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Title: Precipice of Pleasure
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: NC-17
Author's Note: Sequel to "Dizzy With Desire."
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Will tasted delicious.

He could taste desire on those beautiful lips -- desire, and innocence. That innocence, or at least part of it, would be stripped away tonight. That almost made Hannibal sad -- but at the same time, it was far past time that Will lost his innocence.

Oh, there would still be an innocence about him. Hannibal was sure that he could never full strip Will of that; he would always retain it to some degree.

But his physical innocence would be gone. It would no longer be a barrier, and there would probably come a day when Will would be embarrassed that he had waited so long to give it away, if he wasn't already. It simply wasn't something that people held onto.

Though, of course, Will Graham wasn't like other people.

Hannibal let his lips slant over Will's again, kissing him deeply, hungrily. He wanted to keep tasting this lovely boy, to savor him to the fullest.

He intended to take Will right here, in front of the mirror. He would watch Will's reactions as well as feeling them, and Will would watch himself being taken .It would be an incredibly erotic experience for them both, one that Hannibal had never done before.

Will made him want to try new things, to be more daring in his sexual escapades than he had ever been before. Will brought out something in him that no one else ever had.

Will excited him, made the flames of desire that he always kept banked deep within himself rise to the surface and break free. No one had done that for years; he doubted that anyone had ever had the same effect on him that Will did.

No one else could ever make him feel like this. Only Will. And he intended to make Will feel everything that it was possible for him to feel during his first time.

Oh yes, this would be exquisite for them both.

He reached for the tube of lubricant that he'd already placed on the counter by the sink, his gaze meeting Will's in the mirror. Those blue eyes widened almost imperceptibly.

"You certainly didn't think that I was going to do this with no lubricant, did you, my sweet?" he asked, keeping his voice low and soothing. "I won't let this hurt, Will. At least, no more than is necessary. You may feel a flash of pain, but it will only be momentary."

Will nodded, his blue eyes still wide. "I know that," he whispered, taking a deep breath. "I'm prepared for any pain that might come along with this."

"There will be very little of that," Hannibal reassured him again.

There. Now his fingers were coated with lube; he was ready, and he hoped that Will was, as well. He wanted his young lover to be prepared both mentally and physically; he didn't want Will to go into this any fears or trepidation that might detract from his pleasure.

Slowly, he moved his hand between Will's spread thighs, lubed fingers stroking over his entrance. He felt as well as heard Will's gasp, coming from the depths of his body.

Cautiously, he pressed one finger inside Will, sliding it into him slowly, giving the young man time to relax and let the finger move in more deeply. He had expected resistance, but he encountered surprisingly little, which pleased him. Obviously, Will wanted this.

As did he. And he would give them both what they wanted.

Another finger slid slowly inside Will to join the first, eliciting a groan from the young man. Slowly, Hannibal probed more deeply, searching for Will's prostate.

He knew exactly when he'd found it; he could feel the small gland against his fingertips, and he could feel Will's muscles tighten around his fingers. Will gasped again, then moaned, struggling slightly against the soft scarves that held his wrists prisoner.

Hannibal smiled, satisfied with how things were going. Oh yes, this was going to be a grand night, with many memories for both of them to hold.

He brushed his fingers across Will's prostate, once, then again, giving the young man a taste, a mere inkling, of the pleasure that was yet to come.

Hannibal scissored his fingers, gently, then a little more aggressively, knowing that he couldn't keep doing this for much longer. Desire was rising within him, threatening to break through; he needed to take Will, needed to have him. He couldn't keep drawing this out.

It was time, he decided after a few more moments of patiently working to open Will, one hand stroking down his side to relax him. Neither of them could keep waiting.

He withdrew his fingers, sliding both arms around Will, their gazes meeting in the mirror.

"I'm going to take you, Will, here and now," he said softly, wanting Will to know exactly what was going to happen. "I don't want you in a bed our first time together. I want to watch your reactions as you're taken -- and I want you to see them, as well."

Will nodded, swallowing hard, his blue eyes hazy with desire. Hannibal knew that he had done his job well; Will was fully prepared, eager for the next step.

He positioned himself behind Will, resisting the urge to bite down into the young man's shoulder. No, this time, he wouldn't leave any marks on Will's body. This would be all about pleasure, the first time; there was no need to add pain to the mix.

With one quick thrust, he slid inside, burying himself to the hilt.

He gasped aloud at the tight heat of Will's body; he had expected Will to be beautifully tight, but not like this. It was like thrusting into molten lava.

The pleasure was indescribable. His arms tightened around Will's slender waist; he buried his face against the young man's shoulder, holding back a groan. Nothing had ever felt this good; he was sure that he wouldn't be able to hold his body back for very long.

Slowly pulling back until he was almost all the way out, he thrust into Will again, more slowly this time, letting the young man feel every inch of him.

And looked at Will's face in the mirror, to gauge his reaction.

There was no pain on Will's handsome features; indeed, quite the opposite. He looked as though he was paralyzed with pleasure, his head thrown back, cheeks flushed, lips parted.

Hannibal was sure that he had never seen Will look more beautiful, or more desirable. He moved his hands down the young man's body, stopping at the apex of his thighs; one hand curled around Will's erection, the other cupping his balls.

Will moaned his name, pressing his body back against Hannibal's. Just that one simple movement was almost enough to cause Hannibal to lose control.

But somehow, he managed to keep control of his body, hanging by a knife edge over the chasm of fulfillment. No, he wasn't going to come too soon, he cautioned himself. Not before he had made this all that it could be, for both Will and himself.

But he knew that he couldn't hold out much longer; he would have to move this along, to bring them both to the ultimate pleasure before his control snapped.

He thrust forward again, his hand moving on Will's cock.

Within moments, he had worked up a rhythm his hand working with his thrusts to bring Will to the ultimate pleasure. Only a few more moments now until they both reached completion, until they could both spin out of control and let themselves go.

His body was straining, as was Will's. He could feel the young man's heart racing, feel each labored breath, feel Will's body arching towards the point of no return.

His eyes met his young lover's in the mirror; he could see how much Will wanted to let go, how close he was to the edge. Within seconds, they would both be there; only a few more thrusts, and they would be spiraling up towards the heavens, flying through the clouds.

When it happened, it was like a revelation.

He spilled into Will with a force he hadn't expected, his own body spasming just as Will's was. Together, he realized with a shock. They had come together, at the same moment.

Hannibal had never experienced a simultaneous orgasm with any other lover; Will was the first person he had taken as a lover who he had been this attuned with, this close to. Will was the only lover who had ever taken him out of himself, who had brought him to the perfect pleasure.

But there was still more to come; he still wanted to play with Will's body, to coax yet another orgasm out of him before they were done for the evening.

He wanted to bring Will to fulfillment again; for himself, once had been enough, but he wanted to bring Will to that precipice once again, to watch his young lover carefully as he did so. And he knew just how to do so, with his hands and mouth on Will's body.

Yes, there was still more for them to do before he would untie Will's hands and carry him off to bed. So much that they would share, so much that he would show Will.

It would all start now, Hannibal thought, as his hands slowly began to move on Will's body.