Title: A Pact Formed And Agreed Upon
Author: martyred-wings
Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: slash, Dean/Castiel
Spoilers: none
Warnings: m/m sex
Word Count: 2625 words
Summary: Written for the following fusion exchange Prompt: SPN/X-Men: Dean and Cas as mutants. Any sort, but I think it'd be really awesome if Cas had telepathy.


Dean sat alone, a single flame licking almost sadly between outstretched fingers, lighting up his face in flickering dark shadows and shifting orange-red-yellow glows. He blinked, his eyes shifting from green to red to orange to green again, the light from the flames playing in his eyes for the briefest of moments as he thought.

He'd arrived at the Xavier School for Higher Learning as a child who could manipulate fire to his own will, could light a hovering, flickering flame above his palm with a blink of an eye and a wish, turn it into a towering inferno with an even bigger wish, and had grown into a handsome young man, powers, abilities increased by a thousandfold, nurtured by his tutors and Professor Charles Xavier himself. No longer did he feel like the freak he'd been branded by callous children in his own neighbourhood where he‘d spent the first few years of his life; here, at the Institute, he was one of many like minded gifted youngsters.

Now he was on the verge of leaving, his education almost complete, and now, suddenly, he didn't want to go, even though he'd looked forward to this date for years. He thought again of Castiel, that mysterious dark haired, blue eyed youth, who'd appeared in the Institute months before, had looked intently at Dean as though he knew what he was thinking, could look into his soul and divine his deepest wishes.

Dean tried to blank his mind against what he wanted, who he wanted, but couldn't deny them any longer. The truth was, he wanted Castiel, had always wanted him, wanted to touch him, wanted to love him, to make love to him. He hadn't wanted anyone else as strongly as he wanted Castiel; the want was so strong, it felt like a physical pain, more intense than the deepest wound.

His head sank, eyes no longer looking at the flame hovering between his palms, and the flame died, fizzled out and was gone. Dean pressed his palms together, rubbed them one against the other as though brushing ashes from his skin, blinked and the fires were gone from his eyes. He sighed, shoulders slumped, his heart heavy for wanting something, someone he couldn't possibly have.

A brief sound nearby made him look up sharply, body tense, hands balled by his sides as though he was ready for a fight. His thoughts were already reaching for the flames, ready to ignite a fire should he need to, but relaxed when he saw that the supposed intruder was Castiel. Dean relaxed, thoughts of fire and flames spinning from his mind like ashes on the breeze, no longer urgent, body and mind relaxed.

"Hey, Cas," he said, by way of greeting, as he stood, soon joining the other mutant's side.

Castiel tilted his head to the side, as he always did when regarding Dean, blue eyes staring intently into Dean's face, body moving closer to Dean's, closing the gap between them. Dean had noticed the other man do this before, yet had never seen him do this with anyone else other than him.

"Hello, Dean," Castiel intoned, his almost inflectionless voice a deep comfort in the still night.

He stared, didn't say anything else, left Dean to break the weighted silence between them.

"Why are you here, Cas? You should be inside with the others, shouldn't you? It's Jean's birthday, after all," Dean reminded him, thinking of Jean Grey, one of the original five X-Men that helped Professor Xavier at the Institute.

"You're out here, and not at Jean's party," Castiel reminded Dean, gently, blinking slowly at the other mutant, blue eyes intense, all knowing, old beyond their years.

Dean looked away, huffed a laugh through his nose, before he looked back towards Castiel, who hadn't yet taken his eyes from Dean's face, a small smile curling his lips as he thought.

"Why are you here?" Dean asked again, gently, without reprimand, shifting slightly from one foot to the other, feeling the weight of Castiel's gaze like a physical force.

"I know what you've been thinking about, Dean. About me. You were just thinking it again, just now," Castiel stated, his tone very matter of fact, yet soft, silken, just as soft as silken as his lips looked to be.

Dean tore his gaze from Castiel's mouth, tried not to think of kissing him; instead, he distracted himself by playing with a lick of fire between idly flicking fingers, sending sparks littering through the air in sparks and shards. Castiel watched with slight amusement, but didn't comment. He was all too used to Dean idly playing with fire whenever Dean was nervous, and trying to distract himself with idle playing.

"Yeah. The great telepath reads minds once again. Try a new one, Cas," Dean groused, suddenly guilty that he'd been caught out in the act of naughty thoughts of dirty deeds left unfulfilled.

Really, he was surprised that Castiel had even bothered plundering his thoughts, wondered why he had, when he'd made no pretence of having done so before. Then again, how did he, Dean, know what Castiel was thinking, what he was up to in that handsome head of his? Dean was no telepath; he was just a kid who liked playing with fire.

