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Title: Silken Whispers
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: NC-17
Author's Note: Sequel to "Dangerous Game."
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Hannibal Lecter or Will Graham, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Hannibal smiled when he returned to his bedroom and saw Will; his young lover was in the very position that Hannibal wanted him in, stretched out on his back.

He had contemplated taking Will from behind, but had changed his mind. No, he wanted to feel the delicious rasp of those silk stocking as Will wrapped his long legs around his waist; he wanted to feel that silken barrier between Will's skin and his own.

"Stay right there, Will," he said, his tone of voice more a command than a request. He knew that he would be obeyed; he had no doubt as to Will's acquiescence.

Moving to the dresser on one wall, he opened a drawer and selected a silk scarf -- one that he didn't mind losing if he had to end up cutting it.

Once that was done, he moved back to the bed, looking down at the young man sprawled across the bed in front of him. He had to resist the urge to lick his lips; that might look far too feral, and he didn't want to frighten his young lover before they began.

Will gazed back at him, those blue eyes intense -- and needy.

That needy look made his own desire rise within him; he felt a surge of adrenaline course through his body. Not only would he take Will, but he would push their boundaries -- not only Will's, but his own as well. And if he went too far, then that would be the price they paid.

No, he wouldn't go too far. He would hold himself back at the last minute if he had to. He wouldn't risk pushing Will away from him at this stage of the game.

He leaned over Will, looking down at the young man. "Raise your arms above your head, Will," he said quietly, lifting the scarf. It was obvious what he intended to do with it, and he knew that Will had already guessed just what it would be used for.

Will complied, though Hannibal could see that his hands were shaking. Will didn't like to be bound, but he would have to get used to it.

Hannibal enjoyed seeing his boy bound and helpless, unable to stop whatever was going to be done to him. Knowing that Will couldn't escape only added to his pleasure.

And tonight, he intended to savor his pleasure to the fullest.

It didn't take him long to secure Will's wrists to the railing across the top of his bed; by the time he had, Will was already whimpering beneath him, his hips flexing slightly. Hannibal couldn't help but smile at that; his boy knew what was to come.

He intended to enjoy Will fully, with the silk stockings as an added little fillip. He had the feeling that they would both enjoy the new sensations.

Slowly, he let his hands move down Will's body, over his shoulders, down his chest, fingertips tweaking at his sensitive nipples, lower still to trace circles around his navel.

WIll was already hard, his body reacting to Hannibal's touch. One hand closed around the younger man's erection, slowly stroking him; the other moved between his legs, spreading those slender thighs, fingers stroking over his entrance.

Will squirmed and moaned, his body arching upwards. Hannibal smiled; he would be giving his young lover what he wanted and needed very soon.

He reached for the bedside table, knowing just where the lubricant was.

Within moments, he had coated two fingers and slipped them inside Will, pushing in deeply and scissoring his fingers to open the young man. Will spread his legs further, giving him better access; his hips were already rising, his body begging for more.

Oh, and he would give his lover more, Hannibal though. He would give Will all that he wanted, all that he needed -- as well as satisfying himself in the process.

After a few more moments, he let his fingers slip out of Will; he didn't want the manual stimulation to go on for too long, as Will had a tendency to come too soon if he did.

No, he would make his beautiful boy wait for his orgasm, hold back for as long as he could to prolong the pleasure for both of them. He would tease Will, make him wait -- and the subsequent climax would be all the better for the both of them.

He slid up on the bed, positioning himself at Will's entrance and looking down into that gorgeous face before snapping his hips forward and entering Will in one quick, smooth motion.

Being inside Will was bliss. Pure, heady bliss.

He had never been inside anyone before who was this tight, this welcoming. Will's body fit him like a glove, like a velvet vise holding him trapped.

No, not trapped. He was exactly where he wanted to be, with the person he wanted more than he had ever desired anything in his life. There was no one else he would rather be with, no one else who could satisfy his rising desire as Will could.

He resisted the urge to pull back and thrust again, looking down at Will, their gazes locking. He wanted to see the desire in those eyes, the need. He wanted Will to beg.

But not aloud. No, that would somehow break the intimacy of this moment, of this embrace. He wanted Will to beg with his eyes, to speak to him with the eloquence of that blue gaze, to let him know exactly what he needed without resorting to words.

He waited until he could see a blue spark ignite in those eyes, then blaze upwards; until he could see the pleading just under the surface.

Then, and only then, did he pull back, only to drive forward again with more force.

He could feel Will's legs move to wrap around his waist; the silken whisper of those stockings against his skin made Hannibal moan aloud. That, combined with Will's tight heat, was almost enough to send him over the edge before he was ready.

But he managed to take control of himself, looking down at Will again. Those slender thighs tightened against his sides, and Will moan his name aloud, clutching at his shoulders, his head thrown back against the pillows, his cheeks flushed, his lips parted.

Hannibal had never seen anyone look so utterly desirable in his life. He knew that this would be a night he would remember for the rest of his days.

The look on Will's face, the feel of his body, the intimacy of their bodies separated by a thin layer of silk -- it was all playing on his senses in a way that he hadn't expected.

It was a struggle to maintain his equilibrium, to thrust into Will yet again, then again. But he managed to do so, to work up a rhythm that Will answered, their bodies moving together in a sinuous coupling that moved them closer and closer to the stars.

When that wave finally broke over them, they both cried out in unison.

He could still feel the silken fabric pressing against his sides, feel the warmth of Will's smooth skin under that thin covering. It was more erotic than he'd expected it would be.

Hannibal didn't want to pull out of Will, didn't want to leave the welcoming warmth of the beautiful body that had so willingly granted him entrance. But he was softening rapidly; he slowly and carefully pulled out, then reluctantly lowered Will's legs from his waist.

He lovingly kissed the soft skin of Will's inner thigh as he began to roll one stocking down, then repeated his movements with the other leg, throwing the stocking aside.

They had served their purpose for this night -- and done it well. He was sure that he and Will would both remember how that silk had felt against their skin, how it had formed a delicate barrier between their bodies even while they had joined with each other.

Had Will found the experience as erotic as he had? They would have to discuss that later, though talking of their sexual encounters always brought a blush to his lover's cheeks.

And a stammer to his voice. A delightfully innocent stammer.

Reaching up, he untied the knots in the silken scarf that bound Will's wrists, pleased that he didn't have to cut the fabric to release his lover. Good. The scarf would live to do duty another evening, when their erotic games might become a little rougher.

Was Will ready for that? Hannibal wasn't sure, but he supposed that he would find out at some point. For now, he rather liked the point that they were at in their relationship.

There would come a day when Will was completely under his control, in every way, and that day would be a pleasant one indeed. But he had to work up to that, and he intended to enjoy every stage of their ascent towards what he saw as a perfect relationship.

There was still more to come on this night, he thought, gazing down at Will with a wolfish smile curving his lips. As soon as he could catch his breath, they would plunge in again. There was still more to enjoy, more to discover, more to share.

He intended to use Will's body mercilessly tonight, to tire the young man out until Will slumbered in his arms as the sun came up to herald a new day.

Thus far, the night was progressing exactly as Hannibal wanted it to. And he certainly had plenty of other ideas for the hours to come -- ideas that he didn't doubt he and Will would enjoy to the fullest, once they had both recovered from this last infusion of pleasure.