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Title: Dangerous Game
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: PG-13
Table: writers_choice
Prompt: #383, Game
Author's Note: Sequel to "What We Both Want."
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


He was playing a dangerous game with Hannibal.

Will rolled over onto his back and watched his lover walk out of the room; he couldn't take his eyes from Hannibal. It was as though his gaze was hungry for the other man, just as much as his body was hungry for what Hannibal did to him.

He didn't know what else Hannibal planned for tonight, but whatever it was, he wouldn't turn it down. He was starving for whatever Hannibal wanted to give him.

How long had it been since they'd made love? He thought it had been at least three days -- which was why he had been so amenable to Hannibal's idea of putting on garters and silk stockings. At this point, he had needed Hannibal so badly that he didn't want to argue.

And strangely, the stockings didn't feel strange and alien. They didn't make him feel uncomfortable -- quite the opposite. They made him feel sexy.

That he hadn't expected. He had thought that he'd feel embarrassed, that he would want to get this over with and get the stockings off as quickly as he could. But no, he wanted to stretch this out, to enjoy this unaccustomed feeling of sensuality.

Hannibal had made him think outside the box.

Who would have thought that he'd actually enjoy these kinds of games? When he had first met Hannibal, he'd have thought this was beyond his comprehension.

But now, he was taking part in the game, and even enjoying it. This didn't even feel strange. Maybe it had, a little, at first -- but now he only felt contentment at being able to please his lover. And he had to admit, he was taking pleasure in it himself.

That shouldn't sound so strange, should it? He should be able to take pleasure in anything that he and his lover did together. After all, they were both consenting adults.

There was no reason to let this make him feel strange or uncomfortable. There was no reason to turn away from the games that Hannibal liked to play. They were just something new and different for him, something that he would have to learn to adapt to.

He had to play these games if he expected to keep Hannibal by his side. Losing his lover wasn't an option for him. Not now, and not ever.

He wasn't going to let that happen.

If keeping Hannibal with him meant playing these games, then he would continue to do it. And he wouldn't let himself be disconcerted by the fact that the games were something he was actually coming to enjoy, and to even look forward to.

Were they as dangerous as that little voice in the back of his mind told him they could be? Were these little games leading him down a path that would shatter his stability?

Will almost snorted at the thought. Stability? Him? That was the last word he would use to describe his life, or anything about himself. No, these games gave him stability. They were something to hold on to in the ever-changing world he lived in.

The silk felt incredibly erotic against his skin, something that he hadn't imagined he would feel. He'd thought that this would just be another one of Hannibal's games, something that he would laugh at later, something that wouldn't make an impression on him.

But somehow, this felt right. He wasn't attracted to women, and certainly didn't want to dress like one or be one, but he liked this feeling.

Will couldn't put a name to it; he couldn't have said why the position he was in somehow felt like where he belonged. But he knew that he liked it, and even though it might be dangerous to let himself sink further into this game, he was going to do it.

Mainly because it would please Hannibal.

Hannibal would want him to lose himself in the pleasure that they were taking from each other tonight. He would want Will to immerse himself in the feeling.

And in the game, as well. He would want Will to become what he was pretending to be -- though Will wasn't entirely sure that he knew just what that was. He wasn't taking on another persona; he was himself, only a bit more .... well, in costume than he usually was.

Maybe this was a dangerous game. Maybe he would get more immersed in it than he should. But at the moment, he liked the game. It was intriguing.

What would happen if he wanted to pull back a little? Would Hannibal get angry? Will didn't think so, the older man hadn't given any indication that he expected Will to blindly follow along with everything he chose to do. He might even expect a little recalcitrance.

He wouldn't get that, at least not now. Will was enjoying the game just as much as Hannibal was, and it was one that he wanted to keep playing.

Still, he couldn't help but wonder how this particular game would end.

Or even if it would end, really. Maybe Hannibal would keep pushing this to the next level, and the next .... Will wasn't sure that he liked that idea. This was fine once in a while, but this game could easily go too far for his tastes.

He suddenly had the uncomfortable feeling that he was walking on a knife edge, balancing on a tightrope, trying to play a dangerous game that he couldn't win.

He took one deep breath, then another. There was nothing for him to worry about. If he expressed distaste for this, he was sure that Hannibal wouldn't try to force him into doing it again. But at the moment, he didn't want to turn away from whatever might happen.

He would play this night's game out to the end, and then he would consider whether it was something he wanted to repeat, or to take further.

He could hear Hannibal padding back down the hall; he didn't know if he was supposed to be lying here on his back, as he was, or if Hannibal would have preferred him not to move. Well, he would find out soon enough just where he was supposed to be.

This dangerous game was about to continue. And he would love every moment of it.