"You wanted to kiss me. You wanted to make love to me," Castiel stated, as though Dean hadn't said anything at all.

Dean turned away, embarrassed, his cheeks flushed in shades of pink and red as he sent a lick of flame scorching across the ground to dance in a ring around his feet.

"I just wanted to tell you, that it's alright. Your feelings are normal," Castiel said, undeterred by Dean's sudden snort of disbelief. "I wanted you to know that I felt the same way too."

Dean's head snapped round to face Castiel, eyes wide, surprised, staring, mouth gaping wide in undisguised surprise. Castiel gave him one of his mysterious smiles, before he nodded slowly, gaze never leaving Dean's for an instant.

"Seriously? Dude, you don't know what you're saying to me," Dean snapped, sharply, walking past Castiel almost angrily, suspecting that the other mutant to be lying to him, leading him on.

"Dean. Dean, wait! Have you ever known me to lie to you?" Castiel asked, voice suddenly harsh, commanding, cutting through the air to make Dean stop in his tracks, the flames at his fingers earthing themselves into the ground harmlessly.

He turned to face the other mutant, faced him head on and met his gaze defiantly. Dean's eyes softened, knew that what Castiel had said was true.

"No. You've never lied to me, not once. You've never lied to anyone," he said, knew that every word he'd spoken was true.

Castiel shrugged expansively, as though asking without words what Dean was waiting for.

"What do you want me to do, Cas?" Dean asked, suddenly wary, uncertain of what the other mutant wanted, expected from him.

"A kiss for a start. Then we can move onto the other things you were thinking about," Castiel said, face dropping demurely, as his gaze never left Dean's face, eyes promising wonders beyond everything Dean had imagined. "I don't want anyone else but you, Dean, never have."

Dean was at first incredulous, then trusting as he thought back over the past few years since Castiel's arrival. He saw again the stolen glances from the other mutant when he thought Dean wasn't looking; of the times when Castiel had sought his company out over all other's, had spent more time with Dean himself than anyone else. Dean closed his eyes at his own stupidity, cursed himself for not seeing the obvious, before his eyes blinked open once more. Castiel was watching him expectantly, mouth shivering slightly as though expecting sudden rejection.

Dean finally closed the distance between them, pressed hesitant lips to Castiel's soft mouth, felt the other mutant's lips as soft, as silken and as responsive as he'd imagined they would be. He ran hands down Castiel's back, palms hot, sweaty, eager, leaving trails of warmth in their wake upon Castiel's coat clad back. Castiel shivered despite the heat, a pleasured murmur leaking past full lips as he responded to Dean's kiss; his true feelings for Dean apparent in that one kiss.

Dean didn't have to be a telepath to know, to realize that Castiel really had been telling the truth; he did want Dean, had wanted to kiss him, and do everything that Dean wanted to do, to do them with him and no one else. Dean deepened the kiss, felt Castiel's mouth open before him, inviting him in, and he slid his tongue between Castiel's plump lips eagerly. He felt his dick jerk with interest, felt the beginnings of an erection stiffen his member,, felt Castiel reach down between them and rub him through his jeans to bring him to full arousal.

Dean moaned into Castiel's open mouth, sounds swallowed by Castiel's hungry kisses, hand still rubbing hard over Dean's erection. Dean jerked his hips into Castiel's palm eagerly, couldn't stop himself from doing so, even though he didn't want to come yet, didn't want release until he was inside the other mutant. As if hearing his thoughts - of course - Castiel pulled away, pupils dilated with lust, with want, with need, lips parted and kiss swollen, breath panting heavily in his throat and ratcheting harshly in his chest.

He closed the distance between them once more, hastily pulled Dean t shirt over his head, threw it unchecked upon the ground at their feet, soon followed by his own shirt and tie. Dean watched him, tongue lapping out over his lips as Castiel dragged his pants down over slim hips, pushed his boxers down to free his erect dick to curl up towards his abdomen.

Dean pulled his jeans from around his stocky hips, removed his boxers, and kicked them and his boots away from his ankles, didn't care where they landed just as long as they were gone. His gaze travelled reverently over Castiel's naked body, lingering upon his erection, before travelling up over the other mutant's flawless skin, bathed in the moonlight shining down upon them both.

Castiel was the one this time, that closed the distance between them, full lips pursed into a perfect pout, face pensive yet aroused, his eyes hooded with lust, desire, untamed need for Dean himself. Dean shuddered, eyes closed when he felt the other's hands caress his naked skin lightly, fingers skating over his ass wondrously, tenderly.

