Title: Ghost Of A Loving Touch
Author: martyred-wings
Pairing: Castiel/Dean
Rating: NC=17
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Mr Eric Kripke. I make no money from this - this is purely for entertainment porpoises (and dolphins).
A/N: I apologize for the sappy title but cannot think of anything better at this time. My only excuse is it's gone midnight where I live, my brains are fried and I still have a ton of fics to wade through.
Summary: Castiel watches over Dean in more than just the angelic sense.


Castiel ghosted into Sam and Dean's motel room, night after endless night, feeling compelled to return time and again. At first, he hadn't questioned why he kept returning, the questions of "Why?" and "For what purpose?" came later on. Again and again, the angel came back with the same answer - it was because of Dean. No longer did he see Dean Winchester as just another human, some poor mortal that been placed in Castiel's care, as his charge. Instead he saw Dean, the man, who could feel, who could love, who could laugh, who allowed himself too little of each.

Sometimes, Dean worried Castiel. Despite the brave facade that the hunter kept in place at all times, Castiel could still see the pain, the hurt, the lack of self worth hidden beneath that mask. He didn't know if Dean was aware of how much Castiel knew, but still, he did. Every pain that Dean felt, so did Castiel. Every time that Dean felt he was not worthy of anything, so Castiel suffered. The angel wished that he could take it away, take it all away from him, make the broken hunter whole again.

He ghosted fingers across the cheek of the sleeping hunter, caressing gently from beneath Dean's closed eye, down to his lips, down to his jaw line. Castiel sighed, repeating the gesture, heart warming a little when he saw Dean smile in his sleep, as though he knew that the angel was there.

He toyed with the idea of brushing lips against the hunter's forehead, smoothing his brow with fingertips instead, making Dean's smile broaden a little more. Hope blossomed in Castiel's chest and he went with his first impulse, brushing gentle lips on Dean's forehead, upon each eye, lastly upon Dean's lips.

Dean was still asleep, still smiling, looking the happiest Castiel had seen him look in a while, and the angel sat down gently beside his hunter so as not to wake him too soon. He stared up at the ceiling, sighing to himself, wondering what he was supposed to do.

Dean was his charge. He was supposed to look after him, yet he'd been warned not to get too close to Dean, had been forced to walk away from him after returning to Jimmy's body. He still remembered the confusion, the hurt settled deep within Dean's eyes when Castiel had told him, that he didn't serve him, he only served Heaven. Even now, several weeks later, Castiel could feel the bitterness of the lie, weighing heavily upon his tongue, his heart, his soul.

In truth, the angel did serve Dean, more so than he truly served Heaven. Dean had taught the angel how to feel, how to love, and what it meant to be human. In truth, both Castiel and Dean were very similar; both were lost souls walking the same path, both had doubts, both had similar feelings of oppression from their superiors. He could identify more with Dean than he could with those in his garrison, would pick Dean over any number of angels, would sacrifice himself for Dean if necessary.

He looked down upon Dean again, tenderly, watching as a disturbed, longing look passed over the hunter's face, and wondered at that look. He didn't want to pry, didn't want to invade the hunter's head, but still he got his answer anyway.

Dean murmured Castiel's name in his sleep. The hunter said the single word with such longing, such need that hope blossomed in Castiel's chest, raced through every fiber of his being, and he held a breath he didn't need, eyes closely watching Dean's face.

"Cas, please - " Dean said. "Please, don't leave me. I want you to stay."

Without meaning to, Castiel replied softly, gently, with a - "I will not leave you. I can never leave you."

He reached out again, fingertips just hovering short of caressing Dean's cheek, dropped his hand to his lap once again. He knew that the feelings held deep within his chest were love, so deep seated now that he couldn't escape them. He'd never felt this way about anyone, let alone a human. He felt his destiny forever entwined with Dean's, his path wound alongside the hunter's and Castiel welcomed it.

"You will be the savior of the broken, the beaten and the damned, Dean. You will be the savior of me," Castiel murmured, gently running one hand over Dean's bare shoulder. "I will forgive you anything."

As if finally sensing that Castiel was there, Dean's eyes fluttered open, blinking owlishly up at the angel in the gloom of the room, moonlight silhouetting Castiel from the window behind. Castiel continued gently stroking Dean's arm, despite knowing the hunter was awake. He was too far gone in how he felt now to truly care about hiding his feelings any longer.

"Cas. How long have you been there?" Dean whispered, so as not to wake Sam in the next bed.

He did not question Castiel's fingers ghosting across his skin; instead his eyes fluttered closed, looking for all the world like the world's largest stroked cat right then. He angled his body closer to Castiel, making the shadow of a smile cross Castiel's usually intense face.

"Not long. I couldn't keep away," Castiel replied, trailing fingertips across Dean's collarbone, down his chest, making Dean inhale sharply in sudden pleasure.

"Cas - " Dean murmured out, but didn't try to stop him, as Castiel's hand ghosted lower, settling on his abdomen, fingers etching a circle around Dean's navel. "Whatever you do, Cas, don't stop."

Castiel looked up with some surprise at Dean's comment, but couldn't stop now, couldn't back down from Dean's almost order, nor did he want to. Things had gone too far to turn away now, to deny anything had happened already between them, and if Dean seemed to want this ...

