Title: Untitled JJ/Reid
By: Daisyangel
Pairing: JJ/Reid
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Rating: PG
Summary: 2013 25 Days of Christmas story.


"Are you ready to go see Santa, Henry?" Reid asked as they got into the car.

"Yeah, I can't wait to tell him what I want," Henry said as he with Reid's help buckled his seat belt after climbing into his booster seat.

"Oh, what do you want from Santa?" JJ asked as she climbed into the driver's seat.

"I can't tell you, Mommy. It's a secret between Santa and me. You have to wait until Christmas to find out," her son informed her.

"I see, well then, I guess we'll just have to wait until Christmas, right Spence?" she asked giving him a smile.

"That's right," the genius agreed. He couldn't believe how wonderful the last two years had been for them. Will and JJ had broken up shortly after Henry was a year old. JJ had caught him cheating on her and after she threw him out of the house, he signed away his parental rights to Henry. JJ had called him upset and he'd come over to comfort her. He'd continued to come over as much as he could and before they knew it they had started dating.

"Hey, whatcha thinking about?" JJ wondered.

"Just how lucky I am to have you both in my life," he said smiling at her then Henry. "And of course how much I love both of you."

"We love you to," she said kissing him on the cheek.

"Yeah, I love you lots, Uncle Spence," Henry stated with a huge ear-to-ear grin. Ten minutes later found them pulling into the parking lot of the mall and Henry climbing excitedly from the car.


"Come on, Mommy, Uncle Spence, we have to go see Santa," he called as he began running towards the mall.

"Slow down, little man, Santa's not going anywhere. You have to hold mine and Mommy's hand to walk across the parking lot, remember?" Spencer reminded the little boy gently.

"Oh yeah, sorry," Henry apologized as he grabbed one of each of the adult's hands and began dragging them towards the doors.

"Guess we'd better follow him or get left behind," JJ mused.

"Yeah, I guess so," Spencer agreed with a smile. After what seemed like forever but was really only about 15 minutes the three of them had arrived at Santa.

"Do you want one of us to go up with you?" JJ asked. Last year he wouldn't go near Santa unless both she and Spencer went with him.

"No, Mommy, I not a baby no more. I'm a big boy, remember? I'll go by myself," Henry declared indignantly.

"My mistake, I know you're a big boy. Go ahead, we'll be waiting right here," she said patting his back then giving him a gentle shove towards the guy in the red suit. The three-year-old eagerly walked up to Santa and smiled at the elf who handed him a candy cane.


"Why hello there, young man. Would you like to sit on my lap?" Santa asked. Henry nodded and climbed onto Santa's lap.

"Hi there, Santa," he greeted happily.

"Hi there, what's your name, son?"

"Henry and I'm fwee."

"Wow, you're three? Such a big boy," Santa said beaming. Henry nodded vigorously at Santa's words. "Have you been a good little boy this year?"

"Yes, I have, very, very, good!"

"I'm glad to hear that. Now tell old Santa what you want for Christmas," the man requested.

"I want Uncle Spence to be my daddy," the little boy whispered in Santa's ear.

"Are he and your mommy dating?"

"Yes, they go out lots sometimes with me, but lots by themselves. He reads me stories and tucks me in just like Mommy does. He's the bestest Daddy ever even though he's not really my daddy yet," the little boy declared proudly. Santa smiled and shared a quick look with Reid who had come up to check on their progress. He stayed where Henry couldn't see him, but that he could hear Santa's response. The tiny boy's response made his heart feel as if it were about to burst. He loved Henry and he knew Henry loved him, but he didn't realize just how much.

"I had a Daddy, but I no member him. Mommy tolded me he left when I was little," the young boy explained. Santa frowned slightly; he didn't understand how anyone could voluntarily leave their child. Putting a smile back on his face, he spoke.

"Well, I'm not sure what I can do to help make Uncle Spencer become your daddy, but I'll try," Santa stated. "Now, why don't you tell me what else you want for Christmas?" he suggested. Nodding, Henry launched into a very lengthy list.

"Oh, and I want a Jake and the Neverland Pirates ride toy," he finished.

"That's quite a list; Santa will see what I can do about getting you some of those toys. Make sure you keep being good okay?" he cautioned.

"I will, pwomise."