Dean felt tendrils of thoughts that weren't his own work through his mind, could feel Castiel inside his head, gently sifting through his memories to find out what Dean liked, what Dean wanted, what made Dean feel good and turned him on. The other mutant closed the distance between them still further, bent his head down and bit gently at Dean's shoulder, teeth marking the flawless skin until his flesh was bloody.

Dean's cry of sudden need reached the sky above them, breaking the air into fragments, gleaming shards around them, and he cried out again, dick growing harder still when Castiel bit down again on his shoulder. He traced hands over Castiel's skin, across his naked ass, felt the flames come almost to the surface, heated against the other mutant's flesh. Castiel moaned in arousal rather than pain, his dick digging into Dean's thigh painfully, sensitive skin smearing pre-cum over Dean's thigh.

Dean's eyes closed, lips parted but no sound came out, as he allowed Castiel to push him to the ground willingly, felt the other straddle him, flesh rubbing against super heated flesh sensuously. Dean's hips bucked against Castiel's begging friction, begging release, wanted to be inside Castiel so much, it felt like a physical pain. His eyes fluttered open, stared blindly at the star strewn sky overhead for the briefest of instants, before they found Castiel's intent star strewn dark blue gaze staring at him. The other's ripe mouth was parted, ripe lips glistening in the light of the moon, as Castiel's tongue swept over his plump lower lip once more.

Dean's eyes were held transfixed, breath catching in his throat at the beautiful sight, heart stuttering in disbelief that this was really happening. He'd dreamt of this for such a long time, far longer than he could even remember, and his heart sang with overbearing joy. His eyes travelled over Castiel's erect dick once more, watched as the other mutant reached round with one spit slick hand, easing himself open and unseen for Dean's entrance.

Dean waited with bated breath, watched as the flush of pink aroused excitement coursed across Castiel's sweat slick cheeks, saw his eyes close, lips forming a perfect "o" of pleasure as Castiel worked himself open for Dean's entrance. Dean was panting by the time Castiel had finished, couldn't hold back the cry that leaked past his lips as Castiel smeared saliva and pre-cum over Dean's erection, hand feeling cool, smooth and confident over his straining erection.

Dean's eyes closed once more, and was still writhing in pleasure when Castiel straddled him, thighs gripping Dean's sides more firmly, tighter. He cried out when he felt Castiel ease himself down upon Dean's dick, his velvet warmth wrapping solidly around Dean's cock, ensnaring him with his snug embrace.

Dean's hips bucked, driving his dick still further inside his lover, barely waiting for Castiel to settle out around him, barely gave the initial pain and burn of Castiel's muscles clenching tightly around him to relax, before he started fucking eagerly into the other mutant, driving into him hard. Aroused cried ripped the air apart, sent it shimmering in pleasured waves around them, as Dean's hands grew warm against Castiel's skin, flames threatening to burn, to scorch with the fire throwing mutant's growing excitement.

Arousal was never far away, orgasm following swiftly after on pleasured wings, growing beneath Dean's navel, exploding through his system as he filled Castiel with his come, screaming for the other without cease. He felt Castiel reach down and jerk himself off roughly, fingers moving across engorged, sensitive flesh, breathing harsh as he came closer to release. eyes closed as his hips bucked into his questing palm.

Finally, Castiel's back stiffened, his head was thrown back, before he started moving again, running his hands over and around his cock, coming in thick spurts over his hand, across Dean's abdomen. Dean's name was heavy upon Castiel's lips, lust under laid with intense desire, as shudders rocketed through his body upon release. Dean didn't need to be a telepath to know that Castiel really had wanted this as much as he himself had wanted Castiel, and he felt gratified. At least he knew that Castiel wasn't doing this merely for him, because he knew that it was what Dean wanted.

Dean watched as Castiel eased himself from the fire mutant's dick, a sigh escaping plump lips when he was free, before the telepath laid beside him, nestled in Dean's comforting arm, staring into Dean's eyes.

"This won't be the last time, Dean," Castiel promised, his voice, husky, dark, promising so much more in future days to come.

"That was what I was about to say, Cas," Dean said, wondering why he was surprised at that when he was faced with a latent telepath.

"I know," Castiel replied, with one of his mysterious smiles, eyes twinkling in the meager light, plump, kissable lips curling still further into a sated smile.

Dean nodded, satisfied with the outcome of pleasure shared, saw Castiel smile back, nod in silent agreement, a pact formed and agreed upon without a word ever being spoken, sealed with a gentle, loving kiss beneath the stars ....