Castiel's fingers smoothed across Dean's abdomen, reaching lower, stopping just short of Dean's cock, fingertips trembling slightly against Dean‘s skin. He wanted this, had wanted this for some time, without even acknowledging it at first, and wanted to savor the experience now, while he had it.

"CAS! Will you do something already? Stop being such a cock tease!" Dean whispered harshly, grabbing Castiel's hand and plunging it into his own boxers.

That was all the confirmation that Castiel was doing the right thing by Dean, that Dean himslef wanted this as much as Castiel did, and wrapped his fingers around the hunter's cock, biting his lower lip gently when he felt just how hard Dean was. He wrapped eager fingers around him, stroking gently at first, picking up the pace at Dean's encouragement, watching the play of light as it shadowed across the hunter's face.

Quiet moans fell from Dean's mouth, lips parted, a slight flush creeping across his cheeks as a sheen of barely controlled sweat peppered his forehead. He watched as Dean's eyes closed in lust, lips parted further, as he bucked his hips into Castiel's questing hand. Quiet murmurs of Castiel's name squeezed out into the air around them both, almost lost within the breathy moans and pleasured gasps from the hunter.

Castiel could feel his vessel's body reacting to the sight that Dean made laid bare before him, at how Dean felt beneath his hand, at how responsive he was being. He could feel his own erection straining against his boxers, begging for release, but as yet unfulfilled. The angel just concentrated on pleasuring the hunter, drawing from Jimmy's memories of pleasuring himself to know what to do.

Dean's back arched, lifting up from the bed beneath them, and his eyes grew wide, seconds before he came, coating Castiel's hand with his release as he gave a strangled cry of Castiel's name, filled with lust and need and everything Castiel could ever want to hear from Dean's lips. He felt such need from Dean, such hunger that he knew this could never be a one off occurence, knew that Dean wouldn't let it be a one off. Castiel was overwhelmed by how that made him feel; like he was the happiest being in existence, that maybe - just maybe - Dean could love him.

His hand slowly stopped stroking Dean, withdrew from Dean's boxers, before wiping his hand upon the sheets beside him. He sighed when he felt Dean shift next to him, murmured something loving when he felt Dean's hand brush up against the front of his pants, closed his eyes and leant against the wall behind him when Dean unzipped the angel's pants, to reach forward and release Castiel's hard cock from his boxers. He laced his fingers through Dean's short hair, gasping out in sudden pleasure when Dean took him deep within his mouth, biting on his lower lip to stop himself from making a loud noise at the exquisite feel of Dean's warm, wet mouth around him.

He'd never known such pleasure could exist, and to think that Dean Winchester was giving him that pleasure overrode everything else for the angel. He gave himself over to the pleasure coursing through his borrowed body, lips parted now, hips moving in time with Dean's mouth on his cock, licking him, sucking him, loving him. He could feel a tingling sensation begin to pool in his abdomen - a feeling that Jimmy's memories informed him was an orgasm - and he tried to fight it first; wanted to experience it for longer, if he could. Finally, finally, he couldn't fight it, and gave himself over to his own release, whimpering out Dean's name repeatedly into the darkened room, until the pleasurable feeling of Dean's mouth pulled away from around his cock.

He continued leaning against the wall, staring at nothing, a smile touching his lips, surprised by Dean suddenly leaning forward to steal a kiss from the angel. Castiel responded immediately, eyes closed, mouth open, kiss warm and wet, almost sloppy, loving the feel of Dean's body warm and heavy against his own. He reached up, stroking his fingers through Dean's hair, both moaning in little pleasured grunts as they explored each other's mouths.

A shifting noise came from across the room as Sam stirred in his sleep. Dean pulled away slightly from Castiel, staring into the angel's wide, innocent blue eyes, as Sam shifted again, and coughed suddenly into the otherwise silent room. Dean pushed his lips out in a sudden shushing expression, before he zipped Castiel's pants again, covering any evidence that he'd been there.

"Dean? You awake?" came Sam's groggy voice from the other bed.

"Yeah," Dean said roughly. "Castiel's here. We were having - a discussion."

Castiel huffed out a small laugh, making Dean smile in turn, but the significance was lost upon Sam.

"Hey, Cas. Excuse me, I need a pee," Sam said, before swinging his legs free from the bed, to stand and shuffle from the main room into the adjoining bathroom.

Dean made the first move to steal a kiss from Castiel, and the angel responded, opening his mouth once again to Dean, until Sam was heard shuffling back to the bathroom door again, yawning loudly.

He re-entered the room, just as Castiel reluctantly said to Dean - "I'd best go. Heaven is calling me."

"That sounds like the beginning of a very bad joke, Cas," Dean said with a smile.

Castiel surprisingly smiled back, his intense stare at Dean hinting at so much more for the hunter. Dean nodded back, never taking his eyes from Castiel, exchanging without words the need for each other's company, preferably alone next time. Sam, in all his tired glory, missed the entire exchange, as he flopped back down in his bed, falling asleep within seconds to a muttered goodnight.

Castiel left soon after, ghosting away on wings of shadow, travelling the night breezes, not without some regret at leaving Dean behind. If Dean was the one to save them all, was the savior of the broken, the beaten and the damned, then he would also be the savior of Castiel himself, as well.