"Very good, now how about you turn and face the camera and smile so we can get a picture together," Santa instructed. Henry smiled and the elf took the beautiful picture. After developing it, she handed it to Reid.

"You ready to go, little man?" he asked approaching Henry who had just been put on his feet.

"Yeah, let's go, Da, I mean Uncle Spence," he said grabbing his hand and heading towards where JJ stood waiting for them. The guy playing Santa and Reid shared a smile before Reid followed his godson over to his mom.


"Are you sure you guys will be okay for a little while? I really hoped I wouldn't have to go into work since we're off, but Strauss really wants those reports. I know she feels bad but she says the director is bugging her for them. I just feel bad leaving you two," JJ worried. Walking over to where she stood, Spencer put his hands on her arms and leant in for a kiss. "What was that for?" she wondered.

"So you would stop talking long enough for me to tell you we'll be fine. Go and do what you have to do. I have a couple of errands I need to run, and I'd love to take Henry with me. We'll see you when you get home, okay?" JJ nodded, she knew she didn't need to worry, but she'd promised both of her guys complete uninterrupted time and attention until they went back to work after the New Year, and here she was breaking it. Just then Henry walked into the kitchen.

"Hey there, buddy. Mommy has to go to work for a little bit, what do you say you and I go run some errands and maybe get some lunch? How does that sound?" Spencer asked, addressing the small blonde.

"I like that," Henry replied.

"Okay, go put on your coat and I'll be there in a moment," his godfather instructed. Nodding, Henry ran off to do what he was told eager to see what he and his Uncle Spence were going to do today. He'd been thinking a lot about his request to Santa. He really hoped Santa could find a way to make that happen, he loved his Uncle Spence and he could tell he made his mommy smile a lot, something Henry liked. Five minutes later found the two guys in Reid's car, waving to JJ as she headed for the bureau while they headed in the opposite direction.


"Where we going?" Henry asked from the backseat.

"I need to get another present for your mommy," Spencer answered.

"Mommy likes pwesents," Henry stated.

"I know she does," the genius replied. They drove in silence with Henry humming along to the radio, until the genius decided to broach the topic he'd been thinking about since Henry's visit to Santa. Here goes nothing, he thought as he took a deep breath preparing to speak.

"Hey, Henry, can I talk to you about something?"

"I in trouble?" the three-year-old asked in concern. He didn't remember doing anything he wasn't supposed to recently. Spencer laughed at the little guy's question.

"No, you're not in trouble. I wanted to talk to you about something you said the other day to Santa. Do you remember when you told him you wanted me to be your daddy?" Henry's eyes widened and he bit his lip nervously.

"Yes," he whispered afraid he'd done or said something wrong.

"Do you mean it? Would you like it if I married your mommy and became your daddy instead of just your Uncle Spence?" Henry bounced excitedly in his seat.

"Yes, Tommy's mommy just got married and he has a new daddy now. His daddy died last year. He members him, I don't member my Daddy. Do you know my daddy Uncle Spence? I know I had one but I don't know where he went. The genius felt his heart sink; he wasn't sure how to answer this. Knowing he couldn't leave this until they got home with JJ, he tried to think of the best way to explain what had happened between JJ and Will. Deciding a simple version of the events would be best, he began.

"Mommy and your Daddy whose name is Will were very happy to have you, but they didn't get along very well. You know how sometimes you and Tommy fight?" the genius asked, referring to Henry's best friend. Henry nodded and waited for his godfather to continue. "Well, they didn't get along and started fighting. They decided they shouldn't be together and he moved away and decided it was best for you to stay with your mommy. Do you understand, kiddo?"

"I think so, but you'd marry Mommy and then I'd have a daddy again?" the little boy confirmed.

"If you're sure you want me to. I love your mommy and want to marry her and become your daddy, but only if you're sure you want me to," Reid explained. The toddler nodded excitedly and clapped his hands.

"Yes, I do, I do!" he cried excitedly.

"Well then, how about we go pick out a ring so I can give it to your Mommy tomorrow for Christmas?" he suggested. Henry nodded and smiled. He was getting exactly what he wanted for Christmas, Uncle Spence as his daddy, and he couldn't be happier.


A/n, written for Sugarhigh9394, hope you like it.