Title: Wish Me Love A Wishing Well
Author: martyred-wings
Rating: NC-17
Genre and/or Pairing: slash, Dean/Castiel
Spoilers: none.
Warnings: Light bondage, I guess. Cas is tied up. With his own tie.
Word Count: 1269 words
Summary: Dean watched as his coin drifted slowly to the bottom of the wishing well, to lay nestled amongst so many other coins thrown by other visitors before him, before he blinked and lost sight of the coin he'd dropped.-

Author's Notes: written for the following (anonymous) prompt posted on spnkink_meme:

"Dean throws a coin in the wishing well and jokingly wishes for Castiel tied up and waiting on his bed, he's surprised when he walks into the motel room to find a very naked and very horny angel at his disposal."

Title is taken from lyrics from the song "Wishing Well" by Terence Trent D'arby.


Dean watched as his coin drifted slowly to the bottom of the wishing well, to lay nestled amongst so many other coins thrown by other visitors before him, before he blinked and lost sight of the coin he'd dropped. He sighed, wondered why he'd even thrown the coin when no doubt the wish wouldn't even come true anyway. He stood, he thought, then he grinned to himself as he made the first, the most unlikely wish that he could think of.

"I wish Cas would be waiting for me back at the motel room, tied to my bed with his own tie, as naked as the day he was born, created, whatever," he muttered to himself, laughing to himself still, as he turned, walked away from the wishing well, shaking his head as he went.

He stopped on the way back to the motel to buy himself a burger, and was still eating when he unlocked the door to the motel, eyes downcast to the floor as he wiped some mayonnaise from his lips. He turned, shut the door, dropped his keys on the table, stiffened when he heard a familiar voice from behind him, unaware up until that point that there had even been anyone else in t he room.

"Hello, Dean. I've been waiting for you," said Castiel, his voice quiet, deeper than usual, and there was no mistaking the lust trapped deep within his voice.

Dean blinked, turned, almost spat his own mouthful of burger upon the floor at the sight that Castiel made. Somehow the angel had managed to tie himself to Dean's bed with his own tie, and his clothes lay neatly folded on Sam's bed. Dean's eyes travelled down Castiel's naked body, took in the sight of the angel's straining, weeping erection, before his gaze travelled, slowly, more appreciatively back to Castiel's face.

Dean felt his body reacting to the sight of the angel spread out before him, his sudden erection straining against the restriction of his boxers, begging attention, and he would be damned if he didn't let the promise of a receptive Castiel go unfulfilled.

"I'm dreaming, aren't I?" Dean asked, hoarsely, his burger long since forgotten. "This can't be real. I wished for this. I didn't think it would come true."

"Oh, this is very real, Dean. Why? Have you changed your mind?" Castiel asked, his face dropped, looked hurt, eyes downcast and filled with sudden pain, rejection.

Dean didn't say anything, couldn't say anything; just closed the distance between them, lost the remainder of his burger somewhere on Sam's bed along with his jacket. Castiel's eyes turned back to Dean once more, looked hopeful once again; watched as Dean hastily undressed, fingers fumbling with his own clothes. Castiel licked his lips, tip of his pink tongue sweeping out over full lips, eyes large in his head as he watched Dean finally wrestle himself free of his jeans, his boxers, his T Shirt, letting them fall to the floor in an untidy heap.

He lifted his head, shifted slightly, angled his hips, his legs wider, admitting Dean when the hunter climbed eagerly onto the bed beside him. The angel moaned, murmured out an encouraging - "yes!" - when Dean settled his body flush against Castiel's, before the hunter claimed Castiel's lips in a hungry kiss, hot and wet and messy and eager; perfection. Castiel rocked his hips against Dean's, rubbed his cock against Dean's straining erection, made the hunter break the kiss, to pull away, eyes closed, mouth parted in a sudden cry of pleasure.

Castiel's hips bucked harder, frown slightly drawing his eyebrows together, as am orgasm started pooling in his abdomen, pulled at the edges of his consciousness, threatened to draw him under into early release. He wanted Dean, wanted to feel Dean inside him, wanted to give the hunter pleasure, to be given pleasure by Dean, started shaking slightly the closer he came to release.

"Please," Castiel murmured. " Please, Dean, please."

Again, Dean didn't say anything, couldn't find the words in his lust addled brain; instead he reached for the lube hastily, squeezed the liquid across eager fingertips, ran the lube and his fingers eagerly across his cock, swept his hand over his erection, moans falling from eager lips as he worked. He pulled back with an effort, didn't want to come until he was inside the waiting angel, before he made Castiel moan, lift his hips eagerly in a wanton display of anticipation when he pressed an finger inside him.

Dean loosened Castiel's hole, added another finger, made loud cries fall from Castiel's pleading mouth as his fingers caught and stroked the angel's prostate, before suddenly withdrawing, unable to deny himself pleasure. His cock was aching, throbbing, needed release and he thrust hard inside Castiel, cried out at the feel of the angel tight, warm, wonderful around him.

He thrust again, made Castiel cry out again, eyes closed, mouth slack, sweat pooling on angelic brow, as Castiel's hips drove up into Dean's, encouraging Dean to thrust harder, faster, wanted more of Dean, wanted everything that Dean could give. Dean's world shut down to the feel of Castiel's body beneath his, to the feel of Castiel wrapped snug around his cock, to the sound of Castiel's receptive moans and cries beneath him. Moans fell from Dean's mouth, as he thrust hard into Castiel, an orgasm threatening, holding back until he couldn't take any more. He came hard and fast inside Castiel, thrusting hard as he rode out the orgasm ripping through him, felt Castiel come across his abdomen in hot spurts, without ever being touched. Their pleasured cries mingled, rose to the ceiling in sated bliss, unheard by anyone but each other.

Dean's hips stilled, as he leant forward to lay a sated kiss upon Castiel's waiting mouth, before he slowly eased himself from out of the angel, to lay beside him, sweating, panting, happy. He reached up, to untie Castiel from the bedposts, before the angel draped his arms around Dean's body. His fingers gently caressed Dean's back, as the angel leant in, stole gentle kisses from waiting mouth, breathy sighs mingled as they kissed.

Finally, Castiel laid back, pleasured, sated, lips swollen with kisses, looked ever more kissable to Dean in that one moment. Dean watched him for a while, loved the play of light shimmering across the angel's face, catching deep within his eyes, as Castiel's tongue swept out across his parted lips, his body settling more comfortably into the mattress. The hunter smiled at Castiel, when the angel looked at him, deceptive innocence caught deep within his gaze, before Castiel smiled back, his head tilted to one side as he watched Dean.

"Thank you, Cas," Dean said, gently, his voice hoarse from lust still remaining.

"For what?" Castiel asked, smile still trapped on kissed lips, in wide eyes, in gentle expression.

"For making my wish come true," Dean said, looking away, slightly embarrassed by his own admission.

Castiel chuckled, before he leant forward to press a gentle, loving kiss to Dean's cheek. Dean chuckled in turn, before he turned his face to Castiel's and gave him a proper kiss, surprisingly chaste in comparison to all that had passed between them mere moments before.

"Next time ask me directly, instead of throwing your money away in a wishing well," Castiel told him, with a slow wink at the suddenly laughing hunter.

"I'll remember that," Dean said, before they settled down into companionable silence, exchanging gentle kisses, hands slowly exploring bare skin in soft caresses, both lost in the perfection of the other ....