Title: Saying it without words
Author: rydia02
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A one shot dedicated to Dean and his favourite angel.


Dean leaned against the hood of the Impala wondering how he had let things get this bad.

Dad. Sam. The war. Everything. It was all becoming too much.

Ever since he had been pulled from the fire, things hadn't been the same. No matter how hard Dean tried to stop it, Sam was drifting away. It was beginning to feel like his baby brother was spending every possible moment with Ruby. Something about the whole situation didn't sit right. As much as he hated admitting it, getting that feeling usually meant something was wrong.

Stuffing his hands into the front pockets of his jeans, he walked down to the lake. The night air was cold against his bare arms, but that didn't seem to faze him. Dean didn't feel much of anything these days.

He sat down on a log and dropped his face into his hands. Tears were starting to burn at his eyes, holding them back was becoming impossible.

"You're hurting."

Dean had recognized the voice in an instant. The angel. His angel. Flashbacks of the kiss they had shared coursed through Dean's mind. Never had he experienced anything so electrifying. He could never tell Castiel how much he loved him. But then again, he didn't have too. The angel knew.

"Hey, Cas" Dean kept his face hidden in his hands. There was no strength left to look up.

There was nothing for silence for a few moments.

"I understand, Dean" Castiel took a seat on the log. He didn't need to say more, the connection the two shared was enough. As the seconds turned to minutes, they remained silent. Dean kept his head buried in his hands, letting the warm tears flow freely and soaking the ground below. His breathing was sore and ragged, full of emotion.

After what felt like forever, Dean raised his head and looked towards Castiel. The moonlight reflected off his tear stained cheeks, highlighting the desolation in his features. His large dark orbs were like pools of water, brimming with fresh tears.

"I can't do this Cas. I can't keep fighting." The hitch is Dean's voice gave way into uncontrollable sobs. Shivers racked his entire body and try as he might, Dean couldn't stop them.

The features of Castiel's face softened, he hurt for his human. It was unsettling to see the hunter unhinge in the way he was. Yes, he loved Dean. He loved all of God's children, in fact. But he felt different about this one. Every time he was near Dean, something he couldn't grasp took over.

"Dean, look at me" Castiel tilted his head as he surveyed the man next to him. He could have gone on about how strong Dean was, but he knew that the hunter did not need preaching at the moment. It wasn't words that Dean needed. He needed his loneliness to be soothed and rocked away.

Castiel brought his hands to hunter's cheeks, wiping away the tears that stained there. The coarse stubble along Dean's jaw scratched at the pads of the angels delicate fingertips. So badly he wanted his human to stop hurting, so badly he wanted to make the pain go away.

Dean closed his eyes and remained still, soaking up the warm feeling running through his veins. As soon as his angel's warm hands came into contact with his skin he knew he wasn't alone, everything was going to be ok.

When he felt the angles silky lips over his own, he was taken aback slightly. But when Castiel's smooth tongue glide gently across his lips, Dean hungrily took him in. Light and warmth wrapped around the lonely hunter, overwhelming his senses. His hands gripped the lapels of the Castiel's trench coat, frightened that if he let go he would loose everything. He kissed his angel with every ounce of strength he possessed, both of their tongues working feverishly together.

Dean finally pulled back when air became a necessity. His breathing was fast and choppy, but he no longer had tears pricking at his dark hurt eyes. It was at that moment, and that moment alone, when Dean knew that he would pull through. He was going to be ok and his angel was going to help him.