Title: Envy
Author: twighlightr
Summary: The start of my A-Z so 5/26.
Series: 1) Awakening, 2) Broken, 3) Craving, 4) Desperation
Rating: PG-13
A/N: Slight spoilers for episode 4x10
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the show unfortunatley :(


'Don't normally see you off leash. Where's your boss?'.

'Castiel, oh he's a, he's not here. You see he has this weakness. He likes you'.

The words are reverberating through Dean's skull, Castiel can hear them and tries his best to ignore the envy in Uriel's words. 'He likes you', Dean keeps replaying those words and it's like Uriel has signed Castiel's downfall by speaking of his devotion for Dean.

Castiel can't focus on the fight, he should have exorcised Alaistar it should come easy to him but it does not. He's on the ground with Alaistar's hands around his neck, the stream of words coming from the demon burn his insides, his vessels eyes can't focus, the world blurs.

His vessel gasps for oxygen, Dean has saved him, he can sense Uriel's disgust from across the barn.

Castiel watches in shock as Anna's grace floods back into her form, Father's light fills the room like an icy breeze, it no longer welcomes him, it leaves him feeling numb and alone.


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