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Phantom of the BAU by jiskah
PAIRING: Garcia/?
SUMMARY: Penelope has a secret admirer who sents her presens and that makes the team nervous. Who is it? Is he harmless or a threat? How will Penelope react? do they catch him in time?

St Valentine and the Genius by protejerinnocencia
SUMMARY: Someone sent Dr. Reid a valentine. Can he figure out who his secret admirer is before the rest of the team?

Afterwards, in a Semi-Cheap Hotel Room by Perpetual Motion
PAIRING: Gideon/Reid/Morgan

I Will Write Upon Him by lorijo
PAIRING: Gideon/Reid/Morgan
SUMMARY: Coda for Revelations regarding Reid and how I hope things turn out.

After the Hunt by Sam
PAIRING: Reid/Hotch/Morgan
WARNINGS: breathplay, mention of pedophilia
SUMMARY: Spencer takes on an interrogation of a serial pedophile alone.

A Fair Trade by TheLovethief
PAIRING: Reid/Hotch & Reid/Hotch/Morgan
SUMMARY: No explanations, no apologies. It's all about giving and taking.

Foretold by nebula99
PAIRING: Reid/Hotch/Morgan
SUMMARY: "I was twelve years old when I started college," said Reid quietly. "Not many students want to be arrested for having sex with a minor."

Fantasy by prettychemistry
PAIRING: Reid/Morgan/Hotch
SUMMARY: This is a trial scene, to see if I can write a) Hotch and b) the dynamic between these three.

Fantasy: In The Beginning by prettychemistry
PAIRING: Reid/Morgan/Hotch
SERIES: 1) Fantasy
SUMMARY: Reid rolled his eyes. "I'm not telling our boss - our friend - that even though he's fragile right now because his wife is kicking him out for some reason, probably because she's a bitch, he can't, in fact, stay with us, despite the fact that we invited him to so that he won't be alone while he's going through his impending divorce, because my boyfriend doesn't want to have to keep his hands off me for any length of time."

Starlight by Stacy L.A. Stronach
PAIRING: Reid/Hotch/Morgan
SUMMARY: Drabble based upon the prompt Starlight.

Rub a dub dub by Stacy L.A. Stronach & nebula99
PAIRING: Hotch/Reid/Morgan
SUMMARY: Based upon prompt 014 Pornstars.

Caught? by Stacy L.A. Stronach
PAIRING: Hotch/Reid/Morgan
SUMMARY: Pure and simple smut. PWP all the way...and most likely on it's way to crack!fic.

Fortune cookies by Stacy L.A. Stronach
PAIRING: Hotch/Reid/Blackwolf
SUMMARY: This is a birthday present for nebula99. Thank you for being a wonderful friend and I hope you have a fabulous day! Here's your spit roast—hope you enjoy it! *G*

Comfort by Daisyangel
PAIRING: Prentiss/Reid/JJ
SUMMARY: Emily and JJ give Reid the attention he needs/deserves.

under me you quite so new by strongplacebo
PAIRING: Morgan/JJ/Reid
SUMMARY: Written for the Porn Battle. Prompt: Derek/J.J./Spencer, double-penetration.

Love and Loss by snoozie2105
PAIRING: Rossi/JJ/Will
SUMMARY: She considered their intimacy a mistake, the result of fatigue, stress, confused emotions, the need to hold and be held.

The Play's The Thing by nancy
PAIRING: Morgin/Gracia/Kevin
SUMMARY: Kevin and Morgan support Garcia's newfound expression in her drama role.

The Big One by nancy
PAIRINGS: multiple, criminal minds pairings - Morgan/Garcia/Kevin & Hotch/Reid
FANDOMS: Psych, dueSouth, The Closer, Leverage, Numb3rs, Life, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Diagnosis Murder, Monk, CSINY, Fastlane
WARNINGS: angst, violence, character death, language, disaster!fic,het, INCEST, slash, underage, threesomes, WiP and fem pairings
SUMMARY: The Big One finally hits California.

Irish Eyes A Spyin' by Sam
PAIRING: Gideon/Hotch, Morgan/Reid, Mrogan/Reid/Garcia implied, Garcia/JJ implied
WARNINGS: KINK WARNING! Toys, voyeurism, office sex...slash, m/m and f/f both written and implied.
SUMMARY: The BAU holds some of the most brilliant profilers in the country - and some of the most twisted.

All I Want For Christmas by Sam
PAIRING: Mrogan/Reid/Garcia

Stress Relief by Daisyangel
PAIRING: Morgan/Garcia/Prentiss
SUMMARY: They all just needed to get out of their heads for a while.

Cabin Bound by Daisyangel
PAIRING: Hotch/Morgan/Garcia
SUMMARY: Written for tara for the Smut Challenge group prompts Rossi's cabin and edible underwear. My pairing, Hotch/Morgan/Garcia.

Welcome to the BAU by pieokneer
PAIRING: Jordan/Morgan/Prentiss
SUMMARY: Jordan Todd's initiation.

Reid/Sam/Dean (Supernatural)
Masks We Wear by Sam
PAIRING: Reid/Sam/Dean (Supernatural)
WARNINGS: AU, incest, violence, mention of underage sex, slash threesome & toys
SUMMARY: Sam and Dean are in DC visiting an old friend.

Morgan/Reid/OC (female)
First Meeting by sexycazzy
PAIRING: Morgan/Reid/OC (female)
WARNING: ongoing series
SUMMARY: A new team member is introduced to the BAU, Dr Spencer Reid is shocked to see her. Feelings are developed and new relationships emerge.

Did you know... by sexycazzy
PAIRING: Morgan/Reid/OC (female)
SERIES: 1) First Meeting
SUMMARY: A new team member is introduced to the BAU, Dr Spencer Reid is shocked to see her. Feelings are developed and new relationships emerge.

Eavesdropping by sexycazzy
PAIRING: Morgan/Reid/OC (female)
SERIES: 1) First Meeting, 2) Did you know...
SUMMARY: A new team member is introduced to the BAU, Dr Spencer Reid is shocked to see her. Feelings are developed and new relationships emerge.

The Rationality of the Preemptive Strike by Sam
PAIRING: Gideon/Reid/Hotch/Morgan
WARNINGS: Bondage, D/s, foursome, graphic sex, Hurt/Comfort, Kinks, Oral sex, slash, SlaveFic, Toy Play
SUMMARY: After Spencer ignores both Hotch and Morgan's orders and confronts the Fisher King by himself, someone gets a spanking.

A Safe Place To Fall by Sam
PAIRING: Gideon/Reid/Hotch/Morgan
WARNINGS: foursomes, M/s, BDSM kink
SUMMARY: After a tough case Hotch needs to release some of that famous control.

Drowning by BuffyAngel68
PAIRING: Reid/Morgan/Gideon/Hotch
SERIES: Post-Somebody's Watching -- More - and less - happened in the pool than we thought, and both aspects are worrying and confusing Dr. Spencer Reid.