Title: Desperation
Author: twighlightr
Summary: The start of my A-Z so 4/26.
Series: 1) Awakening, 2) Broken, 3) Craving
Rating: PG-13
A/N: Slight spoilers for episode 4x10
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the show unfortunatley :(


Castiel watches Dean, his eyes are barely staying open but he slugs back more whiskey, he feels so numb. His memories are fixated on his night with Anna which pains Castiel more than it should.

Dean's bare chest is illuminated in the dark by passing cars, Castiel is enthralled by this play of light and shadow across the flesh.

Dean sits on the bed, 'I know you're here', his speech is slurred but Castiel knows what he means. The hunter absentmindedly presses his palm to the imprint and its like a beacon calling Castiel back to it, his palm hovers over Dean's as he kneels in front of the elder Winchester. He feels Dean's breathe on his face, looks into his charges eyes, Dean is trying to focus on him even though he can only sense his presence.

He puts his forehead to Dean's, covering the hunters hand with his own. 'I wished it was you', it's a hurried whisper but his charges tone is full of desperation, Castiel puts his two fingers to the side of Dean's head and allows him a peaceful nights rest.


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