Title: Smell of Desire
By: Mokyta
Pairing: JJ/Reid
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own the show or its characters.
Summary: The desire burns between them and they can't wait.


She was mesmerized by the way his Adam's apple quickly bobbed up and down in his throat when she stepped closer to him. The big lump bulging from the thin and pale flesh of his neck made her want to bite it hard without regretting that she caused him harm.

The air smelled like love, confidence, suspense and million things she didn't quite know how to define. Her nostrils could clearly recognize the smell of desire emanating from her own pores and from his which blended together into a scent of lust. Breathe wasn't just an option in this kind of situation.

He definitely was aware of the precariousness of his emotional state, he wondered how much it would take before his mouth would spontaneously crush against the luxury softness of hers. He wetted his lips after feeling contract with drought; she obviously did noticed the luscious movement and imitated him putting more emphasis than it was actually required.

The door was open, from their position they could see below in the bullpen their colleagues happily chatting. Anyone could freely pop in the office now, especially their boss.

JJ closed her eyes savouring the intensity of the moment, the thrill of the risk, the magnetism between their bodies, the greed aching in her bones and heart. He was beginning to sweat and fidget with his trembling hands cause she was still in front of him without speaking and maybe waiting for him to break the ice. He glanced at the door and back to her, he almost squirted when he found out that she was kissing his jaw. He stiffened and immediately looked at the door again, hoping that no one would catch sight of them. He gently grabbed her by the shoulders and tried to push her away but she stubbornly forced herself against him, keeping her tongue-ministration. He didn't manage to oppose much resistant or protest verbally because his brain functions didn't seem to work well.

How good her hair smelled, how good she smelled. –Spence..- she moaned among sloppy licking and kisses. His fingers slowly brushed her sides and finally he whispered while panting loud –Yeah?..-…Spence?...- she repeated his name. –Tell me JJ..- he said in the huskiest voice. –Please…I can't wait longer…- she desperately begged, holding tight his buttocks. He hissed and blushed, his eyes widening for realising what she really meant. In his whole life, no woman had ever pled Spencer Reid. She met his stare; if only she had the faintest idea how much he'd wish to give in to her, but they were at work and this couldn't be done in her office, even with the door shut. –Spencer…here it smells too good…you smell too good- she cooed sensually for purposely strike a chord. Her warm breathe on his neck and her hips rocking against his pelvis didn't help him to think straight, he had no clue how to act.

Agent Hotchner entered the room, looking at some folders between his hands -JJ can you please search for this- but he stopped talking when he saw the youngest members of his team groping before the desk. The two gasped at unison and went crimson in the face, disentangling oneself from the other. Instinctively JJ slapped Reid's cheek and yelled furiously at him –Keep your hands off me you pervert!-. She walked towards Hotch, straightening her clothes with the hands and innocently smiled like nothing happened –What can I do for you boss?-. Hotch watched as Reid blinked agape, trying to understand why she just had done that. It didn't need to be a profiler for Hotch to figure out what what's going on here and he knew Reid had no fault in this but his face was priceless!

-Reid, in my office, now!-