean found himself smiling back at him, worries forgotten, gaze held a willing captive by Castiel's perfect blue eyes, by Castiel's sensuous, ripe lips so close to his own, begging to be kissed. He leant in, unable to resist, pressed gentle lips against Castiel's soft mouth, groaned into the angel's hot, wet mouth when he opened up for him.

Castiel eased gentle fingers beneath Dean's t shirt, stroked against sudden goose pimpled flesh in swirls and meaningless patterns, rising higher, drawing the t shirt up and over Dean's head, revealing sweat soaked skin, the hand print scar across Dean's shoulder. Castiel touched it reverently, eyes resting upon his own hand, the burn, Dean's shoulder, warmth spreading and settling through Dean from Castiel's palm.

The hunter closed his eyes, allowed Castiel to press fingers, lips, teeth against the burn, gently marking Dean still further as his own, worthy of him, his love, everything he could give him. Dean bowed his head, rested it upon Castiel's bare shoulder, felt the sweep of feathered wing press against his other shoulder, smiled as the feathers tickled against his skin.

He felt Castiel unbuckle his belt, unzip his jeans, draw them past hunter's hips, kicked them away once they hit the ground. His dick twitched with interest as Castiel's fingers brushed against the beginnings of his arousal, stroking against him until he was fully erect. He felt Castiel remove his boxers, push them to the floor in one fluid movement, muscles working easily in his shoulders as he did so.

Dean raised his face to the sky, smiled, eyes closing against the sun as he let it bathe across him. He felt the angel lean in close, skin resting against skin as Castiel gently nipped at Dean's exposed neck with loving teeth. Dean reached out, rested gentle fingertips on Castiel's back, stroked lower to cup his ass tenderly. He felt Castiel's arousal pressing solidly against his own, murmured out a small note of approval at the contact, ground his hips against the angel's with obvious interest, intent clear in his actions.

He felt Castiel's warm lips smile against his neck, felt the angel's quick, wet tongue lap across his neck, before he eased the hunter to the ground, Dean's body covering his own. The sun played across his face in dappled waves, made him look beautiful, lips kiss swollen, as he settled against the ground beneath him, wings outspread, one wing tip dragging in the water nearby.

Dean watched as the angel blinked slowly, erection digging hard against his own whenever Castiel shifted, attempting to get a better position beneath the hunter. Dean slowly drew two fingers into his mouth, eyes never leaving Castiel's intense gaze, slicking his fingers with his own saliva, made them wet, shining in the light.

He reached down between them when he was satisfied they were wet enough, slowly stroked across Cstiel's tight hole, stroked the sensitive muscles, watched as Castiel moaned, writhed beneath him, ripe lips parted with obvious need. He stroked harder, teased the angel, before finally easing one finger inside Castiel, made the angel shudder against him, a cry of want falling from his open mouth.

The hunter waited until Castiel had relaxed around him, the initial reluctance easing back to let him push further in, easing tight muscles, wider, looser, in preparation for his aching dick. He tried to go slow, sensuous, actions growing quicker as his need to be inside Castiel grew stronger. He eased another finger in, found Castiel's prostate and stroked across hits tight muscled surface, made Castiel writhe harder against him, cries dropping louder from parted ripening lips. He watched the flush of need creeping across Castiel's cheeks, watched his lips push out in sensuous pouting want, withdrew his fingers to spit into his palm once more.

He slicked his saliva across his dick, mixing with his pre-cum, whimpers easing past restricted throat, as he worked himself over, before finally allowing himself to ease into Castiel's tight, velvet warmth, felt his muscles clamp tight around his cock. Dean cried out a need filled - "yes!" - as Castiel slowly relaxed around him, eyes staring blindly up at the sky and reflecting back the beautiful cloud filled blue held there.

He started moving inside the angel, thrust his dick hard inside him, shuddered against the tight feel of Castiel surrounding him, pleasuring him as much as he pleasured Castiel. Their bodies rose and fell by the side of the hidden lake in a continuous sinuous rhythm, their combined cries of pleasure threatening the birds into ful blown flight, cries soon turning into insistent not-quite-screams as they neared climax.

Castiel reached between their sweat stained bodies, wrapped nerveless fingers around his own cock, started urgently stroking himself in time with Dean's thrusts, fucked himself hard upon Dean's dick, needed to come, wanted to come, finally came, shooting his release across his hand, across their abdomens in hot spurts, yelling for Dean as orgasmed.

Dean felt Castiel's hole tighten around his dick, waves of sheer pleasure coursing through the angel's body, and he thrust harder, all senses shut down except for pleasure. He felt an orgasm building, threatening to explode behind his navel, let it take over, race through him, before he descended into screaming release, and filled Castiel with his hot come. He rested his forehead against the angel's shoulder, waited for the pleasure to calm, before he withdrew, to lay carefully beside his angel so as not to break his fragile wing.

Dean wrapped the soft feathers around his body, stroked its silken surface affectionately, smiled as Castiel purred in a constant note of sheer pleasure at the prolonged contact. He glanced at the angel, found his gaze caught, trapped by Castiel's intense eyes, had never felt so loved as he did in that one instant, surrounded by Castiel's constant pleasured purrs, his soft, gentle wings, his caressing hands across hunter's skin. Dean had found the reason to be, a reason to start over anew, and that reason was Castiel.

He smiled, settled against Castiel's side, eyes slowly drifting closed in sated sleep, contentment with his angel settling through him, peace following soon after, love last of all ...