Title: Paperwork & Sweet Dreams
By: Mandy
Pairing: JJ/Reid
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Rating: PG
Summary: Just a normal day at the office quite fluffy.


Reid sighed as he stepped out of the elevator. It was going to be another long day where he would sit at his desk filling out paperwork from the previous case, laughing at Garcia and Derek flirt while Emily stared out the window and JJ sat in her office secluded in the room until she came to drop off more dreaded paper work beginning the cycle all over again.

He quietly entered the room and felt the tension all around him. Had he screwed up, or was it simply a misunderstanding between two of the co-workers? He quickly sat down at his desk removing his satchel from his shoulder and placing it beside him. He heard a small noise coming from Gracias office. Just as soon as it was over he heard another one, this time louder. Apparently Garcia walked in on Derek using one of her computers and freaked out. "All this tension over a silly computer" he quietly said to himself. Emily over heard him and chimed in saying, "You're here for the best of the argument, she's winning and he does not like it" she smiled sweetly at Reid.

Reid smiled back quickly only to hear a very different noise come from the room. Almost like a moan, no... wait... that's definitely a moan. "I never suspected them to do this at work..." Gideon said in a plain fashion. Reid thought about the comment "Actually for every twenty couples in the US about five are coworkers" he spat out with the normal matter of fact tone. Gideon shot him a smile at his brilliance and walked into the room breaking the two from a kiss and sending Derek to his desk.

Shortly after JJ walked out, a smile on her face lightly snickering as she passed Derek. She then walked over to Gideon asking him something and smiling after she received her answer. "Hey Spence, I'll drop off your paperwork in a second." She began to walk away hearing him sigh lightly. She quickly turned around concerned "Hey Spence, are you alright?" He hesitated to answer and that was all she needed. She knew he would say everything's fine but it was obvious he wasn't.

She quickly shook her head in response and walked away to get his paper work. As she saw the amount he had a head of him she quickly changed her mind turning around poking her head out the door. "Hey Spence it looks like someone else was given your paperwork so your free to hangout until closing okay" she turned around locking the door. She already knew all the facts to what they needed and decided to do his paperwork and her paperwork for today. She quickly scanned her work choosing to do it second and began Reid's.

As lunch rolled around Reid walked up to JJ's office and knocked lightly. She had locked herself in that morning and let no one in. As she saw it was him her heart melted and she quietly placed his work in the desk closing it. She then stood and opened the door. Spencer smiled sweetly and in that moment she felt calmer then she ever had. He reminded her about lunch to which she said "Yeah I know I'm going to get something quick and come back I have a lot to do today, but thankyou." She quickly leaned up placing a light kiss on his check and walking away. Reid smiled turning a light red as he walked to his desk.

JJ had no problem getting away after eating no one bothered her as she left and locked her office door. Finishing rather quickly the clock read three o five and she walked out to Reid's desk smiling. "It looks like you forgot to sign your paperwork last night," she said kindly. Reid looked up puzzled smiling crazy. "Oh s-so-sorry" he managed to spit out. She smiled and lifted the top papers for him to sign the bottom ones. After he finished she smiled thanked him and walked away. Sighing in relief she walked into her office and sat down. She pulled out her paper work and filled it out smiling as she did it. "Maybe this sounds crazy, wait... no... your crazy but why are you smiling? You hate paperwork" Derek teased and questioned. "Oh, no reason." He responded reminding her that he is a profiler and knows when his friend is lying to him. She quickly smiled and reminded him he doesn't know everything.

The day was over and everyone left, Reid and JJ being the last two. The ride to the basement was quiet and a bit awkward but as they walked to their cars the awkwardness faded away leaving nothing but a sweet quiet calm. "Goodnight Spence" she quickly said slipping in her car. He waved and responded wishing her a good night and sweet dreams.